Pagels speaks on departure

NATIONAL football team coach Klaus Dieter Pagels has finally come out in the open on his future with the Warriors after Zifa failed to offer him a contract extension “in time”.


The German national who will lead the Warriors team in the regional competition beginning this Saturday, has his contract expiring at the end of this month.

Zifa have been giving a public impression that they are thrashing a new deal to keep Pagels after the expiry of the current deal, but the 63-year-old yesterday came out in public to say nothing has been moving.

“I have been reading about it (contract negotiations) in the newspapers and nothing more. I read in the newspaper on Sunday that they are willing to engage me, but it’s late now, I have already made other commitments back home,” Pagels told NewsDay Sport yesterday.

“The contract I have expires at the end of this month so I’m only left with the Cosafa tournament and after that I will leave. There is the Chan game in Mauritius on the last weekend of this month ,but I’m not sure if I will handle that one because I need time to prepare for my departure. I will not be allowed to stay a day longer after the expiry of my contract,” added Pagels.

“I would have loved to stay and continue with this project because it will be difficult for the new coach to come and continue with this style of play I introduced to the team. The new coach will have to start all over again and I don’t think it’s good for football development in this country.”

Pagels was on a government-to-government agreement as a Zifa technical advisor when he was appointed to the Warriors job as an interim coach after the dismissal of previous coach Rahman Gumbo.


  1. kwaa kwaa kwaaaa, good for Zim football, plizz go asap!!!!

  2. Please let the man go.He is quite good,just as good as was Fabisch.We all know who is not organised,ZIFA!!!

  3. Go in peace Pagels. We cherished your stay with us. You will not get anywhere with the corrupt ZIFA and lazy and uncommitted zim football players. Leave us to our downfall.


    We won’t shed a tear for you Mr Pagels,go back to Germany to your REAL profession as a music teacher.We need genuine soccer coaches here,not some choir-master masquerading as a soccer coach.Adios!

  5. Dube must follow pagels

  6. Pagels anga atipa introuction to a new type of game.. Who shall supplant him nd triumph…l wonder

  7. a professional coach like pagels in a chaotic organization like zifa ,let the gentlemen go and find a professional team or national team to coach ,the warriors under zifa are destined for one direction that is downwards. we hope & pray that one day we shall have a team to cheer for either the world cup or African nations cup.

  8. Go, we don’t need you ?

  9. sorry zimbos germany,third paworld ranking and zimbo agood hundred and fourteen.shame on us.

  10. allen ky pedzy

    Extending the contract or not the difference z the same

  11. Bt pagels did a vry gd job if viewed frm another angle.zifa made a poor decision,hwevr bye pagels we wl 4evr cherish yr hand in our warriors

  12. Brigadier general

    zifa you have messed up things again.when shall we haVE ORDER. You are all leomaniacs with this continued destruction of our beautiful game

  13. It’s back to rebuilding again with a new coach. We will always be rebuilding for every tournament surely Dude should go. Even if a good coach comes we will lose nezifa iripo our football this doomed with these administrators.

  14. Thobela…

    Heeee bannna weeee…so Zim has become a place of making quick bugs for these so called foreign coaches? Someone in ZIFA must be benefiting out of this I am pretty convinced. Tjoe!

    Mara keng bathoo ba ZIFA ba dira mtshila so??? oa e tse ke tlwa bo thoko what will become of us as a country as far as Zim Football is concerned…

    Ke de nehile fani…tjoe!


  15. ZIFA z run by shallow minded so called “football heroes”..who can’t even organiz beta contracts 4 BEST coaches,,woe 2 doz who don’t apprciate 2 gud work done by Pagels,,Go well Mr Pagels u dezev beta dan dis ZIFA shit’

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