Tsvangirai raises rigging alarm

MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday told top officials of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) that his party had unearthed a massive scam where Zanu PF allegedly plotted to rig the forthcoming harmonised elections using State security agents and a hired Israeli intelligence organisation.


Tsvangirai also alleged that Section 56 (1) of the Electoral Amendment Act which prohibited double voting had been clandestinely deleted, a move he described as highly suspicious.

Briefing journalists after meeting Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau at his Charter House offices in Harare, Tsvangirai through his spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said Zanu PF planned to register over 50 000 police officers as special voters to allow them to cast their ballot before the election date.

According to the electoral laws, police officers on duty on the polling dates were allowed to vote in advance to allow them to provide security during
the elections.

“The co-Minister of Home Affairs (Theresa Makone), who was present in the meeting raised this concern, saying as far as she was concerned, Zimbabwe only has some 38 000 police officers. Where then would the other 12 000 or so come from? It all points to attempts to rig, which is why everything is appearing unclear to the PM,” he said.

Contacted for comment, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said: “The Zimbabwe Republic Police has registered 50 000 police officers as Special Voters since they will be deployed in various polling stations away from their work stations. This is according to Section 81 of the Electoral Act, Chapter 2:13 which states that:“A registered Voter shall be entitled to cast a Special Vote in terms of Part X1VA before the polling day or on the first polling day in an election if he or she will be unable to vote at a Polling Station in his or her Constituency because he or she;
a) Is or will be an Electoral Officer.

b) Is a member of a disciplined force who will be performing security duties during the election.

“There is, therefore, nothing unusual and sinister in deploying that figure since we have always been doing that in other duties where we do not have enough

Asked to explain the discrepancy between her 50 000 figure and the 38 000 provided by the police minister, Charamba said the “ZRP regular members would be augmented by police constabulary members who, according to the Police Act Chapter 27 (3) states that police constabulary members may be employed to assist regular members of the force on any occasion.”

Asked to comment on allegations of tampering with the Electoral Amendment Act, Zanu PF co-chairperson of the now disbanded Copac, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana distanced himself from the matter and referred NewsDay to Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa.

“If it’s anything to do with the electoral amendments, Minister Chinamasa would be the right person to talk to,” Mangwana said.
Chinamasa could not be reached for comment.

The Premier also took aim at the Israeli intelligence organisation, which he alleged was operating in Zimbabwe with local electoral bodies, to influence the outcome of elections.

“These people have a bad track record and were involved in some countries in Africa in tampering with the voters’ roll and we are worried that they could be tempering with our voters’ roll. As a country, it would be bad for our voters roll to be associated with such people,” he said.

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    1. u know what, i have never registered and i wanted to do so, but i decided to check if i am on the voter’s role to my surprise i was already on voters roll under my rural constituency but i don’t live there so now i am transfering to urban.


      2. Enda unovhotera kumusha ikoko. My daughter found her name on the voters roll yet she never registered. This is a pleasant development indeed and I’m going to make sure I provide her the transport money for her to vote.

      3. wonder why zanu pf always win elections,, they always do this rigging thing but this coming election, i think wi be better

      4. Well here it seem the Lady Minister Theresa does not know her force, AmaNeighbourhood Police provided services at the Referendum thats a knw fact, AmaNeighbourhood are to permanently employed in the Police Force

        Poor Minister of Home affairs saw something and made noise over you incompetance dragging in the esteemed Prime Minister

        Shame on u!

        1. Ngongxoza mfethu!!!

    2. The truth is Tsvangirai itsaona. Was he not praising ZEC very recently. How about the reforms that he forgot to implement while in government. The day of reckoning is coming Chematama and your fate will be sealed. Say adios amigos to the luxury you were entitled to and the numerous escapages you had with different women. Save maparara, rungano rwenyu rwaperera pano.

      1. iwe, tsvangirai is not the only one in gvntt, why do u blame him for failing caz the other guys never agreed

      2. One of his excapades was with your Wife and Mother !!!!!!!

    3. Is Tsvangirai also aware that also polling officers are now on postal vote. Many civil servants who shall act as polling officers queued Zec offices in Harare over the last weekend to participate in the postal vote

    4. Actually the number of policemen should by far be less than 38000 because not every policeman is going to participate in elections

    5. Well here it seem the Lady Minister Theresa does not know her force, AmaNeighbourhood Police provided services at the Referendum thats a knw fact, AmaNeighbourhood are to permanently employed in the Police Force

      Poor Minister of Home affairs saw something and made noise over you incompetance dragging in the esteemed Prime Minister

  2. brigadier general

    Tell them Save! thi is the right tym 4 dem to face the truth

    1. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

      I thought Israel is baby fed by USA and to accuse them of such thing is not a wise thing MDC T. Obama achatsamwa navo mashoko enyu

  3. zanu yatanga….zanu takes pple of Zim for granted…

  4. zec must ensure that the special vote is secret and secure. Those police officers must feel free to select candidates of their choice with no undue influence.

    1. Special vote inoitiswa nemukuru wePolice Station and not ZEC, tiri patight muchipurisa umu.

      1. Jabulanikulekani

        kana mavota makatariswa muvote kepiri muchivitera pamunoda chaipo. the net effect is like cancelling your First vote there by reducing their rigging figures

      2. Voting is now done by ZEC not boss vako and dont be intimidated this time they wont know how y vote.

        They are psycholically lying to members that the system has not changed so that they vote Zpf bt now officers know the lie.

  5. mbavha dzevanhu,gore rino Mwari vachaexposer zvose. He will not allow cheats and crooks to succeed in their wicked plans. Lets pray without ceasing so that the Almighty will expose all these dark activities. Let There Be Light Everywhere.

    1. Its funny yesterday you were saying mapurisa ndeeMDC but now you are crying. What impact do 50 000 votes spread all over the country make? Stop baby crying, elections seperates proxies from patriots.

  6. mapurisa munoaziva ese nema CID here nhai va prime minister?

    1. The PM through the Home Affairs dept should know the exact number of all police members through the pay roll. If there is a difference of 12 000 we as tax payers demand to know who they are.

      1. I feel PM should really take a hard stance on ZANU PF regarding this Israeil intelligence group. We have to avoid a repeat of 2008 where results were disputed. I can sense a third GNU on the horizon if MDC plays weak at ZANU.

    2. stein get real,face facts

      1. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

        Why is it that the MDC-T is always crying and shedding tears? Is he always on the receiving end really or he is now conditioned to crying and complaining. Who can be friendly to Israel between ZANU-PF and MDC-T. We also have the other MDC which will be contesting but they do not make such frequent cries like a hired cry baby.

        1. Zanu PF is known for rigging! period

    3. Thts a silly question so yu mean PM isnt privy wth whts happenin gvt?

    4. ??????….iwe cid its a department. Ese mapurisa mhani!

  7. zigwara remunhu, yr vote is yr secret. why now going to zec instead of Zuma wamairidzira ngoma. As usual Open mouth, shut mind. pamberi ne ma elections. Basa rakapera 29 june.

    1. Zvarwadzaka Reason zvino munomama chete.Maiti pwetere pwetere Tsvangirai haafi akasalutwa kana kuva nechigaro mugovernment muna 2002 hezvo nhasi mave kuti P.M.Izvozvi murikuti haafi akatonga i mean kuita President hezvo uyo aakunopindamo mustate house makatarira zvino muchamusaluta henyu anaReason makapfeka magirazi asingaone zvirikure kunge chipembere kudaro……you are living in the past muzaya ngwara iwe kwete kungopusa kudaro.

      1. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

        Hope dzako Joseph ndedzemadzikirira. Chokwadi ungarote uchiyamwa nezera rako iro? Mahomosexuals haafi akatonga Zimbabwe asi Rhodesia. Varungu vane ganda dema munonetsa nenyaya yekuda some pieces of silver.

    2. Those who do not like transparency in what they do have something to hide.We have all the right to put our grievances to SADC because this GOVT is there because of them and not election results.And as a matter of fact the President,PM and his deputies are still employed with their full responsibilities and authority until a new Govt is in place after elections.See the GNU agreement on this issue.

    3. A Reason without reason to reason is a maggot. Saying basa rakapera just shows how dump you are because basa raTsvangirai rinopera kana raMatibili rapera

    4. Yu mst b colled Treason coz thts the name tht fits u

  8. typing………………

  9. stupid the pm doesnt hv to know all cops but as the home affairs minister is saying the police register indicates a ‘figure’ of 38k not 50k so thats the issue at hand. and wen the cops vote and otha security personnel lets hv polling agents for all parties present ma ballot otorwa after voting onovhurwa at neutral venue then counted.kwete kutora ballot paper ra Sajeni Jarava moisa in an envelope marked Jaravaza moti vhota woisa ballot in yo envelope wotipa no no no, just have them vote properly zvisina tracing back who voted what and who.

    1. Nonsense BW.mAJAIRA KUBIRWA MARI NEMAGHOST WORKERS.Typical public service commission isingazive number yevashandi vayo uye mukataura nezveAudit hamuwirirane kikikikikiki.Haisi mhosva yaREASON nemukoma wako bw asi zvakatanga nevakuru venyu and it cascaded downwards zvekuti huori nekusaziva [hudofo]zvave muropa nemumongo menyu kikikikikikikiki.

  10. zec must ensure that the police and security forces vote in privacy without interference from their superiors. polling stations must be outside of Baracks

  11. zvatanga for sure teaboy aakutya coz ncube akaramba ende uchasekerera whether eu or sadc or even if mdc controls these elections vanotongorohwa pachena. ncube well done my brother wakaramba kuchandiswa nezvimbwasungata. regauone mazitama ese azara misozdi zvino.

    1. Nonsense.

  12. Bec*e rambuya vako

    1. Mangwende we Zimbabwe

      I think this platform is being abused. People should show that they were borne from responsible families of which whether poor or rich, they were taught manners, real African manners. There no reason to use such language from whoever calls himself Reply.

  13. Its better these people don’t vote rather than being asked to do so in front of their superior. Work up gz something must be done here.

  14. peter Chitovah

    idunyanga pm wenyu uyu. he received confirmations yesterday from ther trusted lieutenants from beyond borders that makasimudza ivhu pachimoyo, makamutsazve mapfupa anehanda nakaguvi zvino kanganwai kuti mungangohwina pasarudzo dzinotevera asi chokwadi ndechekuti MDC hakuna. Robert 3-0 Chamatama. saka he z trying to ammend his future dismay.

    1. peter chitovah u are so ancient, mbuya nehanda and kaguvi vapinda papi do you mean they support cheats.

  15. e special vote shud js b removed coz our brothers n sisters in e force r easily open 2 intimidation n victimisation no wonder they r easily coerced 2 vote 4 e infamous party

  16. wellington toni

    zvino maporofita akati ndiyani ano hwina tizive pekuvhotera kwete kuswero netsana nhando garazviye T.B Joshua akati tsangiston haafe akatonga

  17. mazonyanya manje

  18. joseph- kuzvinyaradzawo coz mukasazvifadzawo ikozvino hakuna zve kwamuchazonyeperanazve. mdc rest in peace at least you have tried your best but ncube can be better than u. to honor ncube next month after zanu-pf win, he will be president of kwa bulawayo and teaboy no more to be seen again. viva ncube viva mugabe

  19. don’t give zanu even the smallest chance to rig the election again,
    hanzi we want to return back Harare back and other towns to zanu netumwe twakawinner maprimary kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Harare kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  20. Organised Warrior

    The question about 50000 officers was answeres very well in the story itself. Hanzi 12000 ndivana ‘ndini ndamubata’. Where is the rigging part then. Chematama is scared and masupportes acho maifira comprehension so u won’t see kuti hapana nyaya apa. Shut minds.

  21. just go to one of these crowd puller-churches and see for yourself kuti no joy for teaboy. iye hake knows that but tuma followers twake kuoma musoro sedombo rega uone. their members are now candidates for zanu pf. and guess what. neniwo ndakatochinjinura ndava ku zanu pf. i am trying to convince my brother ncube to campain for zanu pf rather than teaboy

  22. kuti harare handiko kuti zimbabwe mhanhi iwe- jay jay ko iwe hausi kuzviona kuti ma seats akanga atorwa nechinja atodzoka zvawo pachena. you have ask from around the country not around harare.

  23. 50k so says jukwa

  24. Jongwe Mupoto

    MaJudha ari kutsvagei ku office kwa Register General. Inyaya dzema diamond dziri kutiuraisa.

  25. Manyepo ako iwe kupi kwacho

  26. JohnsonMapingure

    Mwari batsirai vanhu venyu. Vapererwa havachaziva chakanaka nechakaipa. Zvavekuda kuti timbotaura na Mwari nyika ienderere mberi. Zvekupondana nekupisirana dzimba izvo ndipo patino kundirwa ne varungu . Gore rino kwete-kwete kuurayana, bvunzai baba Jukwa

  27. Bvute RaMujuru Rakunetsa

    Ndinomuka makandiurairei? mweya wangu ungazorora kana Zanu yadyiwa.

  28. ma1,kusvika rinhi tichidya nhoko dzesvironda nhai..

  29. My Vote Counts

    ZEC please explain to the public how postal voting is going to be done. I have no problem with the number of officers but the process.Mr Journalist please go ask ZEC and publish the interview

  30. Johnsin Mapingus

    Hanzi 3 members of zrp were discharged from the forces for attending an MDC rally. Is it true ? What does the responsible authority say? Then now we are faced with this 50000 members of the police force whose votes are not secret . Army. Guard forces. Special constablery etc, Iko ku regester kwacho ZEC irikuti kudini? Parikuuya vanhu ne mabazi vasiri ku register kana vokudza mhomho kuti ungoti hazvibatsire kumira mahara pa line rakadai. Asi chiyi nhai?

  31. Aaah hamuzive here kuti kana mukuru ave kuenda haashaye zvekutaura anongo taura zvisineyi zvaangofunga ipapo,,,,,

  32. 31 anonoka zanu inowacha

  33. Gore rino celebration after celebration kipinda pastate house ne mariro a matibili ahh tichafa ne ma coldas…..charp yega yega

  34. Joseph n co be advised that kuState house kure tsano!don’t fool urself

  35. Under a free & fair election, ZANU PF Knows kt more than 80% of the Security sector will vote MDC-T. That’s the truth, no mater how pple like Reason may argue. It’s because they know how they suffered in the hands of Zanu pf in 2007-08. Thanx PM 4 tha move, continue pressing 4 free & fair elections.

  36. Charity charamba,talk sense,don’t ever think you are going to die on that post,very soon you will be a lofer .zimbabweans It’s high time for us to say no to this nosense!


  38. My Vote Counts is quite right, the process of special voting must be explained and if it is supervised by both ZEC and all parties involved to make sure there is secrecy in the voting, it is fine with everybody.
    ZEC should make sure that all parties get unsolicited votes from these armed force members.
    If ZEC fails to do that it will have failed the whole nation.

  39. they can talk all the want too ,.But i am gonna praise God cause Ilove to be free , they should nkow Jesus christ is the only way ,Righteousness my desire

  40. Popotaimuchaneta

    Hurumende yamwari yaakuzogadzwa. Muchazhamba but chokuita panenge pasina. Mugabe making history! Zanu pf making history! Mdc awarded for the best ever attempt!

  41. KuState house kure!ndafunga Chopper zvangu.

  42. haasi mapurisa chete anenge aripabasa pa election day imi madofo udzai PM wenyu zidofo. Kune inonzi seurity sector kureva masoja,airforce, CIO, prison services, ZRP kureva regular ne support unit, kozouya ma officials ve ZEC kusanganisa ma polling officers countrywide. Vanhu vangani ava nhaimi madofo? Havapfuuri 100 0000 here? Muchazogona kuitonga here niika ino?Sorry madofo haafi akatong nyika ino. Pane vakaifira. ICHO!

  43. sure

  44. Big size chaiyo the 12000 balance is well explained. So for mdc to win they need to rally all their supporters to register because pasina izvozvo chematama is packing his bags and go home or else they should made a coalition with other mdcs and parties

  45. Daddy VaJukwa

    Eh ZANU Wanga wahwanda mumunda wenzungu,simuka waonekwa!

  46. Educated View

    Tsvangson is such a wimp…already making excuses before the election starts!! This guy just wants to make noise about rigging just in case he loses so that avane reason yekuvhara ma1…I mean seriously, what does MOSAD have to do with elections in Zim? Remember kuti MOSAD is handin glove with CIA..so shuwa here Obama angasiye ma friends ake achibatsira Zanu ku riga???

    people should think before acepting zvimwe zvinongotaurwa…

  47. Never trust the University qualifications of Gukurahundis, they always cheat their way through in everything they do!

  48. I also in mbare but was surprised to find my name on Voters roll in Nketa Costituency ward 25. its obvious all the dead from1900 are going to vote for zanu pf including Smith

  49. Even the 2008 elections told us that the illegal regime agenda is very much alive and we the patriotic people of the country shall stand firm in defending our sovereignty. Even if the real Zimbabweans loose the 2013 election, it shall be deemed illegal by our Concourt of which no one else is allowed to overrule. As soon as the majority of people vote against the real patriotic Zimbabweans 1 of our own namely Taruzirei Nyika will file an urgent application with the concourt against the result as it will infringe on his democratic right against illegal regime change. No matter how many people will vote for stoogies of the west and by whatever percentage the stoogies win, it still will be deemed illegal by our concourt as illegal regime change is not allowed. However for people of Zimbabwe not to be caught on the wrong side of the law they should vote overwhelmingly for the super patriots who know what is the best for the country. As an example how do you expect a country as sanctioned as ours to have a proper transparent diamond trade. How do you expect the same country to remit diamond revenue to government when in the same government we have illegal regime change agents. We shall never ever allow illegal regime change even through the ballot. These western countries are very clever now they want to effect regime change through free and fair elections. Hee reform this hee reform that. They are silently donating radios to our wise rural folk whilst back at the ranch they are busy clamouring for a free and fair elections. How can the election be fair when some people have radios whilst others do not have radios, what is fair about that. Surely we will not allow a free and fair election so that the westerners can impose their illegal regime change, no never. Now we the super patriots of Zimbabwe understand it when Smith was saying never in a thousand years, we understand that we have ungrateful black Rhodies who do not appreciate all we do for them. Never in a thousand years will we allow someone who does not understand the goings on at the Pentagon and Washington to effect illegal regime change through the so called free and fair election. Never ever.

    1. God is for us all. The good thing we do not live forever. There is a time for everything,
      and a season for every activity under the heavens. Lets wait and see.


  50. zec much give a full explanation on this postal vote thing. It will be abused by this infamous party.

  51. kana PM vakakona kusiva pavakadzi 5 kuti wavanoda chaiye ndeupi vanga zogona pa 12000?

  52. mdc maruza

  53. Watch out a second GNU is on the horizon

  54. ini hangu ncube ndanyarara. kuti ndikuudzei kuti i am better that teaboy – munoramba bvaaa chirega ma election auye muzvionere pamhuno sa tomas. viva ncube pasi na chamatama. BYO hauna kana 1- seat teaboy wachepa, kumaruzevha hatichataure

  55. Zanu pf for life. Icho!

  56. I do not trust the Jews ,Do you remember the days of one Ben Manashe who was bribed by zanu to implecate Morgan,Welshman and others in a coup which never was.

  57. Is Charity telling us that all 50000 police officers will be deployed saka mbavja dzichapembereraka, kana mumigwagwa umu tombofamba free heduka. But Charity do you really have 50000 police officers and if yes what for? This number is just too big for a small country like Zimbabwe. Walk in the streets of our townships you don’t meet a police officer except those going to their lodgings, most of them are being abused anyway and are lodgers and if they vote stupidly they will die lodgers. Now my brief to all those 50000 police officers are going to vote freely and if so its time you look at the future of your children kwete kutya kuti unodzingwa basa iro rinokuita vendor everyday wapedza basa kana kukuita unpopular nevanhu vainotorera ma bribe kuti urarame, Vana Charity ava varikufamba ne ma BMW iwe uchirova bhutsu wakananga kuka wooden cabinet kako ku Warren Park uko kana kuti ku Epworth. Ramba kushandiswa zvino.

  58. Well here it seem the Lady Minister Theresa does not know her force, AmaNeighbourhood Police provided services at the Referendum thats a knw fact, AmaNeighbourhood are to permanently employed in the Police Force

    Poor Minister of Home affairs saw something and made noise over you incompetance dragging in the esteemed Prime Minister

  59. The opposition is a joke. By splitting their vote they have given Mugabe and ZANU[PF] an upper hand.

    Mugabe ari kutonga magents. Kutonga includes overseeing an electoral process in which you are an interested party. The nature of his job allows him to be briefed about all the nitty-gritties dzema elections.

    Though parliament dissolved, VaMugabe is still Head of State and ‘Government’, and Commander-in-Chief of de Armed Forces.

    Our law does not make him redundant. His key weapon is INFORMATION !

    A soccer coach does not disclose his game plan to an opposing team. The same principle applies in politics, period !

  60. Although i agree with you Mandla that the lady minister is not fit for that job only zrp police are reguarded as police man and as such they donot amount to 50 000 and even so not all of them wiil be deployed especially with transport problems the zrp police has how are they going to move them arround . This issue must be solved very fast before zany capilises on this anormally.

  61. South Africa Mzansi has every right to lecture Zimbabwe on democracy. They are on the receiving end of Zimbabweans’ illegal immigration.

    If your messing up in your home does not affect me as a neighbour, I will leave you alone. But the moment the mess you are creating in your home starts affecting me, I have everyright to interfer

  62. An organisation from America’s number one ally is aiding a government under American sanctions to win an election against an American puppet through rigging, so alleges the idiot!

    Israelis are conspiring to help ‘Iran friendly communist dictators’ to defeat a ‘capitalist American friendly democracy’ to what end?

  63. Again, the idiot makes a spectacularly claim of yet another conspiracy against him without providing any evidence? Kwanai!


    Evidence awash shows that the primary election in Masvingo North was marred by outright irregularities. A candidate, Davis Marapira who had lost outrightly, trailing behind two candidates,Thomas Ziki and Mudukuti, was announced as a winner. This was because Marapira was Mavhaire’s bootlicker.

    Correct results that arrived at the Provincial Directorate were as follows:
    1. THOMAS ZIKI – 3063
    2. MUDUKUTI – 2618
    3. MARAPIRA – 1571
    4. CHADEMANA – 1216

    Come to think of it. Such rigging amongst themselves. The cock shall come home to roost.

    Food for thought.

  65. The moron Tsvangirai sounds no better than my kraal head. Lol!!! MDC-T zealots should be ashamed of themselves. How can they be led by such a simpleton? Even my sobhuku is popular among the villagers. No disrespect intended do you sane people think we deserve to be led by Tsvangirai? Come on Zimbabweans!!

  66. Mugabe will literally beat Tsvangirai PANTS down ! Mark my words. Tsvangirai at State House ? My foot ! Munhu asina kumboita empirical research . His only experience ndeyekushandisa dip stick ! Its like having another Morsi in Zimbabwe. Look at Libya and Egypt. The so-called dictators were good at gelling their countries !



  69. My worst fear is not rigging coz kana rigging yakatadza kupa Zanu Pf win muna March 2008,inozoipa iyezvino sei.My fear is Bob akadyiwa anobvuma kubva here ?,uye kuti maresults achabudiswa zvakatenderanwa here within 5days.Handifungi kuti Tsvangirai neMdc vakapusa sekutaura kunoita vazhinji.Mdc T ndiyo yakatanga kuita maprimary elections Bob asati ataura zva31 July.Seems Mdc ine zvairi kutemba nazvo.Then this Baba Jukwa fellow is spilling Zanu pf beans at will.Every trick iri kurongwa neZanu Pf iri kupiwa Tsvangison easy easy.Why is it Tsvangison is busy campaigining as if nothing is being planned against him.Rukodzi akabikisa sadza akatarisa njiva seusavi asi akazodyiswa sadza ndiye.Rega tione kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe after elections.

  70. Zanu Rigging police
    Zanu Raping Police
    Zimbabwe Wrong Police
    Zimbabwe Roadblock Police
    Zimbabwe Renting Police
    Zanu Robert Police
    Zimbabwe Robert Police
    Zimbabwe Robbing Police
    Zanu Robbing Police
    Zanu Roadblock Police
    Zimbabwe Repaired Police
    Zimbabwe Reverse Police

  71. theresa is clueless.any evidence to the contrary?

  72. why i like mother theresa: she runs with the hares and hunts with the dogs

  73. …………………zigging

  74. Kana Zanu ikahwina(ne rigging of course) economy inodzokera pa situation ya 2008. Thats the best Zanu pf can achieve. Chinondifadza ndechekuti Zanu pf presidential candidate is a moving grave. Wasakara hey mutana uyu

  75. so each and every one of the police officers asked to vote in advance?
    where are these applications kept?
    can we positively identify each and every one of these officers and their station of work?
    does the pay roll show 50000 people?

  76. hey Zanu pf morons dont speak zvinhu zvamusingazivi. what is fair abt being asked to vote in the presence of yo superior who iz known kuti is aligned to the part of murderers. why is it that zec agents are not allowed. we the pple in the know are aware of e goings on. but selah, God is watching n has the final say no matter how loud yo rantings maybe. long live Zimbabwe, long live progressive n God fearing pple.

  77. Editor, is that snort (madzihwa) on the Prime Sneezer’s(Minister) right upper lip in your picture? Zvinenge zvanga zvakakwidza kwaSave, rwizi rwakadira. Too much ado about nothing yet silentlt resigned to that fact that despite his election appeal the guy is developed jelly feet and how is he going to sustain the lifestyle, another new baby, former white farmers after your life, 1316/1315, ex girlfriends etc. It never rains for sure.

  78. Checks and recommendations to make on the postal vote now tht it has been gazetted to take place on the 14 and 15th of July.
    1- that no voting is done in army camps but in designated public polling stations.
    2-tht all political party agents be present at each polling station during the voting process and sign the ballot boxes when they are sealed.
    -Political agents ensure that all voter rolls are crossed out for all ppl who would have voted.
    3- The same political party agent be present at the opening of the boxes when they are posted to various constituencies.
    4-political agents to accompany all postal votes right to the polling station where they are to be mixed with those of the general public.

  79. What this means is that no member of the uniformed pollice is going to be expected to stand in a queue on 31 july 2013.
    And we should report such if we see them in a queue.

  80. Mr Richard Tsvangirai is afraid of losing why can’t he just boycott_Asi mapay master haasi kutumira mari

  81. imbavha vanhu manje vanyangira yaona…….

  82. aaaaaa,mugabe kakati kane matrixb ekurigger,but he cant rigg age,kakura wena kkkkkkk,ngakasheedze gono akanzure mazero,kosara KAINE NINE YEARS

  83. Tsvangirai is not stupit lets wait and see what is going to happen

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