Mugabe dreams of one-party rule

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday pleaded with party supporters in Masvingo to convert their huge attendance figures at his campaign rallies into Zanu PF votes to have a one-party State, come the July 31 harmonised elections.

Report by Staff reporter

Addressing thousands of people near Mucheke Stadium, Masvingo, the 89-year-old Mugabe, fighting to cling to power against a formidable challenge from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, made a veiled threat to resort to war if his party is provoked.

Mugabe also attacked private media journalists, accusing them of siding with Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party and took a dig at Zanu PF members who defiantly opted to stand as independents after being ordered to withdraw from the House of Assembly election race.

The Zanu PF leader asked the thousands of people who thronged the venue of the rally whether they would translate their numbers into votes, an indication that he was sceptical of his support base given the embarrassing defeat of 2008.

“We have always trusted you people of Masvingo, you are the backbone of the party, we will not be defeated in this province. In 2008, I was singing a song of one party State,” Mugabe said in the Shona vernacular. “My goodness me! We lost the election. We lost 14 seats and got 12. What happened? What kind of animal is this?”

The President added: “What did we fail to do? We have people from here who died during the liberation struggle, some are still in the army. You have forgotten.

Have you forgotten that your children died liberating this country? In 2008, we had forgotten about all this. This province was no longer a one-party State. I am still ashamed by whathappened.”

His utterances were echoed by his wife Grace who also warned: “If we are not clever, the one-party State will not come. We had the MDC in government, but we can’t get used to it. On July 31, let’s go and vote and let’s choose what we want.”

In the 2008, harmonised elections, Zanu PF won 12 out of the 26 contested seats in Masvingo province, with the MDC-T bagging 14 seats. Mugabe has always been supportive of the one-party rule and his bid to introduce the system in the late 1980s hit a brick wall following opposition from the party’s then secretary-general Edgar Tekere. Tekere was eventually fired from Zanu PF in 1988 after opposing the drive towards a one-party State and condemning increasing corruption with the party and the government.

The new Constitution recognises multi-party democracy, but Zanu PF candidates were urging supporters to resoundingly vote Mugabe into power to enable them to amend the new governance charter.

On Wednesday, the 89-year-old veteran leader also made a passionate plea during a campaign rally in Norton for people to vote him to ensure a one-party system.

Turning to the private media, Mugabe said: “They (journalists) must have the conscience, that sense of honesty, that sense of truth. They say Mugabe rushed us to polls, yet we do not have a Parliament. That is the MDC and their stupid supportive media. Even if they do mistakes, journalists support the errors and are blinded. That is wrong journalism.”

In apparent reference to the party rebels, Mugabe said: “We will not accept a person who is disobedient and wants to impose themselves on others. The President is not bigger than the party, I’m a child of the party, I was selected by the party. We just compete for the sake of it, we follow the rules of the party. I have spoken in riddles, but let those with ears here. They are two or three who think they are better than the party. The President is not greater than the party, he is a subordinate of the party. I am a son of the party.”

Zanu PF members, among them Marian Chombo (Zvimba North), Munyaradzi Kereke (Bikita West) and Jonathan Samukange (Mudzi South), will stand as independent candidates at the July 31 polls.

Although Mugabe urged his supporters to remain peaceful, he made a veiled threat to go back to war if provoked.

“Let’s demonstrate to the world and the British who thought there could be violence. Beware of that, but be patient. We know war; we can fight very well. So, no one can threaten us. These boys (MDC-T youths) who say police will be attacked, they did not get advice from their parents, we will just slap them in the face,” he said.

Speaking at the same rally, Grace implored party members to vote Zanu PF and avoid a repeat of the 2008 scenario where the MDC-T won majority seats.

She later donated 50 tonnes of maize, 20 tonnes of sugar beans, and 1 200 cases of cooking oil to underprivileged members of the community in Masvingo.


  1. Kanopenga kaharahwa aka one party state will never be in Zimbabwe

    1. The ZANUPF boss is daydreaming! Age is to blame maybe! Cant remember the contents of the constitution he recently signed! Amnesia, perhaps! I understand, my own mother is about the same age!

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    One party state bodo.Takakupai 2/3 majority muna 2005 then you relaxed to the extent of forgetting the electorate then it was pay back time in 2008.Twana twenyu abuse their positions to fatten their pockets so they need constant reminder kubva kune vanhu vakaita sanaBiti,Priscilla,Coltart with your overall guidance.

  3. Grace can’t stop donating food for votes.. Can she?

    1. Hell Food is not the only thing she donates for votes. She also gives IT


  4. Kirimi Dhonanzi

    “We know war; we can fight very well.” Really Bob, at 89 years? Why threaten to sacrifice other people’s children. You, Bob, have never been in the battle field. You were ensconced in Maputo making press statements now and then during the war.

    1. true dat.

    2. Peter Macklyn

      And then you only took Zimbabwe from Muzorewa who had been the Prime Minister for a year. So don’t go on harping how you defeated the Ian Smith Government because he had handed over a year before you goy the guts to come here. Even then you were forced.

  5. Oliver wekaMutare

    What else is grace donating?

  6. David Kasiyamhuka

    One Party State, my foot! Talk about living in the past! That’s the one thing we don’t want.

  7. So much salt. The backbone of the party (masvingo) was broken in 2008 as stated by the formidable. So let us look for a medical expert qualified to repair a backbone.

  8. 2008 people were killed trying to liberate zimbabwe from the tyrant rule, chimurenga was fought by every zimbabwean incl some in the opposition parties, hogwash. Gire ngaatonyarara zvake she said she cant wear any shoes only ferregamo because she has small feet lol zvazotanga nhasi nekuti wakawana jackpot asi paakakurira kumusha aipfeka hwasho.

    One party state my foot? This is not china woye. Apa he doesnt see anything wrong with his rule, nothing at all??! Herald, zbc are doing a good job for zimbabweans?? Gtfoh with that hogwash hauchakwanise kana kukwira ma stairs usina kubatirira someone or something and u think u can run a country. Hapana chisingapere, 31 july woenda wonozorora kumunda wekwazvimba then return dairy farm to zimbabweans!

  9. Hmmm,one party system.These are the signs of the direstraits that are lurking just around the corner.Surely,it never rains but it pours for ordinary folks like us.

    1. What lunacy! ONE party state for Zimbabwe now! The late present of Tanzania conceded, after the failure of his Ujama programme, “While America is going to the moon (we, Tanzanians are going to the villages). You are stupid to think retrogressively, Mugabe does not want you to get into the mana and honey issues. He wants you to be downtroden for the rest of your lives. Wakeup Zimbabwe!

    2. Peter Macklyn

      Another reason not to vote for zpf. At least MDC promises to stick to the constitution and will not make Zimbabwe a one party state where that party can do as it pleases. Remember zpf did just that a short while ago. There must always be some opposition so the government (president) doesn’t have a free reign to change things as he wishes to suit himself.

  10. Hmmm,one party state system.These are the signs of the direstraits that are lurking just around the corner.Surely,it never rains but it pours for ordinary folks like us.

  11. One party state rule ndomboma manje, i wish zanu pf could u
    win this election by all means possible even by hook or crook, i hate morgiza nedzimbwa sungata dzake! China, north korea even russia etc a under one party state rule so whats strange about it, mboko dzevanhu!

    1. U don’t see anything wrong in those countries? Hanzi vanemeso asi havaone, vane nzeve asi havanzwe. Vanhu vezanu ignorance rules and none of you can describe what is right in zimbabwe zvakaitwa nezanu? None. Hanzi its easier to count the things that aint wrong with you than to count the things that are when u are in denial. He he he he ndipowo ka mazim dollar bonga, kana marussian rubbles kana ma chinese yuan.

      Tirikushandisa mari dzenyika dzine multi party system that u are against and you rant about china russia ne north korea, north korea here amana of all countriea u could have cited u went for north korea. Ungaitesei kudzidza hakusi kuverenga book chete u also need to apply yourself and be realistic with situations.

      Vote mdc for a better zimbabwe period

  12. Those donations show that these guys will make a lot more money if elected into power again. I don’t think this is hard earned money, kuita chibage kudarika GMB akomana. A poor country with very rich rulers!!!!

  13. uncle bob and uncle sam

    thank you uncle bob for communist ideology you gave me inspiration as a learner student in 1980. as you know i then visited uncle sam two months ago and he explained that communists were replaced by democracts even in russia and china. so i decided i should consult you for advice or which is witch between one party and multiparty as in other countries?

  14. To hell with this one party state animal. This is a revelation of things to come and Ncube And Tsvangirai should realise that if they don’t work together it will become a reality.
    If Zanu wins this means no more MDC’s, now is that what you want?

  15. No one party state you bunch of thieves. Munoda kuita MABIRO Agorgina.

  16. prophet jeremiah

    one party ndizvo woyee-eee

  17. The archaic thoughts of one party-state are long gone and we will never stroll such a root again, and this whether it’s Morgan or Robert, who think such a stance will be taken again. Parties should learn to work one with the other, without thinking of running a race alone. Even upon creation, God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit worked together, that is why there is “…let us create man in our image.” Zimbabwean have been taken for granted for too long and now its the time to claim our heritage. How do you explain a case where we see these politicians donating this and that, only towards elections. Our roads are in shambles, school and clinics, where they exist, are dilapidated, while medicine is only tested in our dreams…

  18. Grace my foot…when she speaks you can hear a voice of immaturity…kuda kuluma chete hezvo harahwa can’t enjoy previlleges of a liberator becoz of clinging to power, WHY NOT just go go go mheni….B*SHIT

  19. Tell it as it is

    I’m not excellent in the English language but it doesn’t take much to pick what the President meant in the extract above which you (Newsday) translated, that the Masvingo Province was a strong hold of Zanu PF (therefore one party dominated there). You to for meaning a one party state but it’s actually one party domination. Don’t twist things!!!

    1. @tell it as it is, what ever it means, so what, never even in masvingo kwacho, tichaenda kumaStar rally kwacho tigopuhwa chikafu chavo maT’shirt maKoposi naGrace but come musi wechitatu 31st hamulume masvingo yese, bhora pazhe……kereke ndiwe wega kwete dzimwe mbwende kana mbavha idzo……

    2. Achimwene vasina mutupo

      President vaireva ZANU party state not one party state

  20. Keep dreaming bob cause yo end is near.

  21. @ tell it like it is, the president surely knows what a state is (remember he is head of STATE and government; commander-in-chief of zdf, among other roles). With the headache he gets from Morgan, I wouldn’t be surprised if he dreams of a one party state. that way, it also protects those who may face prosecution should the party lose in a multi-party setting. you cannot tell me he enjoys the trouble from opposition, unless you want to imply that he is a masochist (in which case you should be instantly arrested)

    1. Peter Macklyn

      You poor fool.

  22. @tell it as it is, what ever it means, so what, never even in masvingo kwacho, tichaenda kumaStar rally kwacho tigopuhwa chikafu chavo maT’shirt maKoposi naGrace but come musi wechitatu 31st hamulume masvingo yese, bhora pazhe……kereke ndiwe wega kwete dzimwe mbwende kana mbavha idzo……

  23. only dictators cld talk of one party state. we want a free zimbabwe. Thank God we are free at last. we are days near the promised land

  24. Zvawakaon 2008 zvishoma iwe harahwa iwe, you are going to loose even more seats this around nekuti tapanduka zvachose.

    1. Peter Macklyn

      Well said, that means we will go backwards another 50 years and never catch up with the rest of the civilised world. Keep the killing, raping, torture , abductions etc going forever. You must really be an uneducated fool to want that for us.

  25. Varume jongwe mupoto come 31 July 2013

  26. Some of you people have learnt hatred up to the climax………any party cadre would want to get 100% support and what does that mean? – one party, ofcoz. I am NOT into politics, but I read in between the lines. If one is not for something, why then does one spend precious time on that particular thing? U seem to spend time on ZTV yet you claim it is not entertaining??

    1. Peter Macklyn

      What are you talking about idiot. Keep to the subject if you can remember what it was.

  27. Jambanja paSalisbury

    Mdhara ari right when he doubted that the numbers represented votes coz arikuziva kuti vanhu may have been force-marched to the event. He must have read their faces….sombre moods…saka Mdhara achirikuonaka uyu!

    1. kkkkkkkk ndngoverenga heading chete haaa khule kfunga kwenyu hakuiite uku pmberi nechinja mdhara cz mkatonga 33yrs but hpana chmakaita why?do u want to stinch on power no endai kzororo those who vote for u havana nhamo yatiri kuona iyi bhora ngariponjeswe riende musango,ndatenda kana mnhu anetsa ………

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