Polls may be peaceful, not fair — ZDI

A LOCAL political think-tank, the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI), says the elections are likely to produce a disputed result as indications on the ground show that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and Zanu PF are conniving to manipulate the poll.


Speaking during the launch of their report titled Electoral Battleground Voters’ Roll Rigmarole, ZDI said free and fair elections were unlikely given the chaos that prevailed during the special voting, the mystery surrounding the unavailability of the voters’ roll and the inclusion of members of the security forces in the Zec secretariat.

“This report is not to undermine any authority. We are not causing chaos, but to manage the chaos,” Rashweat Mukundu, chairman of ZDI, said.

“We have parties that don’t know the voters’ roll. There is no room for citizens to check the voters’ roll. I know of people registered, but were not given slips meaning that on July 31, your name won’t be there and you won’t do anything about it. Such a system will be open to abuse,” he said.

“Hundreds of young police officers in new uniforms were seen voting and you wonder whether it was a coincidence to distribute new uniforms and you wonder whether they were genuine and these are things to look at before we go for elections in a few days’ time.”

ZDI director Pedzisai Ruhanya said there was no reason to trust Zec in conducting the elections after the commission failed to handle 80 000 special voters.

“The manufacturers of chaos and anarchy are Zec by their own admission. It (the voters’ roll) is not a personal document, it’s not the RG (Registrar-General)’s personal document but it’s the citizens’ document. There is a misplaced idea that without violence, the elections will be free and fair. A free and fair election is beyond violence. If, for instance, the people of Harare, Bulawayo or UMP (Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe)fail to vote because of non-availability of material, the election will not be free and fair,” Ruhanya said.

“We will raise the (red) flag and we are equal to the job.”

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  1. Someone should stop this nonsense by Zec, polling officcers in most rural arears have been sleeping in the open for the past 3days waiting for the ballot boxes and zec is not provinding them with transport to ferry the balot boxes these elections are shambles. 60% of the poling stations are yet to recive balot papers they have not arrived in command cebtres Mdc work up please.

    1. ZEC is not trustworthy,why do they arestthe complainats-KOMICHI,its clear they are part of the rigging mechanism.

  2. Silvester Matambo

    Bullshit, you are now preparing for your humilliating defeat by Zanu pf. People of Zim you saw how the puppet Mdc have failed you. On Wednesday lets all reject their pathetic promises, their corruption in councils, pot holes, lack of water, poor civil service pay, now they are resisting the rates slash. Lets all vote Zanu Pf to better our lives.

  3. “This report is not to undermine any authority. We are not causing chaos, but to manage the chaos,”

    Firstly, who is this Rashweat Mukundu and why should anyone take him seriously? Secondly, how do you manage chaos which isn’t there? Thirdly, why does this Rashweat continue to speak of chaos and anarchy? Those are very strong words indeed! It is either he does not understand what these words mean or he is an idiot. It could be both, actually..

    chaos: complete disorder and confusion
    anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority

    There are technical issues to do with the voters’ roll and there was a bit of bungling by ZEC, but to speak of chaos and anarchy just sounds desperate to me..

  4. Limping ZANU Oldonkey

    Wdnesday is here… Let’s kick out the ZANU kleptocrats for good. Mbavha dzevanhu.

  5. Pasi Na Matibili

    You @scot, what do you mean a ‘bit of bungling by ZEC’? That was major bungling.. Look at it the easy way, since you appear to have a pea-sized brain: if it takes 25000 cops two days to vote, how long will it take six million people to vote? I am sure even a thick-skulled dolt like you can work that one out…

    1. I am still not seeing what that has to do with a state of anarchy and chaos?? There is peace in Zimbabwe and the elections shall go well, let’s not go making a mountain out of a molehill..

  6. @scott analyze the facts! Zec has proved to be unable to run these polls, luk wat hpened at the special vote. Yy havent the parties bn given the voters roll, yy are the pollin stations not yet known? Yy are they arresting komichi whn he’s concerns r genuine? Its simple ZEC is working in cahoots wth zanu, bt the people will vote Bob out, their time has expired! Change is here for A new Zimbabwe

  7. The people shall decide..

  8. Hey reporter just say its an Mdc political think-tank, why its only mdc whining and whimpering at the last hour, why cannot they withdraw from the race if they feel the player field is uneven like they did 2008 run-off, while there masters smile about this shallow smear campaign trail , im sure it have disasterous effects on their grand plan because all this vulnerability mdc try to potray to the impatient electorate will scuttle there desire to vote, which will definitely trigger vote apathy and mdc will automaticaly lose in the process, besides all the signs of rigging arleady done by mdc in this election are readily there for all to see in form of,” Sanctions” it is the main mdc tramp card! hurting people stomarch through imposing sanctions so that they vote for them, now wait and you are in for a big surprise hey!

  9. chamboko chewaya

    mdc yaora come 31st we wil show you exit door

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