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Performer pelts Cowell with eggs


LONDON — A viola player who pelted Simon Cowell with eggs during the live final of Britain’s Got Talent last night has apologised, admitting her actions were “silly”.

The musician, who jumped to the front of the stage as brothers Richard and Adam were performing, appeared on the talent show in 2012, along with her band Raven Quartet.

Natalie Holt — a BAFTA-nominated composer who appeared in the closing ceremony of last summer’s Olympics — was performing as a backing musician for the duo, and has subsequently apologised for her actions. In a statement released by the show she said: “I want to apologise to Richard and Adam for overshadowing their performance. I’ve never done anything like this before and in hindsight I have realised it was a silly thing to do.”

While it is not clear why Natalie decided to throw eggs at the judges, her band mates have insisted that they were not involved.

A tweet from the group feed read: “Just to clarify . . . The other three of us were working elsewhere today and found out when you did.” A spokesman for the show told MailOnline: “During tonight’s show an incident took place during the finale of Richard and Adam’s performance.

“Natalie Holt (age 30) was part of the backing group for their performance and as a result of her misguided actions the police were called. However, we have decided to take no further action at this stage.”

Judge Amanda Holden spoke of her anger at the disruption Natalie’s appearance on stage caused and she branded her ‘a stupid cow’ for the apparent act of protest. Simon had to remove his jacket and was left with yolk on his shirt following the attack, but he didn’t seem too fazed.

Although the egging occurred in the middle of their performance, Richard and Adam were not put off and they were later praised for their professional attitude.

Simon said he thought the woman was throwing sandwiches and assumed it was part of the performance.

He said: “I thought it was part of the act, I thought they were throwing sandwiches.”

Disabled comedian Jack Carroll was the next act to perform on stage and he used the opportunity to make a joke about the situation.

He began: “Can I just say, I was going to run on and throw some eggs, so thanks for ruining that.” Natalie appeared on Britain’s Got Talent last year with her band Raven Quartet.

It seems that Natalie, a BAFTA-nominated composer, and her band mates didn’t have a positive experience on the talent show last year.

Natalie’s band mate Rachael Lander wrote a scathing blog post about the group’s experience on the show, which has since been taken down.

In the piece she wrote: “Honestly, if you think watching those talent shows is gut wrenching, you should try being a contestant in one.”

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