Chihombori succumbs to piracy

ENOCH Chihombori and his production team have succumbed to piracy and are now set to release the movie Gringo the Troublemaker today.

Report by Own Correspondent

The movie was pirated weeks after its release when Chihombori had decided to show it in cinemas around the country.

He said they had also managed to release it online to cater for viewers outside the country.

“We are making huge steps to try and make the film available to most Zimbabweans abroad and we have now gone ahead of schedule and released the film online on a pay-per-view basis as with the original DVDs starting selling on Friday (today) at $2,” said Chihombori.

“On the pay-per-view system, we are in partnership with a Canada-based media organisation called Headlines Africa. They are the ones who have set up the system for viewers to access the movie.”

He said they had initially not planned to release DVDs so as to recoup cash injected into the project, which amounts to around Chihombori $48 000. Chihombori said the pirating of the movie had given him more headaches than joy.

“I will be happy the day I know that I and my partners have managed to recover our invested funds,” he said. “This film took me more than five years to prepare and it took someone just less than a minute to acquire and duplicate. It’s very painful and it’s just not worth it for us.”

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  1. Eish I can feel for you Gringo… Asi ingo flooder market nema originals uchiita dollar a dvd, maybe you can beat the pirates

    1. The general sentiment is that if Chihombori floods the market with original dvd’s worth a dollar each he vhas a better chance to wad off the pirates.At two dollars a dvd it is wishful thinking and the market will fall to the dreaded pirates.

  2. Sry sha ita madollar i think half a loaf is beta than nothing

  3. Will definitely watch the movie. Thank you for making it available online. Us in the diaspora, i think that the $3.50 that you are charging is too little. I would suggest that the better price be $5. I mean, most of the movies i watch here in Chicago, the new ones, $13! But good work guys, thank you!

    Watch the movie here online: (This is the information, simple, that the journalist who wrote the above story should have provided. )

  4. usarasa mbereko nekufirwa tuma pirated DVDs have poor quality pictures and tunouraya maMachines saka don’t lose heart tinotenga.

  5. Chitoita ma$1 mkomana coz vashoma vanoda kutenga e $2 e $1 aripo I’m sure yo sells cn yieds better returns..

  6. Chitoita ma$1 mkomana coz vashoma vanoda kutenga e $2 e $1 aripo I’m sure yo sells cn yields better returns..

  7. just tell us where to get the $2 genuine discs. i am sure munhu wese averenga chichemo chenyu anotenga. tagara tinotoziva kuti we won’t be disappointed, for we yearn to refresh ourselves with somethin homegrown and of high quality. asingachemi anofira mumbereko. kwenyu kuchema kwqnzwikwa

  8. Vitalis Nyongo

    I will support you Enock I will buy it even R100. I dont buy pirated DVDs

    1. Enock Chihombori

      Thanks Vitalis

    2. Eno local is lakka I will rather pay more for any og dvd than buying zvinouraya maog dvd player

  9. Vitalis Nyongo

    I will support you My Bro. Whatever price it is I wil buy it

    1. vitalis inga watendwa wani,wongoramba uchidzokorora here, unoda kutendwa kasingaperi uri benzi here,chandagwinyira chaiye ,shayi rebenzi ,nxa fokoro

      1. 1st Zimbabwean


  10. Sometimes we are our worst enemies, guys lets shun LOCAL pirates and buy originals, yes thingz are tyt, but Gringo also wants food for his family!! Chihombori, pliz AUCTION THE FIRST ORIGINALS, I will buy 1 myself.

  11. sell your dvd’s in the streets and shops for 2 dollars and piracy will die

  12. Where can we buy the original ones Enock? Tell us the outlets and I’ll come buy this afternoon.

  13. Original rinogara uye rinooneka nekunzwikwa zvakaiswonaka . Pane kamukofera ke dhora. Tiudze hako iwe patingawane iyeyu GRINGO THE TROUBLE MAKER kuno kuTriangle.

    1. enda ku dulys kanaptm kkkk zvikanetsa kumill kana terry goss

  14. Pinda panyanga ndanga ndakato mirira yako

  15. Asi nhai mkoma Enock, pamaiita pump out $48000 handiti maizviziva henyu kuti kune vanhu vanonzi mapirates??

  16. Ah gringo dai waita kuti dramma risvike kuno kuSOMALIA pliz,asi price musazotitema nema dhora zve,mongoisawo pa $1 for six

  17. Wil definitely grab a copy when I visit home nxt mnth.vanhu vanyanya nekuda ma-pirated DVDs,$2 is just little for an original DVD

  18. mhanyisa maog ne$1. U wl recover yo $ in a short period of time. For your own info, i bought one of your original dvds in 2009 for $9. The picture quality is still great. Unfortunately some of us cant afford that much but I personally will buy the og no matter the price.

  19. Great stuff man. Am just disappointed that I am now unable to watch any other stuff munhu wese arikungodzokorora that disc. Ndakazobvunza kuti is anyone having any exam after watching cause hey everyone is glued to the screen day in day out. Keep it up machinda.

  20. Wezhiramukaranga

    @ Enock, i suggest you highly market your product nechichemo chako, tiri vanhu isu tinoziva kurwadza kwzvo. You can do that extensively for free, talk of fbk, a watsapp text to friends within your reach will eventually reach every zimbabwean family within a week. Where are you selling og discs?, what are your features for og ones?, wokurumidza kuchakachena ndinotenga

  21. Wezhiramukaranga

    email me your details chihombori,

  22. Enock my bro you you are doing a great jo, we just hope all Zimbos will shun piracy and let our Movie industry grow. I watched the movie online and i encourage all those who have not yet watched Gringo to watch it online or to buy a ORIGINAL DVD its worth it. Kudos to you Chihombori.

    1. Enock chihombori

      Thanks for your comment Munoz. With what has happened, I do appreciate your encouraging words.

  23. i ve been doing my calculations.if you float the dvd on the street for a dollar you get close to 200k net income.thats how the market is those local movies you get on the street.

  24. For those who want the dvds to be $1,do u have an idea about the cost of making a single OG dvd?what wil Enock get by charging $1?Really as it is $2 ishoma.

  25. great story, but can you direct us to the link please?


  27. w wil buy even for 10 buks.

  28. Marketing is also an important part of the production. Apart from the low price , pirated stuff is readily available to people. This is where the genuine artists are failing. Supply your original stuff alongside the pirated stuff and people will actually buy the original, mark my words. I tried to get an original for sabhuku vharazipi before I left for the diaspora to no avail. Yet I read articles of him crying about piracy. Artists, address the SUPPLY side at a competitive price and you will reap the rewards. Piracy will never go away.

  29. if you’re Gringo or Chihombori’s fan please jus buy that one for $2. Thats the spirit of support

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