Muzhingi struggles at Comrades Marathon

THREE-times Comrades Marathon winner Stephen Muzhingi will have to try again after finishing a disappointing 10th in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday as South African Claude Moshiywa won the 2013 Comrades Marathon.

Sports Reporter/Sapa

Muzhingi found the going tough in the gruelling race and at one time he appeared to be out of it before he picked up pace and recovered to finish 10th in 5:52:37.

The first Zimbabwean home was Mike Fokoroni who was eighth in 5:50:18.

The marathon was won by Claude Moshiywa who stormed clear in the last third of the Comrades Marathon in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday, breaking the foreign stranglehold as he became the first South African to win the “up” run in 21 years.

Moshiywa, who was third in 2011 and ninth last year, took the lead from countryman Johannes Kekana after four hours on the road, and charged ahead in warm conditions to secure a historic victory.

The last South African to win the men’s “up” run was Jetman Msutu in 1992.
Zimbabwean Moses Njodzi, who won the Two Oceans Marathon in 2006, emerged as the first real contender, opening a one-and-a-half minute lead at the halfway mark, as he charged through Drummond in two hours, 40 minutes.

Njodzi faded quickly, however, struggling up the steep Inchanga climb in the early stages of the second half, and he was passed by Moshiywa, Kekana, Fokoroni and little known Rufus Photo.

Photo fell behind soon after, and Fokoroni held on for a few kilometres before he also dropped back, leaving the South African duo to break clear after more than three hours on the road.

Kekana, a former All Africa Games marathon champion, slowly slipped back and Moshiywa was eventually left on his own with a little less than 25km remaining.

He fastened his grip on the race in the closing stages and crossed the finish line in Pietermaritzburg more than nine minutes clear of Sweden’s Jonas Buud, who produced a strong finish to take second place.

Mpesela Ntlosoeu of Lesotho finished in third position, a further two minutes behind, and defending champion Ludwick Mamabolo was fourth.

1 Claude Moshiywa (RSA) 5:32:08
2 Jonas Buud (SWE) 5:41:20
3 Mpesela Ntlosoeu (LES) 5:34:37
4 Ludwick Mamabolo (RSA) 5:45:48
5 Johannes Kekana 5:46:26
6 Henry Moyo 5:46:51
7 Joseph Mphuthi 5:47:59
8 Mike Fokoroni (ZIM) 5:50:18
9 Rufus Photo (RSA) 5:51:51
10 Stephen Muzhingi (ZIM) 5:52:37


  1. They is always a next tym muzhingi

  2. marathons are all perseverence…muzhingi now got money so he now lacks the perseverance…he’s done…plus age

    1. Bombsight Chidhumo

      Hongu… Chinokura chinokotama. Muzhingi akanyanya zvake kuzonakidzwa ne prezha… Apa haachatrena futi. Sorry zvako blaz..

    2. You’re an uninformed biased person who shouldn’t make comments based on lack of knowledge. Who says Stephen has money? Don’t you keep up with the news? Google ‘mistreatment of Comrades Champ’ and see where his ‘Money’ went. Not to him! Don’t you have the audacity to talk about perseverance! Stephen Muzhingi ran 90 km in excruciating heat and an agonizing injury, which he made no secret about. THAT is perseverance. Could YOU get a gold medal under those conditions on one leg? Bah! Pfffft! People that are so negative don’t do much for the morale of African athletes, when you should support and encourage. This man is a legend. I do not know of any one athlete who could achieved what Stephen achieved yesterday.

      1. I totally agree with you. Thank you for your sober comment – this newspaper and most private newspapers paint everything in negative light – I ont know whats wrong with them. Trevor Ncube do you run a company that profits from negativity?? Are you happy?? Shame

      2. Person Of Da South

        The guy should train harder next time.

        1. Haahaa you really so not keep up with the news and television do you. Do you understand this concept? Stephen Muzhingi ran with ONE leg not functioning for 90 km and STILL achieved gold out of 14500 runners. Could you do that?

      3. Person of da South

        He was given money by Mugabe.

        1. Yes he received a presidential award of $50000 TWO years ago, which he invested In a home for his family. Does that mean he is wealthy?

  3. with all due respect and considering that he was injured i think he did quite well, he is a fighter that man well done muzhingi you made us proud

    1. Well written. His doctor said this morning that he is surprised that with the injury he had, he got as far as 25km. Stephen ran the race, as someone said to me this morning, on one leg AND still achieved gold. Imagine if he had run with two legs. Why some people are so negative I will never know. A true champion to the core, he fought an agonizing injury which sees him practically unable to walk today, under excruciatingly hot and windy weather conditions. Did he give up? NO! Tell me, Honestly, would you have managed to do 90 kilometers on one leg? No, I didn’t think so! Stephen Muzhingi is without doubt one of the finest long distance ultra marathoners this world has seen in the last century. Most would have bailed, but Stephen, NO he would finish the race! He went in injured, and made no secret of it. No one expected that the injury would actually split his calf muscle. He made Zimbabwe proud! And his supporters from around the world know that he is quite capable of winning Comrades Marathon for a few years yet! Mark my words, Muzhingi WILL be back!

      1. Accidental Goat Sodomy

        I agree with you Donette Fry on the guy’s resilience, courage etc, etc.. What I am not sure of is whether it was advisable to participate whilst carrying such an injury. In the long term, he could have done himself more harm than good.

        1. I agree it was probably unwise. He saw the doctor on Thursday prior to the race who confirm a slight tear to the calf muscle. He did not want Stephen to run but Stephen was determined. He is an athlete. It is in his blood, and with the medical treatment he had been receiving we believed he would probably not have an easy run, but obviously no one could have foreseen how bad the injury would have become so early on in the race. Stephan’s sponsors Adidas have an amazing setup at Prime Human Performance Institute in Durban where he will receive the appropriate treatment, undergo physio, and of course complete rest until the torn muscle is completely healed. But he will run next year’s Comrades, and as always he will do his best 🙂

  4. He is a great achiever. He achieved what most of us will never achieve in a life time. A fine athlete. Well done Steve!

  5. Well done to Fokoroni and Muzhingi, its not easy but still you kept our flag flying high !

  6. Morena.

    Ha kgoa pala beale…


  7. Ke mosotho, kethabile kakgolo to see, other tribes from a multi cultural zimbabwe participating in their mother tongues on these forum, Sesi khathele nge sishona , sekungathi yibo bodwa e zimbabwe. All languages are equal in zimbabwe, and all languages are constitutional and official. Please Vendas, Tswanas, Sothos, Nambyas, Khalangas, Tsoas,San, Khoikhoi,Xhosas or Mfengus, let’s all participate and beat one language domination.

    1. Zalani lani libe banengi, asilocala ukuba liShona, why do you have hate Shonas so much.Who stops other tribes from speaking their languages.Grow up and stop spreading hatred.

      1. Morena.

        Thanks Mzilikazi…

        Mondizvo…yes he might have written in a bad way that affected you, but the most important thing ke fact that he did bring across, which is encouraging other small tribal languages to the forum to counter the domination of one tribe language. Does that sound like spreading hatred?


      2. Who are you responding to?.

  8. well done Fokoroni and Muzhingi

  9. Sekuru baba Chatunga

    Iwe Mzilikazi,rega ndikuudze nechishona.uri mbudzi isina muswe.pane akamborambidzwa pano kutaura rurimi rwake.mwana wepfambi

  10. Last time it was my wife’s health this time yini?

  11. Accidental Goat Sodomy

    Ko inga tese tinmarudzi aanababa naanamai vedu. Ngatinyorei zvose nemarudzi Iwayo. Chasura nebanga kunyo kunovava…

  12. he could have wom it easily if he had been near the leading pack

  13. Why is Muzhingi keeping the President waiting?
    Since declaring that he wanted to dedicate his ‘next win’ to our dear leader, screws have been coming loose one race after the other.


    Coming tenth is not bad enough. Long distance running has got some drawbacks. Chief among them are fatigue and burnout. Claude Moshiywa deserved to win becoz, since december he trained well for the race. Ultra marathon runners, do better with age, as they get older they excel.

  15. Well done Steve! You did us proud, you got a Gold medal since you were in the top 10. How many athletes were there?Many hey! Good money. First 10 get gold medals, shows you what it means to be in top 10. Mane bag mudhara. Chita invest.

  16. dare to be a tat more positive.

    1. Person Of Da South

      Meaning what?

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  18. Gonzo ra Xavier raputika

    U don’t waste your time sending useless spam… Don’t you get tired, asshole?


      Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting idea. Go to to see the various methods and companies that she was using A very simple idea but very powerful

  19. To the editors/reporter, your time recorded for third position is incorrect.

  20. Stephen is a gud runner unfortunatly it was not his day on sunday but he fought a gud fight to be in a top 10.As for Ludwick he said he’s going to win it but he was in the fourth place.Sometimes is better to keep quite than to speak 2 much now he failed to defend his title n he said he going to prove to ppl.

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