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Soldiers jailed for kidnapping, robbery


Four officers of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) were recently slapped with a five-year imprisonment term each after being convicted of kidnapping and robbing two civilians.


The quartet of Passmore Maswaure (23), Jonathan Marume (25), Harison Chiocha (27) and Isaac Chamuko last week appeared before High Court judge Justice Felistus Chatukuta, who dismissed their bail pending appeal.

Two Epworth men, Prince Chingowe and Patson Chimusakasa, fell victim to the brutal assaults after being abducted by the soldiers who accused them of stealing their army uniforms.

Chingowe and Chimusakasa were soaked in mud and ordered to roll on the ground several times after being attacked with fists and a bicycle chain while members of the public witnessed the drama.

The incident, which sent chills in the Epworth community, occurred on November 5 last year.

On the day in question, the four ZNA officers in the company of the two others still at large, descended on the two victims at their respective places of residence in Epworth.

They kidnapped Chingowe and bundled him into their vehicle and drove him to Chimusakasa’s residence where the two victims endured the brutality of the soldiers.

As the assaults continued, Maswaure and Chamuko took Chimusakasa away from Chingowe and ordered him to pay cash for their freedom so as to enable the soldiers to buy another pair of the army uniform.

During the same assaults, the soldiers seized the opportunity and stole Chingowe’s cellphone and a wallet containing $73.

After being paid $80 by Chimusakasa, the soldiers bundled Chingowe back into their car and drove him to his place of residence where they threatened to further assault him if he demanded his cash back.

The four men appeared before provincial magistrate Jackie Munyonga a month ago and were each slapped with a four-year effective jail term.

Edmore Nyazamba appeared for the State and the soldiers were represented by Exactly Mangezi.

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