Reach Out gospel charity show flops


THE highly-publicised Reach Out Fundraising Gospel Concert was a major flop on Saturday afternoon after attracting less than 200 people.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

Organised by United States-based gospel musician Plaxedes Banda, the show was held at the Harare Gardens.

Despite having a number of renowned artistes performing at the event who included Joyce Simeti, Mathias Mhere, Kudzi Nyakudya, Agatha Murudzwa, Pianos Jaravaza, Pastor Haisa, Pastor G and Zimpraise Choir, the show failed to attract a sizeable crowd.

But the organiser was not moved and said she was not worried.

“I believe people did not understand the concept of the show,” she said.

“Since we are new in the area possibly people thought that I am a prophet who wanted to milk them their hard-earned cash.”

She said the baptism of fire would not deter her from doing charity works.

“Although we failed to make a breakthrough at this first attempt, we will not throw away the towel, but continue with our charity works,” she said.

Although Banda appeared calm, NewsDay is reliably informed that she is yet to pay some of the artistes that performed on Saturday due to the huge losses she incurred.

“At first we wanted to have only three artistes performing, but we were advised that having more artistes would bring more.

“However, we are working to pay their full amounts during the course of the week,” she said confirming the delay in pay outs.

Mhere and Jaravaza had a good day in the office despite performing in a near-empty venue.


  1. bt we rily hed a nyc tym thr…thnx 2 mai Banda 4 shown such gret luv 2 orphanz…God wil continue 2 bless u

  2. they could be losses now but God is very faithful and will be with you all the way. tariro hainyadzisi.

  3. izvo zvekut ” Maybe they thot I was a prophet who wanted to milk them” ndozvakaita kut show yako ikundikane!! Who told u prophets a ther to milk pple? Hv u ever bn milked by any prophet even kuAmerica kwawakabva! U may hv joined the grp of critics of prophets n the prophetic hping to gain a quick public appeal bt alas u lost the plot my sistren! Mkt the product CHRIST witht criticising or belittling others n u will surely make it! God bless u!!

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