MDC-T top officials vow not to cede Makoni Central seat

WITH nine days to go before the July 31 polls, confusion has reportedly rocked MDC-T Manicaland structures with other top officials vowing not to cede the Makoni Central seat to Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) party leader Simba Makoni following his offer to support Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangiari’s presidential candidature.


The MDC-T had already endorsed Patrick Sagandira as its official candidate before the two parties formed an alliance. Makoni is eyeing the same parliamentary seat.

MDC-T Manicaland provincial spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya yesterday insisted that Makoni and Sagandira would have to fight separately for the seat under their respective party banners.

But, party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said they were yet to make a firm decision on how to resolve the matter.

“(Tsvangirai) president of the party is going to make an announcement about what will happen with the Makoni Central seat,” Mwonzora said.

Earlier, Muchauraya had told NewsDay: “We, the people of Manicaland, have embraced the move to have a coalition with these parties to the extent that in Chipinge Central we fielded Zanu Ndonga candidate Reketayi Semwayo and it is working well. However, in Makoni Central, the situation was unfortunate because this coalition happened after the primary elections and Sagandira had won. So, what it means is that Makoni will stand as an MKD candidate while Sagandira stands as an MDC-T candidate.”

But, Makoni yesterday said: “Tomorrow (today) Tsvangirai and myself will be addressing a joint rally at Vhengere Stadium in Rusape and if there was no support for my candidature, we would not be addressing the rally together.”

Sagandira, however, said: “I was in prison when the three parties formed the coalition for change. When I came out of prison, the MDC-T never communicated to me that I was supposed to withdraw for the MKD candidate Makoni. Therefore, as far as I am concerned I am still the MDC-T candidate and I am campaigning. I also met Tsvangirai at a rally in Mutare and he asked me how my campaign was going, which means I am still the candidate.”

Muchauraya also said the party had allowed both Giles Mutsekwa and Arnold Tsunga to stand as MDC-T candidates for the Dangamvura-Chikanga seat.

Yesterday, both Mwonzora and Mutsekwa dismissed Muchauraya’s claims as untrue.

“There is only one party candidate (Mutsekwa) and this has been made known by party president Tsvangirai. These other candidates are being imposed by Muchauraya and I do not know what their agenda is, but I think they are trying to split the party,” Mwonzora said.

“There was an agreement between Tsunga and Tsvangirai that he (Tsunga) should take up the post of provincial chairperson. If Tsunga later changed his mind, then he did not advise us or Tsvangirai.”

Both Makoni and Tsunga were unreachable for comment yesterday as their mobile phones went unanswered.

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  1. Tendai Chaminuka

    And you expect Prof Ncube to form an alliance with this cowboy party which does not adhere to its promises.Surely,let Borman concentrate on his gonyeti fleet in Mutare whilst the party becomes disorganised as if it does not a an Organising Secretary.

    1. Our ZANU (PF) son Simba Makoni will become the next MDC president as directed by the USA and Britain. ZANU (PF) will then sign a unity accord with the MDC and Simba will be the second vise president of Zimbabwe. Go on Simba. Take over this MDC and bring it back to Zanu.


      2. Goto asi wadya mandere kani zvoworotomoka. Forget it, Simba is out of Zanu and will noy join MDC either. All that has happened is there is a pact to work together through the elections. Simba is campaigning under an MKD brand and has no intentions of joining MDC nor ZANU. He went into the pact in line with MKD principles of not fighting for power but the need to serve and make Zimbabwe work again.

      3. Simba asi he was going to save ZANU yavo. Thats where they lost it. IF they had agreed for succession, dai MDC iri past nhasi.

        Manje MDC rave zi tumor mumusoro me ZANU. Sorry maningi overtaken by social media which requires no arms, no physical presence and where there’s a greater amount of free speech.

        And they are stuck in 1980.

        Youth policy yavo is to take in brawlers and border gezi types or hasha types like Kasukuwere who are also out of touch with modern technology.

        Everything is by ginya, by force, by violence.

        Irony of it is that the white man during that evil Rhodesia time suppressed, beat and denied us priviledges and ZANU + ZAPU rose and said enough.

        Now we have a ZANUPF that evolved from some semblence of good into a wealth making, blood spilling monster… people are rising.

        Its a cycle of life. Same will happen if ever Tsvangirai has a god complex. The empire will crumble.

        We’re not the first nation. We will rid ourselves of the cancer.

    2. It’ the Reporter who is confused.He must be from Zanu Pf.

      1. Newewo kabias everything you dont agree to is ZANU? Sei muri dull imwi vanhu.

        ZANUPF is not some super, every present and all powerful party.

        Colonised by Mugabe!


  2. hey stop the bastard act, cant u see we are fighting hard for our independence, why then do you want to be disorganised, i tell u pliz put ur house in order before u are disciplined by the electorate.. uuuuh power hungry for nothing.

  3. Let’s have unity guys.Sagandira should withdraw his candidature in Makoni Central to pave way for Makoni.Don’t be power hungry guys.President must intervene.Mwonzora is taking a soft stance.thank you.

  4. Ko pishayi chii newe futi.

    You were at war with Nyarota just few weeks ago. Now you want to destroy MDC in the whole of manicaland???

  5. There was never a coalition. Just a press conference to appease the white master who had demanded that his puppets unite to enhance their chances. Welshman earned my respect for not joining this silly circus. Simba Makoni is an unculculating chancer. Zanu muoffice. Ndaramba kuitwa employee mufactory and earn $300 per month. Bodo kwete.

    1. not uri muZANU

    2. HU HU HU HU HU HU

      WELSHMAN NCUBE & DAVENGWA HA HA HA WHO IS LEADER of the 2? OR sole CANDIDATE? THESE 2 MEN ARE EQUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 2008 MURDERS. “Ndaramba kuitwa employee mufactory and earn $300 per month” ASI KITA CHII? CORRUPTER, WINDI, TOUT, MBAVHA, FRAMER WE-USWA MUKOROKOZO. THUS WHY MUCHIDA ZWD NHAI. Wakaora pfungwa uchifamba Majaira kutorera vanhu zvinhu zvavo kanawanga wakataimira maCompany Mines etc MaZimbos chaiwo taramba. Criminals!!!? Work wena.

    3. And get employed by one who does not pay you for 3 months and when you complain they will call a meeting and slogan: “Pamberi nevanonzwisisa, pasi nevasinganzwisise”.

      And you will keep silent because you don’t want to be asinganzwisise. Waona!

  6. Confusion z not a problem at all. human beings are subject to that.Its obvious that the dispute will be settled soon

  7. so there is disunity in both zanu and mdc

  8. Pishai Muchauraya if your superiors have entered into an agreement without your consent, I think that matters less at this juncture, what is needed is to support each other till the fight is over then the issue gets resolved amicably, and you won’t be forgotten.

  9. taurai mabhunu

    So why do you have qualms with Mugabe, Tsvangirai runs MDC-T just like Mugabe does ZanuPf. Chese chese Tsvangirai wai zvakati. Makudo ndemamwe!!!!
    Zanu chiwororo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ko nhai imi, toramba tiri panzvimbo imwe cheteyo here? Pliz guys, may u leave that seat for our comrade, Dr Simba Makoni for the betterment of Zimbabwe nhaikaaaaaaaaa? Zvinoita chete!

  11. nhai chinja imbwa mapurisa arikutambira mariiko?pamwe iwe utoriwo mbavha yakahwanda nezpf.hatingaite maemployers tese anozoita employee ndiani?uriduzvi,wanzwa?and a black employer haabhare.i remember chiyangwa achitambirisa vanhu bhutsu kunge vanodya dont understand commerce and industry.there has to be employees earning a wage and a salary.even an imperialist i used to work for registered as an employee of the\his company.

  12. Dzinonzwahadzirimi

    Pishai Muchauraya is clearly up to some mischief.For some time now, he has acted in a manner that makes me wonder whether this man is committed to the success of this struggle for change.His name is ominous enough: achauraya party murume uyu kana akaregedzwa achiita maitiro iwaya

    1. There is no mischief here MaZImbos the conciliation is between for the Presidential BALLOT (Makoni & Tsvangirayi) only. No wonder why the parties are fielding separate candidates in other areas. Simba has to fight it out and HE is National Leader not constituency MP. Vote Sagandira P Makoni Central. SIMBA WILL GET A MUCH BIGGER ROLE IN GOVT NOT AS AN MP. TAKE THAT. VOTE MDC-T GOVT.

    2. Nhai Dzinonzwa Pishai haumuzivi kani. Pane vamwe vanochipisa kunzi honourable, Pishai is one of those. Morgan was Secgen at ZCTU, Mutsekwa is a retired colonel or so, Biti is a lawyer, ko wedu mukoma Pishi? Ndovamwe vanoenda ku parliament kunotsvaga basa. He is desperate that if he loses he goes to the street again, so guess what he prefers to surround himself with his boys vanoita mabasa akafanana neake!

  13. Mupfana weBikini

    Mucharaya you could be right, remember Jonathan MOYO and the Tsholotsho seat.

  14. Pishai has a family to look after. He is right. That’s his income.

  15. iwe wataura zvajonathan wagona vanhu ava vamwe chete,anonyengedzwa akadzokera kuznpf tikazviruza.

  16. Maybe zvazvadai MDC-T should FORGE a coalition with the winning party – ZANU PF.

  17. Go green machine

  18. Kkkkkk mdc party of confusion.

  19. mudhara banda

    so Nyarota was right l was sympathising with you Muchauraya not knowing you had a hidden agenda dont you know that even if you win that seat you canbe still be recalled if you fail to follow party orders.

    1. @Mudhara Banda- I think if Muchauraya does not listen to anyone as is abundantly getting clear at least he should listen to you. This was an executive decision and there is real danger of insurbodination here. The idea to field Simba Makoni was an executive decision so I suppose my advice to Muchauraya (who has done so well as MDC spokesman in Manicaland and his applause was heard from the Nyangani Mountain all the way to the Hot Springs) is, mind how you go…good sir. Too much appears to be at stake for your party to afford being sidetracked with tom fooleries..the fact that this comes hot on the heels of the Nyarota story is not GOOD for your good name at all…take a chill pill brother man.

  20. Ku green machine hakuna confusion. Imbosiyayi macolours matsvuku egukurahundi ayo.


  22. Mwana zimbabwe

    MDC T the house of confusion .2013 bhora mugedhi

  23. Ndosaka wakazviti chinja imbwa,urimbwa yemunhu ko coalition ya dabengwa nawelsh sei usiri kutaura nezvayo??? The chinese are your masters thats wy uchiti waramba kushanda uchipiwa $300 yu want a company apa usina chero imbwa zvayo you think kuita Company kwafanana nezviroto zvaunofunga go to hell zanu shall use you and throw you away just like a condom. Vote your zanu and c if you will own a company.

  24. Just another reason why i’l vote for welshman ncube. pamberi nawelshman!

  25. Zim 1 ndiwe wataura zvine musoro. Sagandira 4 MP, (MDC-T), Makoni ozopiwa ministry iri nani as consolation. We don’t want the Tsholotsho scenario yaJonathan Moyo, unless ari iye Baba Jukwa, destroying Zanu from within.

  26. ferere-ferere

    Vanhu vekwaMutare kazhinji kacho vanokara zvigaro stereki,hameno kuti misoro yavo yakaitasei chaizvo.
    Even the out-going ZANU PF yaigara ichinetswa nawo Manyika awaya.Ende mukaajaidza achatiputsira Chirangano manhu iwaya.

  27. For simba makoni to get the ministerial position agreed to he first must become an mp as only mps can be appointed to be minsters. That’s why candidates had to be switched for the coalition partners. So I don’t understand why this guy is being difficult to the extent of putting himself in line like dabengwa who just wanna see mugabe rule another eternity till he is 100 years
    Wake up. U are in a party of excellence

  28. If this was any other seat it wouldnt have mattered to me. Guys, this is the constituency where Chinamasa is a candidate too. Why kudzorera Chinamasa by splitting the votes. Chinamasa didnt have a seat, was beaten last time so why now give him a lifeline by splitting votes between Makoni and Sangadira. I personally didnt want Sangadira because he won controversially. Grace Kwinjeh was believed to have won the the primary election convincingly. So Sangadira is a doubt to out vote Chinamasa + his rigging. But Simba may have a good chance because ane ability to get mazanu pf votes from Chinamasa. I had thought this was the most strategic move MDC had done to beat Chinamasa who is a dead wood wakamamira election date issue but now this.


    Wat a contest it wld be….MAKONI vs CHINAMASA….plz sagandira reverse yo candidature plz…i knw u cn heed da peoplez call…mr sagandira u wil also be doing not for people in makoni central bt for zim too…


  31. Anoziva Mwari

    @ Goto …Go ahead bro, think like a 90yr old grandpa……hahahahaha here is my advice , You need to visit a psychiatrist !!!!!

  32. please Tsvangirai be a man enough to uphold mdc values and stop spoiling our party with defectors. Some of your decisions are worrisome coz u are now trading our stake to MKD which is tantamount to destroying and dividing the party. Plus too much candidate imposition will destroy the party as well

  33. Tsvangirai and MDC supporters I think you are good as Zanu pf now betryaing simba makoni imi ndimi makamunyengerera aaa, let’s fight a common fight that is a change and focus on other things later, simba is a force to reckon in your party like it or not

  34. ZPF has colition with Chinese so nothing wrong with Makoni,the electorate will finalise the issue.

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