OK Zimbabwe taps into South Africa market

OK Zimbabwe has signed an agreement with a South Africa-based company, Kawena, to enable Zimbabweans resident in South Africa to purchase goods for family and friends back home.

Report by Business Reporter

In a statement yesterday OK said the partnership hopes to tap into the estimated $500 million per year which is remitted by Zimbabweans in South Africa for family support and other personal projects.

OK Zimbabwe business information systems executive James Madondo said the idea was born out of the realisation that many Zimbabweans resident and gainfully employed in South Africa faced immense challenges to assist families back home.

“Zimbabweans in South Africa have had to use all sorts of methods, some very risky, to get groceries to their loved ones back home,” said Madondo.

“What OK and Kawena are offering through this arrangement is not convenience, but speed, security and peace of mind in the guarantee that the goods a person sends will be received by the right hands with quality preserved.

“One can now send fresh and perishable products to their families which they could not do through the informal route.”

Madondo said the Shop Easy Card was a voucher facility that was provided by OK Zimbabwe Limited to enable their customers to purchase, store credit and sell value to loved ones locally.

He said the system had been tested over a significant length of time and proved to offer convenience that was enabled and enhanced by the nationwide network of OK stores.

“The way OK and Kawena will help is quite simple. Zimbabweans in South Africa will simply visit Kawena office close to them and make a payment into their beneficiary’s OK or Kawena Shop Easy Card. The payment is immediately electronically credited into the recipient’s card.

“The beneficiary can then use the card to purchase their grocery requirements at any OK, BonMarche or OK mart store in Zimbabwe,” said Madondo.

Madondo said all the necessary authorisation for this business line had already been sought and granted by the central bank of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

He added that the agreement of the new OK and Kawena arrangement was launched in South Africa on June 26 2013 and in Zimbabwe at the beginning of this month to cement OK Zimbabwe Limited as the leading retailer in the country.

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  1. The contact details of Kewana would have just been very much helpful

    1. Sure.Where’s Kawena?

  2. this iz a great idea, pliz give us Kawena’s details

  3. Let us have the Kawena details and maybe shed a bit more light into this noble arrangement. Mahwindi muchashaya basa paPowerhouse apo!

  4. zviri nane chose

  5. Themba Mlangeni

    the issue here ndeye ma prices. Irs a public secret that groceries in Zim aree much more expensive than in SA. But, as always been the case, the informal service providers will react. So dont write vana hwindi off yet

    1. Price differences are a couple of cents and you cant compare that to the cost of paying ‘mahwindi’ to get products across the border & worse the cost of travelling to collect goods & the money & stress relatives back home go through trying to contact the drivers of these buses.


    All the OK shops in Harare except the one in first street always offer very poor and shoddy service. Clients are seen dozing in queues. Whenever i want to buy groceries, i would go to Food World shops where till operators are fast.

    1. Maonero enyu bambo @Willard.Bvaendai munobirwa tumagrocery twenyu nanaMalaitsha.Tsvee kutarisa the good side of it.Shame on you.

  7. Morgan is More

    Kaone inoita

  8. Guys out there in SA this is the greatest deal ever for you. Go for it.

  9. Notorious ZImbo

    I love it.

  10. Such a sad affair and to think that this will make so many happy! It’s scandalous!!!
    Then again, considering that I live in SA and have goods sent to me from the UK as they are so expensive in South Africa… in all honesty something should be done about the local markets/shops so that we are able to afford to purchase goods in our own countries. I suppose this is Africa so why should anyone expect to be able to afford anything … corrupt officials lead the way!

  11. Good plan

  12. Ras G. Mugabe

    @helen what’s yo point? To tell us that you have people in the UK? We don’t care if you have people in heaven or in mars or even in hell for that matter. A good idea is a good idea. Political parties rule countries even with less than 50% support. Businesses make billions without having to open an account for everyone on earth. They call it ‘tapping’ into a certain market, by identifying a need that has enough demand to sustain a business and make a profit. Saka isu vanozvida rega tiite, iwe rega. Its for us who want to SEND not you who want to RECEIVE. It doesn’t concern you. Go ahead OK & pliz give us full details.

  13. zvabatsira vanemhuri pamwoyo vari South .vangazoti kusadzoka kumba uye votadza kutuma zvekudya .Ruvanda Masimba wabatsirwa tumawo zvokudya neoky

  14. this is a very good idea.If managed well it will boom.had always thought of launching something like that.there is so much potential.

  15. iwe mugabe tsek. Helen just made a point indava muchingoita ziruvengo imi. Her point is valid why cant zim just settle. Nxa

  16. Shungu Muzenda

    This is a good starting point, though improvements can be made to the system. For example, the client in SA may choose to use the SouthAfrican price of the very commodity such that the recipient back home receives credit in terms of goods not cash. That will cover-up the price discrepancy.


  18. Who is Kawena, tipei macontacts details kwete kungoti Kawena, are u ZANU PF people who arte not organised.

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