Pokello video tape goes viral


JOHANNESBURG — Big Brother Africa just became more exciting after an explicit  clip starring one of the housemates went viral on local social media networks this week.


The shocking video clip — starring contestant and Zimbabwean socialite Pokello Nare and her on-off lover, Zimbabwean rapper Desmond Chideme — emerged just days after the reality show began.

The two-minute clip shows an enthusiastic Nare playing it up for the camera and having unprotected  with Chideme, known in his country as “Stunner”.

The couple made the hard-core pornographic video in the home they shared in the Harare suburb of Avondale using Chideme’s iPhone, which falls over during a particularly passionate moment and appears to be righted by Nare.

At the end of the clip, the couple then kiss for the camera.

Big Brother Africa is watched by tens of millions of viewers across the continent and has 360 463 followers on Twitter.

Although not as graphic, Nare’s behaviour in the house this week since she entered it a week ago has hinted at the raunchiness of which she is capable.

After the elimination nominations on Tuesday, Nare took part in a game with her fellow contestants during which she turned her shapely behind to the camera and performed a “booty-hop” dance.

She has also spoken of having “a past”. But besides that, she has been one of the least outrageous housemates, preferring instead to sit around and chat.

Like other South Africans who have received the video on instant messaging service Whatsapp, Big Brother Africa broadcaster M-Net knows all about the video clip.

The channel’s head of communications, Lani Lombard, said: “Yes, she did disclose it to the show’s selection team.” She added that the clip’s existence would have no effect on her participation in the reality show.

“As long as participants meet the entry criteria, they are eligible to enter, irrespective of whether they already have a public profile,” said Lombard.


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  2. This BBA is satanic. Those who act it are possessed by demons. Those who watches it are also possessed. The devil is using these type of shows to pull the children of God from the holy cross.

  3. What a shame, such low morals and a lack of self respect is celebrated in South Africa, but not here in Zimbabwe. The poor Africans in South Africa shall remain poor and the xenophobic shall continue to hate and abuse other Africans. The police shall continue to kill civilians on live TV and get away with it. The poverty levels in South Africa have continued to rise and nothing will change unless a true leader with courage rises to give the South Africans dignity, self respect, education and real economic empowerment. At that time the ICC and the West will launch an attack on that leader because he would have dared to rock the boat. I watched a silly little girl by the name of Mazibuko last night on BBC Hard Talk going on about her Democratic Alliance’s land policy of willing buyer willing seller. What a silly little girl.

    • the girl is a Zimbabwean, the sex video leaked by Zimbabweans watched by the whole of Africa and beyond but amongst all this you see an opportunity to insult SA and its people, what do you care what become of SA, you have your perfect country. Your hate of the SA that house half of your country men knows no boundary can you tell us how many S/Africans are invading your country? yes we have a lot of poverty in SA that is why S/Africans are crying out loud for their country’s invasion by people from those perfect countries but who do not want to stay in their perfect countries like yours. Yes it is very true that in South Africa, South Africans are facing a lot of internal problems but we are fighting them here at home not in our neigbouring countries and pointing fingers at our neighbours for being xenophobic while we cannot sort our own problems back home. who is contributing to our poverty, who is contributing to crime in SA. if your country is so fine then SA would not have a problem of foreign influx. South Africans have never claimed to be perfect in fact is for the same reason why there is an outcry from South African to be left in peace to solve their own imperfections but is Africa listening no> SA is a young democracy, ppl of SA are still struggling with thier problems but is Africa giving them a chance to make their own mistakes like thier own brothers and sister countries before them no, who are you to tell us how we must act where as your ppl cannot remain in their own country. if they were to remain there then they would not have a problem of xenophobic South Africans would they. Iam not promoting xenophobia and I would like to believe that South Africans are xenophobic but pls Africa give the ppl of South Africa to sort themselves you all had your chances now we are asking for our chance to sort ourselves.

    • Corrections, I do not believe that South Africans are xenophobic by nature but I believe that most South Africans are overwhelmed by the invasion by ppl from all over Africa and beyond. To you Scott, Is the number of SA ppl in your country the same as the number of your country men in SA. Are SA ppl breaking and entering and disobeying traffic rules in your country and occupying housing developments like foreigners are doing in SA. Is the drug problem in your country brought by mostly foreigners killing your 12 and 13 year olds, Are your police officers feared by citizens of your country because they give them cakes. After all this said and done, We S/Africans really appreciate the help and support we received during our struggle from our African brothers and sisters, but the struggle is not over, It is still continuing only this time it is a struggle of a different kind, it is a strugle for survival, we struggle to get employment, we struggle for housing and education, health to mention the few, South Africans are really tired of being blamed for fighting for what is rightful theirs and defending themselves from ppl from other countries, why if we are that bad ppl are keep on coming here. We might not be the cleverest country as every country in Africa has already pointed out but but we are dealing with our own problems at home. Scott you are very fortunate to live in a perfect country the only problem is why don”t you solve the problems at home first before you suffer at the hands of South Africans and their stupidity. Do not take this in a wrong way, I really appreciate my fellow African bros and sisters and i am sure most S/Africans feel the same way. all we are asking is to have a chance to have our country back, let us make our own mistakes our own way. it is funny that all the countries that are criticizing us have been allowed to destroy their own countries in peace hence you all know where we are heading as a country, then why are you not letting us make our own mistakes in peace. If any country in Africa have an influx of South Africans like we are experiencing with other countries raise your hands. because then you will know what I am talking about. This is not a political point of view, it is a view from a normal citizen so forgive my ignorance of the politics

  4. Morena.
    Is she a Nare? Mo Sotho tota? Ha ke tsepi bealo nna…

    If she is a Nare, doing such horrible things le Stunner? Bathoong! Kea shona biyang…

    Empa lena lateng..Pokello..le lera horeng? ke se Sotho? Sakai? Ngoaninyane yo oarishonncha tjoe!


    • SKY, All we are sinners by when a whole continent organise and try to market sin, then that move must be condemned. We all sin but not nebwona.

  5. In America celebrities make sex tapes to get paid or promote themselves and it works because it often has a PR team spin behind it to amplify it and get maximum returns and there is a liberal market to support such acts.

    In Africa, you need balls of steel when presenting a wife-to-be or husband-to-be to family and friends who already have an informed perception of what you have done or what they think you are. Good luck to the two.

    Apart from being mischievous and getting caught in the moment of feeling like “celebrities”, I wonder if these two put thought to what they were doing, who or what they were doing it for. I hope they love each other.

    I think she got the BBA slot because of that video. She is wild. I get it. Stunner, you should have auditioned with her… Those west African brothers don’t play bro…

  6. U Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to accidentedcars.com to see the various methods and companies that she was using accidentedcars.com. A very simple idea but very powerful

  7. Nxaaasa. Wakazviona sei tht it was unprotected sex…. Stupid juno.. Ko iwe paunokwira and who says abt it. No one makes noise abt it…. Let her live her life and live urs..

  8. If these people were just two in their room when they enjoyed themselves, who took and leaked the video and for what purpose? In Zimbabwe, in as far as i know, porn and or pornographic material is not allowed and what these two people did to leak this sex video is a criminal offence and the law should take its course. I am not saying sex is bad but why do you want the world to know what you do in your bedrooms? What lessons does this give to our youngsters. If you have failed your own lives, i mean morally, do’nt pass on that legacy to other people especially youngsters because they might copy that thinking that it is the right thing to do.

  9. Siyai vana vatambe panze. We’re tired of you people from the Dinosaur-era. Moda kuzviita semunehunhu too much. Then was then this is now !! Nemi ma self-calling christians we’re tired of your blasphemy; check court records 3out of 10 rape cases involve church people including elders -WHY ??? Shut up & sin quietly.

  10. iiii to sekuru kedo dzoseidzi ipolitcs,a muzimbabwe mune madofo vakomana!shame on you .husiku hwakatambiswa.ndofunga uri mwana akabuda mumimba ye rape,fuck you;; daibaba namai vakakanga mhandire vasina kuita bonde.yaaaa ithink you are one of the pono produce.kkkkkkkkkkk

  11. iiii to sekuru kedo dzoseidzi ipolitcs,a muzimbabwe mune madofo vakomana!shame on you .husiku hwakatambiswa.ndofunga uri mwana akabuda mumimba ye rape,or on of thise pono produce

  12. I got the video n yah she was riding stunner lyk a horse n having unprotected sex.if any 1 needs it say ‘yah scotty’ n i wl give it 2u.put yo 4# as wel.

  13. Making, producing or showing Pono is a criminal offence in sane ZIM. The law must take its course.

  14. Aah, haiwawo. Stunner saka hapana nezviripo. 2 minutes chete? Are you a rabit? Hauna musana mufana. Uchatambwa yekwa DJ Munya manje so. Unotorerwa mukadzi kana usingagone mfana.

  15. Some of you guys are a disgrace ! You all compromise your identities for the sake of having a glimpse of Pokello’s cookie jar. Ain’t it amazing that one of the cell numbers which has been compromised is of a pastor at Christ Embassy. A pastor ? This world. Hayas !

  16. Varume vakuru nevakadzi vakuru hamunyare here? Munonyanya kuda zvinhu chamusingazive ipapa chii? Asi hamusati mamboona vanhu vanokwirana? Musati nyadzise siyanai nemwana wevaridzi ndimi vanani vanoda kushora zvinhu zvakaitwa nevanhu vakuru vanepfungwa dzakakwana saka munofunga kuti murivanani imi? Itai enyu mavideo muitewo mari. Nyarai iyo siyanayi nemwana wevaridzi. Mamwe maZimbo munonyadzisa chokwadi. Itai mushe veduwe

  17. The interest in this western style filth is shocking, young people in Africa are being corrupted by this filthy unAfrican behaviour! Shame on those who are asking to see this so called video!

    • @Jongwe Rachembera if I can jog your mind a bit the western have always been shocking us since time immemorial. Do you remember Chaminukwa calling them vanhu vasina mabvi because of their attire, then Shaka and Lobengula telling his warriors to block the guy fire by animal hides that africans used to wear, then the sugar they brought, the bible they brought that has now brought us the Makandiwas and Engel, not forgetting the Lancaster that brought Zimbabwe. Even up now we dress, eat , talk and in Zimbabwe we are using their currency. In Africa we shall always be backward because we are lazy to use our brains. We have got all the resources and the manpower to do our own things but because of greedness we are not able to do our own things no wonder why some of us are falling head over heals for a video of things they know and do everyday. The amount of time wasted by people drooling on the video is worthy millions but people do not realise that time is very very important. Africans especially Zimbos we are cursed. Tichagara tichigofa nenyota makumbo arimumvura

  18. siyayi zvakadaro. Vachaona kuti porno hainakidze vava kugehena. Afta all there is nothing we actualy learn thru shows like big brother. Its jus one hell of a way of bringing unethical behavior in our youngsters. You wil c kuti kana pokelo adzoka anenge avakutobura riri dambarefu chairo kunge 24 hour kana prison break

  19. Pls u guys should leave d girl alone, and allow d stunner wrath in hell where he belongs. Pokello never did pono, she only Havє fun with whom she felt was a lover not knowing d guy was a complete bunkum. Afterall she never asked for it to be published. But why now? Was d guy dead b4? He better remains in d grave. For he who is without sin let him first cast a stone.

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