Tsvangirai endorses Makoni


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday unveiled Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni as the parliamentary candidate for Makoni Central ahead of his party’s Patrick Sagandira.


Addressing thousands of MDC-T supporters at Vengere Stadium in Rusape, Tsvangirai said he was not imposing the MKD leader, but was supporting him on the basis of the Coalition for Change agreement he signed with Makoni and Reketayi Semwayo of Zanu Ndonga to dislodge Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe in next week’s harmonised elections.

He asked his supporters to vote for Makoni for MP of the area and the response was resoundingly positive. The MDC-T leader said he was confident that the coalition would yield desired results.

“I was sent by the national standing committee of my party to negotiate with other political parties so that we don’t make the same mistake of splitting votes like what we did in 2008,” said Tsvangirai.

“As MDC, we can have the majority or even have 60% of the votes, but it’s not bad to have 70% through this coalition. We talked to the parties and we will share the posts after winning the elections.

There were four issues which are the presidential candidate, who should stand as our candidates, the composition of the executive and the programme of action.

“In Chipinge Central, because our members were fighting there, we put Semwayo and here in Makoni Central there is Simba Makoni.”

He said there was no need for Sagandira not to accept the position of the party as the party had briefed him about the position.

“I called the MDC-T district executive and told them about this so that we solidify our unity of purpose. As the leader of the party, I saw it prudent and this is of national interest,” added Tsvangirai.

“I called Sagandira and talked to him like we did in Chikanga-Dangamvura. It was, however, after the nomination court, but all the same if you are a party cadre you will be reassigned, but he thought I was playing with him.”

Tsvangirai said Makoni would remain MKD but would bank on the MDC-T’s support base.

Although Makoni rose to a rapturous welcome by thousands of MDC-T supporters, a handful of Sagandira’s supporters tried to protest before they were chucked out of the stadium.

In his address, Makoni pledged to deal with unemployment and the “retrogressive land reform programme” if the MDC-T wins elections. He said he left Zanu PF because there were “thieves, crooks, violent and corrupt elements within the revolutionary party which were bent on bringing down the country”.

Contacted for comment, Sagandira yesterday said he would not stand down for Makoni, adding decisions made at a rally were not binding as the MDC-T had structures to consult if crucial decisions were to be made.

“First and foremost, I was only informed of the coming of party president Tsvangirai to the rally in the constituency by party members who were passing messages to everyone and I decided to attend even if I was not formally invited as a candidate. I served the MDC-T since 1999 for 13 years now and I cannot defect and start to support an MKD candidate as it is against our party constitution. It will be foolish and uncalculated for me to step down for Makoni,” he said.

Sagandira said Tsvangirai was not the electorate and since he had filed his nomination papers with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission he was still going to contest.

“I am committed to the MDC-T and I will continue with my campaign tomorrow (today). Standing down for the MKD is a defection from the party. Tsvangirai at the rally said I did not withdraw and if he introduced Makoni, then it’s a political gimmick which does not come from deep down his heart. I am continuing with my campaign as people have vested their trust in me and tomorrow (today) I will be holding a rally at Termaroo in Ward 20,” he said.


    • ‘Although Makoni rose to a rapturous welcome by thousands of MDC-T supporters, a handful of Sagandira’s supporters tried to protest before they were chucked out of the stadium.’ @ngangu, the above is a cut and paste from the story carried by Newsday, what do you think it means? Use your brain man.

    • Pliz don’t read that stupid herald newspaper.It supports a losing party(zanupf) and its candidate Robert Mugabe harawa zvayo yotozvifira nhai.

      I have since stopped reading it online as it always blasts my President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

      • Bad advice. Read all papers! Form your own opinion.

        Objectivity is a Myth. Every journalist knows that.

        So should readers

  1. Tsvangirai…kakata…..Tsvangirai…..dhonza.reign your subordinates unless if you have become dictatorial zvokuti u are just making unilateral decisions with a group of friends whilst sitting under a malberry tree waiting for it to grow money

  2. Mdc should be careful not to split votes. For now it should be mdc all the way then we see these guys after victory.
    Remember special vote already started and its too late to change the candidates.

  3. Tsvangirai is a foolish and indecisive leader. Who is Makoni in MDC besides knowing him for betraying our revolutionary change in 2008. I think Makoni has made the full list of all defectors who have been imposed by Tsvangirai. Surely, some people have always remained with the party in need and in difficult times but towards the end of the task they are being sidelined. Is it fair? I think Tsvangirai is taking advantage of our desperate need for change, that is why he believes people will vote for MDC even if were to put a donkey. This is not the first time our leader has confessed having agreements with non-party individuals to put them in position ahead of loyal MDC members e.g look what he said in Mat-South after imposition individuals from Welshmen Ncube MDC. Tsvangirai’s conduct in the run to this election has worried me and it brings something into my mind to believe that Welshmen was right when he split from the main MDC citing many reasons including the one that Tsvangirai has dictatorial tendencies. My fellow friends in the MDC we know we are going to win under Tsvangirai but one thing i am foreseeing is that Tsvangirai will become unpopular as president coz some of his decisions are uncalled for.

    • I agree with your points 100% Tsvangirayi is being foolish and shortsighted like he did in 2008 when he supported Jonathan Moyo in Tsholotsho and see what happened after he won. Remember this is the same Makoni who said he was closer to Zanu-PF than MDC in orientation!!!! Food for thought Tsvangirayi lacks sound and strategic advisors. I think most of his inner circle want to expose him for his weaknesses then say we told you so…..Look at the alliance between Ncube and Dabengwa … no support for the other party where there are contesting candidates… very strategic indeed! Not this stupid alliance if I may ask Tsvangirayi why is Simba Makoni not donning the MDC-T election regalia??? Food for thought Tsvangirayi must know that he can lose the Presidential lection and still be relevant in Zimbabwe parliament if MDC-T has the majority because in the new constitution the parliament chooses the next President in the event of incapacity and death of the incumbent( maybe I am wrong here)

  4. Makudo ndemwamwe whether from MDC or from Zanu pf.A candidate should be elected not imposed by the national executive.Heyo imwe dictator

  5. sagandira you cannot go against the decision of the party president if you are a genuine party cadre as you say.do you know that even if you win you can still be recalled by the party from that post.most of you mps just become bigheaded for nothing do you know that people support mdc because of tsvangirai.

    • Sangandira your position in the party is respected you will get Key post in the new Govenment,eg permanet scretary.

    • kunyepa no elected person can be recalled from representing a constituency by anyone, Dofo remunhu kufana na tenzi waro Morgan

    • “you cannot go against the decision of the party president if you are a genuine party cadre” – what kind of democracy is that? How does a leader who rules by decree pretend to be running a movement for democracy? He gets away with it because his supporters find thinking for themselves to be too much work!

    • Elderly woman humiliates Tsvangirai in Rusape – “The daring unidentified elderly woman shouted: “Ah hazviite, hatidi isu. Tinoda VaSagandira isu. VaSagandira vakacampaign kubva kare, ndivo tinoziva isu. Ndivo tichandovhotera. Simba Makoni hatimuzive isu. Kana marambidza Sagandira its better kuvhotera Zanu-PF than to be mortgaged to vote for a Mavambo candidate.”

      This prompted an angry response from Mr Tsvangirai. “We need discipline. Imi mbuya imi kana musina discipline sudurukai. Tinoda vanhu vanoteerera kana vakuru vachitaura,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

  6. People who advance personal interests at the expense of the national agenda are just as too bad as Ncube and Dabengwa. All it means is that Sagandira is in the game for the parly Isuzu twin cab and not for the broader quest for change. Any right thinking muchinja should know that in any coalition, there ought to be sacrifices that we as the MDC-T should make in order to accomodate other fellow comrades in the struggle against ZANU (PF). Let it be known that there are many roles to play in a New Zimbabwe and people shouldn;t despair. Tshisa MAKONI Tshisa!!!!!

  7. correct me if im wrong here I think Sangadira was supposed to b left to contest cuz personally I don’t trust simba, look we were in the coalition bcuz of him, what makes yu think that he is no longer a zanuoid, I smell a rat here, if indeed simba wants a pure and clean coalition here can still be called into the gvt as a technocrat not representing any constituency-I think that way it was going to b fair, as I see it rusape town is a seat gone to the dogs already. If simba was democratic why not let Sangadira contest may b he was jus going to acknowledge the gesture from President Mooore but decline to take it, what if he defects to zanu again what is the position of the seat, remember what happened to the issue of makwavarara in 2008 winning on mdc ticket then defect, they say history has got a tendency to repeat itself but it also rhymes here, something fishy is gonna happen after the elections and yes cry my beloved mdc

  8. Muchinyanya kuda kusunganidza tusingasungani tunodambuka chete .hanzi harahwa yoda kufa imi @vamadhuu imi .kutonga kwamwari kunoshamisa,deno tasiira mwari pake hamadzangu

  9. Sandangira should step aside. There is national interest at stake here. Its not about just getting to parliament.

  10. @Lovemore Madhuku Mwari haazi wemunhu mumwe muchenjere kutungamira harahwa ichisara, zviri munyama yemuviri wenyu hamuzvizivi, Mwari ndivo vanoziva musi nenguva haikona kumhanyira mberi kwaMwari, muchiti Mugabe oda kutofa. VaTutu nana Pius Ncube vakatombokumbira kuna “mwari” wavo kuti auraye Mugabe zvikaramba.

  11. It makes sense to put Simba in that position. We need him in the new zimbabwe. Hezvo uko bwaaaa..!!!!

  12. @ rush, right on the mark, but wandisekesa panyaya yaTutu! Hahahahahaha! These young and disrespectful bed wetters believe that old age is a curse. They lack the decency to respect our leaders whom God is using for His purpose. His ways and ours are not the same, His understanding and ours are not the same. He commands us to show respect to the older and wiser among us and to show honour to our parents and our leaders but vana vedu ava vanaChamisa naBiti kungotukurira bedzi. Ah, hameno shuwa. We are one so let us be wise and be respectful, ndapedza hangu.

  13. I’m a Zpf supporter,but my analysis is this,,,,
    thing is part of the electorate still hang onto the idea that Makoni is worth voting for.Tsvang merely bedded Makoni so that that myopic electorate may vote him instead(no way can these guys have supported Zpf).even if that parliamentary seat is lost owing to a split vote, the sacrifice was worth the presidential vote because ndipo pane mari.the coalition was a good idea for Tsvang.

  14. @vamadhuku munhu haashuvirwi kufa mwari ega ndiye anoziva mazuva nemiganho yekurarama kwemunhu ,siyirayi mwari pake .iyi nyaya yekwa rusape inotaridza kuti bato renyu harina kurongeka .muwanisei position yake @makoni ,maimbomutorerei kana muchimushoora

  15. It seems some people here just believe that what ever morgan thinks or says is right and it has to be carried on. Don’t you people see that you are breeding another detector in morgan tsvangirai? Why should morgan be allowed to make unilateral decisions with his friends and tell us that it is for our best interest? And those who always support his ill made decision, do you guys use your brains or you just follow what ever morgan says? Asazi madoda sizoyicela isivuthiwe, ngoba le yinsakavukela umchilo wezidwaba.

  16. It looks like who ever is of different opinion against morgan is labeled a zanu pf or CIO, why? In a democratic society of MDCT is it a sin to oppose morgan? If so I think those who say morgan and the entire MDCT they have a zanu pf DNA, they are very right.

    • The MDC is the most undemocratic and intolerant party one can think of. Now we have this confused Makoni saying he will deal with the retrogressive land reform program…WTF is talking about unless he wants to please the whites. It has been proved by independent studies one by the British and the other by South Africans that the land reform was a success because it benefited over 250000 peasants and former farm workers what is retrogressive about that. I used to respect this guy but I think he has lost it completely. Koinga even the confused Tsvangson acknowledges the reversibility of land reform.

  17. Sangadira should just step down, who the hell is he anyway viva Makoni viva Tsvangira tonga vanhu isu tichavuyako.

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