Zim in a minefield —Matinenga

CONSTITUTIONAL and Parliamentary Affairs minister Eric Matinenga on Wednesday told Parliament the country was in a minefield as events of the past weeks point to a disputed poll.


Matinenga was answering to a question in the House of Assembly posed by Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross who wanted to know the minister’s prediction of what might happen in the next weeks leading to harmonised elections.

“We are in a minefield in the sense that there are various constitutional procedures we have to meet in order to have free and fair elections which will not be contested,” Matinenga said.

“However, what we have experienced in the past weeks points to an election which is going to be contested — an election which is not going to produce the result of a free and fair one.”

Matinenga also disclosed that after Chinamasa was ordered at the Maputo Sadc summit to seek extension of the election date and the three parties in the inclusive government agreed to meet and discuss the matter last week at State House, but Zanu PF did not turn up.

“We had a meeting last Wednesday, but we did not come to an agreement and Chinamasa said he was going to respond on Friday last week. It was agreed a smaller committee should meet to discuss the contents of the affidavit to seek extension of the election date.

Come Friday, I was the first to go to State House at 10 am, but at 10.30 we were told the meeting would proceed at 12.00 because the President was not available. We went back at 12.00, but there was no appearance by representatives from Zanu PF,” he said.

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  2. Handeyi tionekuti erection ichafambasei, va Matinenga.

  3. who says he will not be? what can his police officer opponent offer buhera villagers? Books entitled An introduction to corruption? or How to disobey the law.? lets get serious please.

    1. you are not following events. he will not be there because he is not contesting elections

  4. yes in a minefield, but dont worry GOD in heaven is in control and loves Zimbabwe. The blood thirst thugs will not succeed when the people of God are praying and crying for their freedom day and night.just wait and see the salvation of the lord. In God we trust.

  5. Of cause its a mine field to the puppets because the electorate is going to explode and vote them out through the ballot paper. It teaches them a lesson, never practice puppetry in zim politics because there are so many revolutionaries and alert society within the country. MDC dead and buried, you wasted a lot of people”s time.

  6. Zimbabwean leader who was ant-British activities made him a symbolic figure in his Country’s struggle againist Britain. “When the British attacked the Ndebeles I was not a Ndebele, therefore I was not concerned. And when the British attacked the Apostols, I was not a Apostolic and thefore I was not concerned. And when the British attacked the Union and Industrialists, I was not a member of the Union and I was not concerned. Then then, the British attacked ZANU-PF and there was nobody left to be concerned, so I had to fight back” Icho! 31 July 2013.

  7. 33 years is truly wasted time considering the state of Zimbabwe today. For any Zimbabwean to want even a day longer with Zanupf can only reflect bafoonery of the highest order by this unreasoning reason idiot. True revolutionarys have a people’s agenda (Mandela) suedo revolutionarys have nothing to offer a country but suck peoples blood hard until people are useless (Zanupf and North Korea)

  8. Why are all MDC-T people so pessimistic? By the way, Chinamasa was not ‘ordered at the Maputo Sadc summit to seek extension of the election date’. SADC cannot give orders. SADC made a kind request to the President to seek a 14 day extension to the elections date and also made clear its position to respect the Constitution Court’s decisions. The President humbly agreed to do so.

    1. sad that hon matinenga will not be part of the next parliament. i love him for his sobberness. good luck in your future endeavours though.

  9. Shrewd,cunning,calculating& downright foxy is how RGM has played it, his had enough, instead of throwing in the towel his letting events takeover for him one of these days we’ll wake up and he’ll have lost an elexion and the hounds will scramble but there’ll be nowhere to run maybe North Korea or China, so check yourself the oldman’s made a foolproof exit plan.

  10. We will still nail the greedy bastards….

  11. Eric,chindori,simba

  12. On the 15 September 2008 MDCs and ZanuPF signed what is called GPA (Global Political Agreement) but is anything but. It should have been called the Mutual Antagonism Agreement. Why were Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mbeki and Mutambara smiling when they signed this ill-fated so-called GPA when they never agreed on anything? All the signatories to this GPA have very different interpretations to what was supposed to have been agreed. The parties don’t agree on anything.
    These parties even have different interpretations to the provisions of the new Constitution!

  13. Asi politics dzemu Zimbabwe akomana mahumbwe chaiwo. Morgan na Welshman vakapopota chaizvo ku Sadc, Maputo, masvondo mairi apera kuti varikuda ma reform iye zvino vanyarara vave kuita campaign nezve sarudzo. Handiti ndovaiti “No reforms, no elections” zvino vave papi? Tirikuenda ku sarudzo sezvatakange tiri muna 2008. Grand coalition hainakuzoitwa! Vese varivatatu, Morgan, Welshman na Dabengwa (Tavengwa) vanodahukuru zvisingaite. Zvino vese varikuzokundwa zvisingaite ne Zanupf.
    Zanupf 5 : Mdcs + Zapu tavengwa 0

  14. @Girinya, boycott is the current word at the MDC campfire, sad bunch of turkeys..

  15. Without reforms elections are going to be violent and results rigged .Unfortunately we Zimbos are not brave enough to revolt after the announcement of the results such that SADC and the international community will have nothing to do about it.And then another 5 years under oppression by the same regime.

  16. @ Chimwayo, listen to yourself for a minute, your pronouncements are so fatalistic! If MDC-Whichever wins the election what will become of your desire to revolt? Will you still judge the election as ‘not free and fair’ given that MDC-Whichever would have won without the ‘reforms’ they want? International Community are such dirty words, the last time I heard those words used a couple of poor countries were invaded and the raping and pillaging continues to this day; that is true oppression. The word regime is so condescending, most Africans don’t use it; i wonder why you do?

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