70 000 police officers apply for special vote

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) yesterday disclosed that about 70 000 police officers had requested to be considered as special voters  contrary to claims by national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba that 50 000 police officers had been registered.

Feluna Nleya/Wonai Masvingise

Addressing a media briefing in Harare, Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said they had issued 120 000 forms for applications for special voting to be conducted on July 14 and 15, adding that Treasury has already released $11 million for the exercise.

“Of the 120 000 forms, we issued 70 000 to the ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police), 44 000 to Zec, 3087 to the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and 2 000 to the Zimbabwe Prison Service (ZPS),” she said.

“From the forms we issued out we received 69 222 from the ZRP, 15 954 forms from Zec, 140 from ZNA and 2 000 from ZPS.”

Charamba last week told NewsDay that the police force had registered 50 000 police officers as special voters ahead of the July 31 poll.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has registered 50 000 police officers as special voters since they will be deployed in various polling stations away from their workstations. This is according to Section 81 of the Electoral Act, Chapter 2:13,” Charamba said.

“The ZRP regular members will be augmented by police constabulary members as according to the Police Act, Chapter 27 (3) police constabulary members may be employed to assist regular members of the force on any occasion.”

MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai last week told Zec that his party had unearthed a massive scam where Zanu PF allegedly plotted to rig the forthcoming harmonised elections using State security agents.

Home Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone said she was concerned since Zimbabwe only had some 38 000 police officers and queried where  an additional 12 000 were coming from.

Justice Makarau added that the applications for special votes would be vetted to weed out undeserving elements.

“Of the applications we have received, we have to look at each and every application and it has to be verified. We want to know if it is a ZRP member, they should have their identity number and an EC (employment code) number to show that they are in the force,” Makarau said.

“Some of the forms will be rejected because they will be incomplete. We also take the forms to see if the person is on the voters’ roll. If they are on the voters’ roll, then it is processed. If they are not, their application will not be processed, it will be rejected.”
The Zec boss said 209 polling stations had been identified for the special voting exercise, adding these would be located outside army barracks and police camps.

On postal voting, Justice Makarau said Zec has received 262 forms from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, Zec has added more voter registration teams in Epworth, Chitungwiza, Mt Darwin, Mazowe, Bulawayo, Masvingo, Chiredzi,  Mutare, Chipinge, Makoni and Mutasa following complaints that there were few registration centres in those areas.

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  1. Anoziva Mwari

    Muzivewo pekuvhotera imi mapurisa kwete kuzoda kunetsa isu mahwindi nekuda kugara pakadoma musina mari yeKombi. MDC – T Ndizvooooo. This year Change is Certain!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aya ndofa nekuseka!

  2. 70000 cops, isnt that double the real number of our police force?

  3. Munonyepa kuti baba vari kuriga, this is transparent

  4. Is this total standing strength Of ZANU REPUBLIC POLICE? How many constituencies is that?

  5. then surely there is no shortage of manpower.

  6. Zanu rigging police
    Operation vote with your I’d has begun.

  7. All zimbabwes must go to all polling stations on the 31 july and demand to vote, with their ID s its our constitunal right to vote, and we were denied those rights through all preplaned sinister move by Zanu election coup( ZEC), we demand to vote with our I,ds. Send this message to all, facebook, twitter,whatsup.

  8. Vote with your ID.

  9. Vote with your I’d , now its the time, if they chase us away, we will not go.

  10. Operation vote with isithupha/Chithupa

  11. Operation we vote with our I’d, its our constitutional right. Zanu refused to register zimbabweans to vote.

  12. We will vote with our sithuphas we a zimbabweans.

  13. Zna and police officers don’t be scared ,think of your children. their ,future lies in your hands.

  14. I wonder where they are getting all these figures,it ‘s open they are rigging ,but this tme we won’t accept such nosense it’s a do or die situation as robert said!

  15. To vote for the revival of bearer cheques, president vakataura vani kuchembere dzanetseka nenyaya ye change. Ngwarai vakomana.

  16. zec should discharge their duties in a transparent manner and avoid behaving like the zanu elections commitee(zec)

  17. The paln this time was to register Zpf pepo on special vote and also allow them to vote on 31 thanks to special chemical which will remove ink in 2 hrs. The plan is this team shd vote abt 5 times each at diff polling station.

    Since 40 000 pepo are involved we are looking at 240 000 voted from 40 000 voters.

    To stop this ZEC shd make all voters’ names “Postal” to stop them from voting again on 31/7/13m

  18. @Joseph Mtasa,Which ZEC forget about it
    Zanu elections Circus
    Zanu election Commitee.
    Zanu election Cowards
    Zanu election Coup
    Zanu election Clevers
    Zanu election Crooks

  19. mzilikazi you are a childish becoz u are time to register bt u wont zanu ndozvo panzi nemtengeshi////

  20. Beware zanu wants to rigg the system not votes

  21. mafira kureva

    united we go. me as a police officer will vote mdc chinja maitiro takuvadzwa nenhamo isu mapurisa tinoziva patichavhotera

  22. iam going to vote with my id its my right to do so.kana vachizondidzinga they will need a crane to remove me from the polling station.

  23. 70 000 saka porisi yakalodha heyi.zvichireva kuti kana ukakanda dombo mudenga unotema mupurisa….in terms of security we are corverd.

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