Multimedia: Is Zanu PF straining Mugabe?


As Zimbabwe faces a crucial general election on July 31, presidential candidates are traversing the country addressing rallies in a bid to gain the much needed votes.


Report by Online Reporter

The two front runners, President Robert Mugabe (89) and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (61) also have government responsibilities that need to be taken care of.

This period is therefore one of their toughest as they have to juggle many balls.

Tsvangirai, who is addressing at least two rallies a day, is also lobbying for the sanitisation of the poll process amid reports of irregularities and ill-preparedness on the part of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) tasked to conduct the country’s elections.

But it is hard to imagine how at 89, Mugabe is coping with strain of running government, spearheading a decisive campaign and containing reported party factional fights.

There has been wide speculation about Mugabe’s declining health.

In 2011, leaked US diplomatic cables alleged that the veteran ruler had prostate cancer and was expected to die within two years.

The information was allegedly divulged to former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGee by Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono during a private meeting in June 2008.

Since last year, Mugabe has made six trips to Singapore for what his officials say are ‘routine medical check-ups.’

In April 2011 our sister paper, The Standard, reported that Mugabe had to move around in a golf cart during a summit of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) troika on peace and security.

With one bodyguard in front and one on the left, Mugabe, then 87, walked slowly to the dais where he was again assisted to climb up for the singing of the national anthems.

At campaign rallies where he is appealing to voters to give him another five year term, Mugabe has broken his tradition of walking around saluting supporters, choosing to use an open truck to go round the venue in what is seen as a sign the veteran ruler is slowing down.

His speech has also become slurred and incoherent as he reportedly, in some instances, forget names.

Listen to his address at the Zanu PF election manifesto launch

Last month Mugabe reportedly suffered a major embarrassment when he forgot to launch a National Youth Policy after delivering his speech.

The official launch of the youth policy was the reason why he had attended the event.

The frequent Singapore trips, coupled with the frail appearance continue to feed into the speculation around the president’s health.

But Mugabe has maintained in his public announcements that he is still fit to rule for yet another five years.

Recently Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai revealed that Mugabe wants to rest but has been forced to seek re-election by his lieutenants as his Zanu PF party continues to battle with factional fights and an unsolved succession issue.

NewsDay made a desktop examination into the health issues that can affect an average black 89 year old man and as shown in the diagram above, the strain put on Mugabe could have a serious effect on his health.


  1. Dead man walking. Am shocked at zanu, question is with all the younger more active guys in zanu u could not find anyone suitable to replace the old man? Chimuzorodzai. He remembers things that never happened and he still thinks he is in the chimurenga war! Reminds me of the banned Nando’s advert that was banned where bob is reminiscing about the good ol days with kim of north korea, gadaffi,, saddam, idi amin and at one scene they reenact titanic scene with saddam and bob on a tanker lol.

    • Ari nane ndeupi chembere ine hutano ne 61 year old ane mukondombera. Matama aye mapiritsi. Doctors say Tsvangirai has chronic chest pains.

  2. Those who have seen mugabe since 2 weeks ago are saying the dude has energy much more than his age group. This energy is only in speaking. His movement has become unbalanced, like a toddler leaning how to walk.

    We will make history by electing a 90 year old for a new term. Israil president they always refer about was elected when he was in his 80s. He is not seeking re-election at 90yrs.

    Mugabe needs to rest and protect his legacy.

    Pressure is coming from young wife Grace as well. She cant stomach the prospect of not having anymore those countless free foreign trips all over the world and an army of servants

  3. Good Analysis.How old is Israel’s Peres.Zvashamisa pana Mugabe.Anyway,Mugabe haasi sabhuku vekumusha vanotonga vega.He has an administration and that matters most.The Mugabe administration is doing wonders to the people of Zimbabwe and thats why they go in tens of thousands without any duress or undue influence to his star rallies.When refering to an African rule,its Mugabe but outside Africa its Bush Administration,Obama Administration.Mugabe is just an articulate captain who is leading an effeicient and people driven team

    • Efficient pachii? Where is the zim dollar? Where are the millions of jobs? Y are we importing maize asi kune drought? Ko goin to singapore for an eye exam ndiyo efficiency yacho here Parerenyatwa yashatei with all that efficiency? Efficiency kutengesa nyika to the chinese? When was the last time kunzwa munhu akafa necholera iwe? Makafita kudzosa polio. Efficiency i am sure mvura nemagetsi tikutadza kupedza nekuwandirwa. Efficiency kuuraya munhu kuti arefedzerei kusapota musangano wedu? Aiwa kana zvakadaro efficiencyyezanuu yakaoma.

    • Tendai if you are part of the inner circle idya rifa wakanyarara! Kwete kuropota zvisina maturo ose. Nhasi uno most educated and experts are out of the country boosting other economies, why? How many American experts are out of their country because of bad governance??? Pasi ne MHONDI ne MBAVHA!!! Pamberi ne JEKERERE!!!

      • I am not part of the inner circlr.Im just a reasonable citizen who commute on a daily basis and has been reduced to a street vendor by the sanctions.Ndiri kutotsvaga 5fand yekuendesa kumba

        • Iwe iwe masanctions api amonutaura imi, those are known as targeted travel bans (to the west) kwete kutinyepera. I dont c hw they affected the economy, when u say u got nothing to do with west!!! Munenge muchidei kuwest kwamunotuka, tiitirei mushe, kwete nhema dzako idzi

        • reasonable citizen papi pacho vanachaminuka, street vendor kupi kwacho, ita mushe shamwari administration doing wonders for who, nyika iniita 95% unemployment vakadzidza munyika hamuchina ndosaka wavendor vaikwanisa kukupa basa makadzinga. Zimbabwe is not under any sunctions asi kuti vakuru venyu ndovakanzi musauye kunyika dzedu, ko handiti munongochivatuka here y force someone to accept you in his house when he doesnt want. tonzwa kuchinzi look east zvino east yacho yakuya nei. chete haisi mhosva yako u dont understand how vana china works. changamuka chikomana

    • The Israel President is a ceremonial one not an executive one like ours…He plays the role that was played by Banana. The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau is the one who has all the executive power and runs the country. Dont shallow hook and stink everything the politicians tells you (esp. ZANU pf ones).

  4. Sorry, I just watched the video; was it meant to show the President looking fit and carrying on as normal? Because that is what is the video, unless I am missing something? Where are the pics of the President in a wheelchair or golf cart or whatever? I can’t them anywhere?? You guys are truly desperate, aren’t you? Pathetic reporting as usual..

  5. Voting Mugabe right now is voting for a cancer ridden 94year old in 2018.
    zvanyanya kudiniko.

  6. Tendai & Scott itai mushe. How can u be so cruel-Kubatisa harahwa iyoyo gejo kuswera ichirima imim majaya nevasikana makarara mumumvuri!!?? There is something teribly wrong with people of your type. You must be spineless, spoiled, uncultured, lazy, dim-witted and all!!! Honestly how can someone in his right mind elect a 90 yr old for president in a country boasting a high rate of literacy?? Tibvirei apa mutikwanire!!!

    • when the President’s age and his alleged frailty becomes MDC T trump card it means zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe shuwa. Kutoisa tumufananidzo twemasokisi mupepa shuwa? Mapererwa!

      • Taura hako Scott. Its not about his age its about what Mugabe stands for that attracts his support.

      • Kupererwa?? iwe this is evidence of an aging bus, vanoda kukwira mukukwira at owners’risk athawise the wise know hapasisina chisvinu chinobuda mubhazi renyu>

  7. Chokwadi utsinye hweZanu-Pfocho kunetsa mdara nekubata gejo vadiki vagere mumumvuri. Vadiki torai gejo munotiurayira zisekuru redu, mudzimu ukatsamwa.

    • Hutsinye hwe MDC to throw your not so bright leader in the deep end of politics, honai zvaitika so far: Failure to realise that the GPA had a lifespan hence the last minute running about and bringing up issues that should have been dealt with over all these years, failure to realise that the Constitution Court was the one ally they needed so instead of charming its judges and making friends, your leader insulted them and questioned their integrity/competency in public before rubbishing the constitution, the Court’s ruling and the judges before African heads of state in Maputo, The failure to read between the lines on the Maputo ‘verdict’ resulting in celebrations of a false victory, and lastly the pronouncement that this election is rigged, flawed and the result will be disputed not realising that this will also mean an MDC T victory will be illegitimate. Pathetic!

      • Scott, sikoti, kuzvipedza ngativhotere mdc votonga toona kuti tosvika papi. Havazive kuti security sector reform and public broadcasting reforms anotinetsa rega vambozviita nekuti handinyatsoziva chinongotidzisa kuti tione kuti zbc inonzi zimbabwe broadcastiing corp kwete zanu broad corp. But unoketa yakapenda ZNA ngatingiti zanu party army z.p.a. zvitibve izvi. Ngativasiye vaone equal coverage ku zbc tione kuti vanhwina here or kuregedza kubirira ma elelctiins, vanhu vachatisuwa ava hakuna imwe party ichaita drama kukunda isusu. But tambopusha 33 years ndizvo. Anyway rega ndiende pa singapore ndinocheka nzara pane nzara yakurisa iri kundinetsa.

        Waiti u cant use pay pal online hendei ku states kwacho tonotenga hembe ndine 1000 000 quintillion mazim dollar muface ndisingazive kuti exchange rate yapapi ne $Z asi hembe totenga chete vanotiona ana obama ivavo.

  8. judging frm coherence of speeches Mugabe cud be 40 years and Tsvangirai cud be 100!Bob talks sense all the tym even if he diverts frm already prepared speech bt Pm as soon as he removes hz eyes on the script,kurotomoka chete!can u tel chembere dzekumusha kuty hamuna ma pants iwe uchida mavotes avo?in terms of health,Bob is healthier than most of u guyz;he iz addressng hz thousands of supporters daily frm province to province.Pm iz forced to hev 2 rallies a day coz he iz adressng very few pple!

    • Ko ungaite ma rallies akawanda seharahwa here unenge uchida kuzorora. Saka urikuti kuwanda kwevanhu kunonetesa robert? He he he de wuri.

  9. mudhara uyu chero usingadi kusamuyemura kunotova kwekuzvimanikidza otherwise ndiye ane yese…..mdc haingamubvisi….njere dzavo vese ishoma saka they are bound to be outwitted again come 31 july. kupopota nekuratidza hasha hakusi iko kunohwinisa ma elections asi kuchenjera….itsoro

  10. afterall wisdom comes with age……viva bob lets finish this revolution once and for all….takarwa nevakanga vasimba nekuchenjera kupfuura iva…..saka ngoma ndiyo ndiyo.

  11. Gen’az rosapota 89 ririkutya zvawakapamba kuti zvichawapfukira, urwu harusi rudo, tibvirei nyoka dzewanhu sibanda kunyanya

  12. the goon behind this affront would in probability get a half digit of percentages. ndiyo rigging of peoples’ freedom of choice in electing mutungamiriri wavanoda by use of RG

  13. @ chminyuka.. U really think Mugabe ‘s admin has been helpful to this country ,, all are sick thieves who ave e audicity to come bck and ask for our votes .kana nyadzi zvadzo . the late Gumbo from Willovale scandal was a hero . @ least he felt so ashamed of his deeds and killed hmself .

  14. Please don’t turn Zimbabwe into a chiefdom. Kick OUT Mugabe convincingly.

    Mugabe failed in one of his critical accountability, failed to groom a successor in +33yrs of his rule.

    Mugabe is greedy and a despot. A tin pot dictator. Zimbabwe do not go down in History for voting for a fossil when young energetic qualified people available to take Zimbabwe forward.

    Mugabe must fall….

  15. If wishes were horses, the reporter would ride. Bob, due to his astuteness is very healthy, the online reporter of this article suffers from a lot of illnesses, the major one being mental decadency, come out with your clean medical report and your name so that you can qualify your facts about our healthy Mugabe. HIV has its fair share on the majority of our young not so healthy generation.

    • Robert is healthy iwe at 90 anotosiya usain bolt kungoti nyaya yema elections ndiyo inoita kuti asakwikwidze. Kutonotariswa maziso ku singapore is a requirement ye life insurance policy yake kwete kuti he is almsot 90years old.

      Young generation yanetsa neh.i.v tototenda isu the very old generation isitorina kana kuchena kudai, ndevana vadiki chete ndokwainogumira.

  16. Using AGE as the only weapon against Mugabe does not work. It’s not individuals that rule but systems. Don’t be so cheap – are you the whole of ZANU PF is aged? Tsvangirayi is a brave, womanising fool but not everyone in the MDC-T is. If you want to send Mugabe packing, shoot at his policies and teh ZANU PF system. For your own info, 43% voted for him in 2008 and surely five years will not make him so old that he becomes unvotable. This is why you see Morgan still having supporters despite his folly and immoral shenanigans. Tsvantions is just the face of a powerful change revolution while Mugabe remains the force of a powerful political and economic empowerment revolution. May GOD appoint for us the better leader between the two using the voting hands!

    • Iwe gumbo usazvinetse. Age haisiriyo yega yavatikutaura vanhu ve mdc varikutaura zvimwe zvinhu zvekepenga zvakaita se collapsed public health system, shrunk economy, very high unemployment, gukurahundi, restricted freedom of expression thru POSA AIPA, political murder torture and rape, biased security sector, access to public media funded by tax payers (mdc tax payers included).

      President wedu angarapwe muka hospital kemuzimbabwe sei iye ane ndege unomuendesa kunze kwenyika, vana vake vangadzidze muzimbabwe mune mauniversisties emhando epamusoro kudaro. Nyika yakanaka iyi tirikungoitwa zvaiitwa ne rhodesian governemnt but zvake zvanga zviri worse nekuti murungu.

  17. Ukanzwa mukadzi nemurume voti tivhoterei nekuti takanaka,nhingi musamuvhotere nekuti akashata hamuoniwo kuti zvaoma?Vanhu varume vakuru nevakadzi vakuru vopururudza nekuridzira izvozvo miridzo unobva washaya kuti dzirimo here.

  18. Only those who are mentally challenged will vote for a 90 old. Are there no young ones in his party fit the take the button stick or are the young ones in the party too illiterate or uneducated to be presidential candidates?

  19. If President Mugabe has prostate cancer, who said he cannot rule Zimbabwe. It is only God who gives and takes away life and no-one can really tell when the next person will die. At least caner can be cured and a person get healed completey Morgan Tsvangirai is HIV positive what difference does that have with Mugabe who has prostate cancer? The Newsday chose to rely on rumours. Tvangirai is living dangerously with HIV as seen by the way he changes women like clothes. How many women has he infected to date let alone his own so called “wife” Elizabeth Macheka cannot negotiate for safe sex arikofira mukati as she is subjected to HIV infection every day from hubby Morgan Tsvangarai.Let the Newsday also carry a headline on Morgan Tsvangirai’s HIV positive status and how many times he visits a private doctor to collect Ante-retroviral drugs. Hats on on President Mugabe’s health and Morgan Tsvangirayi is not that young and is even more sick than Mugabe. Tsvangira because of his HIV positive status is more dangerous to rule this country because AIDS has no cure.

    • nhai shonhiwa, chinouraya zvisina dziviriro chii HIV ne cancer? who told you that you can cure cancer? so outdated and ill-advised. cancer as a terminal disease haitozivikanwi kuti inokonzerwa nei? haina postponement when you get to a certain period, no amount of cash will help u pa cancer. You saying his personal doctor missed it when he pronounced the probable life-span he is left with? then you are in for a shocker. watch the space. Nnnxaa. cancer has a cure? wandishamisa?

  20. All you guys who are blaming Newsday have read the story wrongly. The analysis here if I am getting it correctly is that Mugabe is too old and why is his party keeping on fielding him as a candidate instead of letting him rest. The article is actually sympathising with Mugabe for the dilemma he has found himself in. Kana Zanu ichimuda ngaimuregerewo azorore zvakafanana nekuti sekuru kumusha wongoramba uchiti ivo ngavarime negejo nekuti vanoziva kubata gejo racho iwe uripo mwana mudiki.

    • The greatest mistake the opposition has made and continues to make is underestimating the President and believing that he is a frail and powerless old man held hostage by a bunch of of other people.

  21. He has never had legacy, he has always rigged his way. From a party secretary he out foxed the Zanu leader, created gukurahundi so as to force Nkomo to submit, that is worse than rape, lost to tswangirayi in 2008 and refused to go,,, In all these years when he was out foxing the so called majority to vote for him and keep him in power, he looted everything from a vibrant economy and when there was nothing left to steal, he tried to armtwist Britain to fund the rettlement program and when they refused, he came up with the violent land grab. He grabbed 6 for himself. What legacy are you talking about.. He deserves hell..

  22. One piece of advice to Pres. RGM: Eating pure honey is said to help those who have cataract problems.

  23. The President and ZANU-PF candidate is 89 years old, fact. So what? He is also clever, articulate, visionary, principled, focused, balanced, well grounded and people centered. The obsession with his age is rather destitute, we in the party do not see it as a weakness but a source of mature strength and fortitude.

    I wish one of you maTsvangistas would give me 5 good reason why anyone would even dream of voting for Morgen without mentioning Robert’s name or making a comparison. Let him stand out on his own merits. I suspect you will struggle.

    • Read the mdc manifesto and u hav all the answers to your questions.the zanu manifesto is pull us out of sadc insult our biggest trade partner bring back the zim dollar and by the way we are already indiginised hello. Simply put ur manifesto says “we hav nothing to offer u but just vote for us”

      • Nhai bishop, you actually went on to add quotes to your own a fabrication of facts, this is just too funny!

  24. Mr chamunika either waka itwa warped in your mind or u r one of those who was on the zanu gravy train the zanu admin prior to 2008 stripped our powerful zim dollar to a point were we couldn’t even use it for toilet tissue then wen the povo started digging fo diamonds u set BRUNO on us u r the same adim thatwould pay cotton and tobacco farmers worthless bearer cheques while u sold our crops for hard currency! Ur adim arrested us for selling goods in us $.u raped and cut our hands long and short sleeve,the gravy train yakaita derail change has come! Instead of mudslinging tsvangson about his private life like u doin on deadbc,give us wat u hav done for us the only thing i support and thank Sekuru for is his position on homosexuality apart from that zilch! Matland my homeland cries bcoz of ur admin

  25. bishop tdj, I knew you would struggle. You obviously do not understand the ZANU-PF manifesto, that is not the issue. I will give you a chance to redeem yourself, 5 reasons why anyone would vote for Morgan.

    • 1) Akashata pameso
      2) Can be challenged in public even by a village mbuya
      3) Formation of MDC that led to land distribution
      4) No more rubber stamping of the executive decisions by parliament
      5) Finality to the land issue through and act of parliament (constitution)
      6) Showing us that Bob is not beyond reproach and is as human as all of us
      7) Did a great job as an opposition leader, now ZPF needs to prove its mettle not just rhetoric.
      8) Brought about competition in politics (competition is a requisite for human success and development)
      9) Accelarated the process of our country’s political transformation.
      10) Changosara kuti timboona kuti kana vamwe vakatonga vanokwanisa kusimudzira nyika here?

  26. the mdc will never win were their Masters failed. chitima che Zanu pf chakasimuka imi woye.hatimiswe kana nani zvake kutonga 33 yrs hakuzi kogona inyasha nzamwari kuchembera kuchengetwa kokutyekeyi Mwari anoda Mutumwa Gabrail

    • AnaFarai zvamutori utsi chaiwo, usataure zvausingazive, wave Mwari here iwe, wat if he has long-lived to reap wat he sown???

  27. the mdc will never win were their Masters failed. chitima che Zanu pf chakasimuka imi woye.hatimiswe kana nani zvake kutonga 33 yrs hakuzi kogona inyasha nzamwari kuchembera kuchengetwa kokutyekeyi Mwari anoda Mutumwa Gabreil.famba Mutumwa ndiwe uneyese nyika hayiite zveku sirwa munhu kunge tea sezvama jaira inovhoterwa.

  28. Yes Tsvangirai had sex with more than one woman.How many men have entered Grace,s vagina,since she was born.The fact that there is Rasel,who is not Bob,s child is a clear testimony that Grace is very much comparable to Tsvangison.Don’t try to portray Bob and Grace as saints.
    I am not certain that Morgan is HIV positive,where is the proof.How many people are buried @ the Heroes Acre who succumbed to HIV?
    If Tsvangirai is HIV+ because he slept with more than one woman,why is Grace and Bob not HIV+ because Grace slept with Goreraza and many more in after that in search of a husband until the day he met Bob.
    There is no smoke without fire how many men were rumoured to have feasted on her even though she is married.
    Facts are facts ,Bob is old.
    Zanu Pf,s support is sliding ,they used to win elections by 90% support after the merge with Zapu,but its now a thing of the past.
    They used to have a speaker of parliament,but not anymore.
    They used to have majority in parliament,but not anymore.
    2008 they organises ONE million men march,they went on to lose the elections only to be rescued by TMbeki.
    The 2nd of August will tell us who is better Bob or Morgan when results start coming out.
    Hope the old Bob won’t keep the results for another month.

  29. Ju Jekiseni, like the bishop you have struggled too. Just 5 reasons I have asked. I will repeat mine for voting Robert, he is clever, articulate, visionary, principled, focused, balanced, well grounded and people centred. I am getting an impression you guys have no real reason to vote Pug-face.

  30. How can burden the oldman with al the responsibilties of running a country wit so many educated young pple who cn do beta, imagine obama was @ high xool in 1980 wen bob started ruling this country , but mafungire ake anofunga kuti hakuna mumwe futi anokwanisa kutonga zim , wait and c 31 july is just less than 2 wks

  31. @TKZ its not about age its about policies that we admire from zanu pf, tangible policies, many of which were already implemented. empowerment policies rather than disempowerement iri kudiwa ne mdc. Mugabe to tell the truth have brains, you know that very well whether you like it or not he is sharper than dununu renyu tsvanction. As far as I know if a part is being supported by britain and usa that support is conditional. Britain and USA cannot support mdc for the past 15 yrs for nothing, sponsoring it with the money it requires to buy cars, homes pay salaries and all its administration for a solid 15 yrs for nothing, never, never, never misodzi yegarwe mwachewe, they can not that for nothing remember they are sending 650 000 civil servants on unpaid leave for the first time coz upfumi hwavaiba muno havachahuwani, takazviona ku Iraq, tikazviona pa Aphghanistan, tikazviona pa Libya kwose ikoko vaingoda oil chete izvozvi vongoita madiro.

  32. 1. Never depend on one TV and radio controller for 33 years.
    2. Never read oneherald publisher’s opinion for 33 years.
    3. Usapengepenge nekudzidziswa zvavamwe.
    4. Dzidziswa nokupengapenga kwavamwe.

    Ukatevera izvi uchava mutungamiriri akadzidza kudarika vamwe vose huye uchazara neruzivo rwezvido zvavanhu kwete zvaidiwa navanhu 33 years ago.

  33. mukuru akawana literacy ari nailed at hwahwa and i am nailed to zbc and herald daily dictation. what is purpose of literacy then

  34. kana ndimiwo varume mune dzese zvakarebwa naMukanya munoti kungabuda chiro chakanaka here vanhu vamwe ivava vachikumba mabasa ese enyika see ka story kacho muSUNDAY MERO? board reZMDC rakapazwa naMpofu achibva atsokera matsotsi kuti anokore nhasi ofumotiza. vanhu vose ivavo vane zvinzvimbo nemabasa kumwe huye apa ma farmers zvekare. kwaa kuhi vari kugutsa ruzhinji ahewa vakomana. kuginya ruzhinji se chipangaano muMajubheki!!

  35. Mugabe is only thread by which Zanu is holding together. It will disastrous for the faction-ridden party if he dies and moreso no one wthin the Zanu can match Tsvangson. So the hawks in Zanu coerce Mugabe to soldier on.

  36. Uuum tarisa kamupikicha kacho, ungati kachipoko!Tumeso twadonhera mukadzoro bandamba! Ndoumwe munhu woti anovhotera chimukuyu ichochi. Shame!

  37. ko imwi muno budisa face ya chamatama aka tsvuka sei just picture him as black as he is and his lemon-face as he is. asi hausatiwamboona munu ane aids- anotombo buda makomba-makomba or ma potholes kumeso sa teaboy. bhora mugedi boys no turning back. and lets surport this bro of mine ncube to resist the coalition

  38. I have said it before, I will say it again. Some of these posts are being posted by ma CIO from Chaminuka Building and elsewhere countrywide, just to try to counter common sense. Dont argue with a fool, …… If they want to read “news” that go with their views, they must read the Herald on line, not Newsday.

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