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Police, registry department most corrupt — TIZ


ABOUT 77% of Zimbabweans think corruption in the country has increased during the past two years, a research study by Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has shown.


TIZ researcher Farai Mutondoro last week told participants at the launch of the TIZ 2012 Corruption Report that most corruption issues cited involved the Zimbabwe Republic Police, politicians, Registrar-General’s Office, football authorities and Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depots.

According to the research, 62% of Zimbabweans have paid a bribe to the education system, judiciary system, medical and health services, the police, registry and permit services, utilities, tax revenue and land services.

“Police, public servants and political parties seem as the most corrupt institutions in Zimbabwe, closely followed by the health sector and education sector,” said TIZ.

“The most common reasons for paying a bribe in Zimbabwe is to speed up things and to ensure that one gets services.”

The highest cases of bribes recorded were 53% bribes paid to the police, 42% to registry, 35% to land services, 31% to the judiciary system, 27% to utilities, 27% to education system, 26% to taxes and 22% to medical and health services.

According to the report, 67% of the people were willing to report incidents of corruption.

“Most respondents cited national corruption issues that the country has witnessed over the past years such as the Asiagate (football) match-fixing scandal, abuse of the Constituency Development Fund, corruption at the passport offices, GMB depots, road traffic corruption, inter alia,” read the TIZ report.

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