I will suffer heart failure if I lose Harare — Mugabe


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said he would suffer heart failure if the people of Harare and Bulawayo did not vote for him in Wednesday’s make-or-break elections where he is pitted against his arch-rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC-T.


Addressing about 25 000 supporters at the 65 000-seater National Sports Stadium in Harare, Mugabe said: “Are we going to vote? Yes, but how are you going to vote? Harare, Harare, Harare, Bulawayo, Bulawayo, our big cities. Have we forgotten 2008?”

“Have we left behind 2008? I will be shocked. I will have heart failure if I hear Harare votes for MDC, a party with councillors who have caused trouble,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe dared Tsvangirai to prematurely announce the election results, saying he would be immediately arrested.

“We have the AU (African Union) chairperson (Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma) in the country, the former wife of (South African President Jacob) Zuma, who is here to observe the process. He (Tsvangirai) attacks her. You want her to say what you told her. What about what she was told by others?

“But what shocked me is that he said he was going to announce the results of the elections knowing that the law does not allow it. He says they can arrest me if they want. You want to announce the results you get from your people. That’s madness. I have never heard anyone in Africa saying that. A whole Prime Minister saying he will break the law. Who gave you the job (to announce the results)?” Mugabe queried.

“There is a law and you can’t go against the law. He who does that will be arrested. I can tell you in advance that if you breach the law and you become a lawbreaker, a lawbreaker is arrested and the police will arrest you.”

Earlier on, religious leaders sympathetic to the 89-year-old leader had fallen over each other in bootlicking theatrics, describing Mugabe as “President for life” and “God-given”.

But Archbishop Johannes Ndanga of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe beat them all. He went to the extent of presenting a self-made “Life Presidency Certificate” to Mugabe.

Ndanga claimed Mugabe was ordained as President by the founder of Johane Masowe in 1934 and added that all apostolic sects had deferred all their activities for the month of July to campaign for Zanu PF.

“All apostolic churches that were supposed to have meetings in July, including the Zion Church led by (Nehemiah) Mutendi, had to suspend their activities to enable church leaders to take a new role of being political commissars to ensure a Zanu PF victory,” Ndanga claimed.

Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe, leader of the Family of God Church, said Mugabe was like the biblical Joshua who took the people to the Promised Land and would rule until the fulfilment of a prophecy.

“Though you are old, there is still land to distribute and there is still work to be done,” Wutawunashe told Mugabe.


    • ther aint gonna b no hrt failure man c e support he g2 on hs rallyshttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=345376228929262&set=a.337976563002562.1073741826.337936363006582&type=1&relevant_count=1

    • HAHAHA u gat t b kdng me whr do u live man ts a obvious thng MUGABE z gng 2 win u shld c e support he gat chek out hez rallys dey r fully loaded othr than tsvangirai’s rally u only find a few pipo.MUGABE z nt gng to lose pipo r gng to vote 4 him.MUGABE fr live

      • Tanya you surprise me. People are being driven to Mugabe rallies for sure. You do not know it. Ask people who own those trucks parking at Siya So looking for business. They will tell you we are forced to carry people to rallies. People go to ZPF rallies because of fear or if the numbers are many for Harare, they are not coming from within Harare but from afar!

    • Your name rightly qualifies what you are, read more science and see if its not a possibility
      and more over do you think crude oil falls from the clouds.

  1. Johannes Ndanga has to know that God will punish him for his falsehoods. Johanne masowe never met any of the first family and must be reminded as a fact that he castigated those who went to school . T he first doctrine of Masowe was against going to xool, so where on earth did he met the president s father and encourage him to let his son pursue further education when it was against the doctrine? Judas operated within the church . He betrayed the word because of his love of money and favors. Let it be known.

  2. For your own information, we the vapostori decided to cancel our July meets cause ZANU PF was now hijacking our meetings unannouced like they did in Manicaland hence the decision to cancel all July meetings. VaNdanga zvamave kutaura izvi siyanai nazvo, isu hatisi vanhu vezve matongerwo enyika…

  3. Ko the other Prophets who are always talked about why are you not covering their word OR maybe you are afraid they they will tell you the Truth. I bet if they had supported Zanu pf we would have heard about. Ha ha ha

  4. Basa redu semaChrist kunamatira runyararo munyika. Chokwadi tingaregedze masangano here kuti tino compaign?Ko muchasangana kupi muchiinamatira Zimbabwe.

  5. I think the prophet are not prophet of god coz they were supposed to tell him that you are not supposed to torture and intimidate people.god want peace but zanupf is killing and beating people around the country.i think their god is satan.this time around god is thru tb Joshua who prophesied the cuming of the new govt.the change is iminent

  6. Haa ende futi shem sorry manhingi! Saka kusiririsa ndokuti muvhotegwe here nhai comrade? Kubva sorry in advance for the heart attack! Sorry shuwa! Jongwe mupoto nevana varo!

  7. This is shameful Mr NDANGA, l regret to tell you that you don’t deserve to bishop. Don’t hold mapostori at ransom! ls it becoz you were promised farms? Sorry!

  8. Mishonga yamakasiirwa nekutemerwa naHastings Kamuzu Banda Mr president yekutonga haichashandi over Jesus Christ. Mongohumanaka nayo. Face God now. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED UNDER YOUR LEADERSHIP? Christ is now guiding us to a New Democratic Zimbabwe. With God everything is possible. WITH LORD GOD WE WILL MAKE IT ZIMBABWEANS.

  9. are you sure there were 25 000 people? eTV was saying 80 000, and their news clip was showing that the stadium was full. show us the photos to judge for ourselves.

  10. Filling stadia by ferrying people from afar, forcefully doesnt mean one has much support. For your record how many truckfulls of people got involved in accidents? 55 got enjured in Gweru, another truckload maimed others in Tsholotsho and u call that support. Do not sorely get news from Zimnyepi BC, otherwise u end up liers also. Wake up, Kwacha Kwaera, Kwaedza Kusile. remove blinkers Tanya etc

  11. Mwari oga ndiye anochengeta .33yrs hakuzi kugona kwavo .vangatuke kana kushora asi mwari ndivo vanotonga kana kupa mhosva …. Matambudziko anounzwa namwari iri nzira yake yekutiera nayo asi ndiyezve mupedzi wawo zvakare nenguva yaakatara kuti achapera matambudziko

  12. Mwari oga ndiye anochengeta .33yrs hakuzi kugona kwavo .vangatuke kana kushora asi mwari ndivo vanotonga kana kupa mhosva …. Matambudziko anounzwa namwari iri nzira yake yekutiera nayo asi ndiyezve mupedzi wawo zvakare nenguva yaakatara kuti achapera matambudziko .saka tinganetseke zvedu asi mwari anacho

  13. its a provincial thing so what do people mean when they say people ferried to rallies? yes to meet their leader. 1 rally per province hence the need to ferry people from several districts. machinja hanti moita door to door? saka matyei? mavhundukei? imi hamugonewoka kuronga. thus the differences in thinking processes between a grade seven dropout workers committee leader and a trained teacher degreed economists lawyer etc leader. you think they are at par? whats that.

  14. uyu tanya akakwana here uyu unofunga vanhu variku bheuka nemagonyeti vachienda ku rally varikubvepi and fo your own info. Pakafa 8 pa55 vekukuvara and nothing was mention of them ku rally yavaiienda yacho ndokuchekeresa zanu ndaiende

  15. Mugabe: People who live in Urban Areas are switched on,you can say whateveryou want but come july 31 they will dump you and vote mdc-T.

  16. He is a trained teacher but has failed to teach others to take over from him. Failure to have succession plan is a sign of bad leadership. I will vote for anyone not Mugabe. He is a great man, he did good to lead us from the colonial regime. I salute him. However, he is not a good leader. His problem is he listens to those around him who give him wrong information. Everytime he appears as if he is grooming so and so but next time you see him with another horse. That is why even useless professors now think they can takeover the party. Johnathan is waiting for a chance to takeover the ZPF. He realised kuti kune marema egaega isa 90 year old pachigaro. Mwari pindirai. In Zimbabwe hakuna company, ministry, parastatal, school, varsity or college being led by a 90 year old, but moti nyika yacho. If 90 year olds are too old to meaningfully run a primary school, how about a country. Vanhu ve ZPF musatisekese imi.

  17. Saka chitofenda…. Zvimwe hazvimiriri kutaurwa coz its definite. uchakamirirei? Enda usadzoke…

  18. Even if yu die we dont care it will be a blessing to the whole of africa.yu are a dictator robert .yu are more than a failure

  19. wutaunashe man of GOD, i am really disappointed are you sure you can say what you said and your conscience will remain clear. did you really say what God said you should say. has fame and praise from man taken you so low that you are now failing to be careful to hear what God is saying. it will be difficult for me to attend any of your services from now on

  20. Our problems isusu mapositori vazhinji vedu chikoro mumusoro hatina kudzidza,so we can be easily toosed by ths politicians and we are subjected to zanu pf cheap propaganda,we are indicisive we tend to vaccilate bcz of our low level of education ,even if mugabe says he is going 2 build a bridge where there is no river we bliv and praise him dont blame us we are not that clever we are valnurable members of the society,pamberi nekuvhotera zanu pf,mugabe is good kunyangwe akatambudza vanhu ndibabaka regai aite nyika iyi ndeyake saka anoita zvaanoda handiti baba jowani vakati ndiye chete anogona kutungamirira nyika ino,baba havarambwi nekuti vanodhakwa kana kuti ibenzi

  21. This guy will Rig the Elections hence he says that,But his last hope is on the ZEC cuase they might just expose him,

  22. I aggree wth yu mupositori most of ths so called mapositori they are not educated so they bliv in wateva mugabe say.they dont make their own decisions ,they are affected by what is known as mental slavery.mupositori yu are a true example of what mapositoris are

  23. wutaunashe, i thought you were a prophet for the nation . if zanu had invited was it not time for you to pray for the nation even your enemies. is it not good for you to attend the mdc rally today and bless it also. is tsvangirai an enemy. zapu etc.i think your true colours are coming out. or is that the glory has/is departed. why do i think that GOD will judge you for not giving the king sound advice when out all man of GOD in Zimbabwe you are one of the best to have done so.is it because of farms. if so it means you have already got your reward. for me you are to advise the king not to consult mediums(mapostori) when GOD has rejected him. Where are Johns of today dad.

  24. Ha ha ha bob thinks we stupid. Harare kanganwa muchembere, its the last 33 years u have been mismanaging harare, bulawayo and the rest of zimbabwe. He should have said he will step down or kill himself now that’s a real man says kwete wishing on a heart attack lmaooooooo
    Joke of the day. Yangu vote panaPrime Minister chete.. …

    Ha ja ha ha ha this negro right here called rhobhati

  25. Hitler hanged himself afta loosing go hang yoself old bob nobody will care yu are like useless garbage in zimbabwe.yu are a real clown ,a political clown

  26. Come 31st, All these empty comments will die a natural death and once again sanity will be back with RGM leading his people to the promised land.

  27. Baba Ndanga,

    With all the Grace that our Lord Jesus Christ has given to you and the African Initiated Churches, i’m saddened by your utterances in front of the Lord and His sheep. Uniting African churches was a great idea, but you have made it look like an extension of Zanu PF. If you have attended any of Dr Bishop N Mutendi’s church congregations i am sure you would have learnt one or two critical issues about the role of God’s ministers in Politics. At no point has Bishop Mutendi aligned himself with Zanu PF. Infact the Defe church meeting which was slated for the 27 of July was postponed because of the,
    1. Political environment, the gathering usually last for more than a week so it was going to spill into the week with 31 July, thus depriving possible voters their constitutional right.
    2. with the level of Campaigns, the church meeting was likely to be hijacked by politicians

    Baba Ndanga ita vafudzi veboka rajesu not to be bring African churches into desrupte

  28. To all the leaders who are competing for the presidential race, i advice them not to lose heart or to die of heart attacks. Just like soccer, politics is a game you win some and lose some.

  29. I feel compelled to comment about Wutawunashe and the Family of God Church because I know him and have worshiped with them. He is a clear example of a false prophet. He is an alcoholic and promiscuous.

  30. These FOG people are led primarily by the hard hearted pioneering clique. They are selling righteous and lost. Need prayers


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