Somanje resumes live shows


SUNGURA musician Josphat Somanje, who last month was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of one of his band members, Affick Jones, and left him injured, has resumed his live shows.

Jairos Saunyama

The accident that occurred in Dema left Somanje struggling with severe chest pains, claimed his drummer’s life a few days later in hospital and all his instruments were also destroyed in the mishap that also left his Toyota Venture motor vehicle extensively damaged.

Moreover, some of Somanje Stars members like bassist Patrick Jivason were badly injured and this saw the Haulume hitmaker shelving his guitar for a while and try to put his house in order.

However, Somanje, who is also a part-time electronic technician, returns to the stage this weekend in Dema to stage his first show since the tragic accident.

“I am feeling better now and it’s time for me to take to the stage once again. It has been a tough time for me, but I need to be strong and go on,” Somanje said in an interview with NewsDay.

He said at this point it was not an easy thing to start all over again from scratch after losing his instruments and key band member, but he was certain that with determination he would make it.

Somanje played a pivotal role when he took responsibility for Jones’ funeral where he provided everything for his burial and he also provided his Cherutombo house, for the mourners to gather during the funeral.

“With my band dismantled, I have currently engaged a Marondera-based band, Wedza Stars, that will be backing me until my band members fully recover,” he said.

Somanje said it was not the first time he had worked with the Wedza Stars, as the sungura band had assisted him after his split from his elder brother, Daiton.

Wedza Stars in 2011 disagreed with Josphat after he failed to pay them their money resulting in the two parties cutting ties, but the issue has since been resolved.


  1. Thanks God you are now back my bro and i just want to wish you the very best in life and a speedy recovery to all your band members who are still unwell brother.NaMwari chete you will get there once again because of your creativity[Humhizha hwemhando yepamusoro].Thanks and welcome back.

  2. Wala. Inoita. Jones ndakuona.Katundu Pamsoro chete tichirova basa. Compose a song for Affick’s tribute.Walila kwababa.

  3. Kaya iwo,tikumana kumeneko.Magwira chinto apongozi,braishini.Ndizavo izo,shuwa mavhuto tina awona,chinto nayo nayo.

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