New twist to Zim polls. . .as AU enters the fray

The African Union will on Friday convene a special summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to deal with the contentious issue of elections in Zimbabwe.


The summit has been necessitated by petitions from the MDC formations to the continental body accusing President Robert Mugabe of stampeding the nation into a July 31 poll when the playing field is not even.

Mugabe announced the development yesterday while addressing a Zanu PF campaign rally outside Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera, where he vowed to press on with the elections despite the AU summit outcome or the MDCs’ objections.

“They (the MDCs) have taken the matter to the AU, which used to be our OAU (Organisation of African Unity), so we have sent (Justice minister Patrick) Chinamasa to be prepared on the 19th of July. They want to postpone elections, but that will never happen with the absolute deceitful British who are supporting that,” Mugabe said.

The President said the country’s Constitution demanded that polls be held after every five years making them due now — on July 31 — without fail.

Mugabe dismissed the possibility of what he called a British-sponsored transition, saying that was “nonsensical”.

“You can do whatever you want. Your nonsensical talk about transition in Zimbabwe — there can never be any transition from the rule of our people to any other. There will be no change to the powers we gave to the people in 1980. There will never be that nonsensical transition. Keep it to yourself. Filthy aggressors, leave us alone,” Mugabe fumed.

It was not clear what transition he was talking about.

Turning to local politics, Mugabe said there was no need for Zimbabweans to fight among themselves, but would certainly stand up to foreign forces.

“The enemy we will only fight is the one who comes from afar to say I am here and want to change things in Zimbabwe. That one we will beat up. On our own we will not fight. Why should we fight?” he said. “We don’t want foreigners who say you have stayed in power for too long, give others a chance. No, no puppets, no,” he said. “We almost lost it in 2008, maybe we had overslept, we almost lost in broad daylight. That’s why I say be ready with your fist clenched and eyes alert and not to go back to 2008.”

Mugabe took a dig at MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube over his stance at the Maputo Sadc summit which recommended an extension of election dates in Zimbabwe.

“Others who call themselves professors (Ncube) said during a Sadc meeting in Maputo that I had erred in proclaiming July 31 as the election date. He said I did not have powers to do that. Why go to Sadc instead of going to your own courts? You do not rush to Sadc.

The courts set July 31 as the election date and so where did Mugabe err? The power comes from the people,” said Mugabe. “The MDCs are afraid of their deeds which they showed in the past five years. Some of them had lost their constituencies, but we allowed them into the transitional government that we thought would last for 18 months. They kept on saying they wanted reforms first, but now they have taken the matter to the AU.”

At the Maputo meeting of Sadc Heads of State, the regional bloc urged the parties to the inclusive government to seek an extension of the poll date and implement reforms. The Constitutional Court, however, dismissed the application and upheld the holding of the July 31 poll.

Mugabe also threatened to take over conservancies, saying animals were occupying huge tracts of land at the expense of people.

“I told Environment minister Francis Nhema recently that whenever I fly, I see acres of space for animals. Our people will have to farm on those safaris.

It is okay now because we are around 13 to 14 million, but years later we will be 20 million and farms will have to be cut to accommodate people,” said Mugabe.

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    2. Eehh eh eh Don’t threaten me Please. I will pull out of the AU and bring back the Malawian kwacha to Zimbabwe

  1. This is NONSENSE!!!

    1. Some comments border on lunacy. Whether you are MDC or Zanu, our politicians are destroying this country through corruption, nepotism and incompetence. If Zanu wins expect nothing new. The crew is now bereft of ideas. Even a company needs re-engineering to reinvigorate itself. If MDC wins we are going to face incompetence on the scale of Zanu PF as people jostle for the feeding trough. So for some of us these elections are much ado about nothing as the current crop of politicians do not inspire confidence at all. After the elections all those crowds thronging rallies will be back to their ways. Scrounging to survive, while the Mugabes and the Tsvangirais of this world will be ensconced in luxury with their younger wives and children while you wallow in poverty.

      1. lets make this a starting point for a better future for the next generation
        ngatiregererei kumirira kutukwa nevazukuru vedu

  2. Edmund Khalambo

    AU be warned Zim will pull out if you allow yourselves to be used by the Blairshit.
    Ahh its handelshallelujah goobledygook for Zimbabwe why not just do parliamentary elections and leave the life President alone u risk sinking the whole country

    1. We're landlocked u dolt

      Dont be an idiot now.

      We cant agitate our friends. Those are the people who can really isolate us if they wanted.

      We dont want that. Africans are the ones closest to our cause even where Mugabe has made mistakes, they get tolerant. Europe and USA are very far away and their damage is limited. But Africa can cause us pain if they want. Ask Tsvangirai when he insulted them. Ask Mugabe when he insulted them too.

      Lets be wise and not say such shallow and thoughtless utterances

    2. Didn’t you notice that the country is already SUNK?

  3. Tendai Chaminuka

    Tsvangirai defeated in Mozambique,Ncube to be defeated in Addis Ababa,then the coalition is formed.Now they have a common ground.They are both losers.

  4. Command Center

    Ko madzishe akazomboitirwa sarudzo here, makurukota ndo ega anoitirwa sarudzo, regai Gushungo vatonge nyika

    1. Ndisabhuku wekumusha kwenyu kuMoscan not our Zim.

    2. kokana vashaya zvozodini, ndiani anozopanga vamwe mazano

  5. OAU can not overule judgements from our courts. Pliz Cde President do not go to that summit. What do you expect from those toothless dogs.

    1. If we upset AU you will see real sanctions. When all our neighbours close their borders and we slowly die. What about refusing us to fly over their airspace. Where will Mugabe go!!!! Wake up Madoda!!!!!

      1. Tell madununu aya. Neighbours will box Mugabe in and he will no longer be able to travel to Malaysia (and whatever he goes there for will die. And the people will be angry…and destroy ZANU (the people and all they stand for). There is stupid ‘machismo’, then there is very stupid ‘machismo’.

  6. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kirimu Dhonanzi

    Your utterances, Uncle Bob, reflect that you are in great fear. Whether you shout from a rooftop or not the international community is no longer afraid of you. You can’t rig because nobody will accept a rigged vote whether it’s SADC, AU or the UN. You are cornered, man, and I honestly feel your pain!

    1. Who’s actions show fear, a leader who is ready and campaigning for elections on a date chosen by the people through the constitution or a bunch of yellow-bellied babies crying to everyone to postpone the inevitable through breaking our laws and defeating the people’s constitution (94% voted yes to the constitution!)? A definition of an idiot: one who foolishly believes that the AU can overturn a constitutional ruling of one of its member states at the request of one man! An idiot lacks the ability to read between the lines when they are put in their place by SADC leaders.

    2. The man is cornered. Too much noise is only a desperate call to sympathiser who unfortunately non existing. Kuti umame

  8. Taura hako Kirimu dhonanzi (Kikikikiki, your name made my morning), this old man cant be the only one right. He is cornered like a rat, to borrow from Jona’s phrase dictionary. 89 years, the brain is no longer 100% functional. There are too many holes in it.

  9. It was this same AU in cahoots with Sadc that kept Achimwene in power when he lost the election in ’08. What the AU and Sadc should have done then was organise a rerun of the election so there would be an undisputable winner. They were cowards and the fruits of their ommissions are coming out.

  10. umm so this guy sees himself being there when population of zim hits 20 million. ah mudhara uyu munhu here kana kuti

  11. MDCs have failed to hell with them elections after 5yrs in office reforms within 5 yrs in office not after 5yrs elections 2 weeks after the special vote nhai MDC zvoreva here kuti mapurisa zvaapedza nhasi vanhu vozovhota muna August iyo constitution ichiti after 2 weeks nhai professor ncube uyu hake hazvina basa haana chikoro but vancube itai kunge makaenda kuchikoro

  12. Silvester Matambo

    Vote Zanu pf and reject the Mdc politics of vulgar lunguage, violent language, violent sunctions and its politics of puppetry and fear of elections.

    1. @Silvester – uri chibenzi chemunhu. Chii chinonzi “violent sunctions”? Isu tinoziva sanctions chete kwete “violent sanctions” or “violent sunctions”. Ma sanctions anogoita violent chirudzii nhai iwe inofunga nekusure kwemagaro?

  13. chimamiso chaicho chiri kuisira tsvangirayi na ncube wake. Ndiri ini tsvangison ndaingosiyana nazvo zvaramba zvekutonga izvi. Fire Fire Fireeeeeeeeeee zanu pf. Moto nekumusana kuma westenr puppets. AU ndeye mu africa ka saka hapana nyaya Gushungo win futi ……..Go and report to Britain and America Guys not in Africa. African countries are clever indeed , they won’t allow the western to dictate on them. Viva Zanu Pf! Viva Africa Woyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  14. Pull out of AU or OAU whatever it is !


    good or bad,
    naughty or potty
    not mad or otherwise
    every country its leadership

  16. Mampara will go on record,fighting till death.But what is the man fighting for?To die in office ?Kunyepa musi wa 31 July 2013 unobuda badzi.

  17. conspicous in all this, is why are these regional and continental bodies not respecting the zim constitutional court

    1. Because courts, everywhere should generally rule the same (if I make myself clear). In other words, if you familiarise a judge in Australia or Belgium or Egypt with Zimbabwean laws then present them with a Zimbabwean case, they should generally rule the same. Then there are universal human rights issues that should be about the same pasi rese.

  18. western puppets are shivering trying to find the grave to bury themselves in shame. SADC NIL AU NIL ….. kikikiki zvimbwasungata zvichaona moto gore rino zanu pf ndizvoooooooooooo.

  19. A mad man trying to scare the world. Old as he is, he seems quite vicious and irredeemable, unthinking because he is gripped with fear of the same people he feign to want to say they have power.DICTATOR dIe hard.

  20. MDC after tasting power have become quite desperate, they want any technicality that will force another GNU, but this time the pundits ate very slim if not non-existent at all.

  21. pane chinobuda here nhai anhuwe 89,90,91,92,93,94……zororaiwo, dai vari original mai zim1 takazorora kare but ka sweet sixteen kuda kuluma too much…….zanuphobia!!

  22. Bob you are arrogant and now usesless.Avo vanoti MDC yakatadza in 5yrs,tell us how long it took Zanu Pf to come to power?Bob why have you send Chinamasa,if u have balls of steel,you should have juss rejected the AU.Ndozvawaiita but u ended up forming GNU.Kutwanya inda kwawaiita paHwahwa nekuita bonyora wakavharirwa is not a licence yekuti uite zvaunoda nesu.Zimbabwe ndeyemunhu wese.Nxaaa

    1. ndeyemunhu wese but tsvangirai no, bob is far much better.

  23. Zanu pf pamberi nayo . no going back.

  24. hapeno wasina ma smart foni wanomirira dictation at rallies. BIG

  25. lets go for elections and remember bhora musangpo

  26. vanhu havachada ZPF.July 31 or not…wait u shall c for yourselves.ZPF muri pacount down.ZPF hamungagone kuuraya mweya weshanduko.Kakata Morgan dhonza upinze vana munyika yeCannan.Remember kuti Morgan is more.

  27. Chipoko cha Chininga

    ZANU has no real policies,all they can do is utter sanctions, and more sanctions, they have looted,killed,did every worst cynical crime there is,and above all drowned our paradise Kingdom,it surprises me that they still have enough guts to ask for our vote,whether Tsvangirai @ least has some real policies and we will chose better come the 31st

  28. I am amazed at the sheer arrogance of this man. We are a laughing stoke of the whole world. What person presents himself for an election at age 89? Its nuts this thing called Zanu is just nuts.


    Kikikiki… Ha, ka party kanonzi MDC karikupa vanhu BP. Shuwa shuwa kupfekedza varume vakuru ma gemenzi. We are one people, lets not allow foes to divide us. We are all Zimbos. Lets work together to maintain our peace and develop our nation. PEACE, LOVE AND UNITY.

  30. The game is on lets play

  31. Why is it that AU SADC an other world bodies leave things to get to that level and only act when the situation worsens? What has happened to the idea of early warning systems ?

  32. Ndiyani waurikuti haachada ZanuPf u fool! We love the revolutionary party zvekufa mfanami, don’t be fooled.

  33. Blind MDC followers, why are you not able to see that your leaders are indeed clueless; being faced with the inevitable election on 31 July they are still trying to persuade African heads of state to defeat one of their member states’ constitutions, all because they find themselves unprepared, outmaneuvered and facing defeat? Is this really the best options? To try and get the AU to sanction the breaking of Zimbabwe’s law and constitutional ruling? This is indeed idiotic, why can’t you people demand better strategies from your leaders? Why do you allow them to make fools of you? They did it in Maputo and you all celebrated with them, only to realise that you were actually celebrating your own spectacular defeat. What did you all do after that fiasco? Nothing! Now you have another colossal defeat on the way via a futile attempt to get AU to do the impossible and you are just sitting there waiting? Come on guys; do something already. Please don’t hurl insults at me for this post as it only exposes your inanity!

    1. @Scott- if you are confident about of what you say, why would you bother about the insults? Are you embellishing facts perhaps?

    2. Iwe Scott. Enda unopfekawo gemenzi (direzi refu). MDCT haizi bho. Yaita kuti mdara apfeke direzi. Saka Ava madzibaba Gabriel. Zvakaoma

  34. No need to embellish any facts my dear, the constitutional ruling is in black and white and the AU mandate is also in black and white. And it is a fact that MDC has cocked up quite a bit, isn’t it?

    1. @scott…the facts leading up to that constitutional ruling, were in fact, in contravention of the so called new constitution! ZANUPF are crawling up their own backsides! If the performance of the recent “special election” are anything to go by, they certainly are nowhere near capable of running an honest election in less than 2 weeks. It’s a total shamble!

      1. Actually it is the constitutional court which has the mandate to interpret that new constitution. Whatever the interpretation they give it is the law, there is no other power to overturn that.

  35. So ths ws the ‘leverage’ refered to by David Cameron whereby AU is (ab)used to influence events in Zim? Poor Africa! If there is an African country deserving a summit and attention,its Egypt which hs bn taken by Generals thru a coupe,not Zimbabwe.

  36. Ngano yaCHITOFORO

    hahaha all the way to Chitown kuti ndidzoke ndakagukuchira NGANO YA CHITOFORO? veeryvery veryfunny chitofolo! thanks

  37. Ngano yaCHITOFORO

    scotto you are stuck like duck in meaningless quack!

  38. The aasumption in respecting national courts is those courts generally interpret the laws made by the majority through their freely chosen representatives in parliament. This is obviously not the case in zimbabwe bcoz zanu pf has been rigging elections since 2000 so the posas aipas and all laws promulgated since then are not necessarily the people’s laws. Sadc and Au know this but cannot shout from rooftops but try to put this across diplomatically hence the appearance of not respecting national courts. Even apatheid south africa and rhodesia had courts. Nelson mandela and mugabe spent years in jail after due court process but that does not mean it was right.

    1. rhodesia and apartheid south africa did not have laws endorsed by 94% of the population; your arguments are weak and not based on facts. Mandela was in jail not because he broke a law endorsed by the majority; my dear, what MDC is trying to do is go against the law by a majority which is not surprise seeing that their handlers are masters at rule by minority decisions. To be frank, MDC and ZANU PF supporters who make the majority of Zimbabweans want to get over with voting in their choice of government. Only a few are attempting to delay the inevitable. Delays will not change my vote for ZANU PF no less that it will change yours for MDC T! The issue is that MDC T is running scared because everything from respected western opinion polls to SADC and the our Courts has judged against them. Only a faceless facebook phantom has predicted a landslide for MDC T based on the overwhelming numbers of pro MDC T facebook likes; what a joke! By the way, 94% yes vote is endorsed by both ZANU PF and MDC T so your arguments, again, have no weight. Perhaps you are that baba jukwanai!

      1. SCott the new constitution prescribes how our media and security officers are supposed to behave This is in black and white. By the way who endorsed AIPPA and POSA. So who is going against the law? ZBC is so partisan and behaves like a ZANU PF branch. ZANU PF itself has taken over state machinery. The playing field for elections is not level Period!Everyone is aware of these ZANU PF machinations! This time if elections are stolen again then the people will be forced to defend their vote. I know what I am talking about because I suffered abuse in 2008 when I was forced to vote for someone I did not want. We were forced to retain the serial numbers of our ballot papers. I still have mine.I now keep it as a souvenir.

  39. expect the unexpected guys,vanhu vane hasha kunze uko,ngatigare takasunga mikwende,pane anobongomora chete,ngatigashirei zvinobuda musarudzo machinda amambo.

  40. Why is Zanu pf refusing reforms.Have you ever seen the Prime minister on TV .Why did they hurry to close registration of voters.Why did they refuse to anact electoral laws.Ndizvozvo ngavaende kwavadaidzwa vanopindura.Let the people be free to choose leaders they want.ndoo panenyaya.There are so many ways to rigg election.thats what is happening.

  41. Remember saddamm,remember hitler,remember gaddaffi,remember mussolin ,remember san abacha,remember jonas savimbi neva forget mobutu see seiko.hoeeva dictators wre thr and they will alweys be thre only 2 make history by performing dehumanizing things,but they all die miseraby like steet dogs” everythng on earth will come 2 an end no oppressive kingdom will stand 4 eva.dont cry my children ths is the last kiks of a dyng horse .

  42. We hev 2 pray 4 peace 2 prevail in ths need each other yes yu are rite my president r mugabe violence is bad.yu are a true leader mr mugabe

  43. @ Madman, who is saddamm, mussolin, san abacha and who the hell is see seiko?

  44. What ZANU pf people are saying is that SADC is wrong, AU is wrong, next it will be the UN and the onlly right person is RGM? Tikwanireiwo please

  45. What is happening is that SADC said they respect the decisions of lawful rulings by their member states’ constitutional courts and the AU will say the same thing.

  46. What’s next is that UN will say the same thing then MDC will be caught with nothing but their man-organs in their hands.

  47. hayi wena mdala ima kancane la.sikhathele ngawe..mlungiseleni indlela lomdala eya ko zwimba..khehla ndini hamba mani isizwe sikhathele ngamasela ndini

  48. AIDS is better than a mad man @scott,dont worry ubut spellings if yu are just a little bit educated yu already know wat i em trying 2 say

  49. AIDS is better than a mad man @scott,dont worry ubut spellings,yu already get wat i em trying 2 say if not the let mi sey:all dictators are cursed they all die like dogs,its shame hw can someone brag ubut being a dictator hear ths saddam died by hanging and the bible said cursed as anyone who died by hanging on a tree,hitler and mussolin committed suicide i dont hev tym 2 talk ubut the miserable deaths succumbed by ruthless dictators .shame o yu dictators .thus all i have 2 say@scott i rest my case

  50. spandasenkunzi

    oginye izapu uginye ipoison

  51. If the same court dilly dallied on long overdue by elections way back ,why should the AU respect them,all nonsense ,these so called ‘circus’ elections must be called off

    1. Tomatot- thank you for a timely reminder..those by elections that were never held even when the supreme court ruled in favour of the 3 MPs..the court set a dangerous precedent for itself..why should people take them seriously now???

  52. Get of your high horses the country doesnt even have a currency.

    AU and SADC will squeeze your balls this time just watch.

    Mugabe must GO we are tired of you .

  53. Zanu pf for life. Gushungo 100%. Icho!!!!!!

  54. chekai chekai

    Nhaiwe unozviti scott wakambozvibvunza kuti zita rako rinorevei.Ndomazita evana. Vakahugwa awa.that’s why you can not comprehent the simple facts in this let me educate you.Kana uchiti mitemo ye majority handiti urikutaura majority yevanhu vakavhota?hawaizoita mutemo dai usina kuvhoterwa ne majority.ndosaka vana robert vakasungwa nekuti vaive vatyora mutemo.hazvirevi kuti mutemo wacho wakanga uri right.Problem you have is you are dealing with an enlightened electorate.come 31 or even make it 32 july if u can,iwe nevamwe vakaita sewe you will be reminde of the truth about who the real ZIMBABWEANS under the sun!ndapedza newe

  55. I feel as a country we do not deserve this fiasco. We are currently key to the well being of many economies all over the WORLD yet a LEARNED SUPREME COURT JUDGE cannot put in place a system to have 40k uniformed forces and other UNKNOWN elements to vote over a 2day period and has the audacity to make us believe that about 6million people can vote over one day on the 31st of July 2013.Let us be reminded that GOD WILL OPEN A DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN CLOSE. WE HAVE TOILED FOR MORE THAN 10YEARS AND WE NEED A BREAK. LETS CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE PEOPLE ARE FREE TO DECIDE.AMEN

  56. He fill the courts with his stooges. Fills electroral commission with his stooges. Muded for life as the registrar has been rigging and rigging for him. The security sector is now his campaign team and the Public media his. Everything is his as though he is the president by election when he was dolled the position through the back door. He was told by the AU to go and form a government of national unity and prepare for fair elections. He agreed and came and did that but with deception for the past 5 years. he has been skeeming with the army and courts to get where he is now. he wants a to operate from an advantaged position against others. AU told him what to do and they will tell him what next. He is as it stands where he is an African Union product for Zimbabwe AND not Zanupf. this guy has always been bad news for this country and God needs to save us from this monister.

    1. And where were you when he was filling all those offices with stooges? Romancing on legends of the high seas? hahaha, elections are done every 5 years not ten years, you did not prepare so you will bear the fruits of your incompetence.

  57. He pulled out of Commonwealth, now he is threatening to pull out of SADC, and AU, and perhaps UN. No wonder why…

    Vanhu Havachada Mugabe&zanupf!!

    1. vanhu vapi vasisade Zanupf? taura wakazvimiririra. Isu tirikutonovhotera Zanupf naBob panyanga.

    2. Ichokwadi vanhu veMDC havachadi Mugabe.Asi isu vanhu vemuZimbabwe pamwe neve Zanu PF tinonovhotera Mugabe. Come 31st July!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Man bvanyangu

    Rita or is liter fails to organise a vote for 40 thou odd much for 95% literacy.this nation is functionally illiterate.

    1. you are not prepared and therefore do not want an election, end of. You will look for any excuse to come back to the GNU, well newsflash, not gonna happen.


    Who is ultimately in charge at the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe.

    This is a rhetorical question.

  60. if only true pan africanism was within…no lies wld ever go unoticed.

  61. Given the economic melt down from 2003 -2009/02 a foul being fouled can be the onlyone to supportzanupf. This is a country not one man’s palace.Even true war vets knows we fought for majority empowerment but some now have 16 farms and defied the land audit! This country has apopulation NOT MUGABE’S FAMILY.It’s imminent that he nolonger will be a legitimate leader, even for 3 mnths.Why threatenning innocent pple if you know you can win elections? If you lose then majority nolonger want you..leave them alone!


  63. Have you ever realised that anyone or any organization that oppose Mugabe becomes a western puppert.Shame on all ppl who biliv that too.We want credible election and if ppl vote without fear Mugabe is gone.

  64. I smell zanu pf victory. Last time i did not vote but this time my x is near z no one is going to make me change my mind. Even if u bring sunctions from mars or delay elections to next year, gushungo is our president.

  65. RG Mugabe for President.

  66. Some people are just stupid. How can someone still want to be ruled by a very old man who has lost his mental faculties, unless you are one of those benefitting from the looting of the country’s resources

  67. Mukati Mugabe akapasa fair feya imi?

    Haaa am now believing what Tekere once said… Hanzi ngezve kujuma juma zvikoro zvake..

    Anogoti Tiende kuma courts iye akaita appoint zvima puppets zvake ikweyo futi..

    Asingazvione ndiani?

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