Mugabe yields to Sadc pressure


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has acceded to the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) leaders’ pressure to seek an extension of the July 31 poll date after Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday filed a court application.


But MDC-T secretary-general and Finance minister Tendai Biti immediately dismissed the move, saying it was an act of “unilateralism”.

“I am not aware of it. It’s not possible. It cannot be done unilaterally. Principals already have a meeting tomorrow (today) where the matter will be resolved. We cannot continue with that unilateralism that hauled Zimbabwe before Sadc heads of state. We can’t continue with that infantile attitude,” Biti said last night.

Chinamasa, who was tasked by Sadc on behalf of government to seek the extension at the Constitutional Court (Concourt) deadline ordering elections by July 31, in his ordinary court application, said he wanted harmonised election dates moved to August 14 this year.

His move followed a Sadc resolution directing Mugabe to postpone presidential, parliamentary and local government elections at a dramatic extraordinary summit in Maputo, Mozambique, on Saturday following Mugabe’s unilateral proclamation last week of the election date as July 31.

Mugabe, however, was forced to back down by his fellow Sadc leaders, who accepted the argument of the two MDC leaders Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube that the date was too soon to hold a proper poll.

Tsvangirai and Ncube petitioned Sadc facilitator to the Zimbabwe crisis South African President Jacob Zuma seeking his intervention over Mugabe’s unilateral proclamation of the election date.

In the application yesterday, Chinamasa cited Jealousy Mbizvo Mawarire (as the private citizen who initially sued Mugabe to set the poll date), Tsvangirai, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara, Ncube and the Attorney-General’s Office as respondents.

Chinamasa said he was seeking the indulgence of the Concourt given the directive set out to him by the Sadc Extraordinary Summit in Maputo last week.

“During the proceedings at the Summit, I was directed to make an urgent application before this court to seek a postponement of the date for the harmonised elections from July 31 to August 14,” Chinamasa said.

“I make this application conscious of the fact that this honourable court has made an order and rather than violate it by simply ignoring it as has been suggested by certain political parties cited hereunder. I seek the indulgence of this honourable court given the directive given to me by the Sadc Extraordinary Summit in Maputo.”

The minister also urged the court to note that at the Sadc summit, Tsvangirai said: “Mr Chairman, the issue of the elections is not a legal issue, but a political process.”

While seeking to urge the court to grant the application in his favour, Chinamasa also urged the Concourt to consider that Zanu PF was not listed as one of the parties whose views were considered by the summit.

“It will be noted that the judgment of this honourable court was not part of the list of annexures to the facilitators’ report to the Sadc Summit,” he said.

A communiqué issued after the Sadc summit in Maputo “acknowledged the ruling of the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe on the elections date and agreed on the need for the Government of Zimbabwe to engage the Constitutional Court to seek more time beyond the July 31 2013 deadline for holding the Harmonised Elections”.


  1. So the elections are definitely on on 14 August, assuming that all other issues that need to be implemented, including clause 5 of the SADC resolution which relate to security forces retracting their utterances, are in place.

    • that will never happen. CHiwenga agoti ndosaluta zvipopi? they will just keep quiet and not retract anything.

    • What makes you say that has the court granted the extension have the other parties cited as respondents made their submissions what legal issues has the applicant raised other than that he has been coerced by SADC through pressure from the 2nd and 4th respondent. Does SADC have judiciary/ maybe legal authority to challenge a competent court decision. Biti is also not being honest when he speaks of unilateralism did he want to write or file the application for Chinamasa. He has an option to respond and make his submissions on behalf the PM who has been cited as respondent. Then allow the court to deliberate on the matter otherwise the minister has acted in his capacity as Minister not Co Minister of Justice.

    • The papers filed by Chinamasa yesterday are actually very faulty and mischievious. It would be interesting to see what action the Principals will take against someone who deliberately subbotages a government process.

      There is no way in which Chinamasa, a past Attorney General, can claim that he filed papers when he filed such deliberately faulty rubbish!!!!

      • You are right SHIBOBO. In other words Chinamasa is simply saying that he is submitting the court papers under some undue influence but he otherwise agrees with the previous Con-Court decision!

    • Chinamasa knows that he deliberately coerced with Mugabe to frivolously set the impossible dates,therefore he knows it very well that it is very possible to reverse the dates.The other thing is the judiciary is made up of zanu pf thugs.

      • True. Bob is master of disgoose. He was bluffing. He wanted to see what hands other people were holding. He wanted to gauge the mood to see what the others will do. I have said it before, Bob’s gamble was announcing the dates, Tsvangson boycotts, he runs against Ncube and others Makoni etal. Then goes to SADC for recognition by bringing in Tsvangson after the elections. Another GNU was a guaranteed route of keeping “power”. That could have worked only if the quartet had not sat down and talked. By the time he went to the SADC he knew he was going to acceed to SADC. So what now. I think the Concourt will set the 31 date aside and “allow for the government to look for money” while ZPf regroups. Their options are few as long as the quartet is in play. Bob will need to find ways of breaking-up that quartet before elections, maybe offer Makoni successionship. Kikiki. Movies will be made of this drama.

    • Hazviite nokuti ana Morgan ingamera dzemubhaibheri. vanoda kuti vangonzi horaiti chitongai kuti vanyarare. Even if mudhara says ngatiitei 31 October yacho, they will come up with something else to avoid an election.ana Nkomo vakawana ma seats muna 1985 asi vanhu vachidimurwa misoro wani.ana Morgan vozhamba tumambama twavarikurohwa nekuvhundutsirwa naana Chiwenga.

  2. When Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai accompanied his children to that voter registration exercise and it was claimed that the children were nearly denied the right to register as voters.Which elections did he want his children to participate in.Are these the same elections he is crying for reforms at the eleventh hour.Munhu anogeza maoko kuda kudya sadza raonoziva kuti raiswa poison.It all goes to show that our Honourable Prime Minister and his gang are there for personal gains chete.Tsvangirai should have pulled out of the Inclusive Government two years ago.Inga chikomana Biggie Alfonso chakaratidza kuti Idhodha sibili and is representing his constituency well,and that is where a Crisis is not in Zimbabwe.Our 42 Congress lost its plot.Instead of serving the nation they fed themselves.Concourt is an arm of the state equally more important than the other two confused arms.

    • Correct! vanga varikupi for the past 4yrs? Ngavarege kutamba nevanhu! When did they know they are reforms to be implimented? Chabvondoka.

    • @Tendayi Chaminuka – your analogy is very hilarious. Ndazoseka mbabvu dzavekurwadza – “Munhu anogeza maoko kuda kudya sadza raonoziva kuti raiswa poison.It all goes to show that our Honourable Prime Minister and his gang are there for personal gains chete.Tsvangirai should have pulled out of the Inclusive Government two years ago”. Unogona iwe. Comment of the day.

    • We will have elections in July, not March. Yes! elections in July. No! NO! no! Elections must be delayed to Septmber, yes! 16 September, aah NO! NO! NO!, Ok August, yeah August will do, yes! YES! 25 August, aah NO! NO! no! October yes YES! 31 October, Yes! July, August, September, October, Yes! No! Yes! OH No! NO! NO! . . . . . . .

  3. Let us just leave those Leaders complaining and arguing,we need to go and register to vote.Extension of dates,court applications,reforms etc zvese hazvivhote! MDCs, instead must campaign for vote registration. kwete zvemaCoalition what made them to collide in 2008.Zimbabwe is going for elections soonest without doubt!

  4. The concourt mst not be guided by political views or sadc if it grants election to be extended it I will cause a lot of problems to the judicial system as the court wld have reduced to be a mere political court which is guided by poltical opions nt constituional matters and requires to be disolved as the judges would hv failed to save its mandate


      LET THE CIRCUS BEGIN. Chinamasa; shinyazi, mudhara.

      • Malaba view was one out of 9 so it did not have weight but however this is what he said about the President “Section 58(1) vests in the P resident discretionary power to fix a day or days of the first election by proclamation published in the official gazette.The use of the word “may” is clearly indicative of the fact that that power conferred on the President is of discretionary nature.It means that the President can act on his own discretion or judgement ….In matters in which the President has discretion he may seek advice from any quarter but he must discharge his duties to the best of his own judgement and ability.”

        This is also what he had to say about the PM and Ncube response ..”An honest and objective assessment of what the two respondents (PM and Ncube my own emphasis) have said shows that they acknowledge that the President has discretionary powers to fix by proclamation the date of the first elections…”

  5. even dat 14 agast,i wl vote 4 tsvangi.mugabe akutya mhosva dzake.kubva papawa pake t wl b an eye 4 an eye.arikufa i swear.akauraisa wanu wakawanda durin 2008 runof elektons n even d gukurahundi incident inocent pipo lost deya lyvs kz o mugabe.go 2 hel u mugabe

    • usaite kunge urikunyorera gerofrend whatsapp message iwe. tiri padare revanhu vakuru pano saka nyora zvatinoona in whatever language wanzwa.

  6. Chinamasa is whining like a spoiled baby. “Certain political parties cited hereunder” is a load of nonsense. Just follow the orders of SADC and shutup.

  7. We can’t continue with that infantile attitude,” Biti said last night.

    Zimbabwe’s ‘future leaders’ choice of words zvinoratidza kushaya hunhu. Chero uchituka vakuru unovatukao pachikuru asi hauvataurire mashoko akadaro even vatadza. Basic common sense. There is a better way, it makes you the better man or the bigger man. Inga SADC yakataurao pachikuru, ivo vakuru vakabvumao pachikuru kuti chokwadi ndanzwa mashoko. Learn from them, Mr. Biti.

    • Scott, ko vakuru vacho vasina hunhu , kuitira manyoka pachivanze vana vakatarisa, ivo vakava nehunhu vapwere vanova nehunhu!!!

      Ingo wataura wega kuti SADC yakataura pachikuru, saka hoyo mubvunzo, akateerera , ndianiko?Handiti vatanga zvakare kutamba nhodo dzisina kwadzinoenda?
      Zvavakanzwa mashoko vakuru, voitei, nemashoko acho???Pidigu votamba nhodo nemashoko aye , pwere dzichingofa nenzara!!!

      Ennda Bikita unoona nhodo dzirikutambwa, dambudziko hero , Ngozi yazvambarara mumusha, ziso piriviri yoda kumedza vana!!!

      Svinurai vanhuwe, mhondi idzi hadzidi kubva muhurumende ,vanoda kubva neropa, ndicho chokwadi.

    • Hauzive kuti ana Biti vari childish here. Ndinonyara kuti vanogona kuita vatungamiri vangu vamangwana ivava.

  8. this is how manipulative of events, twisting and conniving attitude of Zanu thugs.One thing for sure is Zanu does not respect any commitment It makes to anyone, still suprissed that there are some still with faith in these thugs, sorry you have to wake up.
    The idea is the idea is to distort the appeal and it becomes useless, however there some many options to pursue this for coalition parties, this shows some kind of desperation.Zanu is real feeling the lose of power, they are prepared to finance the sham election from our money they are looting with their evil friends from China.The President agreed with the request from SADC , but was not honest in faith , after the summit they decided as a manipulative opportunists to distort the process and now it lacks credibility.
    Now the whole situation is now pollarised and the ConCourt is now being taken as manipalitive activity ground for a political party which has lost sense of direction.
    The other interesting thing is , how are cases of other ordinary Citizens and aliens are being processed concerning this case?

  9. The Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe will turn down the request to extend the time by 2 weeks. Sadc summit endorsed the 31 July election date indirectly by saying they will accept the Constitutional Court ruling. The Constitutional Court is full of known ZanuPF sycophants like Godfrey Chidyausika and will undoubtedly rule in favour of what ZanuPF wants which is 31 July 2013. The heading is mischievous to say “Mugabe yields to Sadc pressure” because ZanuPF’s choice of 31 July 2013 will definitely prevail. MDCs are going to end up with egg on face.
    I cannot see the reason for MDCs’ triumphalism over the Sadc summit because ZanuPF-led Constitutional Court is going to turn down the request for time extension.
    It’s inconceivable that a ZanuPF-led Constitutional Court will rule against the wishes of ZanuPF. Even if the Court rules in favour of an extension nothing will happen. Patrick Chinamasa has been very clear that for any reforms to be instituted there will have to be agreement by both sides and ZanuPF doesn’t think anything needs reforming. The Sadc summit in Maputo was a total waste of time.
    It’s laughable that MDC led by Welshman was mandated by their party, among other things, “…to seek to force Zimbabwe’s military and police leaders to publicly and officially retract previous partisan statements to the effect that only a ZANU PF presidential candidate will receive their support” – that will never ever happen.
    Zimbabwean politicians have put the cart before the horse – using the wrong strategy – from the outset, soon after the violent 2008 election, these MDCs should have informed Mbeki, Sadc, AU, UN and EU that Zimbabwe is under the grip of a ZanuPF military-style dictatorship instead of waiting until near the election time to ask for the ZanuPF military to reform itself! Absolutely daft.

    • @Chin – I couldn’t agree with you more. If they are not brave enough to call a spade a spade then they should not waste our time and be involved in politics.

    • Despite your support for one particular party you can at least distinguish between fact and fallacy.

  10. So the cowards are still fighting hard to ensure that no reforms will be implemented before the elections.They have eliminated any chance that the ection date can be postponed to a date further enough to allow more time for the implementation of reforms.The oldman even avoided the principals monday meeting by running to Botswana to PAY HIS CONDOLENCES for the death of a person who has no significance whasoever on the welfare of Zimbabweans and ZImbabwe in general.Everybody knows that the chance of a runoff was a good reason enough for the date to be postponed to a date which is after the wto conference to avoid a out the people will speak one day.

  11. This will be the best opportunity ever for voters to ensure that the system will never be manipulated again in the future by dumping those who take voters for granted whenever elections will take place. Vote wisely and bury dead systems and dead politicians that have choked life out of the poor majority and out of businesses. Let reason and wisdom prevail as the ignorant face their demise.

  12. @Benjamin Chitate, no @benjie, the elections are coming 31 July 2013, not 14 August. Read between the lines.

  13. The tone of Chinamasa’s application is not sincere. It is like telling the Concourt that I am making this application because I have been asked to by SADC and other parties. He was supposed to own the process like Minister of Justice. He is creating enough grounds for the Concourt to throw away the appeal. Its not so much about SADC but the reasons underlying. We are doomed zveshuwa.

    • Actually he is being as sincere as he can be because that’s what happened. He himself doesn’t agree with the reasons for asking for the extension and he also needs to explain to the courts why he is asking for the extension after Mugabe had already complied. So Chinamasa is making the application because Sadc at the behest of the other parties asked him to. That’s a fact and he said just that. That’s being sincere.

  14. Pple who say the concourt must make a purely legal judgement r missing it. Whn the courts dictate an election date, tht falls out of their mandate making it political. ONLY a political judgement wil solve this prblm tht is acceptn the extension, period . Finally the principals shld sit down nd set a date. This chaos z nt gud fo zim

  15. Hapana zvevatungamiri apa, if our politics wasnt this violent we would have right people in the forefront now we have sinister minds chete

  16. Its never too late to learn,no matter at your age as a sekuru,what the Zimbabwean people of close to 4 million voted for a new constitution,is what we expect to happen.

    New constitution, new rule ,new ball game.Behind your house or the next street,there is a private school or college that will teach you until you understand every word in the new chapter.

    Chako wega mukadzi wako,zvenyika ndezvedu tese.

  17. But Zanu pf said thy going to discuss e issue of funding,what was e result on that,zvino makudzoka muchichinja ma dates ema elections,nyadzi

  18. Zimbabweans let us wake up from this reverie and see that for as long as mugabe remains part of our political matrix, zimbabwe will never join other african nations in politics of progression. We ought to be very pragmatic in how we solve this nemesis. Mugabe and his sycophants will continue trampling on our rights as a people unabated. We need a total paradigm shift in our way of thinking to free ourselves from this tyranny. Enough is enough

    • @mhofu – it’s too late for total paradigm shift. 4 years wasted ne ma MDC mu GNU. handisikuona cha chinja kubvira 2008 election.

  19. James 5: 1-6
    Go To now , ye rich men,weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you, your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness agaist you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Behold,the hire of the labourerrs who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth; and the cries of them which have heaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth. Ye have lived in pleasure on earth, and been wantom; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he does not resist you”.
    Brothers and sisters in Christ I urge you to pray for many leaders and governments of this world especially in Africa who have been used by the devil to bring untold sufferings to the people that they rule. In our prayers let us ask God to forgive the sins of the nations and our individual sins and that sense may prevail. Many corrupt leaders, worldly corrupt people especially leaders in society are living in sin and going to hell. We ought to preach to them and beg for God’s mercy and love that they too can be saved. Also pray for peaceful elections in Zimbabwe

  20. 2000: it was close! Zanu pf rigged by stuffing the ballot boxes. Next elections we want polling centre based counting.

    2002: it was close! We lost to two things; ma sabhuku e ezanu pf atyisidzira vanhu pus ne first past the post, Mugabe awina ne 400 000 chete. Next election we want 50%+.
    2005: it was close! Zanu pf rigged. Next elections we want more constituencies kwatakawina. Plus voter must show ballot to avoid zanu pf stuffing of ballot papers.

    2008: haaaa! I had won mhani, were it not for the 50%+ yatakazviparira. Ok, i will try, hapana run off, ndawina by simple majority, SADC must protect the people’s vote. Next election no showing of ballot paper, ma presiding officers e zanu arikutyisidzira vanhu.

    2010: elections in 2013, mugabe anopenga.

    2013: His Excellency proclaims 31 July as election date. Mugabe anopenga, SADC must protect the people of zimbabwe by stopping mugabe.

    09 June 2013: sadc orders Chinamasa to appeal Concourt ruling. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We have won.

    18 June 2013: Chinamasa files an appeal with the concourt. Oh no! We thought Chinamasa would not comply.

    Ma Chinja, chinjai maitiro, mukasadaro, ngoma ndiyo ndiyo.

  21. Let us suppose that the Concourt rejects Chinamasa’s appeal, which is likely, both because of the leanings of that court and because Chinamasa is an unwilling applicant. This would mean that Maputo changed nothing at all, so what then? Does SADC call another summit? Does it refuse to recognise the process altogether? We are in uncharted lands.

  22. 2 wrongs can never make a right, hear what I am saying please. Don’t say because the President did this wrong thing therefore Mr. Biti is justified in his kushaya hunhu panevanhu. There is always a more excellent way of doing things, Mr. Biti should learn a more excellent way of expressing his frustrations; you can tell so much about a man by what words come out of his mouth when he’s hit with a hammer on his little finger. There is a different set or rules for public figures and leaders to rules that apply to us mortals. I could get pissed off on a live debate and tell the world to fXXk off and get away with it but it’s another thing for a leader to do the same; different rules apply.

  23. Is he not the same guy who told the world that the country has $217 in the coffers? Only to try in vain to do damage control, the statement had far reaching consequences.

  24. Nhasi i Wednesday hatisati tavekuziva kuti Concourt ichatikudiyi ne zve extension. Kwasara only one Wednesday kuti 2 weeks dzipere. Hapana chataona chaitwa ne zve ma reforms acho. Akati 2 weeks dzipamhidzirwe haana kunge aita home work yake. 2 weeks is nothing.

  25. Kana ndimiwo! What did you expect Chinamasa to do? To go back to the concourt and say: ”you were wrong in your judgement, you din’t see this and that loophole, you are assholes, shit dzema judge, manzwa here?”. Chinamasa did exactly what sadc wanted. The bottom line is zuma and company are assholes. They gave Chinamasa an impossible mission. If they sadc didn’t see that their order was not implementable, then they are a bunch of fools. My guess is they knew and simply wanted to prove morgay and zuma’s inlaw that they are assholes, stupid bunch of mentally challenged idiots who can’t read between the lines.

  26. So Chinamasa just considered himself as both The Government and The Justice Ministry, as he said “…. I was directed (by SADC)….”

  27. @scott u r nt objective! The principals wr ordered by SADC to ask fo an extension and to do tht thru justice minister. It dznt help to go fo elections which wil be disputed. Evn zanu diehards knw tht the playin field is in their favour the media i.e the security forces, zec, the electoral act all need changes. We must all rise above politics nd choose wats beta fo zim in long run. I feel fairminded zims must push for reforms for a free and fair election. Lastly the principals shld sit down and come up wth a date and stop posturing

  28. Hapana zuva risingasviki Munoda karamba muchitibira nokuramba maelections Isu vamwe tanzwa nekubirwa nekunyimwa maprovisions muHurmende yemubatanidzwa. Gushungo MDC Ministers vatinzwisa nekutibira, havagari muoffice, mangwana Britain ,Brazil vachingotora mari chete. Ngavachienda taneta Gushungo rambayi makatsika chepakati .MaElections kana mangwana tinomada.Musadya uroyi nekunyara rambayi

  29. Laddies n gentleman P.M ane problem becz akakunda pasarudzo dzakapara akabvuma G.P.A same same neizvozvi akakundazve musarudzo haangagoni kutonga pasina G.P.A.nw ndine 1 trouse iyo yese zvayo vane mota dzisingaite.mubvunzo pane here anoziva number plate yemota chero yaM.P upi zvake?saka munopedzereiko nguva kutaura zvevanhu vari kudya every monday.nw it time to look inside e bk not out side.chero ari kutonga ndizvo.

  30. I think Zimbabweans know who they are voting for, a delay will not change anybody’s vote. I can see the endgame here; we have a finite time and a deadline that cannot be passed without totally going against the constitution. There is no way these reforms will be taken care of by October. Will the opposition run without the reforms or is the next buzzword going to be ‘boycott’, is that the endgame?

  31. @Abel, you are right. Morgan is expecting the 2008 scenario. Boycott the election, run to SADC, enter ZUMA, inclusive government with Morgan as PM. Forget it this time around. You boycott, we proceed without you, without SADC. It’s high time Zimbabwe exerted sovereignity. SADC is a voluntary club of countries. We can do without South African vanhu we. They got independence in 1994 well after i had my second born. n

  32. @Abel, you are right. Morgan is expecting the 2008 scenario. Boycott the election, run to SADC, enter ZUMA, inclusive government with Morgan as PM. Forget it this time around. You boycott, we proceed without you, without SADC. It’s high time Zimbabwe exerted sovereignity. SADC is a voluntary club of countries. We can do without South African vanhu we. They got independence in 1994 well after i had my second born

  33. @simwena bantu and scott, pple dnt go to elections for the sake, certain conditions hve to be in place. ZBC acts as if its owned by Zanu, our security forces are shamelessly partisan,Zec is stil badly constituted thn hw cn u have free and fair elections? I repeat we must rise above partisn politics and gve our great country a chance and press for minimum sadc guidelines for elections. Chinamasa shd hv sent his application in good faith..the courts wil rule correctly this time , i cnt see another ruling

  34. @Soulman. And you and your breed think that you will wake up in August, September, March 2014, or whenever you like to, and find a security sector, zbc and zec that is comprised of idiots that don’t know who they are? Sellouts? pro-west? And then, only then you will accept there is need to hold elections. No, please no. We are going for elections 31 july and get rid of this inclusive govenment rubbish. Prepare kuita marovha kana uri mp. Asi kana uri supporter ya morgan, haiwa, the time is still plenty to mend your ways and join Team Empowerment. Chemahara chinorwadza if the well dries up.

  35. Simweena Bantu bakithi!!!O ndasimudza maoko.At least the majority of my fellow Zimbabweans now understand Zimbabwean politics—it tears the form book apart.NEVER straight jacketed like elsewhere.Kikikikikkikikkikikiki!

  36. Vakomana imi where have they bin the past 4 years, nhasi moti security reform, voters row review. Hah imi Zanu Pf are the pace setters in this 1, Tsvangson its too late 2 complain, dance along

  37. Interesting comments even though most of them came from empty vessels. Biti really needs to grow up.

  38. Ababulali, abathakathi bezigodo abaloyi
    mali yelizwe yanyamalala! Oxamu
    okhwathe omaxoloxolo abagezeki!
    Amasela abagqekezeka emini libalele!
    Abafazi bakaMugabe abamesaba efile
    loba elele
    Kabafe, kabakhitshwe, oxamu
    abasixhopha ngabomo!

  39. the good thing is vatsvangirai vanemedia,security, economic and political support outside zim and vamugabe has those inside zim so who must rule zim. food for thought

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