Parties query ballooning of police voters

Political parties yesterday quizzed Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Justice Rita Makarau over the sudden ballooning of police officers during the election period, saying it was suspicious.


The MDC-T and Zapu raised the concern during a meeting with Zec to brief political parties on special and postal voting that will take place on July 14 and 15.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is said to have 38 000 regular police officers, but police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba told NewsDay that the force had registered 50 000 police officers who include members of the special constabulary as special voters as they would be deployed in various polling stations away from their bases.

Justice Makarau said the ZRP had, however, been given in excess of 69 000 application forms for special voting and of those
32 000 applications had yet to be returned to Zec.

The political parties said in 2008, the figure of ZRP officers who cast special votes was around 38 000, but it had now ballooned to more than double the number.

“The Commissioner-General said he had 69 000 members in the police force and that they will be on duty on that day and we have been told during this time they had employed additional staff in the form of the constabulary and we have taken it in good faith,” said Justice Makarau.

“However, if anyone has independent, verified and authentic evidence that the information that I was given is incorrect, please let us know.”

She said Zec had put in place safeguards to ensure there was no abuse of the special voting facility including prevention of double voting, loss or manipulation of the special vote ballots as well as to ensure secrecy of the vote.

“Voters will vote privately in a polling booth and will not show their ballot papers to anyone as these will be enclosed in an envelope which is then deposited into the ballot box,” Justice Makarau said.

She said the special vote ballot papers would be counted together with those to be cast on July 31.

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  1. Jonathan Moyo Ndizvo

    Hongu.. Pane chitsotsi chirikurongwa apa. Mbavha kusanyara. Dhemeti mhani!

  2. This is part of the rigging process and if the opposition parties accept this then they have themselves to blame. Those votes should be counted soon after they have been cast not together with the actual ballots. ZanuPF has already cast these votes and they will simply stuff the 31 July ballot boxes to boost their numbers.

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  4. Zvimwe zvinhu zvinotadza kuonekwa nemaMinister zvinokatyamadza chokwadi. Makone failed to unearth a very simple trick yakaitwa kuti number yePolice ikure during her stay. Its very simple. Matypists, stenographers,artisans, teachers, mechanics, painters, carpenters, builders, tailors, petrol attendants, cooks, and all general hands in the ZRP were given force numbers on the promise that they will retire at 20yrs service instead of 65yrs as is the case with ordinary civil servants.Makone should have picked this one.Just carryout a survey with general hands at the nearest police station.

  5. rigging at its best. mirai muone. what is option B when they have started to complaining about the Police Force numbers? takavaemployera kuti vabatsire counting the vote because this time one billion people are going to vote kikikikikikiki!

  6. kunomdlalo odlalwayo lapha amaqembu aphikisayo aqaphele ubuqili bezanu pf

  7. Where will the special vote ballot boxes be kept ahead of the general poll? What guarantee is there that these boxes will not be stuffed? Why not count the ballots soon after the end of the special voting process?

  8. Opposition parties pliz wake up, am smelling a rat.

  9. South Africa’s Zuma is keeping a close eye on the Zim elections for tips on how to ensure victory. Enrolling ‘special police’ with ‘special instructions’ is an ingenious way to stuff ballot boxes. We eagerly await more tips.

  10. Farirai the system and those in authority, why find problem in everything, kana Mwari chaivo munotovapomera nekuti zvamunoda hapana anozvigona, things are gon be done in their way, haikona yekumba kwenyu, this nation inevanotonga, kana uchisvotwa nemaitirwo azvo wonotanga yako iri perfect isina ano Riga.

  11. l told you l will never salute anyone without liberation war credentials and im fighting to insure it does not happen.yes in 2008 only 38000 police officers voted and thats why we lost and im not taking any chances this time.

  12. Ko arikutadza kuverengwa on the very day why??pane nyaya!!

  13. Why is it that 50,000 people need two days to vote when 8 million people are expected to vote in a single day?

  14. Guys, stop wienging. These are traffic cops! Ukafamba wavaona. Ukabirwa hauvaone!

  15. Surely there are a lot of facts that are not adding up here and I do not understand why the other parties failed to pick these up. For starters- why would the ZRP total strength jump from 38000 to 70000 within a space of five years? Honestly it does not make sense at all. Secondly- why would the special voting be done two weeks before the actual polling date? Thirdly -who is going to safeguard the ballot papers for the whole two week period without having those ballot papers being tampered with? These are serious questions that beg serious answers. I am slowly getting sceptical about the whole system.
    Why do we all cry for elections, spend a lot of money pretending to be preparing for elections and at the end of the day we want it to be a Dictation and not an Election.

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