‘Let’s consign Mugabe, Zanu PF to dustbin’


A RECENT narration by NewsDay journalist Ropafadzo Mapimhidze of her typical day in Zimbabwe was deeply heart-wrenching.

Election Opinion by Basildon Peta

Here is a middle class citizen whose parents sacrificed everything to send her to school. She has a fairly good job. But instead of enjoying life at the apex of her career and worrying about other greater things, she tells us about how a good many hours of her day are consumed on scrounging for water to flush the toilet and accessing firewood to cook. What should in fact be a life of bliss and happiness by a “black diamond” — as people of Mapimhidze’ s stature are called in South Africa — is now a life of darkness and despair.

Mapimhidze’s story mirrors the lives of thousands of Zimbabwean graduates who now eke a living on such ignominious vocations such as vending airtime at traffic lights and selling newspapers in foreign lands.

Even though Mapimhidze narrated her story to merely vent out her frustration over depravations of basic social amenities and it did not have any political angle, it goes to the heart of why every sane Zimbabwean should cast their ballot today in getting rid of President Robert Mugabe’s evil, cruel and odious regime.

After 33 years of incompetence, corruption and grand cronyism; after 33 years of government of the few by the few and for the few; after 33 years of rampant looting and destruction of our once prosperous economy, surely the moment has arrived to flush Mugabe and his rotten political party down the gutters.

As Mapimhidze narrated, it cannot be (outgoing mayor) Muchadeyi Masunda’s fault that Harare cannot provide clean water to its citizens. It surely cannot be the fault of the MDC-T that Harare cannot provide basic amenities. The fault entirely rests on Zanu PF shoulders. Zanu PF long made governance of the cities impossible by affording Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo overwhelming powers to control municipal councils.

The willy-nilly firing and re-hiring of councillors and Chombo’s regular appointments of buffoons, masquerading as special interest “councillors”, to cause confusion in urban councils has made their proper governance impossible.

A fish rots from the head. An outcome in which the MDC retains governance of cities, while Mugabe retains the Presidency is not what Zimbabwe needs now. We want total change.

Professor Welshman Ncube once said one must be “completely mad” to vote for Zanu PF in today’s elections. The question has also been asked by many: What can Mugabe do for you now that he has not done in 33 years? To add to Ncube’s characterisation, I would say one must have a pea-sized brain to vote for Zanu PF.
How surely can we Zimbabweans, with our fairly better literacy levels, still be finding reason to entertain a nearly century-old leader born, as indeed Associated Press noted recently, “as the Ottoman Empire drew its final breath and Calvin Coolidge was still in the White House”.

In this age of African renewal, do we want to have the dubious distinction of being ruled by the oldest executive president in the world? We desperately need a young energetic leader to chart this country on a new path. Morgan Tsvangirai is the man.

While it is Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa’s democratic rights to contest elections, neither of them will win the presidency and so why waste votes on them instead of investing ballots in Tsvangirai, the most likely winner, and avoid ballot splitting?

It’s better for supporters of these two men to vote for their parliamentary candidates, while casting the presidential votes for Tsvangirai to enable Zimbabwe to achieve the change it badly needs.

Both Ncube and Dabengwa are formidable politicians and have played important roles in their histories.

But there is no chance in hell that either will win the presidential vote. If those wishing to vote for them invest their ballots in Tsvangirai, the bigger numbers may help forestall Zanu PF rigging.

There is thus no point in wasting crucial presidential ballots on Dabengwa and Ncube.

Let’s consign Zanu PF to the dustbins. I don’t think we need Zanu PF even as an opposition party. Like its counterpart in Zambia, UNIP, its legacy must be uprooted and flushed into the gutters. Dabengwa and Ncube can then provide better quality opposition to Tsvangirai.

Among the atrocities that Zanu PF must answer for is the Gukurahundi massacres in which more than 20 000 innocent citizens were brutally killed on suspicion of aiding dissidents in the early 1980s.

With Zanu PF in power, we will never have a truth and reconciliation probe to bring closure to this sad episode of our history. With Tsvangirai in power, we will definitely have the appropriate response.

In fact, Tsvangirai has promised compensation for Gukurahundi victims. Even though he has spoken out against retribution, the sheer demands for justice will be overwhelming on him and Gukurahundi perpetrators are likely to be brought to justice under a Tsvangirai administration.

So there is every reason for Matabeleland to overwhelmingly support Tsvangirai.

On the economic front, there is no hope in Zanu PF’s manifesto with its mainstream empowerment policies based on entitlement instead of hard work and ability. In contrast, Tsvangirai’s economic programme offers the best hope for Zimbabwe.

It surely must concern every Zimbabwean that our diamond wealth is being persistently looted to enrich a few while we lack the most basic services and Mapimhidze and other middle class citizens have to spend a good part of their days in borehole queues instead of being productive at workplaces.

If we fail to stop Zanu PF from rigging by voting for Tsvangirai in huge numbers and not wasting votes on Ncube and Dabengwa, then Zimbabwe is totally finished.
Another term for Mugabe will confine this country to the dogs, where Zanu PF has already plunged us.

The only way out for this country is to drive these vicious Zanu PF crooks and thugs from power.

Yes, some of them fought in the liberation struggle and for that they must be acknowledged, but having fought in the liberation struggle is no excuse for impunity.

It’s certainly no excuse to loot, wreck and plunder our economy.

As they prepare to rig the polls, let the Zanu PF thugs be also be reminded of John F Kennedy’s wisdom that “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.

lBasildon Peta is a journalist, lawyer and businessman based in Johannesburg


  1. A little too late Peta , nothing new in your article . Same old same old , the people will vote today and the people knows whom to vote for .

      Finally we got the bull by the horns…
      And long-awaited freedom beckons…
      Tomorrow we’ll see who’s Big Daddy…
      Bhora rakaponja haripindi mugedhi…
      The road to freedom has been rough…
      Until we finally said “enough”…
      Waving bye-bye to a 90-year old…
      Whose departure is as good as gold…
      He lingered like a bad smell…
      But Zimbabweans finally ring the bell…
      Smiles all over their brave faces…
      Proud they’ve removed the nutcases…
      And choosing proper aces…
      No more chefs & comrades…
      No more toyi-toyi & night raids…
      We salute our women & men…
      For bringing change by a mere pen.

    • I have only one thing to say. Why does the World Look On and not do anything. I especially ask the First World Countries. Just like everyone watched Idi Amin they are doing the same with Mugabe.

      Hopefully Zimbabwe will strike oil then I am sure help will be at hand.

    • For 33 years nothing has materialised from the so called Zanu PF leadership, I have nothing against Mugabe personally but his policies and the way he runs the country has not done NO good for you to boost that you and your fa,mily will vote for him. As we speak now you are hungry, poor, miserable and have nothing you gain from supporting him. Your family is suffering but you still waste your energy by backing to the wrong tune. I personally dont like the way Bob runs the country, I would have supported any Zanu member if they were running for president because they might have brought about change. At the moment I support any party that will unsea uncle Bob but please do not be proud of someone who does not bring food to your house or create work so that you can support your kids. I dont like politicians that only think of themselves, I comment because me and my family do not rely on these blod suckers like you, get a life.

  2. You coward, who do you think you can fool. ZANU PF WILL WIN, and we will ban these gutter tabloid promoting hate speech. Muchamhanyira mumwena just like 1980!

    • bambo munotiurayira ramangwana asi wakakwirira mukadzi neZANU PF yaunoda kuteenda nekukuberekera vana zirume risinganyare

  3. Bring your own pen to the polling station and leave it in the booth for others.I have heard there are pens from Israel with ink that fades within 4hours at the polling stations,warn others.

  4. I don’t care who you vote for but bring your own pen to the polling station and leave it in the booth for others.I have heard there are pens from Israel with ink that fades within 4hours at the polling stations,warn others.

  5. Now its the time to change hearts
    Images of a new dream should emerge
    ticking time bombs have to be difused
    death factories must be closed
    Now its the time to change minds
    now its the time to climb up the mountain and reason against hate and destructive IDEAS.
    iMAGES of a new society should emerge
    Zimbaweans rise up beyond the lies and deception against zanu pf
    Lets tribalism and hate in the past
    Now its time for the rightful generation to lead its self
    Lets liberate ourselves from monsters and thugs
    Ruling through gansterism should end today
    Now its the time for hard workers to be rewarded what they derseve
    politics of hate and croniesim should varnish good.
    I salute all of you zimbabweans I say to you good luck and I wish all of youcould accomplish your indivual objectives and the same time keeping our country on the right track.
    Patriosim is not murder or spying on innoccent people but its dertemination to work for you country for a better future.
    Good luck Morgan you are carrying our hopes.

  6. Same old, same old…..the man will be voted in to power again. But not by the people, by intimidation and corrupt officials.
    He has absolutely destroyed the Zimbabwe economy. In the process, he has accumulated enormous wealth at the expense of the very people that he keeps promising to look after.
    Whenever I listen to his meaningless rhetoric on TV and his arguments, I remember a very old saying that is so true of the man………” never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”…….so true

  7. Peta u ur a monkey.If anyone paid u for the article u better return the money because the pea sized brains ur going to romp to victory.U want to skool us who to vote for.U gay.VOTE MDC GREEN

  8. I have been to vote and indeed I cast my vote. It took me only 3 minutes to do that. The outlook is positive if its maintained. No que at least in my case. Its an urban station so encourage others to vote for your candidates. Thanks.

    • Well done Scott, I am happy for you and I wish you the best. If the party of your choice wins, I will congratulate you as I am sure you will also congratulate me when ZANU PF wins. We have contrasting political views but that must not make us hate each other. I think it would be nice to have a virtual drink in a virtual bar and talk face to face with you. But you are buying!

  9. bantwabami.ilizwe sesilithethe.khumbulani ukuthi oginya izapu uginya ipoison.zimbabwe will always be a laughing stock until we come to a time where leaders are not chosen by where they come from but chosen on their credentials of being a leader.

  10. Vana Basildon kungonyepa kwega kwega…..everything started with the sanctions your handlers imposed on Zim saka zvimwe zvese izvo is secondary

    • Vana Jah_F munongohukura kuti ma sanctions hehehe masnctions. Unozivei about sanctions…. ikozvino all the FMCG (groceries etc) products in the retail store are coming from America and the UK?

      Ask yourself a question kuti pakaiswa iwo ma sanctions auri kuhukura nezvawo, imi makarima chii muminda yamakatora zvisina mature…… handiti munoda ivhu, makatora ivhu? Chidyai ivhu racho tioneka. Kune vamwe vanhu vasingafunge zvedi….. tsimbe dzevanhu ukadzipa ivhu hadzizive chekuita naro. Am sure vamwe munotomirira party (musangano wenyu) kuti ikuudzei zvekuita nemadzimai enyu pakurara……. madofo!!!

  11. Ha baba, Basildon you can write. Eish, ndapa kutenda. Baba, munogona kunyora ndapa kutenda. Mr Peta, really you are great writer. Your grammar is second to none.

  12. Perusing your article, Mr Peta, i could visualize you seething with anger. Cool down. Grumpiness and anger can cause heart attacks. BUENA DIA.

  13. Just come out of the polling booth. It took me less than 5 minutes. Voted for my President & Party..None of the alleged rigging nonsense was evident. ZEC was totally in control, ZRP looked after the security, local & foreign observers were present & so was the local & foreign press.

    Moregays is finished!!!!!!! He is now history. MDC-T is looking for a new leader…….

  14. Peta u wnt mugabe to go so tht u expand yo business of gay to zim, why didnt come nd vote him out yoself nxaa, u a cantankerous nincampoop!

  15. Interesting piece until the nonsense about ‘wasting votes on Ncube and Dabengwa’. And Peta is a democrat! Eish, there’s no such thing as wasting votes in a democracy. Ever heard about CHOICE, Mr Peta?

  16. @scot -now that’s political maturity. Keep it up brother & teach others. I wish our leaders whom we’re voting for can also manage to have the loser shake the winner’s hand in congratulations. Such a gentlemanly disposition will most obviously guarantee that such a leader ,in the event of an eventual failure to discharge his duties to the satisfaction of the people(especially the povho not his own cronies), will see it noble to resign without the need for a push (FINAL or otherwise) like what’s happening now.

  17. Well said Mr. Peta – I salute you. Sadly there was never a hope in hell of Mugabe being defeated since of course he ensured the election was always going to be as corrupt as always, and too many simple-minded, brainwashed voters (see plenty of comments above) haven’t the intelligence to understand the evil they are perpetuating by voting for him, but well said anyway.

  18. Seeing you’ve just been tossed into the dustbin and the headless Magunje woman is still looking for you. It must be so frustrating to be so out of touch with the majority.

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