Tsvangirai writes: A day to decide our country’s destiny

Fellow Zimbabweans, on Wednesday July 31 we have a historic opportunity to define and decide our destiny; to be the authors of our future.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai addresing his supporters

By Morgan R. Tsvangirai

At least once in a generation, a nation goes through a single defining moment. The 1980 generation faced an election in which they were called upon to make a choice between minority colonial rule and majority rule. On that occasion, the people of Zimbabwe discharged their generational duty by rightly choosing independence and majority rule. This was an indelible mark in the history of this nation.

Today, this generation faces an election of a similar character. The people of Zimbabwe face two choices: to vote for an old, tried and failed system or to choose a new, forward-looking system backed by a bankable plan. This generation is faced with a choice between voting for repression or pursuing the path of liberty; a choice between yesterday’s people with only a rear-view vision and today’s leaders with a forward-looking vision; indeed, a choice between light and darkness. You have to decide between economic revival and economic retrogression.

You all know the severe hardships that we faced in 2008, when supermarket shelves were virtually empty and fuel queues were the order of the day. You surely remember the time when this country’s economy had collapsed to the extent that we were all living from hand to mouth. We were surviving like wild animals, competing with them for wild fruit. You remember that our currency had become so worthless that we were all very poor billionaires. I am sure no one wants to return to that desperate situation. No one even wants to hear of the return of the notorious Zim Dollar, with which ZANU PF are currently threatening the people of Zimbabwe.

We formed the Inclusive Government to save the people of Zimbabwe from the precipice. We could have chosen to stay out but we put you, the people, first. Our record in Government over the four years is very clear. We introduced the Government Work Programme under which the economy has been stabilised, peace has reigned and social services delivery has been restored – our hospitals and clinics are functioning again and teachers are back at our schools. At primary school level, every pupil now has a textbook. All this work was done under my supervision – a foretaste of what I can deliver with an exclusive mandate.

Under the same Government we drove the constitution-making process and produced a new Constitution for this country. But that document will not be worth the paper it is written on if it is entrusted on people who never wanted it in the first place. You remember that ZANU PF vehemently opposed the new Constitution. The process almost broke down due to their resistance. But we stood firm and produced a document that I am sure future generations will cherish.

A Government under my leadership will protect and defend this Constitution. I will make sure that the spirit of constitutionalism reigns supreme and that this country will be run in accordance with the Rule of Law. No more selective application of the law; no more laws that infringe upon people’s fundamental freedoms; indeed, no more impunity.

Our programme once in Government is very clear. We want to make this country great again. We will focus on creating jobs to deal with the great scourge of unemployment that afflicts our country. Our plans are outlined in our Agenda for Real Transformation (ART) and JUICE policy documents which we launched this year. We are the only party in this election that was bold enough to hold a national policy conference at which our ideas for this country were debated, scrutinised and adopted. With millions of people unemployed, we know that the biggest priority for many is securing a job and earning a decent income. We pledge to deliver on our jobs promise. Give us a chance and you will see what we can do.

I want to end my message with some reassurance to all Zimbabweans – under an MDC Government, there will be no losers – there is a place for everyone in a new Zimbabwe. We may differ with our political opponents but we have respect for everyone. Once we begin our tenure, we will embark on a programme to promote peace, reconciliation and inclusiveness. There will be no victimisation; indeed, no retribution.

I said on Monday at the Cross-Over Rally in Harare that I am a survivor. I was beaten up and treated like a common criminal. But I am not bitter. And I refuse to be a victim.

I have reflected upon everything that has happened to me and I have forgiven my tormentors. Indeed, I have prayed for them and asked God to forgive them. I did this to escape the prison of bitterness and revenge. I wanted to be free. I urge you too, fellow Zimbabweans, to break the chains of bitterness and walk with me; hand in hand with our erstwhile adversaries to re-build Zimbabwe. I am a builder, not a destroyer. Our freedom will never be complete unless we cast away the shackles of bitterness.

Today, the system may be painfully slow. It may try to frustrate and break you down. I urge you, fellow Zimbabweans, to remain calm. Be strong and resilient. Salvation and the future of this country lie in your hands. Remain resolute until you cast your ballot. And if you are reading this at home or somewhere away from the polling station, please, for the sake of your future and the future of your children, please spare a moment or even a few hours and go out and vote.

Be an author of history because today history will be written at the ballot box.

Thank You and God Bless Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai is the President of the MDC and a Presidential Candidate in the 2013 Elections.

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  1. Thank you.One question!

    Thank you for your letter. Thank you for publishing it NewsDay!

    I have a question that I know you cannot answer over NewsDay.

    In the manifesto, under Land, white farmers are to be compensated for farms lost. Who will pay for this compensation? Us as tax payers? Europeans?

    1. Why is that important? Do we have the funds to pay them anyway?

      1. Why is that important? Dont we have enough resources/ money to compensate them if we are to?

      2. Thank you.One question!

        Do I have to spell it out for you how much the farm claims are?

        Or what instability it may bring if only the loss of white farmers is recognised and not of black Zimbabweans.

        I am all for Tsvangirai being president but I would like them to think over that issue before they make it into policy when Tsvangirai becomes president. It is a very serious issue.

      3. thats a valid question. the government can borrow money to do that and definetley the tax payer will sweat for it to the last penny + interest. so it definitely requires an answer. there is no point in letting people talking things that are not practical.

    2. Under a democratic government ,the British will compensate for the lose of the white owned farms.

  2. I am ready Mr President. Come tomorrow by the first light of Dawn i will be writing my own future.

  3. Indeed Mr president we r thre 2 support u. Coz this is our tym indeed.

    1. No. No yet

  4. Morgan uchange uri “former prime minister in the dysfunctional GNU” – ndopaunoperera ipapo. Uchnge uri “leader of the weak opposition”. This time tave kuda “one party state” zvana democracy hatina kuzvijaira isu tajaira kutonga chete tiri tega.

    Game over Morgan.

    1. Taura zvako shamwari.

      Dream on Morgan.


    Finally we got the bull by the horns…
    And long-awaited freedom beckons…
    Tomorrow we’ll see who’s Big Daddy…
    Bhora rakaponja haripindi mugedhi…
    The road to freedom has been rough…
    Until we finally said “enough”…
    Waving bye-bye to a 90-year old…
    Whose departure is as good as gold…
    He lingered like a bad smell…
    But Zimbabweans finally ring the bell…
    Smiles all over their brave faces…
    Proud they’ve removed the nutcases…
    And choosing proper aces…
    No more chefs & comrades…
    No more toyi-toyi & night raids…
    We salute our women & men…
    For bringing change by a mere pen.

    1. @Stop-a-Thief – Sarudzo 31 July 2013 muchida musingade. Madzwa. Next 5 years muri mu opposition. Tino kuzivayi kuti matove kupopota ne zve “rigging” kuitira mangwana kana makundwa.

      Sarudzo 31 July 2013 – mangwana. Vhoterai bato ramkajaira kwete vema bhebhi ana Morgan. Kusweroita basa rekunyenga ma bhebhi. hamunyare.

    2. Good poem. I wish you were on the right side. Shame on you for the wasted effort.

      Keep on dreaming


  6. Save!!!!!!!…reconciliation ka1…ndokuti new Zimbabwe uku

  7. President Morgan ehofisini come next week, loJesu kuyayenza kuphela

    1. Uzamile kodwa...

      Uzamile kodwa ulimi awulwazi.

      Welshman for President!

  8. Great statement.Forgive the army generals,let them keep their jobs and let us rebuild Zimbabwe together.Freedom at last,in Mandela’s life time.

  9. A clear sign of insanity is to vote for a 90 year
    old and hope he will change the future………

  10. Please do not announce

    Please do not announce results Mr President. It is not necessary. We willl all calculate. We will all analyse. You do not need to be arrested. We need you alive and well. It is a wasted sacrifice. Stay safe dear Save. We will all be counting with you and everyone on the ground.

  11. Lets be honest madoda. Mogiza ndiani akunyorera tsamba iyi. Nyangwe zvodii hachisi Chirungu chako. An honest leader would have acknowledged inputs by Ruka Tamboyembobobo and Nerison Erect. On a serious note, why was your letter first published in the Washington Post in America. Is that where international HQ is ?

  12. Makamboonepi munhu ane makore makumi masere nemapfumbamwe (89 years) asina muzukuru

    1. @Charles – zvineyi ne sarudzo zvevazukuru? Zvino uchakundwa ne asina vazukuru.

    2. muzukuru wacho!

      unodii? Zvinei nenyika izvozvo! Ini newe tisu

  13. Amen

  14. Its too late open zip, shut mind. its game over, you are now desperate.

  15. thanks mogiza.i see a new zimbabwe on the horizon

  16. the time is now kuti tichitongwa nemwana wemuzimbabwe kwete mutorwa matibili wekumalawi no wonder why zvinhu zvisiri kufamba vadzimu vemuno havafare kuti nyika yasave itongwe namatibili go back to malawi and contest your sister joyce banda

  17. Mudhara Dhadza

    I salute you President Tsvangirai,tomorrow we are writting history.i think it will be a great blessing to have a President like Honourable Tsvangirai who has such a forgiving heart and who is God-fearing.I love President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai,change is definite Mr President.

  18. So near yet so far. Unfortunately not this time Mr Tsangirai.


  19. thanks Baba. God can not afford His beloved Christian Zimbos to suffer. if God says yes no one will deny. Zvatoita SAVE

    1. Are you prepared?

      … and if God wants Mugabe for only reasons God knows,Mugabe will retain his presidency. When it comes to God’s will it neither cares to please me or you but Him

  20. Mangwana topedzisa pamasiira SAVE, new zimbabwe beckons.

    Vanodedera nyangwe vaedza kuba ma votes. Gore rino mari dzavakaba vachadzosera kuvana vezimbabwe. Machinese vachatiudza kuti chii chaiitika neupfumi hwenyika.

    Mwari anoziva plan yake neZimbabwe all along. Nhamo yatakaona haiite paitongwa narhobhati, chembere dzakapedzisira dzofunga Ian Smith shuwa.

    We see the light, Zimbabweans lets save Zimbabwe from thieves and murderers ezanu. 33 years dzakakwana.

  21. The Blood of the people that Zanu Pf killed in 2008 is going to speak tomorrow.

  22. That is a good msg to all pple of Zimb. God bless you MT

  23. Viva Baba vedu Save 2moro marks a new beginning and a new system be it educationwise economicaly etc 2moro is the day that the Lord has made we’r all on our knees baba vedu Save ngatipedzisei basa ramakatanga

  24. The President of China, Brazil, Russia and many other relatively successful country use their local languages almost every time. When they speak in english, you are tempted to think that they are illiterate. Their english is pathetic. You Zimbabweans think that being able to speak english is a sign of intelligence or success. Well, u are wrong and suffering from gross identity crisis. VaMugabe vanotaura nechinobuda mumhuno wani but we are counted as one of the poorest nations on this earth wani. Kupusa maZanu. Muchadya chimurenga ichocho.

  25. Taura hako, Tsvangirai does not need to be a professor in english for him to take this nation forward. He simply needs to have the needs of the people at heart. Zanu yaora mhani!

  26. Girinya musoro wako imvura chete chete,unofunga kuti kana iwe uchidya uchiguta nekuba kunoita mazanu tese tiri kuguta.You support this madness coz you know kuti uri kuguta nazvo.

    Uchida usingadi SAVE vapinda muoffice ende zvichanakira hama dzako dziri kutambura.Do not be selfish Girinya.

  27. usareva nhema Tsvangirai no one wants to return the Zim dollar.kana washaya zvekukwezva vanhu nazvo nyarara.Ucharohwa futi and u wl b treated lyk a common crimminal jst announce maresults uone.goodbye former Prime Minister.

  28. Freedom becons Zimbos

  29. save even though u said chitema hachidzorerwi ko these former ministers vakaita upfumi hwekuba vachaitwa sei coz we suffered because of them?

  30. A 90 year old Roman Catholic communist president attends traditional pure diesel rituals through his proxies and jacknifes to pentecostal apostalises with full garbadines and frock. That is desparation written large. Vote MDC-T.

  31. @reason. A 90 year old Roman Catholic communist president attends traditional pure diesel rituals through his proxies and jacknifes to pentecostal apostalises with full garbadines and frock. That is desparation written large. Vote MDC-T.

  32. Alert!! Guys take your own pens to vote. Apparently ZEC is using pens from Israel which will fade off after 4 hours and will be considered spoiled ballot! Be warned

  33. Atlantic Ocean

    Akomana!!!!mangwana bhora mu atlantic ocean baba Jukwa has it on record that they have planned to search for the ball and mend it back kana tikangokikira musango. Saka bhora mu atlantic ocean riyeredzwe nemvura kana kudyiwa nema shark.Dont forget your soccer boots (Pen yako)

  34. thank u our President i wl never let u walk alone .A new zimbabwe for sure

  35. Usanyeperwe Zanu yapera musarwadziwe chembere kumusha Vachiwenga kana vachda hondo vacharwa vega isu hatishandswe change kaone. I’m prepared to serve a new Zim ndati no a soldier without honour to hell with all maZanu

  36. How can Mugabe able to fund(Empowerment) seven million jobless youth who are jobless on the next five years, if he failed to deliver proper sanitation to a couple of million Harare residents for the past solid 33 years. Tsvangirai s massage its clear and straight forward and non hatred, compered to those of zanu directly aimed at Tsvangirai. @ #Noname it shows you’re ignorant or you don’t follow politics,Mugabe himself spoke about bring back local current at his first start rally, this clearly mean you’re a stooge of Mugabe you don’t know something that happens in Harare so it takes you a century to know what change and democracy is.I wonder why you use shona wakafa focus. Win or lose Tsvangirai s statement is one over a century.

  37. Real change began with first chimurenga. Zimbabwe already started action for change by redistributing land kept by 4000 people so it could be used by 300 000 people, unfortunately some leaders opposed this process and we ended up being a divided nation.

  38. Real change started when 300 000 small scale farmers utilised land historically kept for 4000 farmers. Unfortunately some opposed this change

  39. comrade mwana wevhu

    one should not be so power hungry otherwise bhruuuuuuuu. The destiny of zimbabwe will be decided by zimbabweans with god’s guidance 2day. Therefore there is no hurry ” tembeya polepole” mungu atisaiyidiye

  40. machinja akomana you should learn to accept that you r ill focused then correct your selves other wise you r only wasting your energy jus like Mahomad Morsi’s followers vote ZPF.

  41. Dhewa Charumbira

    Its a fact, this old man is a Malawian decendant. Mubhurandaya. My late father , having been one of the 1st black politicians. used to say that .

  42. Baba Tsvangirai tavhota pabindura. Vana venyu varikufara. hezvo uko

  43. Among the presidential candidates the only humble one is Morgan Tsvangirai.He is going to listen to everyone,the poor ,the rich,the so called educated and even those who have oppressed for the past 33years.He is filled with real change at heart.Its coming tomorrow.

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