Tsvangirai: Elections will be rigged


MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has ruled out staying in a coalition with Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe after the forthcoming election, accusing his old foe of plotting to steal the poll.

Daily Telegraph

A political deal brought Tsvangirai into government in 2009 after Mugabe claimed victory in a bitterly disputed presidential contest that cost hundreds of lives.

But in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Tsvangirai said he was not willing to repeat the experience.

As he prepares to run for the Presidency against Mugabe for a third time, he made clear that if he lost on July 31, he would refuse any invitation to stay on as Prime Minister. Calling the survival of the coalition a “regressive step”, Tsvangirai insisted: “The people of Zimbabwe are desperate to start on a new plate and actually give proper direction and proper policy direction to revive this economy, give people hope and actually start all over again.”

Tsvangirai said that when he first became Prime Minister, he worked “very effectively” with Mugabe. But the President broke off co-operation in the run-up to this year’s presidential poll.

In particular, Mugabe announced the date of the election without consultation and failed to carry out agreed reforms designed to ensure a free and fair contest. The election was called “without other members of the coalition knowing what was taking place”, Tsvangirai said. He said that Mugabe was “determined to retain power by whatever means”, adding: “It is definitely clear that the military is the one in charge of this process and that Mugabe’s government doesn’t believe in a free and fair vote.”

He accused the authorities of padding out the electoral roll with dead voters in order to create room for rigging.

“From our analysis, you have 100 000 people above the age of 100,” he said. “That number is definitely fictitious.”

Meanwhile, only a quarter of young voters aged between 18 and 25 – who are more likely to support Tsvangirai — are understood to have been registered.
“The voters’ roll has become the centre for the rigging mechanism,” he said.

Mobs loyal to Mugabe killed hundreds of people before the last two presidential elections in 2002 and 2008. This time, however, there has been little bloodshed.

Instead, Tsvangirai said that his opponent was relying on rigging to guarantee victory.

“Although there is relative peace, the administration of the vote is so chaotic I can only foresee disaster,” he said.

He cast doubt on the fitness of Mugabe (89), who is fighting his seventh general election after 33 years in power. The President “will go down in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest contestant in any election,” he said.

If Tsvangirai wins, he pledged to serve no more than the constitutional limit of two terms as President. “If I find that I don’t need to go in for a second term, I’ll give up then,” he added.

Speaking from his home in the capital Harare, Tsvangirai stressed the achievements of his MDC-T party in the coalition. His ministers had cut inflation, delivered water and sanitation and reopened hospitals that were in crisis when the new government was formed in 2009. But he insisted there would be no reprisals against Mugabe or his Zanu PF party. Tsvangirai said he “will not be part of” any effort to bring a case against his opponent before the International Criminal Court.

“I have no intention of dragging this country in to another instability,” he said. “I will not be engaged in any retribution. We have so much to do to resuscitate and revive this economy for the sake of the people. My forecast is how can we provide Zimbabwe with hope again. So the question of retribution and revenge is not even part of our agenda whether it is Mugabe or the generals.

“It is not going to bring back our loved ones who have been killed, maimed and tortured.”

Tsvangirai was also adamant that Mugabe’s seizure of white-owned farms would not be overturned. “I think politically you cannot reverse the land reform programme even with its mistakes,” he said. “We know the torture and violence that took place with that. What we need to do is to say this is a political decision because this has already gone so far. For the stability of the country it’s better that we compensate rather than try to say ‘go back to your land’.”

Some accuse Tsvangirai of profiting from his time in power, pointing to his comfortable home in Harare and another in Johannesburg in South Africa.
When I put this charge to him, he angrily replied: “I’m living in this house which is a State house, it’s not my personal house. I don’t have a house in Johannesburg – I’m renting for my kid, I’m renting a three-bedroom house for my kids who are going to school in Joburg.”

Tsvangirai also promised that, if he won the Presidency, he would not move into State House, the official residence of British governors and of Mugabe from 1980 onwards. “I’ve got my little house here,” he said. “It is comfortable enough and I don’t need to go into any particular stately house in order to prove, to prove what?”


    • He calls himself Bob…
      And each election he comes to rob…
      Takes his family to Rome…
      Claiming he is muRoma…
      When came his dreaded elections…
      He starts his usual shenanigans…
      Suddenly he is Madzibaba Gabriel…
      Not ashamed of being evil…
      Zimbabweans will not forget…
      To show him the way to the State House gate…
      Bye bye Matibiri…
      Go for your rock dhiziri…
      NaGrace chibva wangobuda…
      Vanhu Havachakuda.

      • homosexuality mentality, open mouth shut mind ideology. How can you rob an election? Puppet blood runs in the family.

      • Eish! I didn’t know! This is the end of road for Mr. Prime Minister! He is smelling the real defeat which is knocking the doors of MDC puppetship and its followers! The same tha happened to the then Mr. Prime Minister Raila Odinga, starting by suspecting rigging and is what we heard and saw happening to him in Kenya! pamberi neMudhara R. G. Mugabe neZANU-PF for life!

    • Dununu nyarara, ndimi vanhu vanofanira kugocha mbudzi padare, IT does not need one to be a scholar to see that this old man is very and very greed , his intention is not to lead the Zimbabweans but he is trying to protect what he stole and protection vicious dogs and thiefs. he criticizes morgan ndezvipi zviri nani kudanana nevakadzi vakawanda pane kupondera munhu mukadzi wake PAMIRE AKAFIRA GRACE ZVAMUNOZIVA, Uchinenharo here iwe bvodjo


    “he made clear that if he lost on July 31, he would refuse any invitation to stay on as Prime Minister” – If you lose, you lose! Ask Raila Odinga, your close friend! This man’s ego is unbelievable!

    “If Tsvangirai wins, he pledged to serve no more than the constitutional limit of two terms as President. “If I find that I don’t need to go in for a second term, I’ll give up then,” he added.” – Without real power he has served more than the MDC constitutional limit; given real power he will not. Right! You take us for idiots, Mr. Tsvangirai?

    For the stability of the country it’s better that we compensate rather than try to say ‘go back to your land’.” – I cannot believe that MDC supporters who are mostly black Zimbabweans are going along with this rubbish. To compensate rhodies for land they stole and murdered our ancestors for? Who compensated them? Apart from either tax money or borrowing from IMF, where is he going to get the money to compensate the rhodies from? The Brits have refused! Ultimately it is our children who will pay this compensation which is in the billions of dollars to a bunch of racist rhodies. Pathetic!

    Tsvangirai also promised that, if he won the Presidency, he would not move into State House, the official residence of British governors and of Mugabe from 1980 onwards. “I’ve got my little house here,” he said. “It is comfortable enough and I don’t need to go into any particular stately house in order to prove, to prove what?” – He says this from the comfort of a multi-million dollar stately mansion on Kew Drive in Highlands. Oh, wait a minute, ZANU PF force him to move into it and forced him to take the $1.2million cheque for ‘refurbishments’; how can this newspaper print this to expose their main man?

    • ndiko kuty democracyka uku wy worry havasi vose vanorarama zvavanotaura so just b flexible utambire zvese

    • The westerners will be willing to fund the compensation for land. It will not be funded by Zimbos.

      • The UK government has officially declared that they have no responsibility whatsoever to compensate rhodies. Unless you were living on another planet over the past decade you will have this information. Also, westerners are unable to bail out their own people in the face of a ‘global’ economic meltdown, instead they are taking austerity measures and taxing their citizens to death yet you believe these ‘rich friends’ your leader brags about will foot the bill for everything in Zimbabwe? Hallucinations! You own MDC T manifesto says that ‘we’ will compensate the rhodies! Forget the issue of where the money will come from for a second and ask yourself why any self respecting Afrikan would promise to pay his former coloniser for land that belongs to his own people? This is sick!

  2. Whatever you say ´bout Tsvangirai~you know it as ido,he´s the best man for this top job,unless if you´ve dirty hands like the rest of the shenanigans.

  3. This idiot is preparing himself for defeat. He knows he is headed for the puppet dust bin, what with the huge crowds Zanu Pf is attracting. He talks about dead people on the voters roll, eish this guy is dump. People are dying evey second and any voters roll is bound to have many names of the dead. This guy is always talking crap its high time we reject his politics of selling out. A vote for Mdc will attract ngozi to you from the 50 000 people murdered by the racist Rhodesian regime. Lets all go out in numbers and vote for Zanu Pf, the people’s party.

    • Eheka moda kurigger ka. Ndozvamunonyanyogona! Chokwadi ndechekuti taneta zvese nekufembwa nebato renyu reZanu Pf. Apa murikutenga mavote nekutyisidzira vanhu kumamisha zvese nekumanikidza vanhu kuenda kumarally. Zanu is a sham! nxaa

    • LOOK shamwari mazimba vanhu vakangwara vakaona kuti vakarega kuenda vanopondwa nemhondi idz but come elections u will regret,AGAIN kunotora vanhu veGokwe zvirema zvisingaoni especiall zvekuGokwe South kubva pacentre kusvika Manot hakuna Road FROM 1980 UP TO NOW BUT they continue voting mhondi inonzi JASON MACHAYA,mberengwa ,Bulawayo,nyika yose so muchaziva sei kuti munodiwa vanhu vasina njere munonetsa


    • You have clearly not read the original MDC constitution; I read it in full over 10 years ago. I can mail you a copy if you like or the part that addresses presidential terms explicitly. Writing in caps won’t change fantasy to reality my friend. The copy you have which is ‘silent’ on tenure of the presidency must be the edited version that I am talking about, which also contradicts what your leader claims. Why be silent on the one most important subject in a ‘democracy’ if you are truly preaching democracy?

      • Did you say the “Original” MDC constitution? So if you know its the “Original” what are you making noise for? The MDC-T that came into being in 2005 is a new political party. Thats where the counting starts, not the original date of 1999 as that part ceased to exist after only 6years.
        Secondly you are a self confessed zanu pf bufffon- Ci0, why are you interested in MDC issues when you are not a menber?
        You talk of democracy as if you embrace it? even if MDC had not split, the truth of the matter is that there was nothing wrong to change that constution regarding the term limit as abiding by it was going to be self defeatist. Tsvangirai is the strongest MDC candidate, and before toppling ZANU pf he has to be the face leading the struggle. Why are you obsessed about Morgan when the leader of ZAnu pf has held on to that position since 1977- ie a record 36 years?
        Secondly does the zanu pf constitution legalise violence, murder, arson, rape ,extortion, corruption as tools for achieveing power? If not why are you silent?

        See, you are very dull . I am an ordinary person and these are my views, but you are on government payroll – paid to do this but just look at how stupid and idiotic your views are?

        I am not a lawyer, but my Business law course at the UZ informed me that for the law to hold water, it must be acceptable to the people it seeks to govern, that is why laws are repealed and new ones instituted, its because the old laws can become irrelevant.

        OR Tambo was ANC president for 30 years- Why – Because the circumstances where different, it will never happen again that someone will beat that record.

        If you are sophisticated like you want to pretend please respond. taneta nemadhungwa anoswero taura nonsense kujaira kuuraya neku rapper vanhu. mazidofoi hakuna akapasa anobvuma kuita basa reumhondi. kuitwa makondomu nevamwe varume… shame sorry manhingi imbwa

        • I don’t respond to insults. I never insulted you. Why can we not just talk, please use the knowledge you gained from your business law course at the U.Z to argue constructively.

          • What insults? I just told you what you are. The problem with people like and man of our black people is that the confuse ability to speak english with interllectual prowess.

            Let me repeat for you the points you pretended to not have seen

            1) MDC- T is a separate party from the MDC that was formed in 1999. Its first congres was in 2006 so if you want to talk about constitutionalism, you refer to the MDC-T constitution
            2) Why are you quite when your party leader has been the chief of zanu pf for 36 years, yet you comment on Tsvangirai’s 8 years at the helm of MDC T? Or is it because you are bitter that the CIO welshman ncube (Small lertters used deliberately) and zanu pf ‘s plans to destroy MT failed dismally?
            3) Does the zanu pf constitution legalise violence, murder, arson, rape ,extortion, corruption as tools for achieveing power? If not why are you silent?
            4) Tsvangirai is the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and he has a right like otehr office beares to stay in Gvt house? Where does mugabe Stay, Where did Nkomo Joshua, John , msika, Mzenda stay during their time? How come you never commented on the opulence of their reseidencies? Why…Was Tsvangirai not supposed to stay in a State house?
            5) Check all your comments. See if there is anything civil in them and let me know

          • Leadership z not by education and violence but by nature tarisa vaJonathan Moyo Havana kana direction vana Welshman haazivi anything

        • “kujaira kuuraya neku rapper vanhu. mazidofoi hakuna akapasa anobvuma kuita basa reumhondi. kuitwa makondomu nevamwe varume… shame sorry manhingi imbwa” These are your own words, and you ask me, what insults? Come on, let’s be grown up about this.

          • Well if you grow up first people will respond to you like adults too. But if behave in a condensending manner towards people , i will respond to you accordingly. You must always remember everyone has brains, knows whats happening so whilst it is your democratic and constitutional right to support zanu, (or even towungana or egypt dzinemunhenzva) you dont have to pretend to be smarter than everyone, i mean act as if you are talking tpo grade one kids

  5. Tsvangirai if you know that elections will be rigged why are you wasting your time participating the flawed elections. I believe it`s important for him to stop the legitimising of flawed elections. Don`t get into a race that you already know that you will loose. This means that Tsvangirai has already lost the elections. Morgan does not even want to stay in the state house. A state President stays in a state house so by declining to stay in the state hous it means he has automatically refused to accept the responsibility. Tsvangirai your words will snare you and unfortunately half measures will never give you full results they will give you half results. Theoratically it means Tsvangirai will loose the elections and he will say the elections were rigged.

    • You are wrong scott. MDC boycott is not a prediction. Its so obvious. Just as I am sure the sun will rise tomorrow…….

  6. But compensating the whites? Akomana kuitawo here ikoko? And where will the funds come from? We did it with the War Vets & our economy took a tumble. I withdraw my vote.

    • Edizah do not withdraw whether ZANU PF or MDC win white farmers are to be compensated we have to leave with that fact. Uganda compensated the Indians who lost property, but do not despair we have to make sure that those who benefitted from the land reform contribute to a special fund meant for compensation. Thats what the ZANU PF government promised that farmers would be compensated for improvements so we have to honour that Edizah, so go out there and vote.

  7. Vamwe vanhu shame. Ana scott think kuti zimbabwe is party politics. Unongotuka mdc yakutadzirei ndiyo yaitonga for 33 years here? Hanzi hee i cant use pay pal what is u need to buy abroad and y cant u buy t here?

    Tsvangirai is like any other zimbabwean tired of mismangement if the country for the last 3&half decades.

    • Sha, please. Try to keep up. I can see that you are struggling to engage in an intellectual debate. Rega vanaFalcon vaite, zvako zvaramba munun’una.

      • Mr. Scott what intellectual debate are you contributing, please tell us what you hope to achieve if you are voted to power that you have failed to achieve the past 33 years. Only then we will start to take you and your party seriously.

  8. those farmers need to be compensated in order to put finality to that issue because not all of them inherited their farms,some of them had actually bought their land.

    • Why are you concerned about white farmers compensation. Slave labour murder displacement theft ( livestock and land) rape should come first. Urikurasika papi. Whose crime was first. For example if you built your mud hut and at night I came to your house and murdered your sons and raped your wife and used your generator to watch porn all day while you slept in the bushes. Would you compensate me $150 for beer and ask me to leave. In my eyes we were patient for too long.i do believe that some white farmers do exist in zimbabwe at the moment, so it can’t be all bad.

    • Why are you concerned about white farmers compensation. Slave labour murder displacement theft ( livestock and land) rape should come first. Urikurasika papi. Whose crime was first. For example if you built your mud hut and at night I came to your house and murdered your sons and raped your wife and used your generator to watch porn all day while you slept in the bushes. Would you compensate me $150 for beer and ask me to leave. In my eyes we were patient for too long.i do believe that some white farmers do exist in zimbabwe at the moment, so it can’t be all bad.

    • Too bad, you know what happens when you buy stolen property! The law does not care about how one has acquired the property so long as it is stolen. The question you must ask yourself is this: was the original Afrikan owner of that land compensated for it and who issued out the so called title to that land? Afrikan families were murdered for resisting eviction to their land that they had occupied for generations all over Zimbabwe and Africa. You, as an Afrikan, see nothing sick in paying compensation for your own land to racists who ‘did not inherit but actually bought’ the land your ancestors were murdered for? Bought it from who? Pathetic!

  9. yesterday at Chinhoyi Bob admits underage girls voted for him in 1980, is that not rigging? So thats where it all started hey.Mudhara Bobo!!!

  10. Before the announcement of the poll date,they feared for pre election violence.Now that nothing of that sort has occured and they have been exposed for their lies,Tsvangirai is now talking of vote rigging based imaginery speculations.Having been the Prime Minister,Mudede was your juniour and you did not bother to supervise him.VaTsvangirai makapindwa nemweya wenzvimbo mucabinet and you started living the very same life you castigated.Double dipping and huchefism forgetting that people wanted results.

    • Achaminuka it is an open secret kuti Zanu inorigger kani musade kutinyangadza. Vanhu varikutoda tsvangirai mufunge. Given fair play you and I both know that this election and the last election belong to MDC! Kusiri kurigger, ZANU PF would be long forgotten! Fossilized!

      • Does that mean those MDC-T MP’s and councillors who are going to win, as it is very certain,ZANU (PF) would have rigged on their behalf

  11. Tsvangirai /mdc will never win ths elections because mdc t is not in any way controlling nor monitoring ths election.instead zanu pf ‘s security agencies ie cios and army is conrolling elections in favour of zanu pf.ths is dictatorship at its highest stage.

  12. Mdc t is like a giant who had been shackled/handcaffed both hands and legs and then ordered to fight against a small thin boy armed with a riffle.answer me zimbabweans who is going to win this fight? Mdc t is completely in shackles belive me or not this is reality.zanu pf is conrtolling zec,all state security organizations and finally our courts. Mdc t must wake up and raise this election issue to the united nations through sadc and au without that we are going to witness another controvesial zanu pf victory folled by imposition of sunctions then violence and disasters.MARK MY WORDS

  13. Mr Tsvangirai must explain to the nation how someone is removed from the Voter’s roll after DEATH, as this this could be the reason deceased people still appear in the Voter’s Role. Explain how one gets into (register) Voter’s Role.

    Please explain Mr Tea Boy, and you will have answered your question of many people over 100 years are in the Role. In any case what is wrong with that unless you can prove that they don’t exist.

    It was nice working with Cde RG in the first years, and now difficult. Yoo tjoo is shows you are still a baby in African Politics. Now you CRy for Prof Ncube to join hands with you while it was nice working with Cde RG you did not Prof near you. TSHANA NYAMAZANA YAMI.


  14. Scott let mi tell yu the truth my friend its either yu are benefiting from zanu pf in one way or another,if this is not the case yu are a very unreasonable man.how can you support zanu pf victory knowing that it will be rigged and will not be considered as ligtimate by both regional and intrnational community and this will pave way for sunctions against zimbabwe.i tell you any reasonable man is foreseeing trouble in zimbabwe given that zanu pf is going to win this election obviously through rigging.think like a real man scott.dont just say say is good this this mdc is bad this no no mr man.look zanu pf has failed this country for 33 years through corruption,failed and unresonable policies such asESAP, poorly managed land reform program,poorly managed indiginization program 2 mention but a few.more over zanu pf policies scared away investors and all what we have in this county is only a bunch of chinese who mainly good at misusing and looting of our minerals.so yu can not judge ppl wrong is they say they want 2 try the test of a new wine (mdc t)

    • What did rhodies do you for you? You can use my name but you can never have my soul; I will not sell it to the ‘rich white friends’ in the west in return for fancy shiny things. I want land and I want my people across Afrika to be free from poverty forever. Employment will not end poverty but empowerment will. A dog in a palace is still a dog! Ask your silly xenophobic friends across the border; typical dogs in a palace filled with fancy shiny things, top performing corporations and vast wine estates that belong to baas! Yet they brag about ‘their’ great economic powerhouse and the ‘example’ for Africa! Pathetic!

  15. Zanu pf gave us farms it indeginized us kuti tisashandire mabhunu asi tizvishandirewo imi moda mdc inoda kuti tife tichishandira mabhunu tichipiwa mari shoma tichikaviwa nekutambudzwa kwete tsvangirai mutengesi hatimude vashoma vekumadhorobha ndivo vanomuda vazhinji vamuka ikezvino vave kuziva kuti tsvangirai ipuppet yemabhunu

  16. Grace fano sunga sunga mitundu,zvapera ,murongedze mutiendere kwazvimba.Rwendo runo zvapressa nzira dzekubira dzese dzavharwa.Vote MDC

  17. My freind scott mayb yu support zanu pf bcz yu are benefiting from ths party in other words em trying to say yu must be one of those corrupt pple who are benefiting 4rom corruption and looting of minerals in the name of zanu pf.so mayb thus why yu are supporting yo party.if not so then yu are one of those fools who are subjected 2 cheap zanu propaganda.let me tell yu my friend even the great city of uncient corrupt babylon waz destroyd .no one at that tym believed that babylon waz going to be overpowered by her enemies.so shall it be to yo corrupt zanu pf .

    • You don’t even have the imagination to create you own alias yet you pretend to have the capacity to understand the politics at play here. Haunyare! I benefited from ZANU PF through free primary education, high school qualifications at a former rhodesian private school that I would otherwise not have been able to nhuwidza, access to health care and the government subsidized my U.Z education and gave me a loan through B.A.S.S.A which I paid back in full. MDC T has given me nothing but a promise to sell my soul for shiny things, so excuse me for choosing my own path. I am under no illusion that ZANU PF is perfect and I acknowledge the past mistakes it made but I am an optimist with a mind to do a cost benefit analysis for myself and for the rest of Afrika in which policies are best to end our poverty. I can see through the MDC T, I know its roots, I know its sponsors and I know the real power behind the throne. Refusing to acknowledge that exposes your limited comprehension of this great chess game and an even greater fight over good and evil.

      • Some stuff you say makes a bit of sense, esp for a benefactor of Zanu(PF). You are entitled to your views. However the problem with Zanu is and will be it only benefits its bootlickers. Some pple are not that. I dont want to be given a free piece of land and be told I m now rich. Wealthy nowadays is not in the Land. Its in the technology.Vakomana ve Facebook for example havana kana purazi. But they hev wealth. So I want a good education for my child.I want my cousin and also some1 not my relative to have equal opportunities at creating wealth. Today,Yesterday and tomorrow. Unfortunately yesterday’s opportunities were stolen and given only to you by Zanu. So all i want now is to take a gamble and give MDC-T a chance. Tell me am I wrong in refusing the wolf I definately know in my house.I will allow a dog, well maybe he will get Rabies. But at least for now I can’t take the hungry wolf in.When you say “shiny things ‘ what do u mean scott?

        • I posted a response to you but it did not appear. In short, you are not wrong in your choice of which political party to support. There is no right or wrong for either of us but there is always one that is the better for the country’s future than the other at any given moment. I respect your goals and aspirations and you should respect mine. We can both arrive at our desired destinations at the same time if we make the choice that is the right one at this time.

  18. Scott Zanu yakaora.better to vote for an averagely educated Tsvangi than vote for the educated bunch of thieves who believed diesel was coming from the rocks.Aaaah zvakaoma vakomana.Madofo ekupi iwayo.Aaaaaah nooooo guys.Diesel paChinhoyi varume vakuru kumhanyidzana kunoona diesel richibuda mumatombo.Aiwaba watenzi ndaramba neVote yangu.Can you really trust these foolish schooled people.

  19. Kana madhigirii acho achipusisa so haaaaaa kurega kudzidza munhu woteyambeva kuri nani.a degree holder failing to form a reasonable judgement to simple given cases its a shame

  20. Morgan mustn’t lie to the voters that he “will not be staying in a coaltion after the mock elections” because a few weeks ago Tendai Biti, MDC-T Secretary-General said “It was imperative any new order coming out of the elections includes the old order”. Bit was saying in the event MDC-T somehow won the mock elections they will invite ZanuPF to form a coalition.
    In the 2008 elections Morgan never said he was willing to join a coaltion with ZanuPF but once he had your votes and the outcome was irreversible he told those who spoke against a coaliton with ZanuPF to get lost. He will do the same after he gets your vote.

  21. In any case nobody in ZanuPF would dare join an MDC-T-led coalition. And if ZanuPF military dictatorship wins, which is highly likely by the way, they will never invite MDCs again into a coalition.

  22. Scott u blacks are no more interested in Land.u all want to be westernised city dwellers and nightclub goers and shagging hookers.all off u so called pan africanists put your head in shame.if u want to immitate the west then dont talk against them.

  23. Kikikikikikiiiii, ana mhozi! If this is the best MDC T has then hapana nyaya but kupererwa chete. Kuratidza kusanyara pane vamwe zvinosiririsa. It’s over for you lot; see you in 5 years if you are still around.

  24. Scott grow up.Our constitn,i repeat our consttn CLEARLY says the former coloniser will fund the compensation not yr children.u r fed w Zanu propaganda full stop.compare Zanu with Mdc T.
    1.zanu forces pple to attend rallies while ppl willingly go 4 MDC rallies.no threat of something being taken fr u.
    2.zanu dishes out food @ rallies while mdc promises jobs.jobs v food.what wil last?
    3.zanu has bn in power 4 33yrs.where were they all along to talk of employing ppl now?they want to line their pockets period.
    4.did Ian Smith ever kill his kinsmen?u xpect those beaten to lyk yu.
    wake up

  25. Tsangirai and his MDCT are afraid of elections and the outcome in now certain that ZANU PF is heading for landlside victory. Tsvangirai has nowhere else to run ku SDAC zavakabondera and he was left with egg on his face, kuConsititional Court zvakabondera and he was left with egg on his face. Now he has turned to the African Union, what he forgets is the AU is made up of African Heads of States who all do not take kindly to opposition parties nekuti mangwana dezvavo and these guys have so much respect for President Mugabe. Who on earth is Morgan Tsvangiral, a person who is hungry for attention and is followed by controversies whereever he goes. MDCT yapera basa, you wasted the 4 years in the inclusive governement dinning and winning with Mugabe and ZANU PF sake musatisembura because taneta nenyzanya dzenye. Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDCT are becomminga pain to SADC, AU and the rest of the world because they are dump and dull and now no-one is willing to listen to them. They must just do the honourable thing and withdraw from the elections because Zimbabwe is going to speak against them for good and they will never rise from the pending defeat. Vatengesi! Chematama, chakapusa.

    • Zanu pf has no intention to lead the country but to just defend on what they have looted in front of the non analytic Zimbabweans.

  26. Morgan must understand this. Mugabe will never accept defeat because if he does what will he do with crimes against his regime?

  27. mr scott
    pliz explain why i have to go to a foreign country Canada for a degree in business. Explain why i dont intend on coming back to this beautiful nation of ours Zimbabwe. Explain why my cousins who are in high sch want to study overseas dont we got teachers and lecturers here. Explain why my neighbour died sometime ago because of Cholera. Explain why im disturbed whilst studying at night by the Zesa guys. explain why im always late for sch because kombies run away from cops. explain why the last time i watched ZBC was when i was listening to election results in 2008. my phone will run out of battery sorry because this chinese charger i have which i bought 3 days ago suddenly died , pliz explain ill check when i charge from Solar ye Econet

    • I am sorry I can not explain your own life to you, my friend. I would recommend you buy a better phone charger from an authorised dealer though.

  28. Mr scott wat is empowermwnt in zanu pf contexual?what is indegenisation again according to zanu pf ?grabing white man owned farms and give them to zanu pf officials and supporters,if ths is wat yu call empowerment then why zimbabwe is still importing maize from south and zambia? Our farmers are not able 2 produce food enough to feed themselves mainly because ths so called “land reform program” was ill planned and badly managed.reducing ths country from a bread busket 2 a mere busket case is wat yu call empowerment? Grabbing private owned companies focing the owners to engage in a sharing deal wth zanu officials in which zanu officials enjoy 51% shares .is that what yu call indegenisation?if yu wany 2 endegenise ppl yu must give them capital thru loans ,so that they can start their own bussiness .looting of minerals by zanu pf officials and state security officials is it also another form of empowerment?scott all of zanu pf polcies are not constructive ,but are ruther destructive .wake up scott ,yu can’t fool all ppl at the sane tym no zanu yu cant

    • Try opening a bank or oil company in Dubai and see how much of it the Arabs will allow you to keep. Try leasing a piece of land there or buy an apartment then wait for the Sheik to claim it back after 50 years.

  29. As a person sitting on the fence I notice Mdc sympathizer less inclined to engage is a civilized debate. They would rather insult a persons character for a difference of opinion, devoid of facts.
    Election time is a time to review policies so we can vote wisely. Change must come. Zimbabwe cannot be run like a peasant farm and that takes all Zimbabwean. Our resources are fertile yet our economy is struggling. These are issues our candidates should be addressing. Accountability and independent anti corruption committee to question the integrity of those we have in power as our leader are to serve the people not vice versa.

  30. Why don’t people stick to what they know. If you lack facts don’t insult the person. Hausi gudo. What Scott initially said had everyone feeling a need to attack him. If he’s wrong explain why you think he’s wrong. Some people support ZANU pf as they feel its a better option than a shot in the dark. Maybe captain Morgan will win. We’ll see. The average Britain thinks Africa is one big country. Whilst in America I was asked where I was from and I told them zimbabwe. He’s next question was , is that in California . The west doesn’t love you guys. They are more concerned about their immediate surroundings. Recently the case of Mr Zimmerman killing a young black unarmed man walked free from court with a little help from the lapd( police). they dont care about their own civilians life based on colour. What makes them care about your jungle bunny behind. We are in this alone so when you choose look for real change or don’t bother. Captain Morgan is a roll of a dice. I don’t know what he stands for. I’ve heard his complaints but I haven’t heard what he stands for. He appears like a good critic without putting his agenda on the spotlight.

    • Thanks, Prince. I second you on the need to debate without stooping so low as to throw insults at each other. It is not how we were raised and hazvina hunhu. Kutuka zvinonyadzisira zvaitoera asi pano pa forum cussing out each other is commonplace. To those who are offended by my words, I apologise, sincerely.

  31. scott u black piece of crap….u failed to answere tanganda bizimungu…u so full of shit u prick….,,

  32. Im harsh to you scott coz its the onli language u understand.l, ,,,,,,,,,,im radical and im gna make u and reason see some reason.l,,,,,hokoyo

  33. Zimbabweans Zimbabweans, why why. it seams we have bliquers. can u answer me.

    why would one have a 4millon house. to me imari yakawanda chaizvo it can go along way in uplifting the rural life.

    why a councillor who was a vendor 4yrs ago now owns fleet of vehicles and is now living in a mansion

    why a minister can have 5-10 houses in each town

    why a minister who comes from mrehwa village mazana his neighbours are still fetching water from unprotected wells and no roads.

    why the roads in town are no longer usable

    why the other party was not pressing for reforms for the past 5years.

    why it is difficult for a young man like me to get loans from banks for empowerment, why companies are closing

    why I can not get land like others.

    what is my future in this country where I get employment that I am offered peanuts while the executive get above hefty salries

    why I was promised good salary by the ……….. that I have not realised by now as this was promised on the formation of the inclusive government and that mantra has been repeated again in this campaign.

    for last why am I so lazy to work for self why do I hate to become my own boss.

    guys I believe those who support the other party are a bunch of lazy people.

    lastly I am happy to see my uncle from the deep down wedza coming to sell his tobacco and buying himself a bed, latest 2in 1 blankets that he was not ever going to buy in his lifetime

  34. Tmr we are voting Morgan angithi bazalwane hatshi ubolile lowo uboooolile hayi bo, Shonas plz be brave for the first and last tym vote wisely no cowardice this tym ubugwala benu lobu buyayangisa you vote him uzalivusa futhi after 4 years, lokhu kuzasihlalela 130years kkkkkkkkk

  35. Wena scott you are not the moderator here leave ppl to comment as they wish what insults are you talking about, if all this irritates you go tell your mother to bury you. Nxa umuntu esebolile ubolile we cant vote him kkkkkkkkkk

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