Woman sues doctors for $1,5m


A HARARE woman has taken two doctors to court claiming $1,5 million in damages for the injuries she allegedly sustained while undergoing surgery at a private hospital two years ago.


The woman, Musashame Manyau, claimed she suffered severe burns on her back, buttocks and thighs, which burns were caused by an electric blanket used during surgery.

In her claim, she cited Dr Jasper Chimedza, one Dr Mombeshora and Avenues Clinic as first, second and third respondents respectively.

According to Manyau, the incident leading to the lawsuit occurred sometime in June 2011, after she had suffered a nasal ailment.
Manyau said she visited Chimedza, who recommended that she should go for surgery and was booked at Montagu Clinic.

“On June 22, at the instance of the first defendant, plaintiff was admitted for operation and second respondent was the attending anaesthetist. The first, second and third respondents owed plaintiff a duty of care during the operation and post-operative treatment,” Manyau’s lawyer said.

Manyau said in breach of the aforementioned duties, all the respondents failed and/or neglected to ensure that she was operated on safely in a manner guaranteeing her healthy and safe recovery.

“As a result of the defendants’ negligence, the plaintiff suffered severe burns on her back, on her buttocks and thighs, which burns were caused by an electric blanket used during the operation or convalescence, which blanket the defendants must have ensured that it was properly operated or efficient,” the lawyers said.

Responding to the claim, Chimedza denied acting negligently or causing Manyau’s burns.

“He denies being under any obligations to monitor the electric blanket. He was not responsible for monitoring theatre equipment, but his role was confined to carrying out the operation.

“Whether the blanket malfunctioned or was inefficient does not lie in his domain,” Chimedza’s lawyer said.

The other respondents, Mombeshora and the clinic also denied the claims.


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  1. aaah motherz iyi shud find its own ways of getting medical attention mozviporera zvenyu maronda enyu murikumba kwenyu.u wl neva won th fight against these docs their board has got its strong lawyers who defends & stands by th docs @ ol cost esp on such issues.amai mari yamuri kuda iyi hamuiwane u a dy dreaming ma millionare nhyka manje iiiii ndinehurombo dai makutogadzirira zvenyu kunorima fodya i thnk it was rather beta

  2. ha amai mari yamunoda iyi yangoitawo mu bude mu paper one tis unreasonable n maybe u started at a higher amount in the hope of backing down to a figure u really want nway u shud jus thank God that u r alive I know u did not lose employment n secondly u r not disabled n anyway three u r still ok jus continue wit yo life court cases may drain yo energy

  3. The $ is absurd . The suit is justified . Remember the young boy who lost an arm at harare hospital . Its called proffessional negligence .

  4. Chimedza is saying his role was not 2 monitor the electric equipment but 2 carry out the operatiön. So who was responsible of monitoring the electric equipment? I can sense the component of recklessness on the part of the doctors here.

  5. So who then was really responsible for the patient during op since everyone is denying. Maybe, just like so many poor service providers in Zim, the assumption was she would take care of herself during this operation!!!!!

  6. It’ s high time Zimbabweans took such issues serious. gauging by comments above, one can conclude that people treat themselves like third class humans with no rights whatsoever. Clinical/medical negligence is a serious offence and doctors must be accountable for this. How many people have been given /prescribed wrong medicines with fatal consequences and people just keep quiet about it. How many people have been left with scars or crippled at the hands of medical personnel. Women are left with surgical equipment and cotton wool in their bodies but nothing is ever done about that. People it’s high time we realize that we are owed a duty by medics and they should perform it to the best of their standards. You can’t tell me that yours was to operate only, he could have operated even in his backyard then if the patient was put there. Nonsense. The figure maybe high but what value do you place on yourself??????

  7. Asylum you are very right. Chimedza is say if they give him defective equipment for an opp he will just do it anyhow becoz its not his responsibility to look after the equipment. How rude!
    Zimbabweans need to take these issues seriously. something went wrong and someone has to be accountable.Whilst the issue yemari is debatable, the woman has a genuine case.
    You might be suprised to findout kuti may be opp yacho was not necessary. Most docs are reaping off the public coz they dont know. This issue needs thourough investigation it could be just opening of pandora’s box.

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