LIVE UPDATES: Zanu PF Chitungwiza rally, July 16

President Mugabe addresses a party rally at Nzvimbo in Chiweshe in the run up to the July 31 elections. Picture by Aaron Ufumeli

NewsDay gives you a live report on the Zanu PF rally in Chitungwiza where the party leader President Robert Mugabe is addressing this afternoon.

Updates by Tinotenda Samukange in Chitungwiza.

13:25 Mugabe ends his address

13:10 Mugabe says Tsvangirai wants peace but his lieutenants do not share the same sentiments. “VaTsvangirai vanodawo runyararo asi vana vavo ndivo vane pamuromo.

13:07. In a typical donkey and carrot style, Mugabe promises to give tractors to farmers if he wins the election.

13:05 Mugabe speaks against rape. ‘Vasingagone kunyenga huyai ndikudzidzisei,” he says. (Those who cannot propose love to women, come and let me teach you.)

12:59 Meanwhile in Midlands, Tsvangirai has just addressed a rally at Nyimo in Sanyati and is now on the way to Nembudziya.

12:56 Mugabe promises his party will solve the water crisis in Chitungwiza and says the MDC-T dominated council has misused funds for water and electricity supplies.

12:33 Two people have fainted amid Mugabe’s address and medics are attending to them….as Mugabe accuses NGOs of spying for information on behalf of western countries.

12:34 Mugabe claims Western countries tricked slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi into a pact before invading his country. Gaddafi was killed after Libyans rose against Gaddafi’s four decade rule.

12:28. Mugabe continues to beg people to ‘vote wisely’ bearing the 2008 remnants in mind. Says it is not too late to turn to Zanu PF as ‘chinja’ (MDC) ‘is about changing our culture.’

Picture by Tinotenda Samukange
Picture by Tinotenda Samukange

12:15 Mugabe mourns his party’s bashing in the 2008 elections. “2008 manga mavarairwa muvengi ndokupinda hoyo..” (In 2008, you had relaxed and the enemy sneaked in).
Mugabe is reportedly fighting to avoid being decampaigned by official from his own party in what has become known as Bhora Musango. The 89 year old leader has allegedly set up parallel campaigning structures as reported by our sister paper, The Standard. Read the story here.

12:12 Mugabe praises spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda, who was sentenced to death by the colonial regime in 1898, and says it was her refusal to accept conversion to Christianity and her loyalty to the African Tradition that made her praise-worthy.

12:00 Mugabe starts his address with a chronicle of the country’s liberation struggle, claiming it is because of Zanu PF’s role in the Second chimurenga that people have come to the rally.

11:59 Shamu compares Mugabe’s educational qualifications with those of US President Barack Obama and says Mugabe is more educated.

This is not the first time Shamu has hero-worshiped Mugabe as in 2011, he said Mugabe was like Cremora. To see the 2011 story, Click here.
11:55 Party political commissar Webster Shamu goes on stage, denounces other political parties, praises Mugabe as an ‘icon of peace.’

Picture by Tinotenda Samukange
Picture by Tinotenda Samukange

11:40 Mugabe arrives and is accompanied by his wife, first lady Grace. Mugabe goes round in a Ford Ranger truck, saluting the crowd .

11:35 Meanwhile, reports from Nembudziya, where MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is addressing a rally this afternoon, indicate that thousands of party suporters have already gathered at the venue and are waiting for Tsvangirai’s arrival.

11:20.Members of the apostolic sect have their reserved places in the terraces…as musician Cde Chinx and his crew take the stage.


Part of the crowd in Chitungwiza
Part of the crowd in Chitungwiza

As more and more busses and lorries full of Zanu PF supporters arrive at the venue thousands continue to pour into the Chibuku Stadium as preparations for the start of the event gather momentum.
Others are waiting outside the stadium as it appears the stadium may become too small for the numbers. Meanwhile Mbare Chimurenga choir is entertaining the crowd.

Additional updates by Wonai Masvingise/ Tapiwa Zivira


  1. kikiki more zanu pf… Viva vamugabewo viva. Hakuna nyika inoenda kumabhunu Gushungo vakatarisa never!!!!


  2. “As more and more busses and lorries full of Zanu PF supporters arrive at the venue”. They can’t stop it, can they.. kikikikiki..

  3. don’t be cheated by those cheating themselves in chi-town they wont win a single thing let them bus people from the world and think they have multitudes of votes kkkkk forget machewe viva mdc-team viva

    • You are spot on Nathaniel. I’m however worried about Bob’s mental (or is it moral) health. Here is a devout Catholic/ Madzibaba praising Nehanda’s refusal to convert to Christianity (12:12). It just does not make any sense!

        • I am one thirty year old who will vote for and even would vote for a 100 year Mugabe as long as his policies make sense. Age is just a number. You can be 15 and be deficient by the same measure in relevance. You can be 100 years be as good as a five year old. For Mugabe he is 90 years and is still the better choice that Zimbabweans have on the criteria of relevance, clarity of vision in terms of tackling pressing national problems. And when I say relevance I mean Mugabe and ZANU PF are pursuing issues that are relevant to the present day Zimbabwean. I mean they are Y2K compliant. Besides Mugabe is no longer just representing Robert Gabriel Mugabe wekwaZvimba. When I see Mugabe I do not see the man from Zvimba. I see a whole system. I see even 15 year olds pursuing the same vision he is espousing. I see issues that will remain with us long after he has departed from office and from the planet. And I see Tsvangirai not as the man from Buhera or terms of his bedroom affair with Locadia or in term of the spots on his chicks. I also see him through the prism of issues. What does he have for Zimbabweans. The race for the Presidency must not be treated with cynicism to the point of being an issue of “ndodawo kumbotonga.” I will say tazvinzwa but isu tinowanei kana watasva bhiza rinonzi state power? Tinodyei? Ko vana vevana vedu?

      • Washaya chokutaura ukati rega ndingomutuka nhaika? Well, I don’t blame you nekuti ndizvo zvawakadzidziswa naBob. Bob ishasha yezvinemero asi chabuda hapana after 33 years ari panyanga!

  4. Bhora mutop corner yenet! Gore rino its a dog eat dog situation in the murky jungles of the moribund opposition parties! We are already smelling the sweet scent of victory ku ZanuPf! Hokoyo neGandanga!

  5. Zanu pf will never make it in Chitungwiza hahahaha,forcing people will not make you win and if you come out with one sit in chitungwiza I will quit MDC T.

    Shame on you Zanu pf thugs.

  6. Busing people from all over and becoming happy about it.Forget.Chitungwiza is part of greater Harare and ndoo kwakapandukwa zvamuchose.Since yesterday people in the town were being intimidated to attend the rally or else.Manje hapana zvazvinobetsera.People are attending just to cover their backs,otherwise pekuvotera vanopaziva. Everybody is recieving free pijamas,kurikutonhoraka uku.

  7. Doctors need to be on handy August 1. Mugabe will be shocked and a heart attack to see that after addressing these thousands bussed people he fail to win a single seat in chi town

  8. unless u rig zanupf forget our strategy as opposition this time is to flood yo rallies then amaze surprise yu on the day u will cry to nobody and nobody will hear you manyanya mazanupf hapana chisingaperi zvasvika muganhu zvino muchabova kana tokubatai one one muchitokisi hokoyo gandanga nenjema

  9. zpf can frog march as many people as they like to their rallies and fool themselves they have the support. They can ban as many MCT-T rallies as they like but they are still only fooling themselves. I saw a sad thing yesterday that a bumch of uneducated youths were in the back of a pick-up wearing zpf t-shirts and singing zpf songs. Poor fools don’t know that the rest of the country has had enough of zpf promises in the last 33 years which has destroyed the country and only made a few chefs rich beyond belief. What can zpf possibly promise the people that they should have done in the last 33 years and didn’t. Enough, we want to move forward so anyone voting zpf has been bribed to do so because anyone in their right mind would not want to carry on as we are now.Go to zpf rallies, reap any benefits that may be handed out but vote MDC-T for a better future when the time for actual voting comes. Remenber the ballot boxes will be rigged after the vote so let’s make it more difficult for that to happen. I hope the observers will do their jobs properly this time.

    • You can believe in baba jukwa as much as you would want to believe that adults have been frog
      marched to a rally. gwendo guno mucharidza mhere yerufu pamwepo nababa vajukwa venyu. you was lots of time pa face book vamwe vachi campaigner. be serious imi ve mdct . politics hazdide pwere kikikiki

  10. Mudara is so older fashioned, selfish he always think about his old enemies Americans & the west , for the past 33yrs he never stopped shouting to them, but what does it benefit to an ordinary Zimbos nothing, plse plse don’t vote for this old man

  11. we dont see buses at MDC rallies, at Rudhaka, Macheke and Sakubva, people came willingly, excited and ushering the red army, only those without relevance bus people from mupedzanhamo, and force madzimai emisika to their rallies. Stop lying to yourselves, come 31 July, you will see that you will not be able to stop the change train, the time for change is now, Chinja

  12. Not new to some of us who have experienced this crowd busying by Zpf. you can fool no one because changing political affiliation is like religion, what you have lost faith in cant have you back in a silver plater.

  13. People may not want to admit but the reality on the ground shows that His Excellency the commander of the armed forces and first secretary of ZANU PF and Chancelor of all Zimbabwe Universities President R.G.Mugabe is even more porpular than before. Bvumaiwo veduwee.

    • People may not want to admit but the reality on the ground shows that His Excellency the commander of the armed forces and first secretary of Zanu pf and the chancellor of ALL ZIMBABWE UNIVERSITIES President and the former SECRETARY GENERAL OF A.U,PATRON OF ZIFA,PATRON OF ZESA,Secretary of SADC,Former student leader at FORT HARE UNIVERSITY,FORMER CAPTAIN AT KUTAMA COLLEGE,Former teacher in Ghana,former Primeminister of Zimbabwe and First Executive and life President of Zimbabwe as Kuda 1 puts it kikikikkikikikiki.An endless description isn’t it guys kikikikikikiki.

      • nkomo, don’t exhibit your foolishness to the whole world. what mugabe has does not put food on your broken table or empty stomach. think abt bread and butter issues not sayin rubbish abt bob. l knw u are one in million in stinkin poverty. wake up imbwa iwe..vuka inja..

    • Another blind uneducated moron obviously paid to say rubbish like that. He wants to go back to empty shops and no food or money, poor fool.

  14. And Mugabe think born frees are bothered by 100yr history or 30 years old bush war?

    All we need to tell us about jobs and quality life

  15. Surely,ZANU will not win a majority in National and Council Elections asi mudhara Bob will win the Presidency.Izvi zvipachena

  16. This old man wants to get us out of SADC, he still have that mentality when he was a young man herding cattle, as his uncle James Chikerema famously said he would spent entirely a month herding his cattle alone until village elders had to plead with him to reconsider. The old man should be sent on retirement come July 31.

  17. No need for a history lesson. We want jobs we want development we want peace. Suport ZANU PF and vote MDC T

  18. Ini ndichavhotera Zanu, nevana nedzinza rangu rese…… Pangapakadii….apo Waluza kuda kuendesa nyika…

  19. comrades apa patishatira sezvo revolutionary party yedu iri kushandisa mafoni nama newspaper and propaganda ya 1980 while varungu ava veMDC are spreading information from smart phoning. cde shamu should pull down mapango for internet angova everywhere they belong to the british and their puppets!

  20. Its so funny and this morning early hours people were being forced to attend the rally. Vanhu are now going because they fear victinization and they will do whatever it takes. Tichasangana paballot box muswa 31. Bye bye Mugabe will give you your pension

    • murikurwadziwa, kana muri imi makawanda munobvumirei ko foswa. kikiki hamulume gore rino. chakatsva; kufamba kweasina shangu mumhinzwa.

  21. Saka pakawandiwa shuwa if people are fainting fue to pressure. Our president is getting more and more porpular. Thank you for coming in your thousands to support H.E CDE R.G.Mugabe. ICHO!!!

    • dozvi rako Mugabe won`t win this election.He is busy busing people from different corners of the country thinking he will win.In chitown he won`t win even a single seat

  22. M in Chi-town the propaganda making rounds that pipo are being force marched to the ZanuPf rally is a lie.Pipo are and have willingly gone to the rally hence this signifies true support for the revolutionary party,hapana chitsotsi(no rigging),pipo now know what they want,ICHO

  23. As more and more busses and lorries full of Zanu PF supporters arrive at the venue thousands continue to pour into the Chibuku Stadium as preparations for the start of the event gather momentum.

    where are the busses and lorries coming from?

    • maybe they are coming from around the corner zengeza and unit J seke.

      Whats the purpose of busing people? to hood wink robert that he is more popular than he actually is?

  24. Haa yah zvakaoma this is the end. Hague ngaidzirire harahwa iyi has a lot of stuff ti answer to.

  25. Same old song from a senile and very old man. Water and electricity issues did no start with mdc. Comparing rhobati to obama is a diss to Pres Obama. Rhobati ngaende kunogara ku China

  26. Of the thousands or millions being addresed how many are registered voters and will make it to the ballot?

  27. Taneta nehistory yemakore? Yekurambidzwa kupinda muna 1st street, honai manzwa netsvina yemastritkids murungu apa aive right. Pamberi neparty nyowani ine future

    • yah iwe nekwaunobva i can understand why you keep on uttering rubish.wajaira kudya matuzvi kumambare flats uchifamba usina nduwe uchingoti ndofiramuzanu.haisi mhosva yako urimbwa dofo

  28. come 31st july, some will become headman kumusha.we are tired of unfulfiled promises.we need better zimbabwe.we need quality life

  29. Eye witnesses have said that 8 people including a pregnant woman from mbare died in a stampede at the ZANU PF rally after having been ferried to Chibuku stadium around 2pm before eating anything. Buses full of people from hwedza, mbare, Harare south, Marondera, chikomba, bindura, murehwa, shamva congested Chitungwiza since early hours of the day ferrying people to the rally to impress the aging horse in the race.

  30. Zimbabweans lest we forget,MDC-T caused sanctions meaning to say the state in which our lovely country is in right now is because of MDC-T. If MDC-T loses it means it is going to call for more sanctions. My question now is Ïf Zanu PF cant take us out of the sanctions then why does it want to be voted into power?” They want to keep telling us about sanctions which they have no solution to. What are they gonna do with the sanctions given that they win. This is what the old man should be telling his supporters. Truly if they are clueless about the sanctions,let these old people’s party retire.

    • Why do you think the targeted sanctions have any effect on the running of the country. All they do is stop mugs and his cronies from travelling. The sanctions do not apply to anyone not on the list and certainly not to mining or industrial development. So stop crying about sanctions and see who is destroying the country with his deals with the chinese etc.

    • Sanction yekuti Mugabe nemaGay ake vasaende kuEurope doesnt make the country suffer. Maybe you are right, their failure to go to Europe made them hungrier to steal from us and fly to Dubai or Malaysia kunodhura since dziitoriwo developing countries

  31. Interesting. The old man is already campaigning for Chamatama! Zvanzi tsvangirai anoda runyararo asi vana vake ndidzo nyasire…..So Vote tsvangirai asi musavhotera maMPs ake! Isn’t that the message?

    • That’s a good observation. I’m sure the old man did not think of the implications of that statement. Old age hayiwaaaaaaaaa

  32. Gushungo ipai vamwe mukana tosvikepi tichingochema nema sanctions amusingagoni kubvisa. Zvicherwa zvishoma zvatinazvo munongopana pachenyu apa mouya muchida mavhoti edu. Apa mukasabira hamurume chokwadi. Chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho Gushungo. Mwari vagoramba vakanyarara vana ve Zimbabwe vachitambura nokuda kwenyu machembera musisina dzimwe pfungwa itsva. Kunyepa ikoko.

  33. Mabhunu aita sei zvavo?Ma diamonds ari kungodyiwa wani makatarisa naivo vanoti vanoita zvido zvevanhu yet worse than mabhunu acho aitopa vanhu vatema bhinzi.Kutonga madzoro regai makiyi eku State Hse apihwe mumwe kana Robot Prof Mazitambala

  34. vanhu vanga vauya kuzoonekana navamugabe,zvisinei taona mabhazi abva mt darwin nehama dzauya nerally.most of the people vakanga vari kuhighfield ndivo vanga vari kuchibuku.vazhinji vechitown havana kupinda musangano.

  35. Ini ndinogara muchitungwiza ndakavhotera mdc 2008 but gore rino valuza ZANU PF chete muchashamisika maCHINJA elections haitirwe pa Facebook! mbavha endai kudiaspora kune mabritish nxa

    • Shallow minds.. You mean the British stay in the Facebook hahahahaha kikikikiki… Zvimbwa zvaMugabe izvi..

  36. Mugabe and Zanu have failed us for 33 years so l dont see any reason to support Gushungo. 33 years is not a joke 31 July is the time to send this pig (Mugabe) to retirement. Pasi ne Zanu, pasi nembava dze Zanu, pasi ne mondi dze Zanu. Come 31 July we will be singing Rest In Peace Zanu Pf. #SUPPORT MUGABE, VOTE FOR MDC-T

  37. but zanu pf conduct yekumbunyikidza vanhu kuyenda to rallies, kuvatorera ma radio and satlite dishes, kushayisa nyika nhau dzine musoro, kupa mabasa ose kumunhu one (farmer/miner/civil servant/ board cheyameni zvakawandisa) are the true reasons why most ran away in addition to being lied to. vanhu zvekubatwa kumeso havachada. huye vayenda havachadzoki kuna chitoforo. nengano iyoyo thank you chef.

  38. I have just talked to my auntie who is in Mhangura and she told me that she is going for a zanu-pf rally but its all in her heart who she is going to vote for!!!! I said to myself ohh, yes so they are enlightened nhai….SUPPORT ZANU-PF BUT VOTE MDC-T…..the slogan is real you dumheads!! zanu coerces people to attend but they know where to vote saka musanyeperwe mudhara you will be shocked after this deceptive campaign!!!

  39. Iiii ndanzwa kufara sitereki kudzidziswa na président kuti vasikana vanonyengwa seyi pachikarekare.

  40. is it true what we are hearing that at Chitungwiza rally, people have died. Ma Zanu tell us whats going on. Forcing people like animals for them to loose their lives just like that. This will be shameful

  41. 2008 there was ONE Million men march,but election results were a clear contrast to the march.MDC won the march 2008 polls.

  42. yes moses akafamba nevana veisrael asi iye moses haana kupinda mucanan saka morgan is now our joshua to take us to canan and moses haanakufamba achiuraya vanhu ko imi sei muchuraya vamwe

  43. Guyz let’s finish off these MDC-T sellout bandits once and for all! Cyber thugs, the likes off GayJukwa gore rino vanoita manyoka chete!

  44. @Samora. Cde Samora Machel did not have a pig mentality like yours. You seem to be a product of Ngomahuru Hospital. Go to Ingutsheni Hospital where there is better treatment.

  45. Munamato wangu: — Kuna Mwari wemasimba,musiki wedenga nepasi.Ndinonamatira nyika yeZimbabwe kuti ive nesarudzo dzakachena dzisina mhirizhonga.Ipai vana venyu njere dzekuona mutsauko pakati pechembere ne mhandara,harahwa nejaya,ZANUPF ne MDC-T.Ndapota Mwari musatiita chiseko chepasi rese kuti tigonzi tina president avekuyerera rute ane 90 years.Takasekwa patanga tine mazimari asingatenge,tikasekwa pamurambatsvina,iyezvino tirikuitwa makwerekwere mudzimwe nyika baba.Ndinoziva Mwari hamufari nehutungamiri hunouraya nekushungurudza vanhu venyu.Chizarurayi njere dzevana veZimbabwe varege kunyengedzwa nemafufu avakapa mazita ekuti indigenisation and empowerment ivo vachidya vega Baba.Mwari ndanamata ndichirevesa,muzita raJesu Tenzi wangu.

  46. Kana ukazvisungirira Nathaniel,tinongouya kuzomwa doro parufu rwako tichikuimbira dze3rd chimurenga nokuti unenge wafira muhondo,uye iwe uri kutaura neChitungwiza chete asi tiri kuti maseats ose ndeedu rwendo runo
    Chazunguza chazunguza mhepo haivhikwi !!!!!!!!!!!!Hokoyo nenhamo nokuti kwenyu kwatova nemariro
    Bhora mugedhe vanorovera musango havadi kuhwina.
    Gushungo mutumwa musanetsane navo.

  47. Let’s go and vote for the right reasons and not sentiment , tshirts or food parcels let’s vote for people who’ll take us into the future . ZAnu wants to hold Zimbo’s @ ransom because they liberated us enough is enough let’s build a new Zim

  48. I still do not know who to vote for and i don’t think i am going to. but when it comes to the facts that you use here in your insults that are supposedly to be arguments i could not help it. On the news here where i leave i clearly saw the EU official announcing names of zim officials and big companies in zim that were removed on the sanctions list.So the question of whether sanctions were there or not its very clear. If all of you remember in 2002 in SA Tsvangirayi clearly said “it is in the capacity of SA to cut off power supply to Zim so that the people will suffer , if they suffer then they will vote for the MDC.” I still dont know what we did to get leaders like these. GREEDY LOT

  49. one moment we are told zanu is bussing people yet the next we are hearing MDC-T is scared of elections and going to AU. which is which?

  50. Tsvangison is traveling too much. He wants to achieve too much in a short space of time. With this comes driver fatigue and if you consider the state of our roads, the chances of an “innocent accident” are high.

  51. Imivechinja nezvirori zvenyu zvejapan ndimishasha dzekukorokoza vanhu vasirivemamunenge mune rally. Vazhinji vanovinga ma t shirts kwete zvirongwa zvenyu zvakadhakwa

  52. whatever zvaitika mu chitungwiza,believe me those people will never vote for zanu pf,even one seat zanu haitore tazvireva isu machinja!mark this”

  53. Vamwe vanhu vane unhu hwakaipa hwekufamba vachiita tsika neunhu hwakafongoka vachityisidzira vanhu nekuda kwekuti vanenge vakapfeka regalia yezanu. pf my question is are they true zanupf supporters coz vakuita kuti tione musangano sewakaipa

  54. i am patriot, i firmly believe in revolutionary parties, however its now high time our president resigns. its been 33years for crying out loud, i think he deserves a break and rest. Zimbabweans needs the feel of a new Government under a different leader.

  55. Please Zanu PF, stop that foolish game of collecting people from villages and far away cities to your rallies, if you dont have that much support please re-strategise, ndasangana neimwe mbuya yati ndabva Murambinda apa yanga yasiia nebhazi, haina mari, kana wekuziva muChitungwiza, so wat do you want someone like that to do. wat will she do………………………. concerned Majokoto.

  56. But why would people cheer wildly like that if its true that they have forced. Everytime Bob steps on the scene people get ecstatic jumping, cheering, ululating and whistling this defies logic….Musanditukawo machinja ndangoti ndibvunzewo please.

  57. i have realised that most of the people who are supporting mdc
    here on face book are not in zim.are guyz coming home to
    vote???mmmm i dont think so.zanu inesuport muzim and zanu
    guyz will vote then you come here on facebook and say zanu
    riged.if we were voting thru facebook,you guyz were going to
    win.anyway make as much noise as you want here on fb but
    come elections muchapeta muswe.if u realy wanted change y
    dont u go home and and vote but becouse u know that there is
    nothing mdc can do to help our zim

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