Police, registry department most corrupt — TIZ

ABOUT 77% of Zimbabweans think corruption in the country has increased during the past two years, a research study by Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has shown.


TIZ researcher Farai Mutondoro last week told participants at the launch of the TIZ 2012 Corruption Report that most corruption issues cited involved the Zimbabwe Republic Police, politicians, Registrar-General’s Office, football authorities and Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depots.

According to the research, 62% of Zimbabweans have paid a bribe to the education system, judiciary system, medical and health services, the police, registry and permit services, utilities, tax revenue and land services.

“Police, public servants and political parties seem as the most corrupt institutions in Zimbabwe, closely followed by the health sector and education sector,” said TIZ.

“The most common reasons for paying a bribe in Zimbabwe is to speed up things and to ensure that one gets services.”

The highest cases of bribes recorded were 53% bribes paid to the police, 42% to registry, 35% to land services, 31% to the judiciary system, 27% to utilities, 27% to education system, 26% to taxes and 22% to medical and health services.

According to the report, 67% of the people were willing to report incidents of corruption.

“Most respondents cited national corruption issues that the country has witnessed over the past years such as the Asiagate (football) match-fixing scandal, abuse of the Constituency Development Fund, corruption at the passport offices, GMB depots, road traffic corruption, inter alia,” read the TIZ report.

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  1. chamboko chewaya

    Masiya VID research yenyu yakadhakwa! Ndopane corruption yese. Chipinge depot u need 300bucks to hav your vehicle get Certificate of Fittness! Chiredzi 100bucks. Masvingo 100. Gweru 100. Harare Eastlea 50 bucks muashtray. Chitungwiza 100. Kadoma 100. Kwekwe 100 . Belvedere 100. Ko kumwe?? Pasina mari yehuori hapana dhiri! Zvakaoma!

  2. What about ZEC which witholds election results for ages.Ndiyo inokonzeresa zvese zvinozotevera kune mamwe madepartments.

  3. Police ingarambe havo kasi tikuzviona .

  4. I agree that the VID were omitted yet they are the most corrupt. Instead of asking the whole population about them you need to ask the population of those who have interfaced with them. Just try to research on this one you will be shocked. Some bribe for Provisionals, some get licenses without going for the road test and some are only asked to go through the depot tests the road test will be taken care of by the bribe. These people are the most corrupt people in Zimbabwe.

  5. This reseach is 100% ,including vid some are living luxury lives ne corruption very unfair to the poor innocent vulnerable ,marginalised majority ,They tend to love us and know everyone during election times vanoziva nemazita ezvirema ,mapofu even mapenzi .Kana vodya they forget the poor man .

  6. kkkkkkk VID marwadzo aah! i would rate them as follows:
    1. VID
    2. hapana
    3. hapana
    4. hapana
    5. Traffic Police
    6. Registry

    this just goes to show kuti no one is anywhere near VID in terms of corruption

  7. VID is the worst… U need 150 to get a drivers licence at Eastlea Vid. After payin 25 fo car hire and 20 to book the test. It amounts 195 all together.

  8. The police by 1000 percent , is the most corrupt in Zimbabwe !

    1. Hausati vasvika kwa VID iwe

  9. The report failed to mention the parent Ministry of Transport where tollgates money is not being accounted for. Please go back and investigate where this money is going.

  10. 1. Vid 2. Police 3.Hapana 4.Hapana 5.Hapana 6.Registry 7.Zimra

  11. John Mbabvudzangu

    Efficiency is a major problem in Zimbabwe, lets recognize it ASAP and fix it.

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  13. The major achievements of our independence in sovereignty is CORRUPTION and KUNYEPA.

  14. Zimra kubhodha uko maone ask Maneta of BBA 2012 VANHU VANE HUORI IVAVO.

  15. Masiya masabhuku. KwaBvukururu kuZaka masabhuku demand bandauko for every beast slaughtered in their area of jurisdiction.

  16. yu nid 2 pay $5 each road block kana une combi kunyange unema papers akakwana apa aftr evry 30km ere is a road block

  17. Musadibe Zimra ndiko kune mbavha dzese ,aaaah aaah.

    1. yeFodya,ciggarete
    4.Electronic gadgets

  18. 1 VID
    2 Nil
    3 Nil
    4 ZRP

  19. VID musadherere.hakuna kunopfura ikoko

  20. why missing VID,ZIMRA while are the queen of corruption


    Vote rigging was the root cause of corruption in Zimbabwe. Police blackmail the executive knowing they wont take any action, since they are in position through hook and crook.

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