Shadowy group launches voter registration inspection website

A SHADOWY group which claims to be working in partnership with another group calling itself Institute for a Democratic Alternative for Zimbabwe (IdaZim) has created an online platform where people were able to check if their names appear on the voters’ roll.

Report by Phillip Chidavaenzi

The data is found on their website where one simply logs in their national identity number and instantly receives information, including their full names, ID, their Ward number and constituency where they were registered to vote if they voted in previous elections.

The normal procedure prevailing if one wanted to check for the same information was to personally visit voter registration centres where one was expected to produce their identity particulars before the information could be checked for them by officials from the Registrar-General’s (RG) Office.

Zimbabweans seeking this service have been complaining about enduring long queues and spending a lot of time at the registration centres just to have this information checked for them. Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau yesterday said the commission was aware of the website and was carrying out investigations to establish who was responsible for it.

A screenshot of the part of the website with instructions on how to enter an ID number to check the voters' roll
A screenshot of the part of the website with instructions on how to enter an ID number to check the voters’ roll

“We are aware that there is a website that publishes the voters’ roll and we are in the process of carrying out investigations to find out who is behind it and whether they have registered with Zec,” Makarau said.

Owners of the website said: “We are a free and fair organisation dedicated to providing clear, simple and accurate voter registration information based on the new constitution, adopted on 22 May 2013.”

They, however, refer all other electoral matters to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).

If a person was registered and they logged into the site using their national identity number, the page acknowledges the registration and if one was not registered, it returns the message: “No records were found with the ID number you have entered. Are you sure you entered the ID number in the correct format? If not, try again using the form below.” The website provides another link to a page where, if one was registered as a voter on or before May 27 this year, they could easily report the anomaly.

The website also referred all those who need to update their information to do so at the RG’s Office or at any one of the mobile registration centres.

“It (this) cannot be done online. MyZimVote cannot change or update your information. The information is useful in informing relevant public authorities such as the Registrar-General’s Office and Zec on the areas that need to be improved to increase public confidence on the voters and electoral process. Our main objective is to ensure that there is a free and fair election in Zimbabwe,” the group said. The site also provides information on voter fraud, violence and intimidation.

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  1. yes that website is just great guys,it helps us to avoid any ques just to find out your names if they appear on voters roll,great idea!

  2. A good initiative. ZEC should not be trying to persecute these guys but implement this in future. Why could this not have been an official ZEC program? I’ll tell you why because we do not salute and support innovation, but try to control everything and stifle everyone. In future we want automatice registration. EVERY ZIMBABWEAN CITIZEN should automatically become registered to vote as soon as they receive national identification documents and attain the legal voting age. Every dead Zimbabwean should automatically be removed from the voters role upon the issuance of a death certificate in their names.

    It’s not rocket science..

  3. Its a good website, not campaigning for any political party

  4. I am wandering why ZEC wants to prosecute this group they should be incorporating this initiative and working with the group to improve the website

  5. A brilliant and yet very simple solution to have people easily check their registration status on the voters roll. ZEC will do well to adopt this technology as it will speed up the voter registration process because you only then have to go to the Registrars office if your name doesn’t appear. I hope by them trying to identify who is behind its for the sole purpose of making use of the innovation.

  6. Tsano.

    I think what you are proposing is already the prevailing situation. I have checked the id numbers of a number of people who claim they never registered and they are in the voters’ roll. I suspect every Zimbabwean who turns 18 and has an ID is automatically entered into the voters’ list. That is why people have been complaining that they are registered despite the fact that they are in the diaspora and have never voted before.

    And that Baba Jukwa character has been trying to milk this development by insinuating that this is an attempt by ZANU PF to rig the elections.

    I think everyone must investigate this development and shed more clarity on the issue. Otherwise, its a simple matter of checking on the website and seeing where one is registered. I suspect its the address one uses when taking their ID.

    1. you idiot shut up if you not aware what these evil people are doing. its real that they are deleting all names of suspected mdc t supporters. I had to re register myself. dead relatives are there on the voter roll.

      1. Interesting name “Chombo Chababa Jukwa.” Bet you wish you were Baba Jukwa himself and not just part of his netherlands…. Jokes aside, of course dead relatives will be on the voters’ roll. People are dying every day. However, I did check with my own father and found that though he was on the voters’ roll the 2008 election, this time his name has been taken off. So cleaning does take place, if perhaps intermittently.

        And lets be objective. How feasible would it be for anyone to troll through 6 million voters with the aim of expunging MDC T names?

    2. @Hakimula :Those people whose names are appearing in voters roll but never registered to vote are the ghost voters we have been complaining about all along. Ko zita rapinda sei pa voters’ roll iko kuregister kwaidiwa proof of residence etc plus you can not register on behalf of anyone. MUDEDE/ZEC/ and ZANU PF are just a mafia group bent on stealing the election ,. Why would a fair-minded ZEC official find fault with a noble cause like this website-voter-checking measure? So if you did not register but you find your name in there then there is certainly a nicodemous aspect to its presence in the voters roll.

    3. Are you that dull. How can someone’s name be automatically inserted on the voters role. Who selects the ward.

      1. I now realize that some of you pseudo opposition activists are emotional for nothing. Why are so many cursing me? Paunotora chitupa haunyori ward yaunogara kana yaunobva . Haunyori address? That is why we said some people are registered kumusha kwavo because vakatorera zvitupa kumusha.

        People vanongowawata like you are not even registered most of the time. U cant navigate your mind around simple observations and facts.

    4. Can you then explain how some of us who only registered recently can check and find our names in the correct constituency and ward we registered in and not find ourselves where we took out our identity cards?

      1. I don’t understand what you want me to explain. Once you register or, in this case/ reregister, your name starts appearing kwawaregistira kwacho. Does that need any explanation. Its like transferring from one constituency to another. Besides which handisi kuita nharo nevanhu. I am merely noting an observation which has, moreover, been confirmed by a number of people on this forum.

        However, unlike those varikundituka, I am flexible enough to realise that the automatic registration is not a given. There are also a few people whose names are not appearing on the roll.

        So I dont see the problem here…

  7. this is a great idea. I had problems and failed to get time to go and check my name from the physical centres, but because of this website, instead of wasting time and fuel I only checked online. this is great, ZEC must follow the same system for the country to move on. keep it up guys. If one can buy a car online from Japan or UK and get it without any challenges what about just checking your nameon the voters roll. We are in the world of ICT where things can be done even remotely without visiting the physcal shop or centre to buy or register.

  8. Hakimula please recheck and correct your assumption,there is no automatic voter registration in Zimbabwe if it is the case then they must be serious voter fraud going on.

  9. positive development indeed.zec shuld incoperarate this breed of a new generation into its ( zec)projects coz real democracy begins this way.

  10. Dear Bhaka

    That is why I asked that those of you who have not registered check on the website to see if your names appear. I did check with several people who swore they have never seen the inside of a polling booth and their names are appearing on the voters’ roll. I am not claiming anything and would very much like to know whether there is indeed automatic registration or not.

    I challenge all of you to find a number of none registered Zimbabweans. Check their names and tell us whether they appear on the roll or not.

    The fact that the Baba Jukwa character has been claiming to have received thousands of complains from people who say they are appearing on the roll despite not having registered does seem to validate by observation.

    1. Thanks Hakimula, well I can’t speak for everyone but I am not registered but reached the age of majority 7 years ago. So that cannot be the case. If it is automatic registration and my case is an exception rather than the rule then kudos to ZEC. Either way those allegations need to be looked into to avoid a disputed election result.

  11. I have not voted in any election in Zimbabwe and have checked my name and can see that I am registered in Marondera. I cant figure out how. I have lived in Marondera yes but at no time did I ever go to registry office to register. Appears to me like they used information probably collected when I registered the birth of my son. It is gross. How come I never registered to vote and my name is there with a ward Iam supposed to vote from. It ward 10 in Marondera West. If we searched further maybe its on the farms. And where I never been in my life. Its possible to rig. Now I see!

    1. since you have been registered wthout your knowledge chienda unovhotera SAVE.

  12. As I said, registration is, it appears, indeed automatic in Zim as soon as one turns 18. Unfortunately one is usually registered in wayward places, eg Kumusha or somewhere where one used kuroja. That is why they are saying we have more than 6 million registered voters in the country. I think that that is the number of adult Zimbabweans who have IDs who are more than 18 years old.

    Can more people please check

  13. Makarawu instead of looking for these guyz, why don’t u give them a BIG THANK U? This shows that u a just a zanuist.

  14. Hakimula , VOTER REG is NOT automatic. If it was why would we have this supposed-to-be-intensive 30 day Voter Reg exercise?? Those names are there for NOcodemous purposes.. Some ZANUPF /ZEC/MUDEDE guy harvested those names and their sidekicks were busy feeding them into the system to facilitate a rigging mechanism. This is why MUDEDE has always refused with the ELECTRONIC VOTERS’ ROLL…Wise up man..You are not dealing with an HONEST SYSTEM here..We are dealing with ZANUFIED MAFIA SYSTEM

    1. I am not cavorting for any political party here. I am merely exposing an interesting observation. I believe, ideally, the system should indeed be automatic and, in this case, it appears to be so to a certain degree. However, one does indeed need to go and register because what would be the use of being registered under Ward 22, Gumbonzvanda village in Wedza when one now lives in Matapi or Materenini or whereever

  15. After reading the article, I went on the website to check if I was registered. I have never voted or even registered to vote before. I found my name is already registered in WARD NUMBER: 23
    CONSTITUENCY NUMBER: 081. I stay in Mt Pleasant, was born in Mutare and grew up in Waterfalls… Surely there is something fishy. When I tried to register last Friday at Mt pleasant mobile centre, 7pm dzakachaya tisati tapinda and were turned away. Can Makarau and Mudede explain where they got my info… This has nothing to do with Jukwa, Tsvangirai must find a way of scrutinizing system otherwise ndiyo ichamudyisa…

    1. Hezvoko vaye vanga vachindituka. Ko iwe chinozokutadzisa kunovhotera kwawakaregistiwa chii? its not too far away is it?

      1. what u think myt be possible but unfotunately dat aint the case here bro,,,,,1)if so why was there a voters 30 day registration, which could hev only been 2weeks if opposition parties had not presented the issue at the mozambiq summitt,,,,,2) if it were so i dont think ZEC wud hev kept it a secret since it wud be a nice development,,,3)some pipple wo hev reached the legal age aint registered,,,,,,,,

    2. Well, from the information that you have just given, it means you are registered as a voter and on voting day you might have to go to a polling station in Waterfalls ( i.e. Prospect Primary School, Mainway – Main Gate or pamabhiza) for your vote. Since you are no longer staying in Waterfalls, the best would be to change your ward and constituency so that you can vote in Mt Pleasant otherwise some “spooky” individual will vote for you.

    3. @chill zvako zvaita enda unovhotera tsvangirai

  16. It’s not too far, but I just think its my right to register myself kwete kungozowona zits ravepo. Anyway gore rino I am voting without fail. Chero kwamandiisa! I will be there…guys lets all register to vote. Make time for this. Employers.. Give vashandi chance to register.

  17. Chill…maybe its too late for you now to change wards ..I suggest you drive to Hatfield on polling day and vote there..Its one more vote we need in the whole dynamics. It only becomes a blocking issue if you were thrown to some remote place. There are things that we surely can strive for ..and i think VOTING is one of them..

  18. got me thinking,i checked @registry smetime in may,my name was appearing on the voters roll but i checked on this new generation website only to find no info relating to my id no.Does this mean my name was expunged 4rm the roll after my checking? Got to find out soon.

  19. to say people are registered automatic is a blue lie these people registered but they never voted .i have checked and see that most of people who have not registered are not on the voters roll so check this guys he must be the ones who want to create anarchy among the Zimbabweans

  20. this automatic registration didnt start today guys, only that they dont tell us that its there!I went to vote in 2008 March and didnt know about any registration. my name is there and was ever there only that that time there was no internet to tell you that they registered for me on my absence. even my family was laughing at me back then saying i cant vote as i was not in town during registration but i went and i voted!

  21. Checked the website I am registered in Sanyati. Here is the kicker I left Zim in 1995 & I was 17 . I have zero affliation with Sanyati. I grew up in Harare and my kumusha is Masvingo, the fix is on folks.

  22. Zimbabweans type the words :Zimbabwe voters role on line and down load the 2008 voters roll EXCELS on line from the Zimbabwean newspaper of all the constituencies in Zimbabwe ,the verify the names of dead relatives and people we know are dead who are currently registered to vote on 31 July .Its so sad that Mudede is busy scheming to rig elections ,but when god wants to set his people free rigging and violence wont be spared a chance ,new Zimbabwe is looming .

  23. This is a tip of an iceberg, and as I have always said Mdc were so stupid to let Zanu divert them from forcing proper reforms, by abandoning a rotten voters roll, and register people on a new fresh electronic roll. This is what Mdc was suppossed to make it their first priority. This was the main issue in which Sadc could have been forced to endorse in the GNU. Zanu pf is intelligent they created issues on referendum, constitution, shifted goal post on endless negotiations , bla bla, and by so doing they were buying time in distracting Mdc from noticing one main issue at hand , a clean voters roll. Mdc put all their eggs in one basket. A new constitution is a good a useless as long as the voters roll is in shambles.
    Its not too late now, every zimbabwean must utilise this website, by checking their names , even if you did not register. If these ghosts registered you, go and vote in whatever province they registered you as long as you are registeres in zimbabwe. Sacrifice your resources , do not worry about loosing a some dollars. The future is in your hands.

    Makarau is panicking now because this website has exposed, part of the rigging practice. In these days of technology, ZEC cannot have an excuse, as to why they do not a simlar website , wher people can simply check their details online, or a simply code where you can sms your details to get an immediate responce.

    Are they technologically shallow, foolish, or under resourced, ignorant. My answer is no, they are part of this rigging machinery. ZEC had the right to complain, instead they must applaud this website for doing a national cause and reducing ZEC workload, in as much as saving ZEC resources.

  24. Check your details now because, as we write some chinese and israelis are busy, trying to jam the website.

  25. Fox Makwiravana

    Website iyi pandiikuvhura handisi kuona pamurikutaura panoiswa id number iri kutondiudza how to register and what i need to bring

  26. @Hakimula, wat are you trying to say wen saying pple are automatically registered to vote paunotora ID, there is nothing lyk tht munhu ndiye anoenda ega kunoregister don’t try to confuse pple kuti vasaregister to vote.

  27. @Fox Makwiravana, if you check paWebsite iyoyo peji iroro rakanyorwa kuti how to Register iroro on your TOP RIGHT you will see wat you are looking for,

  28. Zakariya Mhlanga

    There has been diverse opinions raised about the zimvote website.
    1. Rita, if ZEC is not doing its job honestly, pirate websites will emerge in order to save the people. That is what happens when there is no transparency.
    2. Baba Jukwa arose because there has never been space for people to air their views.
    3. It was possible before to be registered automatically when one obtained an I.D. However the powers that be realised that the new generation of impoverished youth would be a problem in the next elections therefore they changed the rules. The proof of address was brought in to discriminate and that was the death of the nationalist concept of ‘one man one vote’. You have to be Zanu to be enfranchised. However, the smart youth obtained the vote by professing to be Zanu.
    4.Rig they will try but it is never foolproof. They failed to do it in the last elections. MDC cannot go shouting to every one as to how they are going to counteract rigging. ‘Haungwadze nyamukuta kubara uchada.,
    5. The debate ha been healthy although some of the participants will learn that insults are not the way to put your points through.
    6. Let us continue to debate. We have never been afforded this opportunity by our government so we definitely exploit this internet forum.

  29. What is ZEC and Makarau trying to hide? I thought they were supposed to be the first to provide such a site as we are living in a world of technology. Mugabe and crew beware this time hakuna zvekubira becoz we can view the election results via internet. when u are still counting we will be having the results. hey I like the Zimbos this time they are hot. Kkkkkkkk.

  30. Isn’t IdaZim part of Tsvangirai’s own NGO? Those saying their names are appearing on the website should realise that as has been said it’s a shadowy website. Tsvangirai has every reason to want to disenfranchise voters by creating websites that pretend to show that you are a registered voter but in the wrong ward so as to discredit the voters roll. It is as clear as daylight what Tsvangirai and his MDC-T and their shadowy NGOs are up to.

  31. This website is one oj the greatest thing to happen to our great nation. It really works

  32. Wow! IDAZIM is great!!!!! This really works guys! I just tried it!

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