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Reprieve for aliens


GOVERNMENT has exempted aliens who want to register as voters in the forthcoming elections from paying all fees for them to acquire Zimbabwean citizenship.


Speaking at a consultative meeting with faith-based organisations and civil society in Harare, Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede yesterday said fees normally charged for processing change of documents would be waived during the 30-day mandatory voter registration which begins on Monday.

Before the waiver, aliens were expected to pay at least $50 to acquire citizenship.

“I would like to highlight that fees have been suspended for those who want to register as voters and this will be for this period only and after the 30-day voter registration period the fees will resume,” Mudede said.

Mudede said aliens who were eligible to register as voters were those with at least one parent who is a Zimbabwean.

“If you are born of a Zimbabwean mother and a foreign father you are automatically a citizen of Zimbabwe, and also if one is born of a Zimbabwean father and a foreign mother he or she becomes a citizen of Zimbabwe by birth and that means they will be able to register,” Mudede said.

“Then we have the Sadc group, those who came in as labourers. They ought to have proof that they were actually born in a Sadc country, they can register during this period.

“Then we have aliens who have been in Zimbabwe for many years, they have been in the country and these should be able to register. They should have a national identity card written AA or should be in possession of a birth certificate.”

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