New daily paper, Southern Eye, launched

THE Southern Eye newspaper was officially launched yesterday, amid pomp and fanfare outside the Large City Hall before hundreds of Bulawayo residents.

Report by Nduduzo Tshuma

Southern Eye becomes the fourth newspaper to be published by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH), which also publishes The Zimbabwe Independent, the Standard and NewsDay.

Speaking at the event, Industry and Trade minister Welshman Ncube said the paper would help create conversations about the people of the south.

“What we are doing today and what we are celebrating is not just their (AMH) achievements as businesspeople, but an important contribution that they are making to the exercise of our freedom of speech in this country,” Ncube said.

“Freedom of speech is one of the most important freedoms that any people can have in any given country.

“You cannot say you are free as a people or as a country without the freedom to express yourself.”

Ncube said the paper would enable the people of the south to tell their stories.

The MDC leader said he regretted that the inclusive government, which was about to end, had achieved little in the area of media reform.

“We have had a situation where some private newspapers have been licensed, they have come and gone,” he said.

“Others have survived and that is how it should be, let those who survive, survive and let those who fail, fail because the market has judged you unsuitable and not because some official in a government office has decreed that you cannot publish.”

Ncube said Zimbabwe remained the only Sadc country with one State television station and even small countries had done better than this country.

Bulawayo mayor Thaba Moyo said the paper would give a voice to the people of the southern region and empower them to participate actively in national and economic development.

Zanu PF Bulawayo provincial chairperson Callistus Ndlovu said the paper had the potential to create debate in the southern parts of the country and was critical in highlighting burning issues in the area.

“A paper like this is very important because it will help people learn many things they do not know,” he said.

“We have young children looking to South Africa for jobs.

“This issue must be explained and people must be shown alternatives than going to Johannesburg, so that they can make their leaders more accountable in terms of enabling their people to benefit from the fruits of Independence.”

The Zanu PF provincial chairman challenged the Southern Eye team to improve the quality of thinking in the region and help people act and judge rationally.

AMH chairman Trevor Ncube said the group was excited that the Bulawayo residents had come in their numbers to the launch of the latest addition to the group.

“This is going to be a long journey where we are going to look forward to your support as advertisers and as readers,” he said.

“Southern Eye is an independent newspaper. It is going to be a newspaper that is not political at all and it is not going to support Zanu PF or MDC.

“We are launching a platform for all of us to have a conversation about the things that are important to this country.

“This newspaper is going to be partial to one thing. It is going to be partial to the truth. We are going to be very biased towards the truth and that is the only bias we are going to have.”

Ncube said Southern Eye, a successor to NewsDay Southern Edition, would strive to enrich the conversation in the southern parts of the country.

“It is going to get the people of the south talking to each other, arguing and fighting in a civilised manner so as to help develop this country,” he said.

The Southern Eye’s main focus will be on Matabeleland, Bulawayo, Midlands and Masvingo, as it seeks to provide relevant, credible local news.

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  1. Power to the people of South, its about time we took ourselves serious. Bulawayo in the near future is going to be like Capetown, as long as we kick Tsvangirai and Zanu pf out of Matabeleland, its possible. Them two have done nothing to improve the lives of the people of Matabeleland.

    1. Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to to see the various methods and companies that she was using A very simple idea but very powerful

    2. i think you are wrong khehla, u need to be educated the principles of truth and stay away from hatrade. tribalism does not work.

  2. @khehla, so you mean to say Capetown became succesful because they kicked Zuma out. My man if you want yo region to be succesful look beyond goin to SA. The problem with pple of Bulawayo and sorrounding areas is that they are obsessed with Jozi. All they think is Jozi in their minds leaving their beloved Zimbabwe. You guys you have to forget about Jozi, vote in the coming elections and kick mdala Mugabe out and put new leadership of MDC let by Morgan and see what will happen in the next few yrs. If he fails we will simply kick him out chose another one kwete zveZanu zvekuti mugabe chete chete even at 90yrs. Chinja maitiro.

    Tsvangirai ndizvo, Baba Jukwa Ndozvo (aaa tave kumuti Daddy Jukwa (DJ) kwete (BJ).

    Asijiki, tapanduka zvachose is vatema.

    1. @Pasi you gotta be kidding me, its either you are one ignorant son of a gun or you been living under the rocks for the past 10years. Its not only people from Matabeleland who are running to South Africa and everywhere else in the world, plently of people from Mashonaland are scattered literally everywhere. Stop being a hypocrite and take a chill pill. Tsvangirai and his party have done absolutely nothing to benefit people of Matabeleland, as for Zanu PF they are dead and buried. Therefore we as people of that region have power to weed out useless politicians by the use of ballot.

    2. u Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to to see the various methods and companies that she was using A very simple idea but very powerful

  3. Khehla and Welshman Ncube you are totally lost ,we all know tht the lauch of the paper was strategically done to lure votes for mdc splinter group in Zimbabwe political bed rock .Ncube we shoulld send a message to you today that as far as zimbabwe political game is played you dont have space and that fraction you presume to hold will surprise you on elections as you atr oig to fall so hard with your head rolling .The people are not going to vote on tribal cards they are going for a candidate with better economic policies like jobs and end of poverty in their region .we are know Morgan Tsvangirai is winning this land mark election and a new zimbabwe is already looming .

    1. Thabani if Tsvangirai has done something beneficiary for you, yes you have the right to vote for him and his party. As for me and my house, that man has done absolutely nothing but drink tea with Mugabe while Matabeleland region is in ruins. l used to adore and like that man, but his lack of clear vision towards the future of Zim, has left many of us with no choice but to weed him out completely from our region. That man can’t even speak Ndebele for god sake, therefore how can l vote someone who doesn’t understand me?

  4. Pasi are yu drunk or what?. How many shonas are all over the world and why. Because Mugabe turned his back on you then you decided to run away from Zimbabwe. We had to go to Jozi because that was the only solution because Mugabe turned his back on us since day one to the extent of even trying to kill all of us. You people you quick to point others weaknesses yet you have a lot of them. Zimbabwe is what it is because of you shameless people who think by stealing them munhu akangwara. There is no problem in giving S A as a reference because Zim does not have anything and yet its people sing from the top of the roofs, empty buckets make more noise. Leave us alone from Matebelenad and why should we vote for Tswangirai. Yoou put him there alone and so you should remove him. We tried to help you in 2000 but because you felt MDC was too much Ndebele dominated then you decided to stick with your old man. You want us to be voting you and yet you regard it as a taboo to vote for a Ndebele, shame on you Shona people

    1. what is southern region

  5. If the level of Journalism on News Day is anything to go by then there is not much that can come out of this paper. The last time I checked, News Day’s sensational headlines without much substance were costing them readers, the paper is not doing so well and seeking a new strategy to improve its fortunes. When the new Pope was ordained, the Herald ran that story as a cover story and the many Catholics went on to buy the paper to read about that event of major importance to them. What did News Day do that day? They ran yet another President Mugabe bashing sensational headline and not many papers were sold that day. The Herald sold out on that day.

  6. New Zimbo yamunotaura ndeipiko? Iyo yatiinayo mamboipedza here? Isu tito rimokare muZimbo, tango mirira 0ur ‘warm charismatic and humorous’ leader kuti vataure zuva rekuenda kunVHOTA, tivhotere dzimwe ’89yrs’ tichitonga zvedu, vamwe vakamirira JUICE. MaGenerals achidzivirira nyika yedu, vatengesi Chihuri achisa muchitokisi, Mpofu achiona zvake nezvengoda kuti tiite bust masanctions, uku Kasukuwere achigadzirira vana mabasa. Ndiyo Zimbo yandiri ende yandinoziva. Kwete zvenyu zvekupenga izvo vanhu veMDC-T. Icho!!!

  7. Gushungo Forever

    Hazvinabasa zvimapepa zvema sell-out… Ngazviwande sei, Bob anoramba aripanyangachete! Plus zvinonyepa futi.

  8. Morena.

    Its a good development on that side of the country, and I am hopeful that employment opportunities will be prioritised to the southeren dwellers as well.

    Empa lenna ke tswanetse horee ke tsamaise C.V yaka.

    May be I might be heading a Finance Department..chelete mosi! mapennynyana fela!


  9. @ E.Cross hear,hear,hear

  10. Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to to see the various methods and companies that she was using A very simple idea but very powerful

  11. people of the south,tshiyanani labetshabi.kabasoze balenzele nix.khangela i cabinet yalo olobuso obubuhlungu ukuthi wafaka obani phezu kokuncedwa ngabantu bantu hatshi imfene.

  12. Frankly,it’s good for them to have it.let everyone feel free in this country but why this paper is not for the Zimbabweans as whole.we also need it in other provinces becaz we are zero tribalism tolerant.

  13. Chenjerai Hove

    Congratulations Alpha Media. I think the ripple effect is that The Chronicle would have to change its content, style and approach to reporting the region if it is to survive. the conversations and dialogues to come out of that paper are going to be healthy and vibrant. That can only nourish the minds and hearts of the nation in all its diversity. Let’s hope you will occasionally include Ndebele, Tonga, Nambya, Venda, Kalanga supplements every now and then.

    1. Good point , Chenjerai you are not like some of your selfish tribesmen, you respect other people `s languages and culture

  14. Nhai weduwe, Baba Jukwa vanombonyatsoonekwa kupi chaiko? Purizi ndapota ndibatsireiwo. Nginc’eli ungibonise uBaba Jukwa, bantu bonke. Please show me Baba Jukwa, where are you? Is he the son of God that he should hide in the clouds for ever? Unowanikwa kupi? Ubonile ngapi kakhona? Show me just a little piece of yourself. Even one tooth! and register as a presidential candidate and I will personally vote for you. Who areyou you faceless, shameless….bluh bluh bluh?

  15. eagle eye,,

  16. We Mhleli, I southern eye, yiphela lase ningizimu Zimbabwe, esikucelayo Mhleli omuhle yikuthi, makwande ama comments, phecelezi uvo lwabantu, ababhala ngendimi noma ngezilimi zase ningingizimu zimbabwe, kuntshitshiswe, ukundlolobala kwemibono yolimi lokufika kwelakithi, okuwulimi lwe sitshabi{isishona}, sesikhathele thina, ngelinye ilanga soshaya abantu, sibadudule impela nje babuyele kwelakubo. Ulimi lwesishona alukwazi ukudlondlobala e phephandabeni lakithi elisha, sifuna nathi kugqanyiswe, izilimi zase ningizimu zimbabwe, isi Sotho, Isi nambya , isi Tonga, IsiShangani, isi Kalanga, isiVenda, isi Xhosa{fengu}, isi Tsoa,Isi ngisi, isisili, isi khoikhoi, nezinye izilimi, esizibiza nga ma dialects ahluka hlukile. Sesikhathele thina, asizondi muntu, sizondi izenzo, asibandlululi muntu, sibandlulula isimo, asicwasi muntu, sicwaswa ngabantu, nxaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  17. Aku ncitshiswe ukundlondlobala kolimi lokufika eninginizimu Zimbabwe, ngisho isi tshabi phela.

  18. Nyanja, chewa, swahili, herero, mbukutshu or any other languages are welcome in our southern eye newspaper, except one, I southern eye yiphepha lomndeni kuphela,

    1. Dhodhi Rinenzara

      Farken tribalistic moron.

  19. It would do AMH good if they also launch Northern Eye. Otherwise we are are suspicious of what les in their hearts. Or are they tacitly allying Newsday “Nrthern Eye” ?

    1. Southern Eye just another dzakutsaku broadsheet. Nothing new there.

  20. Tinotenda baNcube nemabasa enyu

  21. I ma not yet celebrating. I am yet to hear who is the editor of the paper.Need they bring back Nyarota. Need the paper nehave like journalist of Bulawayo24 and discuss tokoloshi stories, MDC T and ZANU at the expense of local political parties.

  22. Khehla you are a fool and a rabid tribalist. That is crude and primitive tribalism which will not take this country anywhere. Think in terms of nation building. Ndebeles and Shonas are one and we share blood ties. There is nothing like 100% shona or 100% ndebele because of these many years of intermarriages. Why should we tear each other apart. To you khehla and those like you, let us be constructive in our comments. We are brothers and sisters

  23. @thabani aka phunyu.
    Something really has blown the logic out of your brains.
    You dont need another census or gukurahundi to realise the massiveness or the power of the Mashona tribe.
    Go anywhere in the region to notice tht.
    Christianity and tolerance has really kept this country at peace but not to the extent tht the Mashona tribe are ignorant or passive.
    Watch your mouth and swallow your babish ambitions.
    Zimbabwe is greater than tribal politics.‎؛؛

  24. Who really is Trevor Ncube in the Zimbabwean future landscape.
    Hero or foe?

  25. I believe this paper was launched 4 people in mathebeleland irregardless of whether shona or ndebele, so lets unite and stop fighting about tribes because whatever affects people in this region does not discrimimate in terms of tribe.let us support development

  26. georgem mbokazi

    Maybe it would say it as it is without fearing then it would worthy reading

  27. northen paper is newsday main paper
    this paper will focus on issues in the south period take it or leave it

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