Agatha Murudzwa in tricky marriage

GOSPEL musician Agatha Murudzwa last week did it the Hollywood way by tying the knot secretly with Mutare pastor Gwinyai Ndembera in the capital.

Tawanda Marwizi

The low-key wedding was held at a yet-to-be-disclosed venue in Harare.

Although it is yet to be clarified, the marital bliss could soon be over as Ndembera is likely to be charged with bigamy.

Allegations are that Ndembera is still legally married to Chipinge’s Pastor Christine Maphosa.

According to a marriage certificate seen by NewsDay, Maphosa and Ndembera wedded on May 2, 2009.

A source close to the happenings yesterday confirmed the wedding was conducted secretly because of fear of a backlash by Maphosa.

“They decided to have a secret wedding because they were afraid of Maphosa. All the people from Chipinge were not allowed at all,” the source said.

Contacted for comment on Tuesday, Murudzwa downplayed the issue and said the wedding was low-key because of the small venue.

“How did you know that?” quipped Murudzwa.

“I thought you guys munotizika (could be evaded),” she said with a chuckle.

“I will avail it to the public at a concert we will organise soon. The venue was too small and we could not invite you media guys and other people.”

The Press On hitmaker maintained they invited a small number of people because of the small venue.

Maphosa declined to comment on the issue, but said she was still married to Ndembera.

“I will not comment on the matter, but I what I know is I am still married to Ndembera and the marriage certificate is there,” Maphosa said.

Efforts to get a comment from Ndembera, who is a pastor in Mutare, were fruitless as his mobile number was not reachable.


  1. varume vapera here kuzochata nemurume wemuridzi. nyarawo mhani.

  2. I think there are more rewards to be a pastor than to be a president here in zim, you will have for instance, gold, women, money, auctions, car seeding, rent payments, no zimra, no paye on your salary, no outrageous nasa contributions etc you really become a little emperor!!!

  3. what is it with female gospel musicians,quite a lot have found themselves in these scandalous relationships.

  4. Zvinonyadza izvi

  5. “I thought you guys munotizika (could be evaded),” hope you’re not going to tell your God this statement on the final day.

  6. Just let it go. You may have a certificate but if the man does not live you anymore just let it go and live a peaceful life Maphosa. I urge you to pray not for his coming back but for your own deliverance. You need Jesus and you may find that men are not solutions but God the almighty. We all knew about that but even church members where not invited. Barns where not called out. That is the problem with certifying a marriage, you certify an unworking relatonship and it ends up like this. Now she has the paper and Agartha has the man and the paper too. They may fly out of the cuntry and live somewhere else and that case falls away. My worry though is did Agartha know Ndmbera was married if yes then she is very wrong if no then Ndembera is the one wrong. Hatifambi takanyorwa kuti we are married do we. ma ring anobviswa aya okandwa mu gloves compartment opfekwa manheru takudzokera kumba. I still believe that there is a bit of unfairness when divorce is only sanctioned on sexual immorality because there are more serious issues which can make a marriage unsustainable and this is not helped by the Bible teaching. i believe in the Bible but on this one I beg to differ. Maybe someone can explain what sexual immorality means if it only dwells on adultery then alas you need to catch the person red handed but it is rare to do so the behaviour of your wife when she is into it shows that she is sexually immoral. Ukaona mukadzi akutanga kusa ku respecta kukudeerera surely those are signs of sexual immorality and because you have not caught her red handed means you live a miserable life because of this bible teaching.

    1. from é bible 1st corinthians7 says whoever marries a divorced man commits adultery .

  7. aaah thats utter rubbish once u become a popular figure u have become peoples’ toilet where they talk shit……let them be.

  8. Chamunorwa. Jack

    Murudzwa uchinyanya, wakatiza church yako ukaenda kuneimwe. Kutonga kwaMwari wakuona here. All bad things come out not secretaly.

    Usavimba nemachinda enyika ino.

  9. The truth is Agatha knew the marrital status of this Ndembera. The truth is Ndembera akachata akasiyana nemukadzi. Vanhu ava vakasiyana kare pangosara paper chete. Mukadzi akatiwo ndine paper saka handibvume kurambwa. Dai akatotsvagawo mumwe akanganwa nescope donoro iyo. Haumanikidzire rudo. Kana rwapera rwapera. Imi mai imi find were you got it wrongly, correct and move forward. Munowanawo wenyu chaiye. Ko handiti iye Agatha wacho inzvarakamwe here? Zvasangana siyai zviende.

  10. Agartha yo new album is pathetic.

  11. Murudzwa wapera wena.Album yako yakadhakwa

  12. Why married man , why secret wedding
    Mufundisi igororo
    Church yemagororo
    Iye wacho igororo……
    Latest album is good though

  13. Vakomana vekuchurch tarisaiwo masister kuitira vasikana vakura vasazopinde mutsaona yekuda vakaroora

  14. Not for us to judge but the Pastor should dwell on the Biblical statutes when it comes to divorce (that is if he reads the Bible). this is why it stipulates, you may divorce only if your wife is adulturous and then you need to stay single up and until your partner dies before you re-marry. hameno kana ndisina kurinzwisisa shoko ipapo.

  15. my father once told me that going to church and praying are two different things,he was right

  16. tibvirei maholier than thou. Imi muri kuita zvingani? Kuimba gospel ibasa rinenge mamwe ese and haisi mhosva. Vangani venyu vari muma2nd, 3rd or even 4th marriages? Ko vane zvikomba nemasmall house? Ko vanoba, corruption etc? Married man kudii? Iye murume wacho aisaziva ari married? Vasiyei judgemental people

    1. we r nt being judgemental but just translating é bible . é bk says this z adultery period .

  17. plz let them alone are they the first one to do this on this earth its only that they’re popular guys there’s this saying hapana chitsva chaungaite chisina kumboitika

    Lets not be judges tongozvisiira kuna Mwari
    Press on towards yo goal dnt look back/side ways

  18. Bepa harina zvarinoreva Chikuru kudiwa Prime Minister havana bepa asi rudo ruri kutsva kumba kwavo . Kana usingachadiwe chero une bepa varume hazvishandi Akarambiwa kare zvaanotoziva iye Maphosa Agatha PRESS ON MOVE ON …………………………..singing

  19. dofo rakadzidza

    kkkk imi baba ava havachadi mukadzi… that is our problem isu vakadzi, we want to cling to men like our lives end there, havachadi havachadi, zvino zvabatsirei, iwe une bepa asi murume wacho hauna? this is sick, have pride mai mwana siyai zviende izvi, it shows that hamuchadiwa, musazvimanikidzire pamunhu ava nemumwe, besides, everyone deserves to be loved… move on mutsvage anokudaiwo, uyu anga asiri wenyu, kana TD Jakes anotaura wani kuti LET IT GO…
    Agatha adii zvake , adiwa musamuzvonde,,, kkkkk izvi zvekuti small house izvi ndeimwe nyaya, pane vari in those relationships knowing kuti baba ava havafe vakasiyana nemukadzi wavo, vamwe vanenge vakatoudzwa kunzi ndiri kungospakwa newe but i will never leave my first wife and vamwe nekushaya vobvuma, so zvinosiyana guys, some are in it for the money, some because they want sexual gratification,, the list is endless.
    but ukaona murume oita tie the knot iwe une muchato… eeeish ma1. If i were you, i would move on , because haungapedzi hupenyu hwose wakabatirira pane zvisingafaye…..

  20. I wish Agatha all the best in her marriage.She found true love and must be destined for happiness throughout mortality.

  21. pastor ibasa saka musamuona seasina kufanana nevamwe varume zvimwechete naiye Murudzwa ipopularity chete

  22. Firstly i would like to say Ndembera and Maphosa are all pastors, secondly what are we going to learn from what Ndembera has done as a pastor?. What help can he give those who are having marital problems in the church.Marriage is a spiritual bond and no one has the power to break it under what circumstances.Maphosa is right when she is saying she is still married to Ndembera. mr Ndembera munoti chii naMark 9v23 mungaiparidza here imi nakatadza yokugara nemukadzi wenyu. Muchenjere kuti naMurudzwa muchatadza kugarisana futi.Remember the vows of your marriage pastor they are unchangeable. Why the did it secretly it is because they wanted legalize their sin. The marriage btw Murudzwa and Ndembera bepa racho rikangosvika kwaMudede rinodzoka chopasi.Pastor you and wife youneed deliverance. Ndapedza hangu.

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