Over 2 000 demand war compensation

ABOUT 2 000 people have been camping at a farm on the outskirts of Harare for the past two months demanding compensation from government for participating in the liberation struggle.

Report by Dumisani Sibanda.

The group — consisting of both men and women most of them aged above 50 who have been camping at a farm near the Koala Abattoir adjacent to the Harare-Chitungwiza Highway — are from all the provinces in the country and are demanding to be addressed by President Robert Mugabe. They do not claim to have fought in the war of liberation, but say they crossed the border and participated in the struggle in various ways, including nursing freedom fighters and doing other chores outside the country.

Efforts to get a comment from Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba yesterday were fruitless.

On Monday, when a NewsDay crew visited the farm, some members of the group wearing Zanu PF regalia were reading the party’s manifesto under trees.

Contacted for comment yesterday, the chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association, Jabulani Sibanda, said he was aware of the presence of the group at the farm.

“They are people who were in the struggle, but did not receive military training that qualifies them in terms of the War Veterans Act to be regarded as war veterans,” he said.

“Some of them were teachers and nurses, for instance, but they were part of the war. They have genuine grievances and I spoke to some of their leaders and some of these comrades have started going back to help the party campaign and win the elections. Their issues will be attended to after the elections when the party (Zanu PF) has won the elections.”

In 1997, former freedom fighters staged demonstrations forcing government to capitulate and give them Z$50 000 each as gratuity for taking part in the 15-year war.

Sources close to the group said although they did not receive any military training, they wanted government to pay them pensions and gratuities in the same manner their counterparts who “received military training” during the liberation struggle and considered “war veterans” under the War Veterans Act were compensated.

“These people spend the whole day milling around and occasionally go to town saying they are going to the Zanu PF headquarters,” said a source. “They say they are waiting to be addressed by Mugabe on the processing of their gratuities and pensions.”

Local farmers have raised concerns of a looming health disaster as the site does not have adequate sanitary facilities.

The people are also reportedly demanding food from local farmers as well as transport to take them to Zanu PF headquarters.

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  1. Mati kuda kutaura nani? Kutaura naMugabe! Aaah heheheheda…. Vanhu ava ngavaende kuma wards avo vagadzirire kuvhota otherwise vanoruzisa party yavo vachipemha mari ku zanupf. Kkkkkkk…….lol ‘O’-vets or No-Vets.

  2. We have created a nation of useless “give-it-to-me” people – this is how the decline started in 1997 and it never ends.
    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country.

    1. well said

  3. I want to believe that these people sacrificed,but what is the reward for a sacrifice? If you volunteered then do not claim for payment. The land is all that we fought for and these people were encouraged to get the land and they did not. Others are now making money in the farms but these are demonstrating for someone’s money. It’s a sign of laziness!

  4. This is 33 years down the line ! Where have these people been hibernating ? We also have the MUJIBHAs and CHIMBWIDOs who are still to be compensated for their heroics. We were all soldiers of fortune madoda !

    1. funny how they serfice now in time for crunch elections

  5. @Mbayambay- must have been doing grade two when the British Pop Band called the Troggs made a chart topper of a similar name “Give it to me” Well we did not know what the hell they were saying but it was a danceable tune! A few days down the line was “Baby come back”..not sure whether it was the same fellows or the Beatles but this time we were ready… we sang along to localised version on the chorus “teen time yemakonzo” and then it was “Venus” by someone else which we changed this one to “Anopenga, ano fara, George Shaya” OK, fine, this did not make any sense (nothing still makes sense even now) and slanderous to that football Maestro cum genius George Shaya but being the perfect gentleman on and off the field he took it in his stride…Oh, yah, to be young again in the dusty streets of Highfield.

  6. Rip van Winkle

    Asleep for 34 years! If or when you get paid, please remember my late mother who provided ‘take-away’ chickens and my sisters who provided service, all from within Rhodesia at great risk and with no protection at all. Did you not get farms? It’s election time, VOTE WISELY.

  7. At this rate, we all want compensation. My parents, brothers, sisters and myself toiled preparing food for ‘the guys in the bush’. What compensation did we get? Very soon someone will say akarwa Hondo yeminda thereby continuously milking the economy. ITS HIGH TIME WE SAY NO TO SUCH NONSENSE. Jabulani already want to establish another machine gun to kill people. The generation of real war veterans is getting dwindled and this a ploy to bring in what I would term ‘mercenaries’. If Robert is going to stoop that low then I will be convinced, he desperate for support! LETS WATCH AND SEE.

  8. ngavapiwe minda varime hakuna mari yemahara

  9. zvemahara hakuchina hang””””’

  10. they are trying to milk the country one last time before Save steps in.they know under his rule it will be food only for those who work and nothing for lazy buggers.

  11. my mother was a victim of the liberation stuggle, was made pregnant by one “Mukoma” in 1978 in Shamva, she is not the only one, vabereki vakabikira, vanasikana vakaitiswa vana, that was war. a lot of evil things happened during the war, saka hazvipere ma cdes.

  12. Vamwe vanhu mune godo ne zvinhu zvisineyi kana vakati varikuda inmbva muhomwe mako vano fanira ku vapa ndivo vane say pazviri.ma 50.000.amuno taura yaive 2 thousand dollars us vabvumirana kuti vaizo pihwa 500.000 wich is 20.000 vaka pihwa 2 thaza.havasi kuda imwe isiri yaka bvumiranwa.anamucheka dzafa.dayi vasina kurwira nyika iyoyi smith waimuti chinja waka mira payi.ungratefull bastards

    1. smith was better. at least evweryone, even though they ruled, managged to have a plate of sadza or two per day. takatongwa nevenhu vatema verudzi rwedu vanehutsinye kune ma fellow blacks. no regrets. dai ma comrade vakasiya , ngavatidzosere kwavakationa takasungwa, then we try to liberate ourselves for the second time. kekutanga karamba. cruel bastards.

  13. ko ndeipi ko iyi

  14. Not again makanganwa the effects emapayments are 1997 and we stil have not recovered kwete mhani lets rebuild zimbabwe and not destroy further


  16. But its okay to compensate someone who stole our land through violence vanavezimbabwe kuwirirana kuchanetsa isu vs mapuppets

  17. kkkkkkkkk ma 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thus why i hate poverty ……out of poverty yu get used nevakangwara…..mwari pindirai.

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