PTUZ property attached


THE Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and three other affiliate unions last week had their property attached by the Deputy Sheriff after they failed to settle legal costs in a case where they lost a bid to stop the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) congress in December 2011.


After dismissal of their appeal, the High Court ordered the PTUZ together with its sympathisers — the Zimbabwe Energy Workers’ Union, Service Employees’ Association and the Zimbabwe Leather Shoes and Allied Workers’ Union — to pay $16 000 as legal costs.

Part of the attached property included an Isuzu single-cab truck, Elgrand vehicle, an upright fridge (KIC model), two lounge suites, two complete sets of computers and other office furniture.

ZCTU legal adviser Zakeo Mtimtema confirmed the development yesterday, saying the attachment was in line with an interdiction order granted by High Court judge Justice Francis Bere under case number H313/11 and confirmed by the Supreme Court.

“The group was in contempt of court by not paying the costs of the case as ordered in the judgment and we had to approach the same court for redress,” he said.

The ZCTU was represented by Harare lawyer Alec Muchadehama.
The four unions had their application dismissed with costs after they approached the court seeking to stop the ZCTU elective congress which elected Japhet Moyo and George Nkiwane as secretary-general and president respectively.

Meanwhile, ex-ZCTU president Lovemore Matombo has handed back a ZCTU vehicle, Isuzu KB (registration ABY 2266), which he had refused to return after he lost the presidency to Nkiwane.

This follows an order by Justice Chinembiri Bhunu on March 7, 2013, where Matombo was ordered to return the vehicle to the ZCTU within 48 hours.

The High Court later issued a writ of execution on May 8, 2013, compelling Matombo to deliver the vehicle. In another case, number HC 5224/13, the ZCTU has also sued PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe and PTUZ for contempt of court.

“The group is calling itself Concerned Affiliates of the ZCTU despite the court ruling in case HC313/11 which ordered them to stop using the ZCTU name and properties,” Mtimtema said.

The matter is still pending at the High Court. Majongwe and PTUZ were given 10 days within which to respond.


  1. ndoo definition yeinonzi zimbabwe: rule of law and good governance not lunacy and pomposity yaana nhingirikiri vanofunga kuti kana vachishandira mu govmend ndivo vave mutemo. varuza matoruza nyangwe madyiwa na bere. pamberi ne rule of law isina ketekete.

    • Majongwe and PTUZ mafia are misusing teachers’ money every month. Some teachers no longer want to be members of PTUZ but the mafia refuses to let them go. Coltart please help my poor relatives.

  2. Dont give up comrades the fight is still on.its sad when falsehoods carry the day.dont stop fighting majongwe one day people will see the good work you did

  3. NanGananga neptuz.Iye zvino we have no pay for the past 2 years vana Japhet vachidya mari.our fellow workers are being burried like paupers takatarisa.we should fight together zvekurwisa majongwe izvi you want to sell offices Kuti mudye mari.Nkiwane apedza mota achingoroveresa.many of these unions don’t exist.its sad

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