Tsvangirai courts Ncube

FIVE political parties opposed to Zanu PF have intensified their behind-the-scenes talks for forming an alliance to rally behind a single presidential candidate in the July 31 polls.


MDC-T, MDC, Zapu, Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) and Zanu Ndonga have since last month held five meetings lasting over six hours each.

The parties were last night scheduled to hold a make-or-break meeting in Harare to deliberate on agreed positions.

MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and MKD President Simba Makoni confirmed the development.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga said: “All I can say is that I received a proposal from MDC-T today (yesterday) and we are looking at it.”

Makoni also added: “Yes we are talking, but unfortunately I cannot give you details as of now.”

But MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti and Zanu Ndonga’s

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  1. Matambo Silvester

    Handei tose kuZim grounds, where the winning is. Forget about the grand coalition of minions. Minions shall remain so. Vote Zanu Pf the real giant of Zim politics!

    1. I can only vote for this party if it comes out clear on how it is going to get around the effects of the so called sanctions .i am seeing another 5years of blaming everything on sanctions while us the poor languish in poverty.did the west promise to lift them if not what the way forward ,say it wins.?

      1. my friend turn to GOD ,

        1. Pray fo me too

      2. ZANU PF will re-introduce the ZIM dollar so that the economy will grow. There will be trillions of dollars in the market. I hope you are answered.

        1. zim dollar macompany achivhara unopenga iwe chete

      3. At least you know they are only so-called sanctions.
        Sarudzo 30 June 2013

    2. Like how ZANU lost to the minnions in 2008 but had to share a bed through you guys making it ungovernable!!!!! Well never again A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH. You want my home address to come find out how I will beat you guys!!!!!!

    3. Its not about being jiant but being able to practically transform the economy.zanu pf is giant when it comes to theft and corruption.All their policies are based on their selfish interests not the nation at large.lets vote for change

  2. mafira kureva

    united is the solution united we go now l can see people they want their country back from thugs

  3. mafira kureva

    united we go. grand coalition is the best for all zimbabweans

  4. Tsvangirai is taking a wise decision to bring in Ncube to deliver the victory he should treat our brother fairly after the win. NCUBE i urge you to hear Morgan out its our only chance and hope

    1. mafira kureva

      you can say that again Eagleeye you are a star

    2. nyandazemnkhonto

      no why now we dont need this let this tsangirayi go to his kinsman . he once said ncube is a village politician , so do you now see the importance of a village politician ?thina sithi no to the alliance

      1. mafira kureva

        it doesn’t matter what was said but united we go we are already waiting

        1. Mafira Kureva

          On a second thought, I have now realized that my party got it wrong from the start. At first it was the choice of the color Red which represents the bloody thugs of MDC thugs. The red color is also a stop sign on traffic lights and wherever else it is used it stands for danger. So voting for MDCT is voting for danger given our dangerously unintelligent who has again lost an election appeal.

        2. mafira kureva

          how come you got same name and surname as mine but you not talking sense only haters ZPf they can try to do that. UNITED WE STAND

    3. Noble contribution. United we stand……Zanu pf is not invincible. Relive the MDC spirit of 1999. Victory is certain.

    4. united we stand

    5. Problem ndeyevakadzi always zip open he doesn’t use
      the big head but he prefers to use the small head shame on
      you guys and your gufff

  5. mafira kureva

    only zpf will say no to grand coalition because they know that its time up for them

  6. Gushungo 100%. Zanu pf for life. Icho!

  7. I stand to be proved wrong. Ncube and Tsangirai will never unite guys.

    1. mafira kureva

      they will unite definitely if their interest is for the nation at best

    2. You are right Sithole.Ncube hates Tsvangirai with a Zest never seen in anyone.I am starting to get a feeling that the contents of Tsvangirai’s book “The Deep End”where he talks about how MDC broke up are genuine events that led to it . Otherwise I fail to see how Zimbabwe can not be put above all the petty squabblings.

  8. for the love of the country not power, Ncube should listen to Morgan and Morgan must be sincere, Ncube for first vice president, not forgetting senior positions for the Makonis, Dabengwas etc. Iam confident with this team even fence sitters will be tempted to cast their votes.

  9. fambai save musacheuka muridzo.pamberi nokubatana.

  10. united we stand dwn wth zanu pf i hop the alliance will b agreed upon.i wnt zanu pf to vanish fr gud.

  11. let them combine and just like they lost the concourt application, they will also loose the elections in the same style. it is good for the electorate to decide on two competitive sides, i.e one of puppets and the other of revolutionaries. It makes life easier for the voters.

  12. God be with us………………………

    1. Maybe a smurf would do a better job of governing us.

  13. ryt on if you do as you are planing tino winner save musavhunutsirwe ne mbavha

  14. best news to happen to zim this year

    1. mafira kureva

      for real good news my bro

  15. kubatana ndizvo, nesuwo taneta vakomana. Tikaiiswa paroad block tinofa nenzara.

    1. NDIZVO OFFICER. Please vote wisely

  16. Mpuyelelo Ncube, Bulawayo

    my brother Welsh should just listen. I used to support his party but I have discovered that my friends have turned to MDC-T saying we cant win with very little supporters.

    1. Mhondoro Yemvura

      You are a partriotic Zim, i like you man, GREAT WORDS

    2. You are not a supporter full stop. Ncube, be careful of this frog who called you a village politician only to realise that he had lost support in the western Zimbabwe when he went on a tour around Zimbabwe .

  17. Hokoyo, chabvondoka. Navo. To Tasvangirai, I say stop grandstanding. Be sincere and honest in this endeavour. This politics of deception you are playing on the MDC will take you top your rural Buhera home and nowhere near State House. To Welshman, I say, yes you were deceived before, just try this one for the sake of the children of Zimbabwe. Your failure to unite will send Mugabe @ 90 back to State House. Please, I plead with you two. Put your differences aside and put Zimbabwe first.

  18. Iyesu Pachedu

    Varume rambai makabatana, tinoirova ZanuPf. Nw 33 yrs inongotaura zveSango, vamwe vava kutaura zveInfrastructure; roads, rural electrification, technology, ZanuPf inogana kukoti muhondo takadai, varungu vakadai, zvinotipa sadza here izvozvo nhasi. Maroads haafambike, mastreets light hakuna, matown locations ava marupurazi. tinosvika riini vakomana tichingodzwa nhema dzeZanuPf

    1. you are in the wilderness muramu

  19. Thats the only way fwd .if all these oppositions if they are there for new zim they must unite against the ongoing suffering of pple,cauze fo only presidential if we dont do it this we dead to wait fo the next five years is not a joke

  20. A grand coalition will sent Zanu PF to the dustbin of history.If opposition forces enter these watershed polls divided,voting goes according to tribal lines & this will weaken their chances of defeating Mugabe & Zanu PF.Put your personal & ideological differences aside & work on a favourable post election pact.If you do this it will be a resounding victory for your preffered single presidential candidate.Mark my words.

  21. Hapana apo coalition or no coalition you are out maboss.You can never defeat Zanu pf the party of excellency

  22. baba durex long hinted on this, but Welshman is not interested because he doesn’t want his name to be soiled, the writing is on the wall who ever joins Tsvangirai will be buried down under with him on jul 31 2013. Better Ncube to join hands with Madhuku after the ZPF landslide victory and form a new political party because the NAME mdc-t/baba jukwa is fast destined to the political dustbin now.

  23. What undesirable words , there’s no vulgar or profanity there’s no what , your censorship is too much !!!!!!

  24. Mhondoro Yemvura

    i am on my way home, zvangodai zvavharana, vaMugabe mazorodzwa, i doubt if you will cry mochipiwawo rivhi manje, Zororai murugare baba Chatunga makatidzvanyirira zvikakwana. pliz gentlemen for the sake of the country GO FOR IT

  25. cde kanyenganyenga

    lets corner this limping geriatric and finish him wants and for all fitst round knock out this time!!!!!!

  26. Ncube would be a fool if he agrees to be led by e clueless guy. He would say i told u that he is a village politician thats why we consumed him. Test of character, Ncube are you principled as you claim to be?

  27. These guys should unite not because its right for their parties,but because its what the majourity of Zimbabweans want.
    They should listern to what the people are saying.
    We should use the popularity parameter for poisitions:
    President- Morgan Tsvangirai
    V.P- Simba Makoni
    V.P- W.Ncube

    That’s how it should stand.

  28. so Tsvangirai knows that he cant beat Mugabe, what if Ncube refuses, he is going to enter this election knwing very well that hapana chake, kungotaura

  29. @ Zanu supporters… u drove the country into this mud in the first place n u failed dismally to get t out blaming t on the so called sanctions…. pure mismanagement…killing the local textile industry by promoting the Chinese….Only ignorant goons like u believe ZANU has the ability to change this situation…. forward with real change…forward with the vanguards of democracy

  30. Even the much hyped grand coalition will be trounced by the revolutionary party just like what happened in Kenya. The problem with these coalition is that they all suffer from serious policy bankruptcy…. removing Bob from power is not a policy at all its just an event. Zimbos have grown beyond the politics of personalities and are now concerned with progressive policies and that’s what this coalition lacks. Sure a whole party is still banking economic recovery on Foreign Direct Investment mukore uno with the Eurozone under an unprecedented crisis and the US reeling under USD18trillion dept (over $50K per capita) ndokunonzi kupenga manje. Why not grow the indegenious giuys who are already in business and have proved to be very enterprising just like the tobacco farmers. Vote kunaBob

    1. Manginde removal of ZANU PF is a national emergency which every ZIMBO must pursue as a top priority. Zvemapolicies zvichagadziriswa when vanhu vakanyangara vabva mupower

  31. Morgan-president; welsh-1st vice; tendai-2nd vice; simba-senior minister finance, dumi-minister of defence; thoko-foreign affairs. formidable hey? kkkkkkkkk

  32. A wise man once said this to me: A true warrior enters the battle knowing that he has already won but the fool fights to win. Mr. Tsvangirai will never get this.

  33. wateva e composition of e coalition, its will fare beta than e regime dat strives on anti-people policies in e likes of Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, Land reform dat only benefited fat cats, e so called Black Empowerment. There is no second chance after ey spent 33 yrs holding pple @ ransom. Viva Coalition Viva

    1. ……land reform that benefited fat cats. Which fat cats are you talking about you fool have you been to any of the tobacco auction floors?Those who were chucked out of the land they had stolen are the real fats and I don’t have any sympathy for them.

  34. This is a very significant move .Please we are running out of time. The coalition is the best thing and let it be a win-win deal.

  35. Finally they have seen the light. We thank God for this development.You can mark my words God has opened a door no man can close this time around.

  36. Confused cocrotches! U have been crying for reforms, extension of elections and now ur talking of grand coalation as if u dont know that we only have 26 days to go. Cry babies always try to find excuses for thier failers. This time hatidzore tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso, kurova chete! Icho!!!

  37. Confused cocrotches! U have been crying for reforms, extension of elections and now ur talking of grand coalation as if u dont know that we only have 26 days to go. Cry babies always try to find excuses for thier failers. This time hatidzore tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso, kurova chete! Icho! Icho!!!

    1. uri Lucifer sure, God is greater than Lucifer.

  38. Dear the Morgen and Welshman
    Please dont let us down.
    Dabengwa tell the two that what Makoni did is the way.
    This is our last chance.

  39. mugabe must go to hell

    1. Iwe manje ndiwe vavakutaurira munhu kokuenda. Get away uri kiti yomunhu

  40. rrrr

    1. educated fool

      Grand coalition! Will it work? Zimbabwean politicians are a selfish lot, no coalition has ever survived in the history of Zimbabwe. PF-Zapu and Zanu; Muzorewa-Tekere; MKD-MDC……..we shall see.

  41. zanu pf is gona win whether against coalition or not that is fact come 5 august the results will be out someone from buhera is going to cry

  42. hakuna zvakadaro unonyepa sha

  43. Welsh is the stumbling block.Ndiani angamugona munhu uyu.Coalition ndizvo.

  44. With or without a grand coalition it’s aTsvangirai landslide victory.A coalition only increases the humiliation magnitude Mugabe is gonna face in the polls.There is no way Mugabe can defeat Tsvangirai considering the hungry for change flowing across the nation.

  45. viva COALITION

  46. Tswangirai is never sincere. He did the same thing in 2008. He made the nation believe that there were talks that would make them forge a coalation. But he turned around in the last minute and betrayed MDC. Welsh once beaten twice shy.
    We are aware of the dirty tactics used by MDC – T. They even go to an extent of buying legislators from MDC.

  47. mese muri madofo saka ndizvo zvamaiti vanhu,va vote YES izvozvo nxaaaa

  48. thats the only way to go.zanu pf will die a natural death and vachaona nyika ichinaka and tirikuisunungura payakasungirwa ne Zanu pf

  49. Tsvangirai still has no clue as to what he will do when he gets into power which is disturbing….so which way to vote?

  50. Well the day of reckoning is coming one way or the other Zanny party is going down who saved yo necks after Zim dollar failure? Tell us at 90 what new ideas do u have 4 this nation with the revolutionary prty in tatters becoz infighting your days are numbered.

  51. Save save us

  52. Tswangiaryi should enter a grand coalition with Zanu and finish off Welshman once and for all that way he can continue with the coalition government maybe they might even give him a second or third wife.

  53. Twangie, usango tambarara kani. Zuwa voo kubuda. Usangotambarara kani !!! Unopusiswa nevamwe varume. Ngube and Dabangwa have chosen a tribal agenda. Bennett is forming a whites only outfit. Dununu. Wakeup mhani. Kwayedza kare kare.

  54. Don’t be a prophet of doom.i just wonder if someone just vote for Zanu PF they wl b vote what exactly.After 33yrs you can expect the country to b so impoverished,blame sanctions,blame the MDC but what abt b4 MDC was formed why ddnt the country develop.It’s so insane to be told Zanu PF is the rainmaker.It may win the elections buy Zim wl b like Somalia where the rich a the elite.Don’t use sentiments when voting,you always say Mugabe is more capable than Tsvangirai,coz Mugabe fought the war?i listen to Gen Tongogara once he said ‘We are not fighting the white man,he is our brother but we are fighting the oppresive system,we want equality and after we won the war we will extend our hand to him and move forward together’ those were the wise words of ppl whom the society needs.Guys vote Zanu PF and give it another 33yrs of ruining the country.A new broom always sweeps clean,let’s vote MDC and give Zanu PF a chance to regroup w youth at the top who are innovative and motivated by our heroes.I won’t die or kill for Tsvangirai or Mugabe coz they are not God.I vote for what they stand for and Mugabe stands for poverty and it’s proven by his 33yrs of poor governance.Tsvangirai offers to work and improve the economy and if he fails no room for sentiments we remove him.I feel sorry for all those youth who vote for Zanu PF vachifunga kuti vachapiwa mari yemahara kutanga maprojects so that they may feed themselves those promises are just dead bargains,this thing called indiginisation i don’t even think ppl realise what’s happen,does anyone knw?Hameno,whatever party yamuchavotera just make sure you have think things thru.My vote is on MDC-T Zim need new leaders w a vision for economic propagation not this Zanu PF circus.Look at Chombo,Mnangagwa,Chinamasa,Sekeramai!ppl do you think this are the ppl to carry Zim forward to an economy where we have jobs,well run institution.if so then vote them.I have seen a few good leaders in Zanu PF,Walter Mzembi.anyway gudday see you after elections.

  55. But MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti and Zanu Ndonga’s????????????

  56. Coalition is the way to go and bury zpf goons for gud. They r disjointed and clueless and oooh wat a time to strike. So to all zanupf suckers rest in eternal peace!!

  57. New Zimbabwe Coalition we do not want a run off election ka1. 31 July 2013 Bhora mu-side net or over the bar.

  58. whether ncube or dabengwa join or not the coalition of tsvangirai and makoni is formidable, mark my words mdc is winning this election.

  59. Marriage of inconvinience indeed! Icho!

  60. Good People One Candidate. NO RUN OFF. NO RIGGING

  61. Kamukaka Milkshake

    But,,,isn’t it too early?I feel like de CIO will find time to penetrate.They shud hv announced de coalition 3 days before polls!

  62. Welshman for President! He is a level headed fundi , Go for it Prof you have my Vote

  63. mudara bob panyanga samazuva ose

  64. Tswangi dumped Ncube and opted for Mutambara! You can’t mix oil and water nor diesel and water. To be honest, Tswangi is like cyanide – poisonous ! Ncube has more brains than Tswangi. I am sure he won’t allow himself to be subservient to a buffoon.

  65. MDC pamberi

  66. rugare mangwana

    vakomana kwatabva kure nenhamo handei tinovota musi wa31 tizvibve asi chokwadi chandinoziva chimwe chikomba tasa. I think you agree with me that everybody need food, job…… etc.kana ncube aramba President musyeyi achademba mangwana. Vote Mdc T

  67. nematswinyirirwo atakaitwa na chemetama handingamboda hangu ngazvigare

  68. I guarentee you MDC has no right to rule this country…Chinotsvuka zvikaitika izvovo…muchashuva rugare seEgypt, Libya ne Iraq…we will fumigate all u stupid cockroaches. We will never allow stupid puppets to rule this country no matter how many they are and their followers. Party inofarirwa nemabhunu vaimboti dzvanyirira inorevei?. Q: Y do you think they are on your side? A: Because they know you are weak unlike Zanu and that they stand a better chance to grab back this country under MDC led rule. Don’t take the peace you leave in today for granted…muchashuva rugare makwara-ibwa dzevanhu! if u think the west and its military might will save you, think twice! Where are they today in Libya, Egypt ne Iraq where they once put their Tsvangirai-like puppets. I will DIE for Zimbabwe and die I will…long life Zanu!!!

  69. Chunnga Chengetai

    All must be weary of the Super-Snake within these tiny opposition parties. The Super Snake is super smart, Super un-electable, Super clever, Super divisive, and has super-venom, and is super tribalistic…

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