Mugabe threatens Sadc pullout…labels Lindiwe Zulu ‘street woman’

President Robert Mugabe yesterday threatened to pull out of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) due to what he described as “stupid things” being done by “idiotic” people within the regional bloc.


Sadc are the guarantors of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) brokered in 2008 following the disputed presidential run-off leading to the formation of the country’s coalition government.

Addressing party supporters at the launch of the Zanu PF election manifesto in Harare, Mugabe, in apparent reference to the spokesperson for the Sadc-appointed facilitation team Lindiwe Zulu, said a “street woman” from South Africa had tried to block the holding of polls by end of July.

“Sadc has no power. Let it be known that we are in Sadc voluntarily. If Sadc decides to do stupid things, we can pull out. For now we have a Sadc that has good sense. Although from some quotas there was a stupid, idiotic woman saying elections cannot be held by July 31. Did such person ever think as an independent country we would take such utterances which were stupid and idiotic?”

The Constitutional Court on Thursday upheld the July 31 poll date, quashing moves by Sadc to seek an extension.

Mugabe’s attack on Zulu and threats to pull out of Sadc follow a series of meetings where regional leaders have taken a tough stance against the veteran leader.

Zulu has been consistent in outlining Sadc position on Zimbabwe regarding elections, saying that the regional bloc was for a free, fair and credible election that could only be possible if reforms were implemented.

In an interview yesterday, Zulu said the facilitation team did not seek to interfere with the Zimbabwean court processes, but they were only worried with the reforms and the country’s ability to hold a free and fair election.

“We will look at the reaction of the parties. What is important for the facilitation team and Sadc is what the conditions are. Are the institutions ready to deliver credible, free and fair elections in Zimbabwe? We are to report to the facilitator not only on the date, but on what I have also mentioned,” said Zulu.

“The reason why Sadc had asked for an extension of elections was on the preparations. We don’t want to be seen to be interfering in the legal processes, but what will happen is, we will hear from the interested parties.”

Yesterday Mugabe also took a swipe at United States President Barak Obama for supporting same sex marriages saying “as a black man, it was surprising that he was for homosexuality”.

Mugabe attacked Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC-T leader for his links with multiple women, saying that he “could not be trusted with running the country”.

He said Zanu PF was embarrassed in 2008 and had chosen to launch this year’s manifesto in Highfield as it was a “sacred place”.

“Highfield is a politically sacred place, but now l cry, ‘Highfield, Highfield, Highfield, where are you?’,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe said his supporters must desist from the “Bhora Musango” (protest vote against the party) syndrome that haunted the party in 2008 and said the focus this time should be on ensuring the President (Mugabe) was voted for.

He also hinted at the possibility of amending the Constitution and pleaded with party supporters to ensure the party won the majority of parliamentary seats to make it easy for the party to effect necessary amendments. Mugabe said the government was carefully looking at the possibility of re-introducing the Zimbabwean dollar as the United States currency while it was important for stabilising inflation, was inaccessible to many.

He said it was important for Zanu PF to resoundingly win to enable it to form a government on its own rather than have a coalition as happened in 2008 when his party “made a mistake”.

Mugabe said partners in the inclusive government wanted to “reverse the land reform programme” and an emphatic election victory was the only way to “protect such gains”.

He said his party wants economic revival anchored on indigenisation. The Zanu PF leader lashed out at Finance minister Tendai Biti of MDC–T for reportedly not allocating funds to areas like Bulawayo, which was once the industrial hub of the country for the revival of the industrial sector under the Distressed Industries and Marginalised Areas Funds.

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  1. Who do you trust:one who has one or two affairs with single women or one who takes other peoples wives?people learn to look behind your back before making idiotic statements

    1. Street woman? Why, attack the person of one’s saviour? Is it not South Africa who helped keep the losing party in some dignified political position? Now Zulu is trying to secure prosperity for Zimbabwe by simply calling for credible elections on behalf of sadc, she is called so many obscenities, surely she doesn’t deserve so much vitriol. Voters need a break from the tortures, the floggings, the scoldings, the under estimations etc. Surely, only a thoughtless person really thinks and believes that voters place their marks wrongfully or mistakenly where they do. Such thinkers should simply ban elections in zimbabwe totally for them to ever sleep peacefully in their bedrooms.

    2. Lndiwe Zulu must worry about cleaning Zuma’s pants not our elections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Goes to show how much he disrespects women in general. Millions of our women have been dehumanised by the poverty he has brought to our country. 33 years of misrule, please go Bob.

        1. No, Zulu is talking nonsense.

          She has confidence within the Zuma circles like one that slept with Zuma.

    4. Ndizvo zvainoita harahwa. He wants to find excuses for SADC ”sanctions” caused by ”MDC”. At one point he once said ”keep you England and I will keep my Zimbabwe”. When the British kept their England he blamed it on mdc sanctions.

  2. Syndrome of aging and madness. We cant vote for our children for this dying man who nolonger has a conscience

  3. Mugabe has done worse idiotic things than the Sadc maybe he suffers from amnesia old age he forgets easily

    1. Zibeko Mgabhi

      Indwindwi ikuphi?

  4. would rather vote for a womaniser than a geriatic

  5. A 90 year kutaura shit. Ngaanyare age yake mhani

    1. Loose mouthed and loose anus. Ndokuti President here ikoko.?

  6. Pull out of SADC, cut Relations with SA, Botswana, Angola, USA, EU, Australia. Japan! Vote For a 90 year old, give diamonds to China, Syria , Iran and North Korea. Then expect the country to move forward??? Honestly if the majority of Zimbabweans will vote for Mugabe in the coming elections, something is teribly wrong with our people and we need a national cleansing ceremony.

    1. Pulling out is a specialty for kule. Pulled out of commonwealth, ytl, y2k compliance, home grown economic policies to adopt esap, pulled out of peace with own citizens to flog them or better kill them, etc. Sadc will of course watch and regret ever saving the man and his colleagues again, man never knows short time moments of madness have long time durations of injury to domestic relationships. You won’t rise in popularity ever again-period. Do the right thing-Quit politics totally.

    2. speak foe yourself not for everyone

    3. well said

  7. Rather vote for a womaniser than a murderer

  8. kachembere kahuchera hwemumaraini

    1. lol taura hako, kaohwa ne kangopisa, hahahaha, the problem is he is like that 24/7!

  9. Wake up mr bob, yo people are telling you lies that the zimbabweans stil love you. You wil lose dismally, even if you rig this time haulumi!

  10. As stated before he has a very short memory. He pulled out of the Commonwealth and this organisation is still vibrant and he has been wailing about remove sanctions(targetted) etc. Sadc wont die without Zimbabwe. LUNACY LUNACY LUNACY

  11. kambe u Biti nguye eselingamsola khathesi ukuthi ngokufa kuka bulawayo, nguye yini owayephethe izimali kusukela sithatha uzibuse ???????????

  12. He pulled out of commonwealth. He wants to pull out of SADC. He will pull out of UN and possibly he will pull out of the world and earth!!! Its so amazing idiots were clapping hands and whistling for this shit. No No No i dont take shit!

    1. Remember Zimbabweans will clap hands for a truth and an absurdity

  13. The Zimbabwe Grounds,the venue which welcomed our once popular leader,with hundreds of thousands of people. Surely what goes around comes around. Thank u vaMugabe for coming to Zim Grounds to say goodbye at the very place that welcomed you. It surely ENDS were it all STARTED. Adios Cde….

    1. In your dreams,,,,,watch this space

    2. tendai_kawadza@yahoo.couk


  14. if I were thepresident

    At 90th year I would be glad to celebrate my life and what remains of my remarkable legacy and to insist that my 2ic’s get off my coattails to face vicissitudes of leadership other than on my account. I would be having a wonderful time knowing I am greatly respected by all of my citizens and neighbours. I would regard anyone who keeps pushing me to front for him/her as ungrateful and unreasonable.

  15. Mese munonyepa. ZANU PF ndizvo!!!! MDC dzenyenyu mega kumba kjwenyu. Don’t cry after maelections you cry babies.

  16. Yesterday was KANU.tomorrow Zanu.G/bye.

  17. If u are so confident of winning why are u afraid of the elections OR the elections dates. Win and do the reforms u are always crying for. Nyika haaitengeswe ma trure Zimbabweans akatarisa never ever!!!. Goodbye MDC etc. R.I.P.

  18. ma1.lithini ke bantu ngomhlolo lo?! This is smthing else~never heard of smthing like this!!!

  19. It’s true that common sense is not common to everyone. Pull out of chii? SADC? That’s being unreasonable. They rescued us yesterday & you want to dump them today. Grow up. Zvimwe hazvi sekererwi.

  20. i would rather vote for an 89years intellect than a 56 year old idiotic puppet.

  21. For your information the leader of Israel is older than our President and he is a wise leader; the Isarelis know it and they respect the wisdom and character that comes with age. Moses was an old ma when he led his people out of Egypt, so were many old kings and great men. The age issue is just ridiculous; let us argue on policy unless you are idiotic enough to think that the younger a president is the better. So far we have seen that since the inclusive government came to being, the ‘young’ PM has made blunder upon blunder and a series of bad decisions leading to alienating his 2 partners in the GPA for the love of tea and access to the President. Now that the GPA is over, he is frantically calling on those he sidelined to join him in an attempt to unseat the ‘useless geriatric’ and whatever names that are used by vasina hunhu. If he is so awesome and such a great leader why does he need a coalition to defeat a ‘frail old man???’ To even argue on SADC’s involvement and influence in Zimbabwe’s constitutional issues (a constitution approved by 94% of the population) is idiotic! If Tsvangirai can’t tell the difference between issues of GPA and issues of the constitution then he is not fit to be a leader; if anyone takes seriously opinions (not official ZUMA statements) from a spokeswoman of one of the SADC heads of state then they are also idiots; if a great leader calls it as it is that a street woman’s own opinion has no influence on Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court’s rulings he is putting her in her place. She should learn from this not to wawata to the press about things that are way out of her depth and this paper should not try to give weight to her utterances in an attempt to label our President a ‘bad old man’ – try something else please; this is just too desperate.

    1. @Scott- might it that there is a tiny weensy itsy bitsy difference in that the Israeli President is a ceremonial head of state like the Queen in the UK? Spot the difference?

    2. Mavhudzi wa MUtota

      you sound thoroughly mixed up!

    3. Nhai Scot, so, if Mugabe is a wise old man, how come Zimbabwe has been on the SADC agenda for the past decade? Are not ashamed of the fact that it is the presidents who are young enough to be his kids who are mediating solutions for Zim? Mugabe idofo ndo saka achipuhwa mazano nevana vadiki. Dai kwaive kare vaMugabe ndivo vainzi vanovhiya mbudzi vamwe vachotonga nyaya.

  22. Aaaaaaaa,guyz what is going to happen to our trade relations with sadc countries,think twice

  23. mhay gwenengwene

    When you vote for 90th year me to continué working for idiots like you anymore as chief executive I will tell you to go hang!!

  24. i think a threat is jus but dat. we love our country maybe if sadc is to believe dat zimbos think dat way ey r still to learn i love politics bt imimi mazimbabweans y get furious over a thot from e old wise man kikikikiki

  25. thiais retrogressive to say the least.lets vote for President Tsvangirai.

  26. you cant shout obscenities to someone from another country which is supporting you

  27. Yaaa let’s pull out of sadc and africa we can always be part of asia you knw, thnk about it we will competing against asians In sport our only chance of reaching the world cup oooh shit unless if we pull out of the world then we become our own world and be champions every “world cup” brilliant idea comrade

  28. Yet you want SADC money to run your own elections.Where is the sovereignty.What a disGrace

  29. What terrifies me the most is that people at those Mugabe addressed meetings will be cheering and grinning at him like a bunch of retards while he makes these stupid statements. Seriously? Whats wrong with you people? Are u under his spell or what??? If a threat to pull out of SADC doesn’t show you that this man has lost it what else will? SADC is only good so far as it allows him to run wild with his madman antics? For once man none of this is about you. Leave Zimbabwe if you don’t want to be a part of SADC!!! No one even gives a hoot what you do with yourself after that… Musade kutinzwa mhani muri vanhu vakuru imi.

  30. 34yrs in power woti handzi biti akanyima byo manyepo enyu vanhu ve pf tomaziva vote mdc-t

  31. We were in good books with Zulu and all our South African counterparts but our oldman who thinks kuti mashoko anotaura hatizivi chinhu. Go to remote rural areas and preach lies to madhara nechembere vasingazive not isusu, he iz wasting his time. We know what to elect for ourselves. TAKASIYA ZVAMUCHOSE!!!!!!!

  32. We dont want u mdala, we wil vote u out usanyeperwe vanhu hatichakuda, ukasa riggar hameno hako, haulume

  33. Lets grow up people of zimbabweans. God is in control. All this bicaring you are going to be suprised

  34. David kurutati

    Its a good move we welcome yu father .yu are a true pan africanist.we praise you we love yu long life ,and continue teaching us wise one once again i salute yu yo excellence comrade &R.G MUGABE

  35. David kurutati

    What will zimbabwe gain if the country is 2 be put under diplomatic isolation.even an ordinary persorn need freinds .please mr dictator revist yo senses and reconsider yo actions if yu still love ur beauteful dictator stop imposing rules and regulation that benefit yu and yo freinds in zanu pf.but remember the sad end of hitler.mussolin,saddam,gaddafi and many others

  36. Lionell kashiri weshava

    We cant blame anyone inguva zvichanaka

  37. Mugabe this this is a tuck shop where you close as when you feel like it. or a sole trader where the shop closes when the owner is going to the toilet

  38. If the limping old donkey wants to pull out of sadc let him do so as an indvidual with his idiot followers .Who is he to pull the country out of sadc . Remember we never voted you into that position of president.People do not vote for this warmonger bcoz his motive is not solving our economic problems but to start tempering with our new constitution and plunging our lovely country into move crises.This frail man is not our god we have only one god he is in heaven.

  39. Who wants to bet that Zulu will be fired soon for cocking this one up, then we will see what comes out of some of you lot’s comments. I respect President Mugabe for showing enough balls to remind SADC of the limits its powers. He is a principled man; he stands by the right principles no matter what. Some of you will drop your principles for fear of being excluded from a bunch of clubs like SADC, Commonwealth, EU, USA etc. If SADC is out of line it is only fair to be reminded that it is not the boss of us. I respect a leader who can do that, unlike others who are told what to do to the extent of accepting same sex garbage; pandering to western values over our own just to be admitted as another little member of the ‘International Community’. We need a leader who is prepared to stand for what is right to benefit Zimbabweans than be a coward and a pussi to please the ‘international community’!

  40. Mugabe is now lost forever

    1. not lost asi in all his ways he follows thy word of GOD S so he is gonna make it lindiwe is foolist and idiotic

  41. Why is it that this old thing is always blaming everybody but only him? Its hightime that you learn to be responsible shoulder your mistakes and stupid decisions you have made .In 1980 when you started relocating companies from byo Biti was only 14 years .By then yo motive was to fix ZAPU supporters .The sameway when you chased away white farmers from their farms you were fixing them for donating money to mdc especially when you saw a file tape flighted by dead bc showing Morgan receiving cheques from farmers. But the same farmers did donate some money you, before stupid.

  42. ndakamirira kuisa x yangu pana tsvangirai

  43. scott unobva kwashe upiko muzimbabwe zvaunongorutsa zvinonhuhwa kana waruza plot kana bopoto u keep diverting issue worasika sakunonga aitsvaka maforeign gay mucheche. usatinhuwidze nenyaya dzamatsvina idzodzo uchiziva hako kuti hapanashe kana mumwe muno munyika ine rich cultural and traditional values akambobuda achiti mutungamiri wamagays acho kudunhu kwake. wakundwa argument dont say stupid things and pollute our space nenyaya dzaunenge wanzwa ku marawi. unongoda kuti nhuwidza nhayi. torana na kunonga munotambira vayenzi vechirudzi chingabvuma matsvina enyaya idzodzo mukwazisane kuUNWTO not to pollute a meaningful debate. u r so narrow minded rupenyu rwese kukurukura fiction isiri yenyika ino. puuu tsvina!

    1. wow, this must be a record of insults in one post; well done. now you are somebody!

  44. I don’t know if Lindiwe Zulu is married or not. If she is or she has a partner they should beat up this sinile Matibili for calling Lindiwe a hooker. Cant we say the same about Anmbivalance the first shopper. Very undiplomatic, one of the sympotoms of advanced dementia.

  45. zvimwe fungaiwo

    yes he can do it. It wont affect him, iye anenge achiguta, the majority ndiyo inenge ichikama kiti, tichidya husukwe

  46. Nyangwe mukasiya zvachose vana takasiya zvachose, pamakasiya zvachose last time maka hwinha here? Zvamafunga kutizivisa zvokusiyazve zvachose gwendo runo so what? God is in control huye shumba haitereri zvichemo zvemhara. Basop basop

  47. Nyangwe mukasiya zvachose vana takasiya zvachose, pamakasiya zvachose last time maka hwinha here? Zvamafunga kutizivisa zvokusiyazve zvachose gwendo runo so what? God is in control huye shumba haitereri zvichemo zvemhara. Basop basober

  48. apa mudhara warashika.threatens to pullout of sadc at de same time achichema ne masaction okuti asasvika Amerika??vamwe kutopururudza?varwere vakawanda munyika.

  49. kwakukura uku varegererei

  50. Bullshit, can u imagine ystd he campaigned saying TAKAVAKA ZVIKORO ZVIZHINJI KUTI MUZOITAWO VATUNGAMIRI VAMANGWANA, but today as 90 years he is still running for presidency with small kids. Shame on him

  51. The statement given by the president is far shot of wisdom and humanity. Perhaps age and the weight of rotten zanu pf on his shoulders caused him to behave in this shameful and street-kid-like way. l feel sorry for him and blame thieves in zanu pf who are using him to cover up their sins.

  52. Does anyone remember what Dumbutshena said about this man.Hanzi pakufudza mombe vachikura aiti akatsamwa aitsaura mombe dzake onofudzira kwake ega kusvika atonzi sorry.Ari kutotiona semombe dzake,haunzwe nematauriro acho,Blair keep your England and let me keep MY Zimbabwe.

  53. Lets deal with SADC decisively by closing the following border posts, Beitbridge, Forbes, Nyamapanda, Chirundu, Victoria Falls, Plumtree and Kazungula ! The can keep their SADC and we will keep our Zimbabwe ! Kkkkkkkkk

  54. Lets deal with SADC decisively by closing the following border posts, Beitbridge, Forbes, Nyamapanda, Chirundu, Victoria Falls, Plumtree and Kazungula ! They can keep their SADC and we will keep our Zimbabwe ! Kkkkkkkkk

  55. i am not angry with mugabe and i hope south africans and lindiwe arent too. to me this is as good as an admission that lindiwe has done a good job…..she has got mugabe by the balls and he suree frrls the squeeze. thumbs up lindiwe and south africa. tinosvika chete

  56. This time Mugabe uri kuenda wega nevana vako. Rimember wakatiburitsa mu Commonwealth and we lost scholarships and many opportunities. Manje this time you go with your kids. Grace must stay behind, we need her

  57. zanu pf i love tthe party and its follwers ey talk blood spilt over thirty years back. ey have had tym to rule all the same e same pple have been ruling nw ey blame the gpa for nt doin the pple right yet the gpa brought the dollar graduating from e bearer the gpa brought sanity in e civil service wc was marred by corruption schools are nw functional w only a fraction o e teachers still goin to south africa to seek business and roads are being serviced sewer in areas like kuwadzana and sme parts o chitungwiza r a long gone story and all this in five years o nt forgetting magetsi tainge tave a ghost country bt nw magetsi avepo totarisei futi biti arikunyima macivil servants mari what a joke vaitambira mari yaisekwa nahwindi bt nw look @ em vazhinji i jemanewadya from a salary that bought a box o matches to a living wage. all this mugabe and ur goons was in five years wat did u do in 30 jus asking bt i knw u killed pple even ur own. u killed pple, and u r still killin. i hate to say this bt its true u r goin to kill mre so rig and win and kill sme more. i love zanu pf. did u say it pamanifesto hw happy u r w e songs vamugabe vanofamba nemamonya. we love u old man keep e fire burnin tosangana kuvote mouraya vanhu futi muchibika maresults paano buda hold em for a month again and tozoita run off

  58. Mugabe why are you scared of free and fair elections?

    1. kkkk scared inga he is the one calling for elections early while your tswangson arikumama nekutya hahahahaha munoroweswa gore rino

  59. Viva vaMugabe Zimbabwe with 95% literacy rate highest in Africa over a millon families resettled land reform programme De registration of of big international mining houses mineral grants inviting new local players lowest crime rate in the region iocalisation of economy political and economic freedom only in Zimbabwe No Marikana no no shantty town no bucket system no micky mouse independent will vote Zanu PF

  60. Zvako iwe Tendai. Hanzi kudi na TB Joshua kuna tsvangson?


    1. zim\'s Voiceyouth

      george wandisekesa vabvunze zvako iwe

  62. cde zvombo zveHondo

    Dear Mr PRESIDENT yo judgment is final if we feel Kuti Americans and British what to take advantage of us being in sadc to use the hook n crook to oppress us.we will simply get out of it as for u Mdc ponks u will have no were to run.let it be clear to the pple UN is being run in a mafia like way by the Americans to get who ever their want here we will not allow for (Mdc) Movement of dogs and cats u will never win were yo masters failed viva RG MUGABE viva Zanu pf viva Zimbabwe

  63. We don’t eat literacy rate,look at how we are suffering with our good literacy rate,sometimes it makes me wonder if those who vote for this old man are in their right mind,don’t they ever learn.Evrybod n zanupf is corrupt and they will continue stealing our resources and mudering us,why not try someone and see hw things go.


    My prayer is peace and love. Whoever shall win, must ensure that the problems we encountered in 2008 must not come back. These problems are exempli gratia, fuel shortage, scarcity of foodstuffs in shops and shortages of bank notes. We also want the problems of h20 and electricity to be solved. We want our industries to be revived so that our brothers and sisters could get jobs. Lets pray for our leaders. Lets pray for peace. Lets pray for love. BUENOS DIA.

  65. blackwhite man

    once we regain our sovereignty we will among other thngs, look into reitroducing the Zimdollar, kuti mukaure manga makutojaira kudya majarini makutokanganwa kuti tirivenhamo isu. Viva zanu ndeyekushupika. Kkkkkkkkk

  66. You idiot Mugade, better be clear on this. I dont know if i get you right: You want to move out of SADC? Its fine, you are a liability to Zimbabwe. Leave Zim and you can leave SADC for China or Malysia or somewhere else.

    You cant make such a stupid decision and decide for Zimbabweans . You go alone and leave Zimbabwe in SADC or you move out with your ZANU out of SADC.

    Thanks Mudhara, you are old enough and with your age , you might be living in the injury time.

    Hamba kahle.

  67. blackwhite man

    Jehova mutibatsire. We cant afford to have a replay of our horrific, unimaginable past. We want some dignity, some order in our lives!


    These can only come from a geriatric and one who has the interests of self at heart. How can you want to pull out of SADC? Perhaps its because you sleep throughout the SADC meetings that you dont see the goal of its formation.
    These ZANU people,mnxxxxx.

  69. Mavhudzi wa MUtota

    Sweeeeeeeeee kaharahwa kasinganyari!

  70. Mavhudzi wa MUtota

    Re-introduction of Zim dollar at this juncture will not help anyone except the zanu-pf thieves who grew fat whilst the rest of the country languished.Vana mbuya vekuruzevha will not benefit. I know vana mbuya who sold mbudzi only to discover the following day kuti the proceeds were not even enough kuendesa kuchigayo! All that is economics dzechidofo! Why didnt he apply that during the days of hyperinflation?Mavanga akakonzerwa ne Zim dollar are still too fresh on peoples minds. Zvino kana captain we team otanga kukavira BHORA MUSANGO vamwe vacho vangazorega?

  71. Thank God this guy is an outgoing president!

  72. Regai varohwe ndakavarovesa futi last time. Mapenzi anofunga kuti nyika inotorwa pasina chimurenga iyoyakauya nechimurenga. Batai mboko

  73. Ukawona uchidigwa doro padoro hazviperi kusvika warirega. Mvura inoyerera nepayakambo yerera. Kana wakambo bvorogwa last time this time around unowaranugwa zvakare kana maitiro enharo asina kuchinja

  74. Crystal clear signs of senile dementia form the old men

  75. Saka manifesto yacho kubuda mu sadc here?
    High field yakachinja kwasara zvimba.

  76. Ahhh munomama chete imi viva Mugabe..

  77. Its surprising how mdc has corrupted our people.So age ya president chava chituko?vazhimji venyu hamusviki pazera ravana mdhara iri.Totally unAfrican..munonyadzisa chose.
    As for Lindiwe Zulu and co.they have Gaddafi s blood in their dirty hands.they have Blood of people they kill with GM foods.
    They are themselves a dictatorship becoz they are not elected by the people.
    Despite the “so called”best constitjtion in the world,their political leaders are not elect by the ppeople but by some cartel bend on protecting minority interests in Africa.

  78. Zanu Pf ndizvo i hate the MDC they want to reverse the Land reform, they have not good intentions vanoda kudzosera vanhu ku ma industries kunotambira 2 cents. I hate MDC its not good Tsvangirai is too weak for national security he will be ruled. Obama supports gays haana chaanobatsra uyu pamberi ne ZANU PF Pamberi neva Mugabe pasi ne chinja tangai mafunga

  79. literacy rate ndiko kuwana basa here?graduates are selling airtime on every streetcorner, to hell with dictatorship.1 month inopera tisina maelection results

  80. Chachembera chimudhara ichi. Nepfungwa dzavora. Ngachinozorora.

  81. When we pray, ask for His (Jesus’) kingdom to come. I urge you to keep your children away from these “things”…. Let love lead.

    Age and Beauty (Uglyness) are a design of God. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. Teach your kids to accept people as they are. Remember when we were kids every ugly person and/or old person was regarded as muroyi. So be careful of what you teach your kids.

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