No funds for polls: Biti

FINANCE minister Tendai Biti yesterday told Parliament that Zimbabwe was broke hence could not bankroll the forthcoming harmonised elections.


He, however, said he was ready to be part of Sadc efforts to source funds for the general elections.

Responding to questions from members of the House of Assembly, Biti reiterated that the country needed to appreciate that potential donors would only be prepared to fund an electoral process that was beyond reproach.

“I am beginning to sound like a broken record on this issue. We don’t have the money for elections. Our budget cannot afford that because we are looking at a figure of at least $140 million,” Biti said.

The minister said he had told Sadc executive secretary Tomaz Augusto Salomão that he would want to be part of the team that would visit different Sadc nations with the begging bowl.

Although it was possible to raise the requisite financial resources, he said, potential donors would only be prepared to bankroll a process in which the money would be properly accounted for.

“Donors are ready to fund the election, but they want a clear, transparent mechanism of disbursement. No one wants to put hard-earned money from their taxpayers into an uncertain election. No one will put money into something that is going to fail,” Biti said.

On the part of government, he said, it would be unfair to raise additional funds by increasing taxes after increasing petrol and diesel prices by $0,05 to $1,57 and $1,40 a litre respectively to raise funds for the constitutional referendum last March. Biti said if they were to pursue that option again, they would only be able to reach $50 million in December. He said if Mines minister Obert Mpofu surrendered money from diamond sales to Treasury, there would be no financial headaches in as far as the elections were concerned.

“The only thing we can do to ensure that the money comes now is if Honourable Mpofu is honest enough to give us the money from diamonds,” Biti said.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission recently said they only received half a million dollars out of the allocated $8 million.

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  1. We told you long back that diamond money for elections is going to be availed when time is due idiot . Right now we cry bankrupt so as to avoid a credible voter registration.
    CAnt you read it. Furthermore why did you leave SADC without raising the issue..

    1. Please don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) a very simple idea but a very powerful one, Wake up Africans

      1. MDC is always good at pressing wrong buttons. VaMugabe vari vega imonya. Hatichada maelection acho.

  2. Why would any organisation put money into an uncertain election? Not even the dates are certain! Asi zva Biti ndezvekutya ma elections akuti hatina mari.

  3. charira-chinja

    who is stupid here

  4. kikikikikikiki , joke of the day ….Obert wazvinzwa here ?

  5. The new owners of Zimbabwe’s diamonds Obert Mpofu and Zanu Pf? What a country!

  6. Eeeezve apana marika!Wakambomuonepi munhu anoda kumama asi anoenda kuchimbuzi asina tissue kana chimuti chekupotoresa? Madonaters a waiting for all issues to be amanded first then vochidira havozve mazukwa anodiwa navaBiti paelection budget.Kwete zvenyu vana zanu pf zvekuswera kumhazha apa nekwamakananga amuzivi.

  7. Biti has always been smart,telling it as it is.ZPF has diamond money which they want to release as a shocker and campaign mace.No surprise their calling for election by 31 July 2013.They know the game,buying votes using state funds on one hand and intimidating opposition on the other hand.Wanyangira yaona.Zanu PF why would you want the issue raised by the MDCs at SADC yet when going there you were telling the nation that SADC was not going discuss anything on election date,neither the reforms but funding for the electio
    n?What stopped you from introducing the matter?

  8. stop politiking mr biti we are sick and tired of u peopple u are enjoy whilst the rest of the nation is vsuffering

    1. Bhiniwere Madzokere

      What’s your point, Craig? Don’t be shy say out your viewpoint!

  9. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth

    All Shonas who behave like Ndevers will be treated as such, and will be dealt with the same way

    1. hahaha- you are too late to play divisive politics,trying to tarnish zanu using that,as for your cio threats in jozi usuhlanya,uyahuda nja! nxa wawubulala abantu lawe uzakufa,njalo uzakufa uyinja shona lothuvi.Go take your bullshit to your mother-stupid idiot.urimbwa yemunhu!zanu mdc or whatever all politicians are the same as napies,they have the same use as napies and after a while they should both be disposed of,for the same reason.

      1. ZANU-PF is in self-mutilation mode.

    2. Kedo. may I ask why the shona is so afraid of the Ndebele. Is it an inferiority complex issue. Is it just plain jealous of the Ndebele way of life. A life of respect, clealiness, work ethics ect ect. Today a lot of tshona people are ashamed of being called shona. they go around calling themselves Ndebele. Why. Because the Ndebele are a proud hard working nation. We do not a person who we regard as a god like the shona regard mugabe as a god. look, just look at how the Ndebele nation will prosper with this devolution of power. Just look at how good the Ndebele cities will be now we do not have to beg in order to open a tuckshop. The Ndebele nation is throwing a challenge to the Zezuru,Chinyanga,Shona and all other nations.Let us see which cities, regions, schools will be better now they is devolution of power to the provinces. The Ndebele nation will come tops. we dont pride in satanism. The Ndebele are worriors not cowards who murder women and children.When we fight we give our opponents a fair chance to win. I dont think you understand this. put simply, the Ndebele will not hit a man who is on the ground not like the Shona like you who tye a mans hand and feet and tourture then you pride yourself in that. we are sooo diferrent in culture its better we part.Dont get me wrong. We know that the majority of Shona are not satanist like you want us believe. We do not spit in public places and walk away. wooohoo woohoo phtuu shamari. shame racist ditry unprincipled murderer. kulelekunye kube kubili kube kuyavusana

  10. organised warrior.

    Biti really needs to grow up.

  11. organised warrior.

    Biti really needs to grow up. He talks like a student leader.

    1. We want that bulky diamond thug to say something.

  12. Wake up Zimbabwe. The reason why Mudede is carrying out a partisan Voter registration exercise where only Zpf and rural Constituencies are priviledge to register is because he is bemoaning lack of funds for the exercise.
    Right now, 2 Highfields constituencies have only one mobile voter registration Centre, yet come election, they have over 200voting centres. Where is the sense here?

  13. Wake up Zimbabwe. The reason why Mudede is carrying out a partisan Voter registration exercise where only Zpf and rural Constituencies are priviledge to register is because he is bemoaning lack of funds for a fair exercise.
    Right now, 2 Highfields constituencies have only one mobile voter registration Centre, yet come election, they have over 200voting centres. Where is the sense here?

  14. If only Tsvangirai can seek for money urgently so that more Voter registration Mobile teams are deployed, I bet you one week will be enough for people to register. You should see the thousands of youthful voters failing to register due to limited stations in urban areas.
    From day one the vote is now flawed and compromised.

  15. Mugabe is in a hurry to compensate for the more than 300000 votes he lost in 2008 by carrying a flawed voter registration. Funny part is nobody is seeing it except the disadvantaged urban voters.

  16. Wamwe vanomuti pongwe vamwe tichiti KUNGEKE. Kamhuka ikako kanowirima. Kakapinda mumunda wedzungu kana nyimo kanokushura mare. Kanoita kaburi kasangaoneke. Kudya dzungu kana nyimo yese. Asi kana kapedza kudya dzungu kanapakira mavu pakabvisa dzungu. There will be nothing externally to show the shell is full ivu. Biti, Twangie idzungu dzakadyiwa nakungeke. Misoro izere mavu basi basi. Manje achaitwa ma Election madongi achchema. Mbiti Chinofunga kuti kuitira weti mupoto kuMount PLaesan?

  17. You people tell us where is Obert putting the money for Diamond. Surely this Obert Mpofu is looting the Diamond money whilst the rest of the country suffer becoz of one man. Why is God sparing his Life then.

  18. kedo,kedo.unonyadzisa.of late people were ignoring your broken car rubbish now you want us to pay attation to yor nonsetial we wont.we knw you have been hired to try and discourage frm giving coment that embarasis you pay hell with you


    Kedo aka Cde Naked is a known Secret service operative hired to fan tribal hatred. In some fora he plays Mtwakazi as Cde Naked. The whole concept is to divide MDC on tribal lines.

  20. Obert is now one of the richest man in the country.Literally he owns Vic Falls ,angatadza sei kuba ivo boss vake Mugabe akachembera kudaro.Biti is right.He is not lieng by pointing at Mpofu.cant u c y Zanu yairamba nefinance ministry.Vaida kunyatsoba pasina disturbence.Mbavha dze Zanu hamuhwine.

    1. Nyika Ndeyedu


  21. ndinoshamiswa nemapenzi anenge achigara kugeto asi achisapota zanupf inemafeti cows anogara kumadewudewu live them to vote, moswera muchitemana nematemo ndokupenga chaiko wake up and turn against ZANUPF first class liers how many years muchinyeperwa sorry kwazvo geto guys, leave them and show them once kutimunofungawo.

  22. The next finance minister must be an economist or a successful black Zimbabwean business leader who understands what makes an economy tick and is grounded in the aspirations of the Zimbabwean peoples’ quest for total ownership of their land, their resources and their economy. It is high time to get rid of this incompetent, self loathing, ugly, overrated lawyer who has no clue of the revolutionary responsibility of the job that was handed to him during the last ten critical years of the republic. He was more a saboteur than anything else. The history books are not going to be kind to this shameless counter-revolutionary. He is a hypocrite,a liar and cannot be trusted under any circumstances. The people will be relieved when this joker exit the political stage.

  23. Biti is right.diamond money must belong to the state not to zanu pf.he has the right to ask where is the money going and what are u using it for.these chinese poeple are busy looting our diamond taking then to their country and im seprised with u saying british people were looting our mineral while u leave these chinese doing the same with support of zanu where are we going if u say this is wrong and u continue doing it.all shops are zimbabwean where is our legacy when u give al our resources to chinese and even there employment rate is minimised they do nt employ more than 50 employees per company ,while british owned company employed thousands in a shift of 3to 4 minister mphofu must surrender the money to minister biti then he cn do the budget then u cn c that everything wl be in the right nt just blem him b4 u analise the story

  24. biti up to now diamonds money ine zanu

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