Facilitator’s report on Zimbabwe:ZUMA

SOUTHERN Africa Development Community (Sadc) regional leaders, guarantors of the Global Political Agreement, (GPA) which gave birth to the country’s shaky inclusive government forced President Robert Mugabe to postpone presidential, parliamentary and local government elections at a dramatic summit in Maputo, Mozambique, on Saturday.

This followed Mugabe’s unilateral proclamation last week of the election date as July 31.

Mugabe, however, was obliged to back down by his fellow Sadc leaders who accepted the argument of the two MDC leaders Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube that the date was too soon to hold a proper poll.

Report of the Sadc facilitator, South African President Jacob Zuma, at the Sadc Extraordinary Summit, Maputo, Mozambique, 15 June 2013.

At the meeting of Sadc Heads of State held in Addis Ababa on 26 May 2013, we agreed to convene this Sadc Extraordinary Summit, in order to assess developments in Zimbabwe in the context of the GPA and the agreements reached between the three parties in pursuance thereof.

We welcomed the enactment of the new Constitution on May 22 2013 as a significant development that paved the way to the holding of free and fair elections.

The commitment made in the GPA is to assure the citizens of Zimbabwe that such elections shall be held under conditions where all parties shall participate freely, on equal footing, in an environment free of intimidation and violence; that this is necessary in order to bring into being the next government which shall enjoy undisputed credibility.

Current developments
Since our summit in Addis Ababa, there have been a number of developments that impact on Zimbabwe’s path to the elections:
On 31 May 2013, the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe, constituted in terms of the new Constitution, ruled that forthcoming harmonised elections should be held on or before 31 July 2013

  • l On 13 June 2013, President Robert Mugabe issued a Proclamation fixing 31 July 2013 as the date for harmonised Presidential, Parliamentary and local government elections, and fixing 28 June 2013 as the date for the sitting of the Nomination Court

(Annexure “A”)
l President Mugabe is of the view that he had no other option but to invoke the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act and thereby bypass the current Parliament in order to confirm the decision of the Constitutional Court. The same powers were invoked to promulgate electoral regulations on 14 June 2013
l In a letter dated 7 June 2013 and addressed to me in my capacity as facilitator, I was advised by five political parties that came together to assess the implications of the Constitutional Court judgment and to review the country’s preparedness to hold the elections
The five political parties consist of the MDC-T led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangari, the MDC led by Minister Welshman Ncube (both of which parties are signatories to the GPA), and Dumiso Dabengwa, President of Zapu, Simba Makoni, President of MKD, and Reketai Semwayo, the Chairperson of Zanu-Ndonga.
They list a number of provisions of the new Constitution that need to be brought into operation so as to ensure that there is a climate for free and fair elections, and conclude that:
“Considering what still needs to be done to create conditions for free and fair elections, and a level playing field for the campaign period, we are concerned with the practicality of the 31 July 2013 deadline as set out by our Constitutional Court”.

lOn 13 June 2013, the MDC-T president announced that he had instructed his attorneys to file an urgent court application challenging the date of 31 July 2013 set by President Mugabe for elections.

In light of the above developments, the proposal to hold the elections on 31 July 2013 is fraught with legal contestation, political dispute and heightened tensions even within the Inclusive Government.

The challenge that we at this summit face is to take up a position that will bring the parties together in order to minimise these tensions and carve out a roadmap that is realistic, that meets the concerns of different parties and reassures the citizens of Zimbabwe through a process of accommodation.

Other factors
On 6 July 2011 the negotiators of the three parties to the GPA signed off the “Zimbabwe Elections Roadmap with Timelines”. This agreement was submitted by the facilitator to the Sadc Heads of State Summit held in Sandton on 11-12 July, on the basis that the three Principals had agreed to the roadmap. (Annexure “C”)

The above agreement has been the basis on which progress, including the adoption of the new Constitution, has occurred since then.

Regrettably, most of the items that were agreed upon by the parties which affected the levelling of the playing field and ensuring that these agreements, including the proper functioning of Jomic as required by the GPA in Article XXII, have not been adequately implemented.

The above Roadmap and the agreements that are contained in it were a critical component of the way forward.

Credible elections will have to be held soon in Zimbabwe. On 6 June 2013, my facilitation team held a day-long meeting with negotiators of the three parties to the GPA.

Together they reviewed the entire roadmap and explored possibilities of a number of ad-hoc measures that would enable the elections to take place under appropriate conditions and so soon as possible.

Having regard to those discussions and taking into account subsequent developments, I would request Sadc to urge the three parties to the GPA to consider the following immediate measures as a means to defuse the rising tensions and contestations, and to make Zimbabweans have confidence in the forthcoming elections:

  •   Media reforms

This is a major area of disagreement amongst the three parties, particularly around the implementation of the agreements that were reached in July 2011.
It is essential that the playing field in the media arena should be conducive to free and fair elections.

Even if the agreement reached in 2011 were to be implemented immediately, eg the appointment of the new Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, it would take time for the institutions to conform in practice to the requirements of impartiality.

Having regard to the limited time available, I would propose the creation of an Inter-Ministerial Committee drawn from the three parties to the GPA and from within Cabinet with sufficient powers to intervene in order to curb hate speech and calls for regime change, from whatever quarter, including external radio stations.

It would also be the task of such a mechanism to intervene with State media to ensure that they maintain an impartial stance.

  • Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic)

Jomic, reinforced per decision of the Sadc Organ Troika Summit held in Livingstone on 30 March 2011, should be brought into full- scale activity in order to ensure that there is no intimidation and violence, that the rule of law is maintained, and that the requirements of the GPA are adhered to.
In this regard, Zanu PF is of the view that the Facilitation Team reinforced by the representatives from the Troika countries should not participate in Jomic meetings. Rather they should receive reports from the co-chairs.
MDC-T and MDC believe that they should be part of the Jomic processes on the understanding that they would not be party to the decision-making.
The two MDC formations urge that Sadc should reaffirm the terms of reference that it had developed which would allow for the facilitation team and the representatives of the Troika to participate on these terms.
I propose that Sadc reaffirm this decision and calls all parties to conform to the decision.

  •   Rule of law

Section 208 of the new Constitution is explicit on the role of the security forces, whose members are prohibited from acting in a partisan manner, furthering the interests of any political party or cause, prejudicing the lawful interest of any political party or cause, or violating the fundamental rights of any person. They are also prohibited from being active members or office bearers of any political party.
There have been concerns about the adherence of security forces to these requirements.
The meeting of 6 June 2013 accepted that need for a public commitment by the security forces who have made partisan political statements in public.
It would be appropriate and necessary that the President and Commander-in-Chief of the security forces draws the attention of the heads of the security forces, their members, as well as the public of Zimbabwe that Section 208 of the new Constitution henceforth governs their actions.
It is important that this is done publicly so that members of the security forces as well as the public are made aware of these requirements.
It would also be helpful if certain legislation such as the Public Order and Security Act, Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Broadcasting Services Act, among others, are aligned to the requirements of the new Constitution.
MDC-T has submitted a set of amendments to most of these laws. We would urge that these be considered.
At the same time we are mindful that Parliament ceases to exist on 29 June 2013, but we are of the view that the suspension of certain clauses, in particular legislations, could be affected before Parliament dissolves.

  •   The election date, the validity of the electoral regulations and other issues

It would not be helpful for all these issues to remain contentious issues which are requiring resolutions in the courtrooms. It would be more constructive if the three parties with the assistance of the facilitators and support of Sadc, quickly resolve these matters with due regard to the practical realities and to the rule of law.
It would then be more possible to make an intervention with the courts in order to make necessary adjustments.

  • Deployment of Sadc observers

This matter is being attended to by the Executive Director of Sadc. We should note, however, that the two MDC formations have called for the early deployment of the observers.
We are confident that this matter will be resolved through the Sadc Secretariat and in the best interest of the process.
I thank you!

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  1. Thank you SADC for finally displaying a sense of authority. I have always been a admirer of President Zuma bar he is not perfect although he appears to do things slowly he does get things done eventually. If elections are to go ahead in Zim in the current state of affairs with a partisan security sector and a biased public media it will be an embarassment to the SADC region for letting such unfair practices to go ahead. SADC is leading by example for all the other regional blocs in Africa to stand and fight for what is right.

    1. zunaith, Zuma is the ultimate chess grandmaster, he knows exactly when to checkmate and finish off the game.

      Vanhu Havachada zanupf!!

    2. Do u know CHINAMASA well enough he will have an excuse and things are not going to change, elections 31 july ndozvo!

  2. Nothing will change on the ground. We are in charge. R. G. governs.

    1. You need to be in a mental health institution. Or maybe you are just a stupid, brainwashed, blinkered and downright ignorant and a psychopathic day dreamer.

  3. Those fools in Zimbabwe and Madagascar were finally shown commön sense. I keep on wondering Mugabe akadzidza iyeyu zveshuwa shuwa, l doubt very much. Chandoziva zvinonyadzisa munhu mkuru kuti urayirwe hunhu wakanaka nevana vadiki. Lets hope hatidzokere pa chikomo chepa warren manjenje

  4. Thank you President Zuma slowly Africa is eradicating dictators.Their number is going down if we in Zimbabwe remove our 33 year dictator.

  5. Now check the Herald and see how they come with a Zanu PF friendly article from this clear rebutal of RGM’s transgressions… Zanu Yawora Varume!

    1. Did they really order the elections to be stopped or they encouraged the President to appeal for extension of time please report accurately because you will be disappointed when the court turns down the appeal. My advice to the PM is start preparing for elections on 31 July 2013

  6. chimbindi everest

    we salute u for understanding that a leader should do the wishes of the people. thank u presidency may you press for the issue of sadc observers to be in the country at least 30 days before elections and remain for the same period after elections. make them as many as possible and we Zimbabweans we will speak on that day

  7. Zuma imboma manje.Hakuna chamboko chinodarika ipapa.What is left for Zimbabweans is to vote as a coalition for the post of President.Ndoo mboma yekupedzisira.

  8. At last,non depressing news indeed.I will at least celebrate this with a joint of SA’s finest this evening.

  9. Every vote counts in the coming Presidential election.The unity of purpose presented by all relevant Parties in Zimbabwe must never be allowed to go to waste,.Personally I cant wait to hear that the coalition has finally been endorsed and the aborted rerun of 2008 is now on.Lets see who was going to win if MT had contested in the 2008 run off .Let it be MT VERSUS MUKURU.
    Mwari opedzisa basa rake.

  10. Rejoice Ngwenya

    I’d rather listen to Hellen Zille speak authoritatively on Zimbabwe, but I should say uBabazala uZuma showed flashes [note, flashes] of brilliance. If he had done this four years ago, Mugabe would have retired long back.

  11. May the Newsday Editor kindly publish Welshman Ncube’s presentation to the Summit

    1. You will c it 2morrow as per their promise bro COALITION for ever & ZANU P.F will be gone.

    2. Yes please we need to hear all sides in the Zim political game. Publish RGM’s presentation as well.

  12. FREE!FREE! elections,i hope it won’t take long to go for polls.

  13. charira-chinja

    viva zuma ,zulu-boy special

  14. I feel sorry for President Mugabe. Chinamasa and Madhuku mis-advised Mugabe to seek a legal solution that would force elections on his terms as quickly as possible. This has backfired and the Concourt should save the President by reviewing their original and questionable judgment which has brought about this chaos. The 3 Principals should agree on a way forward without embarrassing Zimbabwe anymore. Mugabe as old as he is should work to a peaceful,credible free and fair elections to retain some form of legacy. My advice to Mugabe is not to listen to Madhuku and Chinamasa any more or else they will embarrass him further. Unless Mugabe want to commit harakiri he should implement the SADC resolutions outlined in the Maputo Communique of June 15, 2013 without fail.

    1. Mukanya wa Svosve


  15. Hapana zvitsva apa, the so called security sector reform is not even there. Daft people celebrate
    little things. give us Mugabe speech also. Again chematama can not silence the radio stations
    beaming ant ZPF propaganda, righjtly said by Zuma let the courts decide. Thats what ZPF IS WAITING FOR. NO AGREEMENT, THE CON COURT will stick to the election dates. Ngochani dzakaoma musoro.

  16. Now there is hope because of some Africans showing being civilised. At least we can have Africans to solve Africans problems. Cry loud my beloved DARK continent for enlightenment. Save for the so called HIGHLY EDUCATED ZIMBABWEANS who can not solve their own problems. Woe Woe Woe to you shameless Zimbabwe. Keep heart DARK Zimbabwe for there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Why ZIMBABWE? WHY ZIMBABWEANS? Why are you not ashamed of yourself? A country once highly regarded the world over. Yet complacency was buiding up on you. What a shameful country with a purpoted clever people suffering under a joke of very few fools! Why can’t people perceive reason? Why do the so called clever people believe in lies dished to them by very few people, trying to enrich themselves, in the most diabolic instance? WAKE UP ZIMBABWE! How can a rogue state like Iran keep on changing leaders and not Zimbabwe? WHY WHY WHY???

  17. Bob and co really want a disputed election. That is their surest way of remaining in “power” and they will form another GNU no matter how much they have preached the ugliness of it. Bob is really obsessed with international recognition, he needs to keep spreading his anti-west message at international platforms such as UN, NAM, and others. If he does not get that platform he will do everything in his power to get that recognition and the MDC should use that to their advantage. Is it not ironic that the leaders of Zimbabwe (Bob included) try and explain their thinking and reasoning to foreigners rather to us Zimbos for credebility of their decisions (vis a vis policies). Bob is trying to have an election where there will only be him as a choice (obviously including other unknown aspirants). Bob dreads the 2008 1st round repeat where he was beaten by Chamatama. If however a coalition is really formed (Ncube, Dabengwa, Makoni) will gain a lot more political mileage if they agree to put Chamatama as the main man. If that coalition happens, that will most certainly present the doom of ZPF. The different coalition parties will become the backbone of Zim politics going forth, unless there is serious change of attitude by the ZPF leaders. Minda takatora and finalised in the new constitution I therefore really think ZPF is quite irrelevent. They went to the bush for mainly 2 things, land and majority rule. Aint it ironic that once the values that you really stand for are fulfilled you tend to clutch at straws for relevance. Once the Zimbabwean space does not have Bob anymore the MDC will also loose relevance once Bob is gone, more for Chamatama’s relevance (unless the MDC rebrands) . He might even get a vote of no confidence IF he wins next elections since he will not be relevant anymore. This our Zimbabwe is full of comedians for sure.

    1. Muridzo Nhachi

      My best advice though wld be to say once Tsvangirai wins this battle and leadership handed over to him come second elections he must not stand for re-election. Munhu uyu igamba remagamba manhi. Tsvangirai uri Gamba; hear me if you are reading this. Hakuna rimwe gamba rinopfuura iwe. You have shown this old man the right way. In Zanu they don’t know how to respect a constitution which is why they are as confused badly loved bull being taken to the slaughter by its owner (who loved it very much).

  18. Muridzo Nhachi

    Zumba ndizvo Mugabe MUST GO!!!!!! we are sick and tired of this dictator. MUGABE MUST GO NOW.

  19. so if Zimbabwe is not democratic ko tozotii nana Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc…Aumana fume all you want ini i am voting Zanu PF all the way and need i mention im not even a card carrying member of Zanu PF nor a land or indegenisation beneficiary. It just makes sense because their policies are Zim- oriented

    1. Iwe wacho haugare kubahrain nesaudi kwacho, hatidi kunzwa zvekurovana kwavo ikoko. Isu vacho vemuno muZimbabwe tisu tisingade zvekubonyewa!

  20. Ana Madhuku mava maZanu pf legal experts nhai? Makatangariini? We thought tiri tese muhondo.

  21. Rambaimakashinga

    Well done President Zuma for being level headed, we will always salute you as Zimbabweans for standing firm against dictatorship tendencies from Zanu Pf.

    Meanwhile I would like to encourage all likeminded Zimbabweans to go and register to vote, its your constitutional duty to vote for the leader of your choice and the time is now, lets not live to regret, this is our time

  22. Zuma is vry simple bt decisive,mugabe ari patyte. I cnt see chidyausiku nd co refusing extension.pple this case was alwys political neva mind the legal things around it. The decision to hold elections will always be political. The key is to hve a free nd fair election, nd zuma sets out the tone for tht in his resolution. Zanu has bn outwitted by MDC,simple as tht! It ws nyce seeing chinhamasa actin brave bt u cld see he had bn defeated!

  23. Machinja MuriTsoko

    A Presentation by a dofo who thinks showers can cure Aids & a dofo who thinks a PM is a president is nothing but dofos “acting” as if they know what they are saying.

  24. Machinja MuriTsoko

    Who ever thinks elections have been moved from July 31 needs a head scan.

  25. SADC is also showing good leadership.In Obama”s to the Republicans, ZANU pf must be told that the ground they were standing on has dramatically shifted.Wind of dramatic change are every where.Refusal to acknowledge their existence and allow them if not work with them will be folly.We how ever advise that multiparty democracy be not compromised.

  26. Some of you people are just thick-headed. No dates will change. SADC heads were just diplomatic in asking Mugabe to approach the Constitutional Court in order to appease Tswangirai & Co. Regai muone.

  27. Which ever way 31 JULY or 14 August the GRAND COALITION will finish the Job

    1. coalition from mapato akamborasisan hahahaha

  28. Zumz kana ukazvikoniwa kasire kutaurire UN iuye nezvombo tirwe zvedu isu titori vapanduki vakakwana kwete chihurumende chehudzvanyiriri

  29. Lets see if the courts extend the election date, which i doubt. Zanu finished

  30. I wonder why people claim that mugabe is one of the most educated in africa,kana akadzidza why akabvuma kunyengerwa nemabritish kuita program yeESAP iyo yakazouraya nyika yezimbambabwe.munhu chaiye akadzidza aifanira kuzviona kutiESAP yaive nemaloopholes akawanda,uye kuti varungu vaingoda kudestabliza economy yezim,to call mugabe is a genius and any educated persor its ruther rubbish,its education without results just piles and piles of dedrees for nothing,what is so important pakugona kutaura good english iwe usingareson ,remember diseal pachinhoyi can we call mugabe and his liutenants educated persorns lets get things staight ……

  31. Things will be okay dont cry zimbabwe

  32. zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!


    1. Jongwe Mupoto, Vanhu Havachada zanupf!!

  34. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again???

  35. Thank you!

  36. Sesidiniwe ngexhegu leli! Sekungani amaZimbabwe kasicabangi! Kalihambe liyefela katshana le! Sibuse thina iziphaqa zamankatha! Kasivoteni sonke undofa ahambe! Viva mina victim yekukura!


  38. Thank you Your EXCELLENCE JZ and the rest of the SADC Heads of States and Govt who attended this ad-hoc summit in Maputo. The wish of all sane Zimbabweans is for normalcy to prevail in this country so that all can live in harmony once more. God bless your people.

  39. I will never vote for ZANU PF…

  40. Vanyadzwa madhara aya ngaatinyarewo vana vadiki

  41. ghetto fabulous

    musapururudze ngoma isina kupfumbira machinda, anonzi makorokoto mwana azvarwa kwete mimba, mimba inobva. mudhara is five streets ahead of everybody else,he is at the drawing board as i write, as long as he controls the state machinery it will be hard to wrestle him out,dont forget all these generals have everthing to loose if the old man goes. reform or no reform, common sense should tell you that all these powerful guys have a lot to protect and will NOT let go. international observers deployed in large numbers may be the answer if they are allowed and deployed now.

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