LIVE UPDATES: MDC rally, Chikomba – 12 July


NewsDay brings you live updates from Chikomba, Mashonaland East- where Minister of Commerce and Industry and MDC leader Welshman Ncube is set to launch an election campaign and introduce party candidates.

Updates by Tinotenda Samukange in Chikomba

16:50 – He wraps up by thanking other parties present and pays tribute to all the Chikomba candidates for their contribution to the success of the day.


16:44 – He urges people to stick to a coalition for devolution, says Mugabe has personalised Zimbabwe and that the development of Harare alone has been a blockade to the development of other regions.

16:39 – Ncube talks about the high unemployment rates brought upon by Zanu pf. He urges Zimbabweans not to try their luck by putting a clueless man in power.

16:18 – “A new Constitution must bring a new political order” Ncube

16:16 – Ncube calls Mugabe a bigger devil and Tsvangirai a smaller devil and says he dislikes Mugabe for his bad deeds.

16:14 – He says he will desist from a coalition of convenience.

16:11 – He urges his candidates to desist from Mugabe’s way of approach in every area. He says he is not a boss, but a servant of the people.

16:09 – Ncube urges MDC candidates to lead by example.

16:05 – Welshman Ncube takes to the podium and is met with cheers and ululations from the people.

15:59 – People break into song as they wait for Welshman Ncube to make his speech.

15:53 – He says MDC-T is a political party driven by selfishness. Ends his speech with a song.

15:50 – He says Ncube is smarter than his two rivals.

15:49 – “If Mugabe failed for 33 years, what magic can he come up with in the next 5 years to suceed?” Chimbaira.

15:45 – He says MDC will never enter into a coalition with MDC-T.

15:42 – He takes a dis at Tsvangirai, saying he is uneducated and is a womaniser.

15:41 – Chimbaira says says his MDC-T rival , Pineal Denga  is going around plucking out MDC posters.

15:38 – Chikomba MP candidate Goodrich Chimbaira now on the stage.

15:35 – She urges all women to go and vote for Welshman Ncube on the 31st of July.

15:31 – MDC’s Ms Mlilo takes to the podium.

MDC supporters in Chikomba.
MDC supporters in Chikomba.

15:14 -The band resumes as people wait for the next speaker.

15:12 – He rounds up by wishing the country well.

15:10 – He talks about his relationship with the late General Solomon Mujurua and emphasizes on his continued respect  for Mujuru.

15:09 – He says he it was only last Friday that he reached a consensus with MDC Ncube that they became one party.

15:07 – He says he talked to Ncube in December 2012, urging him not to engage in an agreement with any party without considering what happened between Zanu PF and ZAPU.

15:04– Dabengwa says he supported Simba Makoni, so that Tsvangirai would lose the elections.

15:02 – Dabengwa talks about Gukurahundi and how Zanu pf was taught to kill by the North Koreans.

15:00 – Dabengwa takes to the podium again. He said Nkomo was tricked by Zanu PF.

14:57 – The SG mocks Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

1453 – UMD Secretary General introduces UMD candidates and says his party is working with Ncube.

14:51 – UMD Secretary General, gideon Magadzire,  takes to the podium, urging people to vote for Ncube.

14:49 – He  takes a dig at Morgan Tsvangirai’s modest educational background.

14:47 – A student representative on the podium now.

14:41 – MDC candidates are introduced.

14:39 – Singing resumes.

14:35 – Dabengwa takes to the podium, there are cheers from the people.

14:32 –  Mukaratirwa urges women to go and vote for the devolution of power.

14:31 – ZAPU Vice-President Emilia Mukaratirwa takes to the podium.

14:27 – Dumiso Dabengwa is also part of the members attending the rally.

14:25 – Welshman Ncube has just arrived in Chikomba.

MDC supporters in Chikomba. (Amateur Photo)
MDC supporters in Chikomba. (Amateur Photo)

13:46 – A convoy of commuter omnibuses has arrived with Ncube’s fans, all of them in their Green Machine regalia.

13:38 – Ncube expected to arrive in an hour’s time.Meanwhile, party members continue singing.

13:25 – School children at Madzivire Primary and Secondary Schools are to be dismissed early today to pave way for the rally scheduled to take place in their grounds.

13:03 – Of the 8 official vehicles at the rally, 6 are JOMIC vehicles.

12:52– The event is yet to start, MDC members are steadily gathering, all in one accord singing praise songs.


    • Hoo im a registered voter in Chikomba East Ward 6 though resident in Harare. Lets see whether this Ncube thing will pull a mere 5% of the vote. You are wasting tym Welshman, we already made up our mind to remove a 33year old Dictator.
      Morgan is moregorious. All Chikomba constituencies are going with Tsvangirai this time. So far that’s the talk of the village
      Mark my words.

    • Haiwawo Kwaaniko. A doomed gathering of t-shirt hungry villagers and Mat immigrants who were busy being ferried over night neSitima.
      Told you this was a Zpf gathering. Now hear wat Dabengwa is saying.
      Sorry for now we are going for Morgan the saviour

    • Shut up about Gukurahundi rubbish you Dabengwa idiot.
      At 1502hrs you talk about Gukurahundi atrocities but 2minutes later you brag to tell Zimbabweans you deliberately joined Makoni to guarantee Mugabe romps to victory in 2008.
      Who are you really?

  1. dumiso get your act together and stop placing trust in a RUDDschooled solicitor as my bones scattered around here nharira hills ordered you. welshman must work for you not with you! unite unite for the development of the whole of my kingdom and insist bulawayo be restored as capital city of all people. no barristee can be acceptable to me. unity is onne number away

  2. “School children at Madzivire Primary and Secondary Schools are to be dismissed early today to pave way for the rally scheduled to take place in their grounds” I thought its exam time since schools will closed on 26th July. Zim politics…

    • so David Coltat the minister of education allowed his party to disturb schooling at Madzivire schools just as what zanu pf does. I CAN now see that MDC-N is working for zanu pf to split votes and block change in Zimbabwe.

  3. W4P2013! This is going to be the most exciting of recent elections in Zimbabwe. Welshman Ncube means business. Thetha Mathonsi, ungajikisi induku ngoba imfeni ivali mehlo, nanzi is’thimela senkululeko. Bhora mberi Welsh, usavhundutsirwe uchinzi nekuti wakadai-dai haukodzere kukwikwidza. Don’t be intimidated by Baba Jukwa! Yami ivoti ulayo!! Green Green Green!!!

    • Continue enjoying your dream Brighton but when you wake up you shall find Morgan Richard Tsvangirai being installed the President and Commander-In-Chief!

    • Where is this Ncube going to be President? Keep on dreaming. A president whose manifesto is ‘devolution’? Nxaa, what is devolution going to do for those that are not employed when industries are closed? That’s why he was paid to disturb change in Zim by Jonathan Moyo. Dumiso Dabengwa has since acknowledged this at a rally in Chikomba underway right now that he participated in making sure that Tsvangirai does not become President in 2008. This is bullshit

      • If you are not aware that the Bambazonke policy pursued by ZPF led to deindustrialisation then you are naive.

  4. For those who need pictures, go to the MDC Facebook page. Those who doubted Welsh, the writing is on the wall. Newsday, dDONT BE BIASED . Tell it like it is.

  5. Tamba tamba muswe ndakabata. Some were previously used as a braai stick, what about this time

  6. if Ncube really loves to see the lives of Zimbabweans change, he must swallow his pride and join hands with Tsvangirai to avoid splitting votes meant to unseat Mugabe. there is always power in numbers

    • Iwe munhu, tell me one thing, Why can’t you tell Chematama to join hands with Welshman Ncube if he is serious about changing the lives of Zimbabweans? Thats a question i want you to answer please.

      • Tsvangirai has the numbers and Welshman does not. And for your information a good number of people I know who were supporting Welshman are now abandoning him for Tsvangirai. They have realised that it will be a waste of votes voting for his party if he does not join Tsvangirai.He will soon be a chief without Indians!

  7. If Ncube has Zimbabweans he must join hands with the other opposition parties to unseat Mugabe otherwise his main enemy are Zimbabweans themselves.

  8. Morgan my friend think twice do not disrespect this learned proffesser..The guy means business…….

  9. ncube and dumiso, you are not pure chinja are just cio and agents of evil will be history on 31 july.we need real chinjas.libathengisi

  10. Munhu apiwa basa rekuita maupdates haasi kuda basa iri. He is a card carrying member elsewhere!

  11. Yah! Tsvangirai must stop splitting Welshaman Ncube’s votes. Its Welshman and collegues who started MDC and Tsvangirai just came from nowhere to split Ncube’s vote.

    • Nonsense! Obviously you are poor in mind. Who is a sellout Ncube or Tsvangirai? Your Ncube was paid by Jonathan Moyo 203 000 000. We know it

  12. Newsday dai yaregedza hayo! Where are the pics? These guys did a splendid job in Marondera but now they seem to be subotaging the W4P2013 agenda. Anyway, Facebook is there and the pics will be all over for everybody to see!!

    • how many newspapers are doing this? stop bashing people who are doing their best to keep you posted. keep it up newsday, hats off to you. musanyeperwe nema cowards aya.

    • No these guys are not interested. Something tells me Chikomba is packed, and these TEA card holding journos are irked!

  13. Why is it Ncube who has to join Tsvangirai why does Tsvangairai join Ncube?? Why are we as Zimbabweans so immature to think that you can only be ZANU PF or MDC-T ? Believe it or not I aint a fan of ZANU PF and MDC-T so put in box to say I hate Zimbabweans people cause Tsvingirai is the alternative. Freedom of choice really means freedom of choice folks it dont mean being MDC-T. Ncube from what he said I completely understand why he wont join forces with Tsvangirai he sounds like a man of principal and that I love about him.

    • Freedom of choice yes ,but it should be informed. And in any case what is it that Welshman saidwhich makes you think he is a man of principle?


    • Trevor is a relative of Welshman but may not see the point in supporting a misguided fellow!

  15. Is Welshman fighting Tsvangirai or Mugabe? Looks like he is fighting Tsvangirai. Welshman why my friend?


    • Thought kubona mina kuphela. U call this a live update? Really? Where are the pics of the crowd, the officials so forth. Manje Morgiza haalume vachanyara!!

  17. this is no alliance at all. two cocks fighting for one hen then they agree that they will work together to win the hen but one has to fight a lone battle but in alliance. can’t understand the coalition. dabenga showing that he doesn’t want zpf to go anywhere coz if tsvangirai was to win in 08 five yrs down the line he was still going to lose coz ppl will be now confident that gvts can be changed but no that will not happen as long as tsvangirayi is everybody’s enemy no. 1. our politics is still far from the maturity. all other parties are on tsvangirayi, this shows he has the stamina and they are totally jealousy about that. in alliance the one with the top support base calls the shots its natural so tsvangison has the right to do so. dembare can’t go in alliance with motor action and action calling the shots its totally impossible so ncube and dabengwa with due respect liyayangisa sibili.


  19. so Dabengwa supported Makoni in 2008 so that Tsvangirai loses and the children of Zimbabwe keep on suffering,he is at it again now they have ganged up with Gheko so that they split the vote and perpetuate our suffering.see what diamond money does.

  20. dabengwa you are zanupf by blood and ncube you are zanupf agent.very soon zimbabweans and baba jukwa will expose you and you will go the dustbins.ncube forget about any seat in parliament.bhebhe is dealing with you in matebeleland province cum what. the rallies of khupe in matebeleland are well attended than yoz.the offer was so good than what you are going to get

  21. My dear fellow Zimbos we may fight and point fingers at each other but the truth shall remain. Tsvangirai commands the majority support. Ncube and Dabengwa have a handfull of suporters. They are just serving and pursuing their personal ambitions at the cost of us Zimbos. Instead of mocking Tsvangirai abt his poor eductaional background I need not remind them that it is them who are behaving otherwise. Here its just a matter of supporting the majority and then later regroup and challenge Tsvangirai. I also need not remind them that its easy to grab an ice cream from a baby rather than an adult…………STRATEGISE GUYS THINK WITH THE PEOPLE AT HEART DONT BE GUIDED BY YOUR EGOCENTRIC INTERESTS.


  23. @ Bella you totaly right we suffered because of Dabengwa and how can he say he has our interests at heart now……..wake up Zimbos lets fight the big snake which is Mugabe and his croonies………

  24. Why is news day offering a biased update,that’s the reason why some of us are not happy because you guys are taking sides.Its unfair,you are abusing the rights of Zimbabweans by giing them biased information.Tell it like it is.Anyway we will get every detail from Facebook .

    • The guy doing the updates is carefully selecting what to put up. He is going with those statements he finds to be critical of MT. He wants to create an impression MDC is there to oppose MDC-T. It’s too late Tinotenda, 31 July is around the conner and the villagers will vote for the village politician!!

  25. We want parties that are opposition to the ruling zanu pf party and not those opposing Tsvangirai who is not even in power. “I parted Makoni to make sure Tsvangirai loses” says Dabengwa. Zimbabweans pliz open you eyes

  26. This is an excellent Zanu PF. Keep it up Ncube. You are a great help. By the way do you want another farm?

  27. The updater is carefully choosing his ‘updates’. Preferring those that take a dig at ‘Messiah’ Morgan! kkkkk politics!!!


  29. “I parted Makoni to make sure Tsvangirai loses” says Dabengwa. So what does MDC for Welshman stands for.. Zanu PF??? kikikikiki

  30. Dabengwa said it by his own mouth, he Supported Makoni to ensure Tsvangirai doesnt win and that happened. He is the reason why Zimbabwe is stuck with Mugabe. He is doing exaCtly the same thing this time around. That explains it. he is Zanu PF. He is defending Mugabe against losing, AND in the process making the whole of Zimbabwe suffer. Ohh!!! God deliver us from these evils Dabengwa Ncube and Mugabe. we want change. Tatambura Mwari wee!!

  31. 15:04- Dabengwa says he supported Simba Makoni, so that Tsvangirai would lose the elections

    if this statement is true then i dont know what to say honestly hw dare cud someone do that?????? ndapererwa nemashoko AYA…. i have lost words…

    so it means thats the same reason again for the coalition??????

    Dabengwa ataura ega guys

  32. Dabengwa is a confused somebody, he must retire from politics completely maybe try farming. Last time you supported Makoni now that he has joined MDC-T you jump ship and join NCUBE . What if Ncube decides to join MDC-T where will you go? Let me guess ZANUPFUTSEKE!!!!. Dabengwa is a total failure he wont even get more than a thousand votes if he tries solo so please do us a favor and take the old man with you to retirement
    AS for NCUBE we haven’t forgotten how you left MDC an went on to get MUTAMBARASVINA where is he now? it shows that you are confused or you are difficult person to work with. ZIM need leaders equipped with good judgement and people who are able to work with others despite their difference and truly speaking you lack all this qualities. WE ALL KNOW what you are capable of, we don’t doubt your intelligence but we think you will be more useful as an advisor to the president

  33. halala kaMathonsi we are solidly behind you. teach them that politics is not about ethnicity but sound policies. zanu jongwe and mdc t are shivering right now because they use the tribal card to try and sway votes in their favour

    bathathe thole lakwethu!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I dont mind numbers that attend rallies ini, i just know where to place my vote. i love Zimbabwe n i hate the state it is now.

  35. DID DABENGWA REALLY SAY THAT???? Then we are going around in circles. THEY ARE STILL AFTER THE SAME GOAL TODAY!!!! kutambudza vanhu

  36. mr ncube you must reshape yo campaigning strategy sir and leave tsvangirai alone. its about the level of education that matters otherwise could be very wealthy by far coz mugabe has seven academic degrees but the country poorest nw. so where does education come in the. tinongoda somebody anodeliver using wisdom kwete education isingachashandi iyo

  37. mr ncube you must reshape yo campaigning strategy sir and leave tsvangirai alone. its NOT about the level of education that matters otherwise could be very wealthy by far coz mugabe has seven academic degrees but the country poorest nw. so where does education come in the. tinongoda somebody anodeliver using wisdom kwete education isingachashandi iyo

  38. kwanzi muzimbabwe takafunda??????zimbabwe donyikaizere madofo manje ,hakunahere vapururudza matakanana akadaro?..oooh poor ppl mwari tinzirei nyasha.!

  39. A bunch of pathetic tribal losers.Dabengwa should have brought Ncube into Zapu instead of the other way around.So Dabengwa supported Makoni so that Tsvangirai loses,and now he is supporting Ncube for the same reason.They fail to understand that they will never succeed in bringing change by working outside the main stream parties.Obert Mpofu,Khupe and Lovemore Moyo have better chances of bringing change to Matabeleland than this pair.The electorate will put them where they belong,once and for all.

  40. Baba Jukwa

    Ndimi makati Welshman Ncube anonzi Gheko, zita rebasa. Ko uyu Dumiso Tavengwa rake rebasa nderekuti kudii ?

  41. I don’t see thr manifesto can anybody help seriously?I just see tsvangirai that,mugabe that!!!! Wat about the roads,infrastructure,land,unemployment.I believe these guys has a plan behind the curtans seriously they have nothing to offer

  42. At this rate of stupidity by the proffessor of law we may fail to have students having a dream to be lawyers.

  43. Thanks to newsday i have heard wat all 3 parties stand for. On friday i was told about 1 party that cant wait to bring back the ZIM DOLLAR,and on saturday i was told about another that cant wait to bring back jobs,industry,student grants etc etc,and nw for the master stroke,today i have another 1 telling me hw they cant wait to bring back………..MUGABE!!?? Aahhgggggg??!! Nw i cant wait to put X to paper!

    • Dumiso Dabengwa is saying he made sure Mugabe remains president in 2008. So its clear he is a ZANU PF person planted to split the MDC votes.

  44. I don’t see the urgency of forming this party,I think the urgency is to disrupt what we want to achieve on the 31july and its clear that this party is tribal.I don’t think as well its a must that we need an educated leader,to be frank mugabe is more educated than ncube and even smater,but look at the country?its in shambles.I think I will go for morgan

  45. I support the Green machine all the way. Why shld people be concerned about Welsh when he is a leader of a party. Each man should support the party of choice and let the one who wins , win. I think we are insane as we did beat the drum of happiness when Tsvangirai called for sanction and encouraging other countries to cut electricity, fuel and ties with Zim so that we could be forced to remove Mugabe and we all suffered for years. Save it will be hard for me to forgive you

  46. So is that all Prof. Ncube had to say? Newsday, Tinotenda, tipeiwo maserious! And only 2 pics, yet u gave 12 good quality pics from Marondera! Come 31 July muchasvotwa kusvika marutsa. Newe Kunaka urikuti ‘Welsh is a bitch’ uchasvotwa uriko kuNew Zealand Benjy!

  47. The issue here is that the media is desperately trying to make this look like a two horse race! Forget it, W4P2013!

  48. If you didn’t know you Zimbabwean idiots and stupid aliens, Ncube, Dabengwa and us Zanu PF are ONE. We will never allow democracy in Zimbabwe until our Dear Leader His Excellence RG Mugabe is gone. This is our big project.

  49. Two of my comments were nt posted why?Becz I was not critisizing Ncube? NEWSDAY KA AMENHO……

  50. Nxxx!dabengwa n ncube real idiots,sellouts n confused tribalists…mark ma weds e two o them wnt get even 5% o votes….iyi ndiyo inonzi migodoyi.

  51. I wish everyone else wld be happy supporting their party. Thina koWelish siHappy, while you are busy calling us names, we’ll be busy goin village by village preaching the devolution gospel eliyinhlamba kwabanengi.


  52. At least Ncube was clever enough not to dig on Tsvangirai. Asi pakuzovharisa chikorozve. Dai ari Tsvangirai mungadai mati adaro nokuti haana kufunda. Let’s respect and uphold the future of these kids, please

    • Ko nhai imi vanhu munoda kuti Welshman Ncube abvise hembe hereagotaura asina kuti ndiri weZanu

  53. Welshman should think again. Dabengwa has dealt him a low blow. He tacitly admits he is there to deny Tsvangirayi the vote to get into power this does not sit well with a lot of zimbos who want Mugabe out. If this is what he said verbatim it would appear there is no strategy to dislodge Zpf but rather buttress it. Sorry Welshman in your camp you have a 73 plus year old who is also showing the same signs as the 89 year old

  54. If being educated makes people feel that they win a presidential race when they dont have supporters then its better we be led by the “Uneducated” Morgan because he understands people and can do real things for people rather than the educated ones who give empty promises for 33 years and Welshman is running away from his own shadow together with the resepcted Dumiso. In simple terms these two men are supporting Mugabe indirectly – Well Done Simba Makoni and Mutumwa Mawere for realising that its better to support the person loved by the people and transfrom the Nation .

    Welshman avoid your arrogance for the sake of the Nation – Please !!

  55. Ncube wraps up ,by thanking other parties present.ooooohhhh,they were not all MDC supporters?Let’s see what happens after 1 August.

  56. first of all i would want to thank newsday for excellent news coverage esp in pictures keep it up!

  57. zimbabweans did u hear wat dumiso dabengwa said!!!and these guys are attacking mr tsvangirai instead of mugabe wat are they up to excatly??

  58. Being one who was at the meeting I shall clarify that Newsday reported only part of what Dabengwa said.

    Dabengwa said he supported Makoni so that Tswangirai doesn’t win clearly knowing the country was almost going to descend into civil war.

    His hope was that a GPA of all parties (with or without seats), Civil Society, Churches, etc was gonna be formed to chart a new way forward for the country and create a new constitution, etc.

    That’s what Dabengwa said, but for some reason, Newsday chose to leave the other bit of his statement aside.


    • Gallible Mukanya wants to create a one party state, and blindly calling the people’s freedom of choice vote splitting. Pluralism is health for the country’s politics and economy. The problem with people like you is that you are used to and drunk with ZANU PF’s one party state approach. What makes you to still believe that Tsvangirai is the only opposition member who is supposed to be supported after a series of failures as a Prime Minister. His party does not have a political and economic agenda for our country. Ncube has a solid agenda ‘devolution’ and empowerment to all Zimbabweans. This is what Zimbabweans want rather than to listen to a clueless tea boy.

    WAS more than 25 seats which all went to ZPF. If the opposition was united, it could have been
    This could have taken them close to the 2thirds majority needed to change the constitution.

  60. I just don’t know what is the problem with people. Do you want Welsh to through his name in the hat and expect Tsvangson to win. He should fight both Mugabe and Tsvangarai that is clear because they are both rivals.

    • eople that have not been close to the people’s struggle for real change may not understand why the Grant Coalition was a still birth. Besides the fact that Welshman and Dabengwa were invited to this, they they walked away from and formed their coalition.

      Welshman was a respect and trusted Leader in the MDC until he showed us his true colours. In 2000 he successfully mobilised the young intellectuals to fill in the urban constituencies which were left without candidates two weeks to nomination. Most of us went back to contest in our rural homes. I for one left a possible urban Constituency, Chiredzi to put my CV for Makoni East.

      Although Welshman doubled as a full time Head of the Facilty of Law at the Zimbabwe University and an efficient Secretary General of our party, was never arrested or detained like most of our Leaders.

      It was Welshman and Gasela who introduced Predident Morgan Tsvangirai to Ari Ben Manashe. After taking him to a purported political consulting meetin, our President had a noose around his neck for trison while Welshman and Gadela were cleared of any wrong doing.

      In 2005, Welshman engineered an unsuccessful “Boardroom Coupe” that split our beloved party. In 2008, he speared in the vote Simba Makoni campaign that deprived our President and the nation an outright win and led us into a bloody run-off. This has costed the nation and retarded the possible change of Zimbabwe to a better nation for nearly five years

      If people parade their Leaders, they should not call any one tribal when they raise important issues for consideration. People have talk about Tsvangirai in many ways but he kept the dream alive and pressed on. His personal life in search of a mother figure for our party and the country was payed bare but he pressed. His drinking tea with Mugabe in his effort craft he best way for a better Zimbabwe made negative headlines but he pressed on. His first job as a tea-boy at Trojan Mine before he became a “Statesman” was used to demean him but he pressed on. Lets press on and let the people be the judges on the 31st of July 2013. After this day Zimbabwe will never be the same.

  61. if u guys want a coalition i think thats not the approach u knw the proceedures not day dreaming i knw u like tsvangirai at the same tym u knw wat ncube is capable election is cuming wil c him inn

  62. Welshman and Dumiso should have their heads examined by a medical doctor. How do they say they have formed a coalition to fight selfish Mugabe and Tsvangirai yet each one of them is so selfish that they failed to agree on a single Presidential candidate? They are in a coalition to unite people yet they are going to compete against each other in the Presidential race? Where is the coalition then? Let fools be fooled.

  63. I am worried about the pace of voting. The process is very slow. A number of people will not be able to vote due to time constraints. Lets not fear free and fair elections, because if you claim to be loved by the people, then fear not.

  64. ncube tinokutendai neku du!!! Ne devolution makauya nayo!!!! Ndino gara kuManicaland and where its e home of diamonds and there is no development madiamonds ese they looted to go and develop Harare nemazoe where these thugs r comin fro!! Taneta nema empty promises wemfana uyu Tsvangirai nekuti he wants to consider iwewe sem second class citizen, hu is he? Bhora mperi vaNcube tinokuda siyakhuthandha!!

  65. Zimbabweans are tired of being ruled by “intelligent” people like Bob & Welsh now it is time to be led by those with little education but with wisdom like Morgan. Dumiso never left Zanu he is just a man on a mission. Extending the suffering of the Zimbabweans and now again he has teamed up with Welsh.

  66. Viva welshman devolution is our revolution..whether uyafuna Ncube has supporters & they keep growing everyday u will be shocked ,the man has a vision & policies.if people could stop tribalizing our politics or else Zimbabwe will be governed by fools..shame

  67. Yes, I think Welshman Ncube has the good qualities of a leader but he definitely can not take ZANU(PF) out now. So Ncube should consider that alliance of convinience with Morgan. In the next election (5 years from now) he will have a very good chance of succeeding. Welshman, please ally yourself with Morgan now and 5years from now you will become President.

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