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Lira salutes resilient Zimbabweans


SOUTH African songstress Lira, who performed at 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale last Friday, saluted Zimbabweans for their resilience in hard times.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

The musician, who was on her second visit to the country, took time to share her feelings about various issues during the performance.

She said Zimbabweans had gone through hard times but always had something to smile about despite the challenges.

“There are challenges everywhere, but there is a spirit of resilience. I salute you for this spirit and I am dedicating the next song to you,” said Lira before singing the song Something Inside so Strong.

The song, a rendition of the 1987 single written and recorded by British singer Labi Siffre, sent the auditorium into a frenzy.

Lira also spoke about relationships and what she feels about women that hang on to abusive men.

“Why are you hanging to that guy if there is nothing good coming from him?” she queried during one of her intermittent short speeches.

“The problem is that most of us think things do not get better than they are in our current situation. If you have the courage, strength and confidence needed, you will realise that there are better men out there. You just need to move on,” she said to wild cheers from female fans in the auditorium. However, the comment did not go down well with the male fans that grumbled in disapproval.

Despite mixed reactions to her statement about relationships, Lira managed to salute all her fans by acknowledging the nation’s hospitality.

“Thank you, Zimbabwe, for such hospitality. We were received very well and we had good food here. I ate rape today and I enjoyed it. I hadn’t eaten rape, especially from this side. Thank you so much.”

She capped her acknowledgements with her thanksgiving song Ngiyabonga. During the performance, she did popular songs like Feel it in Me, Feel Good and Change the World. Towards the end of the show, she ignited the auditorium when she performed Mirriam Makeba’s Pata Pata.

The contigent of local musicians that supported Lira was up to the task. Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana serenaded fans with her soulful numbers while Chiwoniso Maraire proved why she is rated among the best local female musicians.

Alexio Kawara complemented his female counterparts with a creative act to put the icing on an exciting concert.

Master of ceremonies Daniel “The Godfather” Mackenzie did well to seam the acts while organisers should be credited for being time-conscious.

Chris Musabayana of Ghetto Fabulous Entertainment, who hosted the gig, said everything had gone according to plan.

“Artistes were punctual and fans came to support them. The performances were good and we had a great night. We look forward to another big concert in the near future. I want to thank everyone that made this show a success,” said Musabayana.

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