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Madhumbe back in Gringo team


PRODUCER of Gringo the Troublemaker, Enock Chihombori, has teamed up with Canada-based artiste Memory Makuri aka Madhumbe in launching his latest production for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora through an online channel.

Tawanda Marwizi

Speaking from her base, Madhumbe confirmed she is working with Chihombori in taking the local comedy production internationally.

“I have worked with Chihombori for quite a long time and I felt that, though I did not participate in their new comedy, I had a role to play in taking the new production to the international platform,” Makuri said.

The deal comes through Chihombori’s partnership with media giant Headlines Africa Inc, which is offering the movie from live servers in North America.

Produced by Chihombori and directed by Ben Mahaka, well known for his role as Tom Mbambo in the Zimbabwe soap, Studio 263, the movie showcase Zimbabwe’s talent in both acting and directing.

Makuri added that Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Australia among other countries would have the opportunity to watch Gringo the Troublemaker as long as they have reliable internet and PayPal compatibility payment mechanisms like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Chihombori said he was humbled by the way Makuri had offered to work with him since their last production together 10 years ago.
“I never thought she could be interested in working with me again
after a period of about 10 years,” Chihombori said.

Gringo the Troublemaker is about an ambitious young man, John, who in his quest to please his materialistically-
demanding girlfriend, engages a traditional healer to help him get rich quickly.

In an unfortunate turn of events, he accidentally crosses paths with Gringo, whose mischief and trickery disrupts all that he had planned.
He lives to regret the day he met Gringo.

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