‘Sadc must rein in generals’

THE Southern African Development Community (Sadc) should rein in security chiefs and ensure they conduct themselves in a non-partisan and professional manner before harmonised elections set for later this year, an international human rights watchdog has said.

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In a 44-page report titled The Elephant in the Room: Reforming the Security Sector Ahead of Zimbabwe’s Elections, released on Tuesday, Human Rights Watch said Zimbabwe’s military and other security forces were interfering in the country’s political and electoral affairs in support of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, preventing Zimbabweans from exercising their rights to free expression and to vote.

Human Rights Watch is an international organisation operating in more than 40 countries, dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.
“Sadc should make improving the behaviour of the security forces a key pillar of the Zimbabwe roadmap to credible, free, and fair elections,” Tiseke Kasambala, Africa advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, said.

“The coming elections are an important step in ending the country’s long-standing human rights crisis.

“With the security forces, right up to their top leaders, threatening and attacking Mugabe’s perceived opponents, Zimbabweans have little faith in the upcoming elections. Zimbabwe’s unity government is going to have to rein in the security forces and keep them out of politics if the elections are going to have any meaning.”

Security sector reforms have been the subject of a fierce war between parties in the shaky coalition government.

The two MDCs have been calling for security sector and media reforms, among other Global Political Agreement (GPA) outstanding issues, as a pre-condition to the holding of credible elections.

Zimbabwe National Army Commander General Constantine Chiwenga recently described Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as a “sell-out” and a person who needed psychiatric treatment while Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri described the MDC-T as a “party of malcontents” for demanding security sector reforms.

The two “securocrats” are among several commanders who have publicly declared their loyalty to Mugabe and Zanu PF against the letter and spirit of the GPA.

Last week Mugabe’s former ally, Simba Makoni, urged the 89-year-old leader to fire security chiefs dabbling in partisan politics.

“There is an urgent need, ahead of the elections, for Zimbabwe’s security forces to be drastically reformed, to create a political environment conducive for holding non-violent and credible elections,” reads part of the report.

“Should the security forces fail to adopt a professional, independent and non-
partisan role during elections, the new constitution and other recent reforms, including the setting-up of a new Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the licensing of private daily papers, may be insufficient to deliver the elections needed to put Zimbabwe on a democratic and rights-respecting track.”

Despite the country’s Constitution demanding neutrality and impartiality, Kasambala said the security forces had shown no sign of meeting their obligations.

“The government needs to send a clear message by disciplining and prosecuting security force personnel and soldiers who violate the law for political reasons,” she said.

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  1. Mutambara is the last person who, mustnt talk about zim politics or blame Sadc and South africa, calling them foreigners, who must not intefere with sovereign state, as we had always known and said Mutambara s handlers has always be Zanu pf,he was sent to cause caos and destroy MDC, stupid sellout. When a fool, living in glass house, start throwing stones from his disorganised and vulnerable house, with an intent of hitting his neighbour,who has nothing to loose and is trying to provide you , with a better shelter, a brick house, its shows that, he is mentally retarded and does not deserve even the smallest public office, Sadc or South africa never forced itself on Zim affairs, it was inevitably , because of Zim leaders stupidity, leaders who can’t handle their affairs, leaders who spend 10 years squambling over simple equations.Foreigners have the right to interfere, because they bring food to your table, diaspora remittances as you know millions of Zim nationals are being looked after in these foreign country. Professor Roibos, shut up, I respect, PRof Ncube,Pres Mugabe,Hon Morgan Tswangirai. Cde Dabengwa ,Dr S Makoni, not you, because you always show a highest level of stupidity, you and jonathan moyo come from the same pot, you are always blown by the wind. Sissss.

    1. While not agreeing with Mutambara, there is no call for sticking a label to him and hope that it sticks. He is simply exprressing an opinion. It might be discredited but it remains just that an opinion. If you rewind to 1978 when one Byron Hove told his colleagues in the internal settlement he was labelled by one Ndabaningi Sithole that he was a mole sent by the British M15 to wreck the internal settlement. What followed was the OAU refused to the fuss in the then Salisbury..this culminated with the Bishop prefixing all his references henceforth as the so-called OAU. Ultimately the bishop was forced to eat humble pie as he was on the next flight to London to discuss about the NEW election that would usher a new Zimbabwe a few months later. The professor as signatory to the GPA should be alive to the fact that SADC and AU are the guarantors of the agreement, he can not wish them away because they said he was not a principal. As an intelligent fellow he should pick another avenue to attack SADC not the present one which will only result in him looking like an idiot. The professor has too many fights on his hands one of which is with a former colleague and others, the biggest of which is his relevance in the next two months if he fails to play his cards right…This, ‘dressed in brief authority…. play such fantastic tricks before high heavens as to make angels weep’ know all approach is not helping his cause at all. The good professor could simply have sidestepped this question..no one was holding a gun to his head, but then again, it is a personal opinion, a right no one should try to take away from him. Nor any Zimbabwean for that matter!

  2. Who is fooling who, with this kangaroo court ruling, how can they base their ruling , using the discarded, lancaster constitution, A united coallition must urgently, challenge, this ruling through the same court, on this basis.What was the use of spending millions, during the drafting of the new charter, if we will only use it when it suits us.

  3. The sooner this court is challenged the better

  4. Shame on you so called jugdes

  5. When Zanu pf start rushing things, u must know something is fishy

  6. The usual spoilers.God will deal with them.

  7. Zimfornication

    ‘Fed up of this shit’, I can see you are really, really fed up of this shit. That makes two of us. I think you are right in saying Mutambara is one of the biggest and most vacuous turds ever shitted in Zim. You are spot on in that regard….

  8. Patrick Zhuau

    I quite agree with Chiwenga that Sir Open Zip needs psychiatric treatment. His western handlers should pay for a short stay at a lunatic asylum. Dhodhi remunhu.

    1. only a fool can’t see this!!! I don think if Zhuau is humane, only uncivilized savages attack democracy. Its a process my friend. The judges just like the securitas are PFs; I don Rita’s future position but currently is the only one with people @ heart as is willing to clear voters’ roll; a key reform. thanx mom

  9. Welshson must be regretting ever inviting that dunderhead Mtambara to come and ‘lead’ his splinter faction of MDC. Ndiko kureranyoka mumbamako yozofuma yokuruma.

  10. Revai chokwadi

    Manure musati nyangadza

    1. Generals are messing up they should just do the noble thing resign and go into politics.

  11. Amajaha la awesishoneni angeke uwethembe,umtambara usekhuluma njengo spokesperson se zanu

  12. it is clear zpf dont need foreigners so the foreigners should not need zpf.zuma and sadc go ahead close your borders and leave clever zpf with the chinese.sanctions from the west now they should be from the south and around.anyway we are so educated we can do our own things.all zimbos in foreigner land should just be deported and come back to sort your problems.

  13. God has always had a plan for us and us as a sovereign state of zimbabwe he has bn with us and he shall always b with us, so l trust the court in the decision they made and thats the highest court of the land and we are going to respect it even if we make the noise and go to the sadcc

  14. Neshinal Hiro

    SADC is a stupid organisation. Led by Zuma, a known rapist and full-time fornicator. So may women in SA have been filled by Zuma, including the daughter of his friend Irvine Khoza. This is another guy who should keep his Zip shut and stay out of Zim politics.

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    Did you get any raw deal or cheated somewhere or mistreated? Are you aware of any criminal activity or do you have a missing person you want to publish? Post your water, zesa, roads, poor service, poor quality products, abuse, shopping complaints etc here: http://www.speakoutzimbabwe.org

  16. Nyaya yemaElection ngaiendeswe KUREFERENDUM”, not to be held to ranson nevanhu that little know bootlicker and a bunch of Soiled Supreme judges.
    Don’t for get kuti everyday goes with ZANU denying this or that fact. The world has eyes. ZANU want to steal what is legitimate from the people every day.

    1. Nyaya yemaElection Ibhora redu VANHU. Suppreme Court are small players paBHORA iri renyika nderedu.

  17. Ko ZANU ne maJudge ayo vanaChidyausiku avo, varikuda kutimhanyisa kuenda kupi? nezvenyika yedu zvemaElection. Amboti anoda speed pamaElection acho ndiyani? We people are not in a hurry for election yet!.

    Iye Chidya uyu makambomuongorora here hunhu hwake. Akambosvavsavira hanzvadzi yedu the late Lupi Mushayakarara(May Her Soul Rest In Peace). Muchirikuiziva here nyaya iyoyo pathe previous REFERANDUM? Musakanganwe!

    1. Chijausiku anosweraachitsvaga pfambimuma Avenues, ndiye angatiudzedhodhi rakadaro? Eish…. Kwai nevakakwigwa naye ane bango re vholas..

  18. Suprisingly, these vocal Generals all have dubious liberation war credentials. The real Generals who fought in the war and have proven records have never said a word, and are true soldiers who know their responsibilities.

    Most of these who are now so vocal gained their notoriety through masacering inocent unarmed civilians in Matabeleland and the Midlands during their Gukurahundi.

    They are not even ashamed. Their hands are covered with the blood of thousands of innocent civilians and they never fired a single shot in combat during the war.

    Tivirei apa dzimbwa dzevanhu!!!!!

  19. generals as citizens of this country are entitled to a choice of political ideology. they are equally mandated to safeguard the sovereignty this space we call zim. mr tsvangirai it is important that you focus on making us win elections. sadc or any one on earth has no right to determine who should lead the zim security forces unless they want to engage those security forces in combat. msanyengerane. I begin to agree with those that say you may need psychiatric therapy if you continue to behave and thing like that.

    1. Anal Castration

      Yes. He needs therapy. He is very thick and confused.

  20. Kushaya njere kwemaJudge anovhotera chaos. Ndaifunga kuti kuita judge zvinoenderena nekuvanduka kwenjere. But Nhaka ndazoona kuti kufunda kwevamwesamusha kunenge Bhasikiti raTizirayi rinoti ukuririkurukwa uku rimwe divi richipombonka.(kurudunuka)

    Kana law Faculty yavakuburitsa zvakita saanaChidyausiku. bva wangu mwana handingazodikuti aidzidzire zve”Roya uhwu” Eh!

  21. mdcs should not show signs of conceding defeat before election day. you dampen the spirit of your supporters. zimabweans are very evaluative they will read all that reflection of non preparedness.

  22. Matambo Silvester

    Had a revelation this morning: voting for the Mdc will attract evil spirits and a curse to yourself. You will be aganist the spirits of 50 000 people murdered by the brutal Smith regime, those who perished giving birth, accident victims who could not find treatment all thanks to the Mdc evil sanctions. Remember this when you enter the ballot box, vote Zanu Pf to avoid the curse of dying a pauper.

  23. cde zvombo zveHondo

    MDC you will never win were yo masters failed our master has never failed us.viva mweya va murenga viva Zanu pf the tried n tested .mukomana wenyu anonzi sunctions wamunongo chemera takauraya kare haafe akatonga muno pamwe na sabuku vhura zip ndiise karima……hameno ikoko

  24. Nhai macdes,kasi mutauro uyu haunzwisisiki here ‘ZIMBABWE IS A SOVEREIGN STATE’ thereby no-one and i say no-one is allowed to interfere in our own affairs futhermore tempering with our most sensitive institution(Defence Forces) SADC can only give help not arraign our security chiefs,thats utterly nonsense and that will never hapen.Where did that ever hapen all over the world kuti somebody from outside the country can dictate wat should be done by any country’s security forces.First go reform the American army which is killing all over the world rather than wanting to weaken our security system.Its only a dream,that will never happen!

  25. vanhu vese who have relationship withzpf, havabviri pakukwira apa.pane uyu anozviti mufundisi aka martingumbura wokubuda muH Metro anevakadzi hobo.Asi mudhara wacho anetsa kukwira vakadzi vevarume varimuchechi yake.anonziwo nevaanokwira anebango rokuti wese waabata anosara rave gaba.muchinda uyu arikuita vasikana masex slaves kumba kwake kumalborough.chinonetsa he is being protected by corrupt police and ikozvino he is campaigning to represent zpf kuMabvuku.vanhu ngatirambei mhondi idzi.

  26. @ Neshinal Hiro ,what about this woman raped every day by u zanu. 4 money sissss devils

  27. There is no security force in this country but a bunch of armed thugs who shoot from the hip, masquerading as a security force. The reason for the existence of an organisation like Sadc is to put to order situations like the one prevailing in this country, otherwise there would be no need to have such an organisation at all. And when a security force jumps its mandate of defending the country from external military aggression by refusing the electorate their constitutional right to chose a leader of their choice, then that warrants external rectification. Some fools should actually be thanking Sadc, for if it was not for Sadc they would have been plucked from the ground,” the Saddam style” after an international invasion, which only Sadc resisted. Talk of ”Kurera imbwa ne mukaka”

  28. No matter how negative we may view the country’s generals, its uncalled for for any foreigner to dare lecture to them on conduct. Its totally un herad of. Just imagine an ‘international watch dog’ lecturing to US troops in Iraq,or Afghanistan on conducting themselves.

  29. Hondo uri dofo,waped mind.Kana iwe pachako unozviziva kuti uri dofo.ZVAUNONYORA UNOTOZVIZIVA VEGA KUTI NDEZVEUDOFO.Get real mhani.

  30. true son of the soil

    if tsvangirai does not land the presidency im commiting suicide

  31. Vana Tiseke Kasambala munombobva kupi kumusha imi? Unenge muAlien iwe, nekuti mabva kure you have nothing to loose if anything goes wrong here inZimbo. For your own information chero zvakaoma zvakadii, maGenerals haasi kuzofa akaita zvamunoda imi vatengesi. Musakanganwe kuti ndivo vanhu vakarwa hondo yechimurenga. Ndivo zvakare vakaumba Zanu-pf yacho, pamwe nava Mugabe. Saka kuti mufunge kuti munga sanganise mvura neoil zvakaoma. Zvenyu zvekufunga kuti Sadc ine zvaingaite pamusoro pazvo kwete, ndaramba. Handeyi kuma elections mozoita zvenyu zvamunoda kana mawhina sekutaura kwenyu. Icho!!!


  33. Falcon, the majority of those who do debate on this forum feel their nerves touched by the the many professors who behave foolishly in the politics of this great nation.Yes, we end up putting stickers on them as any pointer to them that off course ,not being professors ,but we are Zimbabweans also.We think,see and hear just like them.We are suffering of all the things that can be said about us.An attempt to abuse us in our politics will result in them facing our huge NO.Mutambara abused us in 2008 in the run up to elections when he urged us to vote Makoni for president.We belonged to MDC and not Mavambo.GNU is coming to an end sooner and tell you what ,the professor is going to invite people to rejoin zpf.No, we are not interested.

  34. Lucifer wandikatyamadza,kutaura vakarwa hondo?Asi urimuborn free here? Even those that were born free know better how the liberation war was fought in Zimbabwe.Vanamukoma vaisauya nechikafu kubva Mozambique.Mbatya dzavo dzaibatwa nechinanga vachitiza helicopter chichinge chabhendha.Kuchitonhora saikozvino kwaifukwa machira.Takarwa tose hondo yacho.Beside soil we also fought for black majority administration where we were promised a one man one vote.Saka nhasi kana ini ndikasarudza mutungamiriri wandada ndinobvunzirwe?Unodini kuuya zvanaka uchindibvunza chandatizira ku zpf ndigokuudza kuti handitsigiri pfungwa yehu life president?If I say that have I committed a crime?So can we redefine independence,maybe the Zimbabwean definition?

  35. I was ordered to kill Tsvangirai: officer
    A Presidential Guard officer has gone into hiding in fear of his life after refusing to obey order to carry out an assassination attempt on MDC-T leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

    Captain Ibrahim Chasakara (32) also sensationally admitted that he had been responsible for the car accident that claimed the life of Susan Tsvangirai near Beatrice four years ago, and begged forgiveness from the PM, his family and all Zimbabweans.
    The officer, who did his advanced military intelligence in Russia, told The Zimbabwean this week that he has been in hiding for weeks, since telling his seniors that he was not interested in doing any more harm to Tsvangirai or his family ever again.
    “We have done too much evil and now it’s time to reform,” said Chakasara. “We cannot keep on killing our own people just because they oppose Zanu (PF). Tsvangirai never did anything wrong but I was told that he should be taken out on the day election dates are announced. I refused to prepare a report on how this could be done. I told them that I am not interested in doing that.”
    “Fortunately good friends in the intelligence services cautioned me there was a plan to take me out, so I decided to go in hiding as I know how evil these men are.”
    Military insiders, including Baba Jukwa, confirmed Chasakara’s story. “This is very true. The man who missed his target Tsvangirai and took out his wife instead always cried, and if you remember sometime last week I did a brief of this story. I understand this man is now in hiding but his family including brothers, kids and wife are being held as bait,” said Jukwa.
    Chasakara, who wept as he spoke, went on to ask for forgiveness from Tsvangirai’s family and Zimbabweans as a whole. “I did the entire homework which eliminated the Prime Minister’s wife, but I was under orders from my superiors. I am sorry, Zimbabwe, for the death of Amai Tsvangirai.
    It wasn’t our intention. Our target was Tsvangirai – unfortunately the wife was caught in the crossfire,” he said.
    Chasakara added that he has well trained in Russia and Lebanon.
    “They know that I won’t miss him if I am assigned to take the Prime Minister out of the picture as I am one of the few skilled soldiers in that field,” he said.
    He appealed to the government to help rescue Private William Makurumidze.
    His two children and two brothers who are being illegally held as baits to get him to come out of hiding.
    “Our government should intervene and rescue my family and friend who are being held hostage by military intelligence as they want me in exchange for them. The last time my friends in intelligence told me that Makurumidze was held in a male ward at Parirenyatwa Hospital. He had been badly tortured and struggling for his life. My brothers Aleck and Tinashe, together with my two kids aged seven and four years, are being held at State House cells. I also know that my wife Gladys Murove is not safe wherever she is,” he appealed.
    He said there were a lot of soldiers and civilians rotting in the same cells, which had become a “hell cell” for those refusing to indulge in various evil activities planned by the army bosses. “It’s sad that soldiers and civilians are being kept in those cells. I know what I am talking about, I worked and operated there. People are tortured, dying and being buried as paupers while masses think they disappeared.”
    Jukwa said political parties and civil society organisations should approach SADC to intervene before these people were killed. “It’s high time SADC and the African Union take Zim issues seriously because a lot of evil things go unattended,” he said. He also appealed to Tsvangirai and Zimbabweans to forgive Chasakara, saying: “The man has reformed and come out openly about his past evil deeds. This can give closure to what really happened to Amai Tsvangirai. Zimbabweans should embrace this man as he is another step to the light of a New Zimbabwe.”
    At the time Tsvangirai said he was satisfied that his wife had been killed in a genuine accident.

    1. Matako Enyoka

      I almost believed this story, then baba Jukwa was mentioned… Now I have serious doubts about its authenticity because baba Jukwa is that serial flip-flopping buffoon Jonathan ‘homo’ Moyo.

  36. Zimfornication, you are right, I am really pissed of my bro, we are tired, of being taken for granted for 33 years, having our future and that of our chidren, being compromised, by greedy goats, like that dick head, jonathan moyo, and mr stop, go,give way, Aurthur mutambara, who are two faced, sing for their supper to protect a bloody regime, shi man.

  37. One day , we will hang them at the national sports stadium, as curtain razors for a soccer match, we a fed up, this must stop and people must repent, reform, and we will glady forgive them.

  38. Hama dzangu lets vote for Zanu Pf. Mdc T Minister T. Biti akaratidza kuti haana hanywa nepovo nefreezer masalaries emacivil servants iye achiguta nemhuri yake. The fact yekuti gvt haina mari doest hold water because he promised Mdc party boasted that they had the key to donor funds. Yakaraswa here key yacho? In schools we have an Mdc minister who doesnt symphathise with the poor people vana vari kungodzingwa everyday even if u pay mwana haangadzidze ega muclass and the lost learning time will not be compansated. Kuzoti macouncilors eMdc huwori hwega hwega. They are doing nothing but just to plan for excuses. Kuenda kumacouncil offices kuno planner maecuses chete chete. Lets vote for Zanu Pf. Pamberi neZanu Pf.

  39. Mutirowafanza

    MaJenerari emadhoti. Imbwa dzavanhu. Msatanyoko.

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