UN withdraws poll funding offer

FINANCE minister Tendai Biti has disclosed that government does not have funds for elections despite President Robert Mugabe’s push to have them held by end of next month.


“There is no poll funding at the moment,” Biti said in an interview with NewsDay last night.

“When Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) says it is ready, my understanding of that statement is they are ready to execute a constitutional mandate if they are asked to hold elections on a particular date.

“(Sadc secretary-general Tomaz) Salomao will be going into the region soon talking to heads of state on election funding and I am willing to accompany him on the trip. The region, however, will not fund a flawed process. The United Nations is still willing to fund the election, but they are being frustrated by the chaotic faction of Zanu PF.”

The latest development comes as Sadc leaders remained silent on funding the polls at their just-ended summit in Maputo, while the UN has indicated it was no longer keen to fund Zimbabwean polls over government’s failure to request for the money in time.

Top United Nations Development Programme officials in Harare who declined to be named told NewsDay yesterday that government’s reluctance to meet conditions set by the UN and the parties’ failure to reach consensus over the source of poll funding were the reasons the world body had withheld assistance.

Zec has indicated that it requires about $120 million for polls, but Zanu PF insists the money should be sourced locally, saying foreign funders would push regime change agendas.

On the other hand, the MDC formations want the international community to intervene as government is literally broke.

“Since the disagreements, nothing has transpired,” the source said.

“Usually, we come in if the member state agrees and in the Zimbabwean case, they did not reach a consensus with the need assessment team. The initiative should come from the government and not the UN,” a UN source said.

“Even if government decides to re-engage now, there is no time for us to intervene because it is short notice to provide the funds.

It’s a process and we do not have funds ready in the system to give immediately because we have to prepare necessary things first before releasing funds.”

Last week, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s spokesperson Martin Nesirky confirmed that the UN had backed off.

“Regarding the role of the United Nations in the election, the UN is not providing assistance to these elections,” Nesirky said.

“Following discussions between the government and the UN, the government announced that it would no longer seek UN electoral assistance. That’s the reason why the UN does not plan any UN electoral assistance because there was no agreement on the conduct of a standard UN needs assessment.”

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  1. Can somebody tell me why Tsvangirai failed to raise the funding issue to SADC of all matters. This is what we call misplaced priorities. Thousands are turned away and harangued at voter reg centres everyday in Harare yet nobody is saying anything about it. Ward based voter reg was the only way forward.

    1. Why should it be Tsvangirai only? Mugabe could have raised the issue. Ncube could have raised the issue. So, do not blame Tsvangison only.

      1. You should see the distribution of voter registration centres to know that funding is critical especially for MDC.

      2. You should see the political and partisan distribution of voter registration centres to know that funding is critical especially for MDC.

      3. good point

    2. @Eddie,Thats why Tsvangirai could not act because he knew everything and he wanted these thorny issues to be solved hence the holding of this important meeting which some ZPF stalwarts thought were just a waste of time.[Mozambique SADCC Meeting]but at the end of it all everyone is now smiling because the exercise has to be done again taking into cognisence this voter registration issue where unnecessary questions and delays are being experienced countrywide.Tsvangirai is not as silly as some misguided elements in our society think but he consults widely before doing anything.There are so many alternatives that this man can lobby for eg.If the voter’s roll is in shambles as it is as of now with some names not appearing in the voters roll,he can ask SADCC or the international community to revert back to what they did in 1980 where people bring their national identy cards for voting under the watchful eyes of the observers in all rural and urban areas.I think ndiyo mboma manje mukoma Eddie.

    3. Tsvangirayis job my friend is not to look for election money my friend,u are misguided…those funds should be sourced locally. Why shuld he be the one to look for the money? thts absurd

    4. Why Tsvangirai, isnt is Zanu PF which said Maputo is a sumit for election funding? Do you see why Zanu PF propaganda must not be listened to. Not a mention of election funding. Like kids they tell a lie thats proven wrong next immediately.
      Poor old man was advised to say MDC is afraid of elections yet his party is far from being ready. Empty Words! Empty Words!!
      Just as he called for Elections in 2012, March 2013? June 29?? did they happen??? now 31st July!!! are they ready. All they want is to strip the old revolutionary of all that we ever respected

    5. Because he knew there was diamond money stashed under someone’s bed at Statehouse…….so he left it to you Eddie to tell that someone to take it out and fund the election. Will you do that please Eddie.

  2. Its all about ambush poor Biti. Ryt now Mugabe is playing the bankrupt game just to avoid a fair and ward based voter reg. You cant tell me Harare, the biggest province in Zim has only 5 registration Centres.
    I bet you once the critical exercise is over millions of looted diamond money is going to be availed for elections and as to where the money is going to come from its just as clear as daylight

    Team 1
    1Trenance P School 15/06/13-18/06/13 Airport P School 19/06/13-22/06/13
    3 Khumalo P School 23/06/13-27/06/13 Centenery Pschool 28/06/13-01/07/13
    4 Lochview P school 02/07/13-05/07/134 Tennyson P school 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 2
    Henry Low P School 14/06/13-17/06/13 Greenfield P School 01/06/13-21/06/13
    6 Fonders P school 22/06/13-25/06/13 Losthe P School 26/06/13-29/06/13
    8 Mcdonald Community Hall 30/06/13-04/07/13 Losikeyi P School 05/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 3
    17 Robert Sinyoka P School 16/06/13-19/06/13 Pumula Community Hall 20/06/13-23/06/13 Magwgwe Community Hall 24/06/13-27/06/13 Mqoqo P School 28/06/13-01/07/13 Sisinda P School 02/07/13-05/07/13 Nkulumane Community Hall 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 4
    10 Entumbane Community Hall 14/06/13-17/06/13 Emankandeni Sec School 18/06/13-21/06/13 Lobengula Sec School 22/06/13-25/06/13 Iminyela Community Hall 26/06/13-30/06/13 Inkanyezi P School 01/07/13-04/07/13 Beit Hall Community Hall 05/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 5
    Nketa Community Hall 14/06/13-17/06/13 Manondwane P School 18/06/13-21/06/13
    26 Senzangakhona P School 22/06/13-26/06/13 Pumula South Community Hall27/06/13-30/06/13 Mthlathini P School 01/07/13-05/07/13
    29 Mazwi P School 06/07/13-09/07/13
    C.J Hall 17/06/13-21/06/13 Glen Norah A Community Hall 22/06/13-25/06/13 Glen View 2 Primary School 26/06/13-28/06/13 Glen View 3 Primary School 29/06/13-28/06/13
    32 Glen View 6 Primary School 03/07/13-05/07/13 Marlbrough High School 06/08/13-09/07/13
    Team 2
    St Johns Retreat Primary School 16/06/13-20/06/13
    1 Draycott Farm Hall 21/06/13-22/06/13 DDF Manyame Hall 23/06/13-25/06/13
    1 Southlea Park Consortium offices 26/06/13-27/06/13 Crest Breeders Primary School 28/06/13-29/06/13 Waterfalls District Office 30/06/13-02/07/13 Budiriro 5 Primary School 03/07/13-05/07/13 Budiriro Community Hall 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 3
    Kuwadzana District Office 17/06/13-19/06/13
    37 & 38 Kuwadzana 2 Primary School 20/06/13-22/06/13
    44 Kuwadzana 8 Primary School 23/06/13-25/06/13
    40 Dzivarasekwa Extension Poly Clinic 26/06/13-29/06/13
    39 & 45 Dzivarasekwa Community Hall 30/06/13-02/07/13
    7 & 17 Magamba Community Hall 03/07/13-06/07/13
    13 & 14 Kambuzuma Community Hall 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 4
    Mberi Primary School 17/06/13-19/06/13 Zngeza 4 High School 20/06/13-21/06/13
    Chitungwiza Community Hall 22/06/13-25/06/13 Seke 4 High School 26/06/13-29/06/13
    Seke Teachers College 30/06/13-01/07/13 Haig Park Primary School 02/07-13-04/07/13
    Belvedere Primary School 05/07/13-07/07/13 Southern Primary School 08/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 5
    Mwanandishe Primary School 15/06/13-19/06/13 Courtney Selous Primary School 20/06/13-24/06/13 Mt Pleasant District Office Hall 25/06/13-28/06/13
    Epworth Local Board
    Epworth Local Board Hall 29/06/13-02/07/13 Chinamano Primary School 03/07/13-05/07/13
    Epworth Secondary School 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Chiwaridzo Primary school 10/6/13-11/6/13
    4 Salvation primary school 12/6/13-13/6/13
    1 Bindura primary school 14/6/13-15/6/13
    13 Murembe secondary school 16/6/13-20/6/13
    14 Musana primary school 21/6/13-25/6/13
    15 Chakanyemba primary school 26/6/13-30/6/13
    17 Mupandira primary school 01/7/13-5/7/13
    18 Mashambanhaka primary school 6/7/13-9/7/13
    DA’s complex 10/6/13-9/7/13
    Mbuyanehanda Hall school 6/7/13-9/7/13
    1 Bernad Mzeki Primary school 28/6/13-1/7/13
    2 Eagle Tanning Primary school 2/7/13-5/7/13
    9 Cherutombo Secondary school 6/7/13-9/6/13
    Ruwa Rehabilitation centre 3/7/13-5/7/13
    25 Ruwa Primary school 6/7/13-7/7/13
    Cranbonee clinic 02/06/13-04/07/13
    7(Urban) Old Windsor Primary school 05/06/13-07/04/13
    25 Caledonia Farm 08/07/13-09/07/1
    1 Nortom Primary School 10/06/13-16/06/13
    2 Galloway 13/06/13-15/06/13
    3 Duddley Hall Primary school 15/06/13-16/06/13
    4 Knowne primary School 17/06/13-19/06/13
    5 Ngoni Hall 20/06/13-21/06/13
    6 Construction Houses 22/06/13-23/06/13
    7 CCAP 24/06/13-25/06/13
    8 Ngoni Stadium 26/06/13-28/06/13
    9 Vimbai Primary School 29/06/13-30/06/13
    10 Mbuyabona Primary School 01/07/13-02/07/13
    11 St Erics Sec School 03/07/13-04/07/13
    12 Takunda Primary School 05/07/13-06/07/13
    13 Adore Gold Offices 07/07/13-09/07/13
    St Francis Primary School 14/06/13-19/06/13
    6 Pfupajena Sec School 20/06/13-22/06/13
    7 Mketa Shops 18/06/13-19/06/13
    8 Pfupajena Pri School 20/06/13-22/06/13
    9 Welfare Centre 23/06/13-24/06/13
    10 Creche(ZMDC) 25/06/13-26/06/13
    11 Kaguvi Pri School 27/06/13-29/06/13
    12 Our Lady of Sorrows School 30/06/13-02/07/13
    2 Madhatter Nursery School 03/07/13-05/07/13
    1 DA office 06/07/13-09/07/13
    1 Tambawadya primary school 10/06/13-12/06/13
    2 Youth Centre 13/06/13-15/06/13
    3 Chikangwe Primary Hall 16/06/13-17/06/13
    4 Roman Catholic Hall 19/06/13-18/06/13
    5 Chikangwe Primary School 22/06/13-24/06/13
    6 Tent(Near Farai Clinic) 25/06/13-27/06/13
    7 Kario Junior School 28/06/13-30/06/13
    8 Kario Junior School 01/07/13-03/07/13
    9 Tafara Primary School 04/07/13-06/07/13
    10 Garikai Primary School 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Nyanhewe Primary School 16/06/13-18/06/13
    4 Mahombekombe Park A 19/06/13-21/06/13
    5 Mahombekombe Park B 22/06/13
    6 Pat Macleans 23/06/13-24/06/13
    7 Ministry of Roads Compund 25/06/13-27/06/13
    8 Nyanyana Cooperative 28/06/13-29/06/13
    Charara Site 30/06/13-01/07/13
    Charara Estate 02/07/13-04/07/13
    9 Lake Fisheries 05/07/13-06/07/13
    AMC(Windsor Garage) 07/07/13-09/07/13
    1 Sinoa Primary School 10/06/13-11/06/13
    2 Chinhoyi Domestic Science Hall 12/06/13-13/06/13
    3 Chinhoyi Hall 12/06/13-15/06/13
    4 Chinhoyi Primary School 16/06/13-15/06/13
    5 Ruvimbo shopping Centre 18/06/13-19/06/13
    6 Chikonohono Primary School 20/06/13-21/06/13
    7 Chegawose Business Centre 22/06/13-23/06/13
    8 Chaedza primary School 24/06/13-25/06/13
    9 Machamire Store 26/06/13-27/06/13
    10 Cooksey Hall 28/06/13-29/06/13
    11 Chinhoyi High School 30/06/13
    Chinhoyo Citrus 7/01/2013
    Chinhoyi University 02/0713
    12 Manyame Primary School 03/07/13-04/07/13
    13 Salvation Army Church 05/07/13-06/07/13
    14 Alsaka Primary School 07/07/13-08/07/13
    15 Shackleton Primary School 7/09/2013
    Ngezi primary School 03/07/13-04/07/13
    15 Cam and Motor Primary School 05/07/13-06/07/13
    16 Martin Spur Primary 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Team 4 Centre Dates
    12 Twin Tops Primary School 10/06/13-11/06/13
    13 Vince Mine Primary School 12/06/13-13/06/13
    Railway Farm 4 Pri School 14/06/13-15/06/13
    14 Mayflower Primary School 16/06/13-17/06/13
    Lonekope Primary School 18/06/13-19/06/13
    Lincoln Primary School 20/06/13-21/06/13
    Damvuri Primary School 22/06/13-23/06/13
    Donain primary School 24/06/13-26/06/13
    Munyati primary School 27/06/13-30/06/13
    Muzvezve Primary School 01/07/13-02/07/13
    Kadoma City Council
    Team 1
    Ward Centre Dates
    11 Waverly Primary School 10/06/13-11/06/13
    17 Waverly Hall 12/06/13-13/06/13
    2 Rimuka High 1 School 14/06/13-15/06/13
    3 Kuredza Primary School 16/06/13-17/06/13
    5 Chedonje Primary School 18/06/13-19/06/13
    6 Tafafdzwa Primary School 20/06/13-23/06/13
    4 Ground 4 (Tent) 24/06/13-25/06/13
    7 Munyaradzi Primary School 26/06/13-28/06/13
    8 Rimuka Hall 26/06/13-28/06/13
    13 Munyaradzi Primary School 29/06/13-30/06/13
    12 Munhumutapa Primary School 01/07/13-02/07/13
    10 Lady Tait Primary School 03/07/13-05/07/13
    Cotton Research Pri School 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Sakubva Beit Hall 10/06/13-13/06/13
    5 Dangare P School 14/06/13-17/06/13
    19 Fern Valley P School 18/06/13-19/06/13
    9 Nyamauru Sec School 20/06/13-23/06/13
    15 Chirowakamwe P school 24/06/13-27/06/13
    7 Dangamvura Beit Hall 28/06/13-01/07/13
    17 Scared Heart P School 02/07/13-05/07/13
    16 Mt St Mary’s Sec School 06/07/13-09/07/13
    Runyararo primary school 10/06/13-11/06/13
    2 Mucheke hall 12/06/13-13 /06/13
    7 Rujeko hall 14/06/13-15/06/13
    10 Helen-mcghie primary school 16/06/13-17/06/13
    15 Daitai primary school 18/06/13-19 /06/13
    16 Makona secondary school 20/06/13-21 /06/13
    18 Chekai secondary school 22/06/13-23/06/13
    17 Manunure secondary school 24/06/13-25/06/13
    19 Mapunzure secondary school 26/06/13-27/06/13
    20 Gozho primary school 28/06/13-30/06/13
    22 Gunikuni primary school 01/07/13-03/07/13
    34 Gwamanjoma pri schl 04/07/13-06/07/13
    31 Maweza primary school 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Mpumelelo primary school 10/06/13-13/06/13
    9 Mkoba hall 14/06/13-17/06/13
    10 Matinunura secondary school 18/06/13-21/06/13
    7 Mambo secondary school 22/07/13-25/07/13
    2 Riverside primary school 26/06/13-29/06/13
    5 Senga primary school 30/06/13-03/07/13
    4 Lundi primary school 04/07/13-06/07/13
    15 Takwirira primary school 07/07/13-09/07/13
    Mbizi youth center 16/06/13-18/06/13
    14 Kwekwe polytechnic college 19/06/13-21/06/13
    6 Globe and Phoenix hall 22/06/13-24/06/13
    8 Amaveni hall 25/06/13-27/06/13
    8 Zisco club 28/06/13-30/06/13
    Rutendo hall 01/07/13-03/07/13
    5 E.D.Mafidhi primary school 04/07/13-06/07/13
    2 Torwood hall 07/07/13-09/07/13

    1. MDCs should assist people in dealing with the issue of proof or residence and make sure people in urban areas are registered.This is where the electionnwill be won.Why not go on a massive advertising in the print and electronic media.If all eligible voters in Harare are registerd and vote as they did in the Referendum then they are home and dry.

  4. Biti is trying to sabotage election.After 29 june vanhu vanenge vachida kutitonga vari sanaani paliament ya expire

  5. maduutuu. zvino munohodini henyu kubwereketa muchikaranga kuti muhwisise nyika inotori mhemba yeUN kubudikidza nama annual contribution ayo inosungirwa kuripa ikoko. saka munoreveyi kuregedza ma investiments eZimbabwe iwawo achingokushirwa hurongwa hwaana nhingirikiri mhuri dzedu dzichipona nekumwa mvura? UN idura rapasi rose saka dhimandhayi mazakwatira mushandise madiro mohotsvakiravo mhomho ma packed lunch apo wanoforera kuvhota. makaita seiko nhay vedu? maduutuu.

  6. Unemhosva yei unoda kutongwa . Farirawo kutungamirirwa kwete kutongwa .

  7. its everywhere in international papers that even the SADC chairman Salamoa was surprised that none of the parties ever raised the funding issue. Don’t scratch your heads, the principals know where the money is going to come from. But the biggest casualties are the first time voters and aliens.

  8. Limping,frail donkey

    Kuramba rubatsiro imi musina chiro.It reminds me of the lunatic Burmise President during floods that killed thousands and refused US aid saying its better his people survive eating frogs.Even the hulaboo about the so called sanctions,is nonsense because Mugabe personally called for sanctions refusing IMF and WB support saying he did not want aid with strings attached.He pulled Zim out of the Commonwealth which also gave Zim aid.His gvt failed to honour it debts and most companies closed and workers were retrenched.He said Blair keep your England and i will keep my Zimbabwe,so what do you want as aid from England.His surrogates embarked on butchering opponents and the community of well behaved nations chose not to associate themselves with murderers.And the same baboon shifts blame and point dirty ,frail and frail hands at the MDC as those who invited sanctions.Aaaaaa this limping donkey.

  9. Limping,frail donkey

    Anoitirwei maelections musina mari. Kuramba rubatsiro imi musina chiro.It reminds me of the lunatic Burmise President during floods that killed thousands and refused US aid saying its better his people survive eating frogs.Even the hulaboo about the so called sanctions,is nonsense because Mugabe personally called for sanctions refusing IMF and WB support saying he did not want aid with strings attached.He pulled Zim out of the Commonwealth which also gave Zim aid.His gvt failed to honour it debts and most companies closed and workers were retrenched.He said Blair keep your England and i will keep my Zimbabwe,so what do you want as aid from England.His surrogates embarked on butchering opponents and the community of well behaved nations chose not to associate themselves with murderers.And the same baboon shifts blame and point dirty ,frail and frail hands at the MDC as those who invited sanctions.Aaaaaa this limping donkey.

  10. Handei nehuwandu tinovhotera pachanzapo. Chero mari kusina CHANZA NDOOZVOZVE.

  11. UN ndoo zunde ramambo duutuu. kunoindwa kunobhadhara mari nenyika kwete tumapati twe politics. kusvikira riinhi uchingotiza mumvuri wako nhai iwe duutuu? seyi unobwereketa saCHARIS RUDD?

  12. Proof of res is not an issue. There is a commissioner of oath at every reg centre.
    According to last years census, Harare alone is capable of winning elections for Mdc. Harare and Manicaland are the most populous provinces, whilst Chitungwiza has more ppl than Mtare and Gweru, whilst Epworth alone has more ppl than Kwekwe, Masvingo or any other town.
    Zpf knows that, thats why the registration exercise in these areas is restricted and secretive.

  13. Coalition nondoo mboma,mari achatsvaga iye arikuda July 31.anoziva kwairi.Kumadiamonmds.

    1. Coalition yekudii nayo? MT has enough support to win the elections on his own. Ana Welshman, Mutambara, Simba makoni, ndonga, zapu , vambori ne masupporter manganiko? Asi pawataura ndepekuti iye ari kuda kumhanya kuita election muna July, ngaaburitse mari yacho tiite. Vanayo.

  14. The issue of funding did not arise at the SADC Summit becoz SADC would not want to finance a sham election which is what Mugabe and Zanu pf wanted and which they did not get. If SADC agreed to finance a sham election then they would be forced to recognise a sham election result. Why did Mugabe not raise the issue of funding since he was saying the SADC Summit was only for funding? Mugabe was roasted and was so confused that he forgot to ask the question. If Mugabe had asked the question then SADC leaders were going to ask “where are millions of diamond money going to”? They would ask Mugabe why he is keen to use SADC money to finance Zimbabwean elections when Mugabe is not using diamond money to finance his own elections?Why???

  15. Patrick Zhauauowu

    ZANU will be there forever…you sellouts are wasting your time. Hahaha..

  16. mdara kutaura kwaarikuita madates ema election kasingapere arikuda kutsvaga kudevida MDC T. becoz anoziva kuti there will be disagreements on whether or to participate the elections. Chaarikunyanyo dira maelections nekukurumidza chii?

  17. most educated nation in Africa cant hold a credible election own its own, needs tete vemusha(sadcc) to intervene , even companies run by phd holders,mbas,degrees are closing. is education helping us or its a curse.?


  19. vanhu ava vaakungonakirwa nekutonga vakabatana bt we the mass we are suferin,some of these so called politicians ar js chancers,w ar tired o waitin,w js nid elections even tmorow..vaMugabe vachatipa mari yemangoda yapedzwa naMaziwisa,dumbuguru naMutsvangwa,we want to put an end to this mafia typ of gvt

  20. observer Marshal

    @anon dofo. Its not Biti’s party which is not ready for polls- its the situation that’s not yet right. Zvazviri kutsanangurwa wani siku nesikati. & zvino ukati Biti akupei mari yamadiamonds yauri kuziva kuti iri kuperera muhomwe dzenyn’anyn’a dzezanu anogoitorepi.

  21. observer Marshal

    @anon dofo. Its not Biti’s party which is not ready for polls- its the situation that’s not yet right. Zvazviri kutsanangurwa wani siku nesikati. & zvino ukati Biti akupei mari yamadiamonds yauri kuziva kuti iri kuperera muhomwe dzenyn’anyn’a dzezanu anogoitorepi. & for yo info mamwe ma diamonds apera kututwa nemaChaina vachipa zanhu zvombo zvehondo nezvimota zviya zvemvura inovava, if you still remember zva1998. Mati madii

  22. zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!

  23. Hey you guys, I’m really confused and i need answers seriously.

    A) Should i face problems to register to vote because i do not have anywhere to stay whilst i’m a citizen of Zimbabwe with a National identity card?

    B)Are my rights not being violated in this case?

    C) What is the purpose of dipping our fingers in ink during voting?

    D) Why were we not require to produce proof of residence when we voted for the referendum?

    E) According to our constitution, what are the requirements for one to vote?

    I think we have to contest that in courts. National I.D is enough for one to vote. Moreover it is a one day process and also considering that they will be using their ink to avert a scenario whereby some may be voting more than once.

    1. Good questions Wasu. That makes sense. Lets contest this in court.

  24. Please people be warned. this fight is not just for Tsvangirai, Biti and Ncube. Its a national fight against one common enemy – Zanu. therefore, if we accept a flawed election process and except Tsvangirai, Biti and Ncube to cry then we are completely wrong. a win to Zanu by whatever means imply that we are going to suffer for the rest of our lives. be warned and lets act as a nation not just waiting for the three guys and their small team to act for us. kana kuchifiwa gore rino ngakufiwa Zanu PF hatichada. we have suffered enaf and we cant watch as the future of our children is being tempered with. lets deal with these colonialists once and for all and this is our year. chero demonstrations ngatiitei hama dzangu zveZanu hatichada. how on earth can Zanu Pf tell us that we don’t have money for voter registration when in other circles and forums they tell us we are the largest diamond producers in the world. that’s bullshit to be honest. lets deal with this enemy once and for all. they are isolated, they don’t have friends. look SADC has left them. at first they thought they were under sanctions from the EU what are they gonna say now about SADC??? just a group of foolish people.

  25. Vanhu Havachada zanupf!!

  26. Some said u can not organise a birthday party ask other people to finance it and tell them they are not wellcome at that party, it sucks!

  27. Mudede is making sure MDC areas of support both urban & rural people struggle to register!ITS NOT DATES ONLY, THE REGISTRATION IS COMPROMISED ,THIS IS TANTANOUNT TO RIGGING!Zanu-PF refuses money from UN yet Mudede is doing shoddy work saying he has no money!In Zanu-pf strongholds they are registering thousands.MDC & partners Soon you will be scrambling for Positions when people are not registered BE STREETWISE GUYS!For Zanu-Pf its THEIR LAST BATTLE.Somewhere Zanu-pf has Diamond Monies.

    1. Maranke Dymonz


  28. Biti godzvaremunhu.

  29. Mugabe, Tsvangirai agree on polls
    April 17, 2013 in National, News, Politics
    ZANU PF leader President Robert Mugabe and MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday agreed that an election roadmap to be crafted by two Cabinet ministers from their parties should decide the date for the next election.
    Report by Everson Mushava

    The two, who were with Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara when they met on Monday, yesterday assigned Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa and Constitutional Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga with the task.

    Tsvangirai said Chinamasa and Matinenga should prepare the roadmap cognisant of the fact that Parliament legally dissolves on June 29 and also that the executive will only have four months from that date to prepare for the elections.

    Addressing journalists after the principals’ meeting yesterday, Tsvangirai said: “We have asked ministers of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to consult with political parties and come up with a legal and political election roadmap.

    “The roadmap will set out the steps needed to validate the new Constitution and create conditions for free and fair elections. The same ministers have been tasked with aligning the existing laws with the new constitution.”

    Tsvangirai said Chinamasa and Matinenga would submit their legal and political roadmaps to the principals who would decide on the election date.

    The MDC-T leader said there needed to be at least two months of voter registration and inspection, but because of the limitations in time, this would be done parallel with the process of aligning the laws to the new Constitution.

    “The ministers must consider constitutional and legal issues, for example, the fact that one month is required for voter registration, that Parliament will expire on June 29 and the Executive has only up to four months to organise elections,” Tsvangirai said.

    Turning to the funding of elections, Tsvangirai said funds would be raised internally, but the door was still open to take the begging bowl to the international community if the funds were inadequate.

    “We have agreed to look for money internally, but without ignoring external support. I will convene a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Finance and Justice ministers. The meeting will be to set modalities for mobilising election funds internally.”

    The United Nations have accepted to fund Zimbabwe’s electoral process, but have insisted on a fact-finding mission before they could release the funds.

    Tsvangirai said although government had requested funding from United Nations, there was no consensus in the coalition government on the terms of reference for a UN inspection team. Zanu PF has been resisting the UN visit, putting restrictions on the people the team should meet.

    “Definitely, funding is a problem, but we are trying to look internally. If we have exhausted internal possibilities for funding, then we will go to the UN and other bodies.

    “The UN team wants unlimited access, but some of our colleagues feel it should be limited to meetings with Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and political parties.

    “There is no consensus among principals on the visit by UN and the ministers of Justice and Finance will continue with the discussions.”

    He said South Africa was not going to assist with electoral funding, but “other issues like Balance of Payment Support”.

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