Poor turnout at Zanu PF music concert


POOR turnout marred a concert organised by Zanu PF Mashonaland Central province held at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura on Friday.

Own Correspondent

Musicians Tryson Chimbetu, Leornard Zhakata, Daiton Somanje, Diana Samkange and King Shady performed before a handful of a crowd that braved the chilly night.

Samkange took to the stage first and she left the crowds convinced that she is a force to reckon in the mbira arena. Songs from her latest offering Kumazivandadzoka proved to be popular.

However, it was a bad day for Somanje who almost dampened the event with his act.

The Tsaona hitmaker failed to play his yesteryear hits as requested by the crowd.

Fans were also looking forward to see him performing with his brother Josphat prior to the organisers’ announcement that the two would share the stage.

King Shady came after Somanje and the urban groover stole the limelight, entertaining many youths who constituted a large number of the crowd.

Chimbetu also warmed the stage in the early hours of Saturday with his memorable act. Some Zanu PF provincial committee members joined Chimbetu on stage when the musician played Ndarangarira Gamba.
Songs Pahotera, Ndondo and Mombe Mombe from his latest offering Compass were also popular with the crowd.

He signed off his performance with the song Sango that left many convinced he a serious contender for the dendera crown.

Dancer Wayne Musoro, who had reportedly joined Sulumani Chimbetu, made a surprise appearance on stage.

Zhakata sealed off the event with a memorable act. He played most of his yesteryear hits to the delight of his fans.


  1. The picture accompanying the story does not tally with the story. Either the picture is from a different event or the report is a lie. Which is which nhai editor? Does anyone cross check this online version?

  2. jus bcz it was a Zanu pf thing ur r now lying that there was poor turn out why kunyepa iwe,i think marrwadziwa naZhakata akaridzako.More Zora

  3. Can u imagine all the people nationwide sabotage anything that comes in the name of zpf. Myself love mkanya and tuku, but i dont see myself attending their shows if they happen to do them in the name of zpf

  4. Zhakata is slowly losing his head. we used to know him with hard hitting songs like ndereka and mubikira ,sarudza mambo waunoda whats it with Zanu pf galas I believe he is broke. Why cant he join Makandiwa kana zvashupa.

  5. Mr editor moda kurohwa manje. The heading of this article an whts written in t is jus so so not unconvincing. U hate zanu pretty well, buh one thing u forgetin (facts) u kent hyd.

  6. apa mataura newsday want to please chamatama kuti vagopiwawo mari dzema dhona dzadai kuwanda. let them enjoy for this month caz next mth will be another story. mdc will be history just like gukurahwindi

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