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Some people are not born with the talent to do things and at times it is only the passion that drives them to take certain tasks in life.

Report by Winstone Antonio

Such is the case with Olga Kaura, who is following her passion in cake-making despite spending two years at Bulawayo Polytechnic studying Applied Chemical Technology.

At the relatively young age of 26, Kaura appears to have scaled the dizzy heights of her own success as she runs her own cake-making business under the name Cake My Day.

Kaura says it is the passion and artistic nature she has that allows her to reproduce different designs and she has chosen to follow her passion and added a level of personal fulfilment to it.

“As I was growing up, I had the passion of baking and this dates back to my school days when I was at Kuwadzana 1 Primary School and today I am living my dreams,” she said.

Like any other entrepreneur, Kaura has faced a lot of challenges in a bid to build up her career to be where she is today.

“In each and everything one needs to do in life, she or he is not spared by challenges, but it only needs some form of determination to overcome these challenges,” she said.

Kaura has, however, expressed her intention to grow big in the trade by establishing a coffee shop and a bakery.

“I am destined for greater heights in this profession and I want to create opportunities for others by growing big,” she said.

Kaura epitomises an emerging breed of young entrepreneurs who are set to make an indelible mark in the cake-making sector.

To many who are not in the profession, cake-making is regarded as a complex procedure; while to Kaura it a simple thing.

She has, however, urged anyone who would wants to venture into the sector to be bold enough and follow their passion and not to be deterred by criticism, but to accept and tolerate it instead.

“I believe if I had listened to negative criticism when I started I could have quit, but I was not discouraged by it as I accepted and tolerated it in a way that I knew would bring positive results,” she said.

Kaura might not be that famous woman to many right now, but taking a closer look at her works, one can come to believe that she has managed to hold her own name in the profession.

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