Multimedia: Kisnot Mukwazhe on winning the elections, grand coalition, Mugabe

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Presidential hopeful and Zimbabwe Development Party president, Kisnot Mukwazhe speaks to NewsDay online on winning the forthcoming elections and sensationally “reveals”how he was involved in the formation of the grand coalition.

Describing President Mugabe as his inspiration, Mukwazhe outlines his plans for developing Zimbabwe and the best strategy to combat corruption.

He also answers the question of whether or not he is a CIO operative planted to disrupt the elections.

Listen to the interview below:

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  1. were the hell is the podcast

  2. he is a player

  3. Kisnot Mukwazhe is zanupf period!!

  4. jongwe mupoto toda ndzondora

    editor some of us are not getting the links to the podcast interviews. I need the eric knight’s one too. Consult ur developer.

  5. Kiss not my foot!

  6. All MDC-T posters in Masvingo city Were pulled down last night and replaced by ZANU pf ones.

    1. not only pulling down, the wen further to burn them

    2. Edson themba Nenene

      Send me Mr Robert’s photo

  7. I saw this idiot on TV last night, he is awful, I think creating such idiots is not the best way we can do it. Anybody watching ZTV that night must be wondering what has hit Zimbabwe, is it a curse? He thanked the security forces for maintaining peace in the country as if Zinmbabwe has ever been under threatr. He could have commented them on their role to prop up Kabila yes they did a job not in Zimbabwe where many lost limps to these pimps. Does Kissnot know what security sector reforms mean? It does not mean don’t train soldiers, don’t buy guns, fire the generals. Our security sector have unconstitutoonally propped up ZanuPF and declared political allegiance to one a political party which is in fact unconstitutional and very wrong and if this idiot does not know it he is beyond the levels of idiocy, he can’t be rehabilitated. Zimbabwe has never been at war except the anihilation of the people of Matebeleland if Kissnot think they did a good job there then I am ashamed with such a candidate, even Mugabe himself called it a moment of madness. What we know is the security sector has been at war with The people yet zanupf claims to be ‘for the people, with the people’ which people, it should say for the security and with the security. Ask Mai Mujuru what she was told by Bob when she complained about security forces interferences in primaries, he told her point blank that they owe their positions to the security forces not to the people of Zimbabwe’s mandate.

  8. “We have structures everywhere”!! Tipeiwo serious muvhotere mapato chaiwo murege kutitambisira nguva vaKisi Mukwazhi!

  9. Kisnot-The-Fool. He is a zanu maggot.

  10. Tobias Mudapakati

    where is that donkey coming from, they thought Tsvangirai was going to acharamba kupinda muma elections vobvavati tiri two ngatiendere mberi zvinomakairasa kwazvimba kumusha gore rino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Listening to this guy last night made me almost vomit with anger but I said I will listen till the end; ukwenza kwabadala abalenqondo, siyalalela umuntu ekhuluma uthuvi besesimujikela inhlabathi egodhini azigebheleyo (how old thinking folk do, listen and let you waffle then throw sand on you in your dug grave). He is inspired by Mugabe yet he wants to fight him in the elections why not just go with your hero and campaign for him? He thinks security reforms mean firing people yet all we saying is let the security be apolitical, does he not see it or hear it when it is said everyday if he is not ” a stupid idiotic street man” meant to confuse himself and not us? If indeed he is a Zanu implant then Zanu yaperegwa zvachose manje for you cannot expect any sensible person putting an “X” on his name let alone his wife and kids. They could have done a good job with Prof Madhuku by paying what he owes his NCA guys in turn for splitting the votes not this circus thing because:

    Hailume gore rino Zanu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kamu chale india osca

  13. Here arrives yet another Maya Shaky

  14. by tha way kizinote mukwazhi is yr company (yekugeza matoilets) still functional ? Its better yu put more effort there

  15. another Maya have come

  16. mupazhi hahaha

    In this thé fiction rigging, no gripping our country is hereby reduced to a pulp, pulp fiction. Président mupazhi hahahà oh this is great for monkeying. Mupazhi hahaha

  17. kiss not mupazhi

  18. Why is it that Tsvangirai seems to be turning a blind eye on the isssue of the voters’ roll being manipulated? We are tired of the complaints after elections. Settle this once and for all. Apa there are 2 candidates for Dangamvura- Chikanga constituency what the hell is going on/


    great sense of humour bwana mukwazhi are there nuts about you? or could it be a certain amount of alcoholic beverage that gives one confidence to entertain at a higher level? i can imagine the nomination court walls are now cracked up too. uri kuyiteyiko with your schedule now?

  20. Nice weekend mukozho

    You have earned it with all this popularity. I guess you will soon place indegenisation of FAcebook and thé Presidents hofisi on your agenda too. Nothing can be left to chance including all airlines flying our airspace. Since everything must reverse. Dont forget you have compétition in mythical fiction from bowera somewhere. Hah mupazhi for président.

  21. Bernard Sigauke

    And he got a slot on ZBC evening TV and Tsvangirai has never been given anything anywhere?
    Cry my beloved country. Zanu Pf yashaya this time around.

  22. Kisnot achakundwa neparty inonzi Spoiled Papers

  23. uri kutsvakeyiko nhaiwe kumhuri yenyika? for i cannot imagine anyone who dreams of you as ‘mutungamiriri wenyika huyezve ari mutungamiriri wehurumende huyezve mukuru weuto remuchadenga napasi what what what mukuzhi….’ we are gone akomana, finished in repute!

  24. Mandla Mindlos\'

    this guy is just a joke….imagine that figure at state house…President Kiss Not

  25. He’s jst a joke , mr KIssasrse Kunoduzvi !

  26. Command Center

    Wandipedza, kudyiwa neSpoilt Papers here vakomana, kikikikikikiki
    Apa wamufamba unoziva, dai ato withdrawer hake

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