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‘Hell for gays if Zanu PF wins’


MASVINGO — President Robert Mugabe has promised hell for gays and lesbians, as well as people who rape minors if his Zanu PF party wins the upcoming elections, vowing to amend laws to give offenders life in jail sentences.

Report by Tatenda Chitagu

He said the current sentences imposed on child rapists, sodomisers and paedophiles were too lenient.
Speaking at the Roman Catholic Church-run Bondolfi Teachers’ College’s graduation ceremony and Golden Jubilee celebrations yesterday, Mugabe said he regretted why such practices continue to happen in the country.

“We do not have a culture of men marrying men or women marrying women. We cannot accept it, no, no, no. These things are taboo in our society,” said Mugabe.

“Some rape minors they are entrusted with in a short space of time, maybe it is for juju. We regret this is happening, big men do it. What is getting into our society?”

Mugabe said if Zanu PF wins the upcoming general elections, he would amend the law to impose stiffer penalties for offenders.

“After the polls, we will strengthen the law and make it really punitive and bitterly punishable for such people. At the moment, they get something like three months’ imprisonment.

“They should rot in jail . . . We want a nation guided by strong values, we cannot give up our values for money,” he said.
The Zanu PF strongman hailed the Catholic Church for resisting to recognise homosexuality.

“I am glad in the Catholic Church there is stiff resistance to homosexuality, unlike in the Anglicans in Britain where the church accepts it. Where is the church going?” he quizzed.

Mugabe has repeatedly referred to gays and lesbians as “worse than pigs and dogs”.

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  1. Hey wena Bob… Change of subject. Don’t you get tired of attacking gays? Why not talk about how you will revive the economy after you have rigged your way back into power after 31st July?

    • ko manga muripiko gushungo for the past 30 or so years mozomirira mahwinha nhasi kugadzirisa nyaya iyi.we beta try a new broom Save ngavamboedzawo tione imi mombozororawo tatenda Gushungo makammboedza

      • asi uri chidzenga .. asi unoitaizvozvo zvekuvhurira vamwe varume ikoko ahhhhh inga hauna kukwana nhai

    • @31st July Movement, you sound shamefully provincial. What is wrong with the President castigating such satanic and repugnant practices?

    • Mugabe was speaking at a graduation ceremony furthermore at a Christian institution what is wrong when he chose to attack same sex marriages. It is an appropriate topic since this vile practice of homosexuality has gained a lot of traction in the west. Zimbabwe is civilized state with civilized people who come out very strongly against same sex unions.
      I agree that Mugabe should concentrate more on uplifting the misery of Zimbabweans suffering from the harsh economic conditions which he and party gave rise to. He should also deal with the massive corruption which has eaten its way into the Zimbabwean economy which favors the few.

    • Please don’t waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. (ACCIDENTED CARS.COM) all words together, a very simple idea but a very powerful one, Wake up Africans

  2. ‘I am glad in the Catholic church there is stiff resistance to homosexuality….’ Not quite correct there Mr President, Catholic priest periodically abuse young boys all over the world. Where have you been living all these years, squire?

  3. Mugabe you talk about rape what you did to Grace is called what. Pray that you get a majority in parliament then you can talk about changing the laws of the fourth you belong in the graves not in the future. No gays in Zimbabwe why do man kind want to undo what God made any force that is opposed to Gods ways is Satanic

  4. 31st movement uri duzvi can’t you see that the president is right we dnt want tht practice in zimbabwe woda kutitotesa magaro edu uri duzvi remunhu supreme court yati elections so be it

    • Who gave the green bombers the licence to rape, sodomise, loot and bludgeon people to death? It is your unrepetant master. He initiated the corrosion of our good moral fabric and the decline of respect for human values.

  5. Asi iwe @chabvondoka unoitawo zvekupukutwa magaro nemibhadha? Ndinodaira kudaro ini.

  6. @29 June you are right.. Catholic church is at the forefront of the homosexuality movement. Mugabe should know that….

  7. Whts wrong with u people,gays and lesbian are not welcomed in zim,this is not France or Mzansi,Shouldn’t the president also look at social upcomings instead of looking at economic and politics everytime..just know that if Mugabe loses,Zim is doomed for ever,and the dweeb who is talking abt Grace,if she was raped why didn’t she file up a case,seriously what do u use the space btwn your ears for!!.

    • @Lincoln Date, thank you a million times for your illumination. I hope these fools will have time to reflect on your incisive truth. Some people are just dull.

  8. Gays & Lesbians will always be there. From when our acestors existed. If not why would there be in existence names for them in our local languages. Instead of ranting on and on about secuality the key changes need to be within; education, health services, zimra percentages(daylight robbery) and all these so called ‘prophets’ the makandiwas and euberts, these multiple churches opening up everywhere and performing clearly unGodly acts. They need to be thrown in with the rapists.

  9. Avovarikuti they don’t want gay people in Zim know that those people are Zimbabweans and have every right to be here in Zim. If you don’t want them ndiwe ungatobuda.

  10. The country needs divine intervention. The demons are roaming around manipulating people’s faculties. Demonic spirits are causing men to be homosexuals, females to be lesbians, men putting on earings and females walking the streets ‘in puris naturalibus’. Demonic spirits can tell a rapist, homosexual, lesbian that what he/she is doing is right and normal.

  11. Why does one sympathize with sin. Homosexuality is sin fulstop.THE ONE SYMPATHIZING WITH SIN AND THE ONE IN SIN ARE ALL THE SAME.
    He said ” You MUST be born again.

  12. Yes Mr president children are the future of this country. Stiffer penaltieds are the way to go for paedophiles. Gays can have more fun in prison were they can be serviced very well. The best way is to send them to a female prison.

  13. gays have no rights in zimbabwe….they should migrate to south africa not here.they should be thrown in prison period

  14. I am dismayed by some of the MDC supporters’ alarming display of immaturity! Most Zimbabweans from ZANU PF and MDC agree with the President’s position on this issue of homosexuality, yet most on this forum who support MDC are rubbishing The President’s proclamations that are meant to encourage the protection of minors who are raped and abused, also protecting our shared values. We must defend truth and support issues that are of national importance regardless of who is addressing what. This immaturity explains why some MDC supporters blindly follow Mr. Tsvangirai even in cases where he is clearly out of order and when he speaks irresponsibly. I have supported and agreed with Mr. Tsvangirai a few times on this forum when he spoke sense, because chokwadi ichokwadi. The truth is, raping minors and homosexuality are abominations according to our shared values. What is your P.M’s position on the raping of minors and homosexuality? Let’s discuss that and let’s put him under pressure to give us a convincing answer to his position on that so we know for sure if his priorities are with pleasing the majority of Zimabweans or with pleasing the few European, American and Australian handlers.

    To the editor of this paper, ‘Hell for gays’ and a call for tougher penalties on pedophiles/molesters/ngochani is not quite the same thing. Kusanyara shuwa? We all went to school, tinogona kuverenga nekufunga, musatiite sevenhu vasina pfungwa dzakadzama.

  15. Shame mazimbo makasara Nomatter what rubbish you say about gays and lesbians they have been and will always be there so get over it already . Hamukure makaita Sei , busy worried about wat gay pple do munema basa here ,clean water,electricity affordable and good health services teachers mabhuku muzvikoro ma roads masvinu and so many other things that are wrong with our country all those opposing gays must read their history honestly how blind and shallow must you really be shame stereki nxa

    • chero mbavha dzinogara dziriko asi patinodzibata tinodzivharira ende zvicharamba zvakadaro kusvika kumagumo. Issues about clean water, electricity and roads never stop us from arresting thieves. saka tirikuti ngochani tavakudzi kanda mundiro imwechete nembavha. kuvharira ngochani mujeri hakumbotitadzisa kuita zvimwe zvese zvinofanira kugadziriswa munyika.

  16. Iyi nyaya yeGALZ inonetsa I think the first thing we have to understand is hw 1 becomes gay if its genetics we might hv to sympathize with them it might hv to be gvt’s prerogative to do testing on every new born babies n c hw they may correct the deficiency or lack of. We r not going to discrimate bcoz our children r born with disabilities physical or otherwise. Bt we’ll if pipo do it 4 the love of money then its morally wrong munhu mujeri. A gud eg is sex. It is acceptable that pipo of opposite sex will @ one tym have it wen the tym is rite but wen 1 start having it 4 the sake of mani the whole concept bcums morally unacceptable. Ndatenda. Mumbouyowo kwedu kuVuti Karoí

  17. haiwawo ngochani ngadzifire mujeri kani nhai ko inombori nyaya yekuti vanhu vangaswera vachikurukura here iyi

  18. indeed homosexuality is sinful, but ryt now we hav more pressin issues to revive the country’s economy. lets pull all our energy together fo the good of ths country. If we r concerned abt our children then lets revisit all our action n see wat a legacy we r leavin the nxt generation.

  19. i think the president is correct on those who rape but i believe he is incorrect on gays , why should we waste time on wasting resources on two adults who decide to sleep together let them do it , who cares , why should we not channel those resources to abandoned children street kids and those without parents insted/

  20. i think the president is correct on those who rape but i believe he is incorrect on gays , why should we waste time on wasting resources on two adults who decide to sleep together let them do it , who cares , why should we not channel those resources to abandoned children street kids and those without parents instead/

  21. Hanzi hee hee vanogara kumusha,veduwe paruzevha ponaka kurima takarima zvakanyanya chibage tinacho,mapfunde,nzungu,nyimo zvose,miriwo tiri kurima tichitenges,tichiita mari foni iyoyi ndakaitenga nemari yekurima and yu biti yu came and tell mi kuti indegenization yakaipa,mugabe is ur hero akatipa ivhu isu vekumusha tigere zvakanaka kudarika vari mumadhorobheni,papemberi nezanu nevhu ranehanda pasi nachamatama

  22. Some people are gay. Get over it. This is the politics of hatred. A leader should ensure the protection of minorities and not make hate speech. And why do people want to impose religious beliefs on everyone? Read your Bibles and enjoy the fantasy stories


    We are concerned that with all the legal jargon flying about it may difficult for some people to understand fully why the proclamation of an election and the promulgation of new electoral laws this week using the Presidential Powers Act are illegal and unconstitutional. It is also necessary to explain why there is so much anger within both of the MDC parties regarding what has happened this week.

    Whilst we are barred by the Officials Secrets Act from going into the precise details of what happened in Cabinet this week suffice it to say that, as Minister Chinamasa has already revealed, both the voter registration exercise and the new Electoral law were discussed. In the course of the proceedings it was confirmed, for example, that the intensive voter registration exercise mandated by section 6 of the 6th schedule of the Constitution had started on the 10th June and would end on the 9th July. Numerous deficiencies in the process were discussed and Minister Chinamasa gave an undertaking that the problems would be addressed. There was a long and detailed debate regarding the new Electoral Law Amendment Bill. Numerous, albeit mostly relatively minor, amendments were made. There was one major sticking point and it looked as if there would be deadlock. However even that was finally resolved.

    At the conclusion of the debate our clear understanding was that all the changes would be incorporated in the Electoral Law Amendment Bill which would then be taken to Parliament for passage. There was never any mention or even suggestion of the Presidential Powers Act being used to promulgate this legislation. All of us were content in the knowledge that we would be able to check in Parliament that the agreed amendments had in fact been incorporated into the final Bill. Our expectation was that the Bill would come to Parliament this coming week and that we would pass it expeditiously.

    It was also very clear in the course of the debate that with the intensive voter registration exercise only ending on the 9th July and with all the other legal and constitutional requirements having to be respected that it was going to be impossible to have an election by the 31st July. Although not discussed it would have been obvious to all that the only way to resolve the constitutional impasse would be for Government to go back to the Constitutional Court to seek a review of its order handed down on the 31st May 2013.

    In these circumstances it was profoundly shocking to receive the news on Thursday that the President had used the Presidential Powers Act to issue a regulations purporting to promulgate new electoral laws and that he had proclaimed the election dates. Aside from the fact that this is illegal, for reasons which will be elaborated on, it was also profoundly deceptive and unbefitting any Head of State who is obliged to respect both the spirit and letter of the Constitution. If there were any concerns about the need to expedite the process the correct thing to do would have been to debate in Cabinet about measures which could be taken to expedite the process by, for example, requesting Parliament to extend its sittings and if needs be to extend through to Friday to pass the Bill, which Parliament is entitled to do in terms of its Standing Orders.

    However this was not done and it is clear why this is so – there is at least one measure in the Presidential electoral regulations made in terms of the Presidential Powers Act which was not agreed to by Cabinet – namely the repeal of Section 27A of the existing Electoral Act which states that one can register as a voter up until 24 hours PRIOR to the Nomination day. The reason for this measure is because of the anomaly created by virtue of the fact that voter registration in some Wards only begins AFTER the nomination court has sat on the 28th June in terms of the Presidential decree! Accordingly to get around this problem the decree abolishes that provision effectively prejudicing all those voters who will only be able to register (and therefore stand for election) after the nomination court has already sat! In other words this is a amendment that would not have got past the Parliamentary Legal Committee because it is such a serious breach of the Constitutional enshrined right of all citizens to register as voters and to stand for election.

    Be that as it may the Presidential decrees are themselves illegal and unconstitutional for the following reasons:

    1. In issuing an election proclamation, the President is obliged to act on the advice of the Cabinet. This is laid down by section 31H of the old Zimbabwean Constitution, a provision that is still in force. Although that section allows the President to act on his own initiative when dissolving Parliament, the President has not sought to Parliament in this proclamation: instead, he is allowing Parliament to run on until its five-year term expires automatically on 29 June. The President should have obtained the agreement of the Cabinet, at least of a majority of the Ministers, before issuing the proclamation which did not happen. Accordingly the election proclamation itself is illegal and unconstitutional.

    2. The Presidential Powers Act is only to be used in urgent situations. Section 2 deals with the making of “urgent regulations” and situations which need to be “dealt with urgently”. It has been clear for over two weeks that the time frame set by the Constitutional Court to hold the election by the 31st July 2013 could not be respected in compliance with the Constitution. There has been and still remains ample time to go back to the Constitutional Court to request that it review its judgment. As a reminder the Chief Justice himself stated in his judgment that the court should not make orders which will result in the President having to breach other electoral provisions. In other words the correct way to deal with the situation would have been to go back urgently to the Constitutional Court. As we know from the Bhebhe cases (seeking the holding of by-elections) the President has recently gone back to our courts to seek a postponement for the holding of by-elections and has been successful. Accordingly there are recent precedents in both our Presidential practice and jurisprudence to seek variations of court orders regarding election dates. It is inconceivable that the Constitutional Court, having been presented with evidence by the President of the impossibility of holding elections in compliance with the Constitution, would have ruled against him. In any event it is only once that course of action had failed that the use of the Presidential Powers Act should even be considered. In other words the urgent situation would only arise once such an application to court had failed.

    3. Section 2(1)(c) of the Presidential Powers Act states the President shall only issue a decree if “because of the urgency, it is inexpedient to await the passage through Parliament of an Act dealing with the situation”. As pointed out above had the 3 parties in Parliament been consulted about the “urgency” there is no doubt that Parliament could have been convened urgently to debate and pass the Electoral Amendment Bill in the form it had been approved of by Cabinet on Tuesday. Parliament sat on Wednesday and in terms of Standing Orders could have sat until Friday. Indeed the only thing holding up the presentation of the Bill to Parliament would have been the incorporation of the changes agreed to by Cabinet. It is clear that the Minister of Justice was able to do those changes (and more) prior to the publication of the Presidential proclamation on Thursday so he could have done the same for Parliament. In other words there it was simply not inexpedient on the grounds of “urgency” to await the passage of the Bill through Parliament.

    What was inexpedient was to have to take changes to the Electoral Bill to Parliament which had not been agreed in Cabinet and which were unconstitutional (ie the repeal of Section 27A which serves to negate the Constitutional rights granted by sections 43 and the 6th schedule for tens of thousands of so called aliens – people born in Zimbabwe to foreign parents – to be registered as voters and to stand for election).

    4. Section 2(2)(c) of the Presidential Powers Act states that regulations cannot be made for any “matter or thing which the Constitution requires to be provided for by, rather than in terms of, an Act”. Section 157(1) of the new Constitution states that “An Act of Parliament must provide for the conduct of elections”. In other words the new Constitution specifically requires that the matter of electoral process be provided for by an Act. In other words the Presidential Powers Act, as undemocratic as it is, cannot be used for this type of matter even if it is deemed urgent.

    5.The flip side of the same coin is that section 157(1) states that an “Act of Parliament” must provide for the conduct of elections. Section 2(1) makes it quite clear that the President can only issue “regulations”. Regulations are not an Act of Parliament. As I have said elsewhere a regulation issued in terms of the Presidential Powers Act is not an Act of Parliament; it is but an act of the President. The reason for the specific inclusion of this specific clause in the Constitution was to ensure that there was not the arbitrary and Nicodemian use of Presidential decrees to change the playing field in favour of one party which ironically is precisely what has happened this week.

    6. Section 157(4) of the Constitution states that “no amendments may be made to the Electoral Law ..unless the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has been consulted and any recommendations made by the Commission have been duly considered”. As stated above many changes were made to the Electoral Law Amendment Bill by Cabinet and there was at least one unilateral change (eg the repeal of Section 27A) made by the Minister of Justice as late as Tuesday afternoon. I suspect that there was no consultation made with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission regarding these last minute changes and if that is so that alone would render them all unconstitutional.

    7. Section 157(5) states that “after an election has been called, no change to the Electoral Law or to any other law relating to elections has effect for the purpose of that election”.The regulations were published during the morning of 13th June, the proclamation was published in the afternoon. Under section 20 of the Interpretation Act, statutory instruments are deemed to have been published on midnight on the day on which they appear in the Gazette. So on that basis, the regulations and the proclamation were published simultaneously, and the regulations cannot be said to have had effect BEFORE the election was called. Accordingly in terms of Section 157(5) these changes to the law have to be disregarded. If that is so then the existing provisions of the Electoral Law apply. For example Section 11 of the Electoral Amendment Bill 3 of 2012, which amended section 38 of the original Electoral Act, states that there has to be not less than 42 days between the nomination day and the election. Accordingly if this law is to be respected the election will have to be 42 days after the 28th June, namely on or about the 9th August! There are of course many other provisions of the old law which are completely inappropriate, for example to proportional representation, but this simply demonstrates the farcical situation we have been placed in by this illegal act.

    8. Three further Statutory Instrument have been published since the amendments to the Electoral Law and the Proclamation of the Election were published in Statutory Instruments 85/2013 and 86/2013 respectively. These are the Electoral (Amendment) Regulations 2013 (number 8) – SI 87/2013, the Electoral (Nomination of Candidates) Regulations 2013 – SI 88/2013 and the Electoral (Accreditation of Observers) Regulations 2013 – SI 89/2013. Clearly under any interpretation of the law both from the timing of their publication and their SI numbering they were gazetted AFTER the Presidential Proclamation of the Electoral dates (SI86/2013) and therefore have no effect in terms of Section 157(5) of the Constitution. It should be noted in this regard that in terms of section 332 of the new Constitution a “law” includes any provision of a statutory instrument. Indeed because of the purported Proclamation no further amendment to the Electoral laws are possible and give the chaos which now prevails in the entire electoral process this will mean that even with best of intentions these problems cannot be addressed.

    We should reiterate that the original problems identified by us regarding holding the elections before the 31st July remain. The attempt to circumvent the provisions of section 6 of the 6th schedule (ie the provision which allows the tens thousands of new citizens to register and if needs be to stand for election) is at the heart of these machinations. ZANU PF had no option but to accept in the Constitutional reform process that people born in Zimbabwe, albeit whose parents came from our SADC neigbours, should be entitled to citizenship. They could not argue against that because it runs contrary to the provisions of all of our neighbours’ constitutions which allow these fundamental birth rights. However they never wanted to extend these citizenship rights because they fear, quite rightly, what will happen when the tens of thousands who have been disparagingly termed as “aliens” by ZANU PF for so long are given the right to vote. They also fear the hundreds of thousands of young people who would be able to register as voters and those who would be able to stand for election if the intensive voter registration exercise was allowed to run its proper course. They also fear what would happen if sufficient time was given to inspect and analyse the voters roll. Accordingly this rush and these machinations are designed to make it difficult for certain people to register and to make it impossible for parties opposed to ZANU PF to audit the voters roll prior to the election.

    There is no doubt that the pre-existing Constitutional crisis created by Government’s inability to hold elections by the 31st July 2013 in compliance with the Constitution has now been greatly exacerbated by this rash move. The President has been advised very poorly and those responsible for this poor advice should be held to account. If the election goes ahead in terms of the current arrangement it will be plainly unconstitutional and illegal. That in turn will plunge Zimbabwe into further disarray which is not in the interests of anyone save perhaps for the small cabal of hardliners who are behind these measures.

    The only way out of this crisis is for the President to repeal the measures introduced by Presidential proclamation and for Government to apply to the Constitutional Court for its order to be reviewed to ensure that our elections are held in compliance with the Constitution. Parliament must simultaneously convene urgently to pass the Electoral Laws Amendment Bill. Once we have secured an order from the Constitutional Court and the Electoral Act has been passed by Parliament and signed by the President election dates should be proclaimed in terms of the new valid Act. We will only restore legality to the entire process and resolve the Constitutional crisis if all these measures are taken.

    Senator David Coltart
    Secretary for Legal Affairs

    • Malaba: start your own website were you publish MDC spam. How is this remotely related to the issue at hand.

      If you are saying Senator David Coltart is a faggots- I agree.

  24. I agree. Homosexuality is wrong as most of us were raised to believe. I even cringe at the thought of men holding hands (let alone doing other things). However I have made some observations.

    Unlike other sins homosexuality is the only sin that is not shared by most people. We have all lied, we have stolen or been tempted to steal, and many of us have felt lust at one time or another, but I’ve never heard of a straight person being tempted by gay thought. Either you are or you are not (or you are both in the case of bisexuals.) The only exception is in th case of sexual deprivation. When men in prison need to release their sexual frustration they find the closest substitute (other men).

    Except for rape, homosexuality is a consentual activity. Two men/women agree have sex without directly affecting any other people. When you steal you violate somone’s right to their property. When you lie you violate someone’s right to the truth. Homosexuality doesn’t directly affect anyone except homosexuals. Personally, I am more hurt when someone steals from or lies to me than when I hear about other people being gay.

    Today we are aware that the male and female are descriptions that don’t identify every human being. there are some who we can’t define as either, in such cases how do we treat such people? The public gender test of Caster Semenya shows that we have a lot we need to learn in this respect.

    The Bible is the greatest book but it is not the only guide. We need to learn through study, dialogue, prayer and our own observations. Not just shout “Hatidi ngochani!” without thinking about it.

  25. @ liberal, I hate people who force themselves on infants! It’s sick. I also hate men who ‘stick it in the waste basket’, that is equally sick! Your name suggests you are open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. Is that a fancy word to say you are a queer?

    • @scott

      Why do you hate them? You want it stuck up your ass? You good sir, are self loathing ,bigoted, and closed minded.

  26. @ Mr Rho, hatidi ngochani!

    “Today we are aware that the male and female are descriptions that don’t identify every human being” – Ths is so funny I am crying!

    I am sure you will be ‘more hurt’ when your son steals or lies to you than when you discover he likes boys! If it turns out he will like boys then steal and lie too that will just be too much!

  27. @ Manje, a joke for you:

    Q: If 2 gay men and 2 lesbians were racing from Los Angeles to New York, who would win???

    A: The 2 lesbians because they were doing 69 while the 2 gay guys were back in Los Angeles packing shit!

  28. gays and lesbians are not aliens from another planet. they are amongst us they are our sister,brothers,fathers, children, doctors, teachers, priests, neighbors, bus drivers, politicians, farmers ,friends sports women and men .Social transformation requires that as a people we tolerate each other whether we like it or not this is a reality of our lives, which has been and will always exist.Just because a majority decides on a minority it dont mean that this will rid society of homosexual people.If we decide to play this ZANU PF game of brining up an emotive issue so they sway our minds off the problems bedevelling the country we are all doomed.Why do you think whenever the chips are going down for politicians, religious leaders they pull the homosexual card.And because Zimbabweans we are docile and so good at worrying about what so and so is doing in private while these politicians defecate in our faces and we ask for more shit. Wake up and smell the coffee kusvika rinhi tichongonzwa zve Gays and lesbians what has that to do with electricity, water problems, electoral reforms and rife corruption.

  29. Your president is talking abt lesbians ,we need our cnty 2 develop and be the best in africa. We don’t need foolish statement abt lesbians. Remember Cde Banana he wasn’t a zanu pf. But a lesbian maybe your Mugabe is one of them and is hiding it,don’t be fool liyalandela nje abakhohlisi ulitshaya lapha ngenqondo ,I think u need light , don’t stay in darkness

  30. Dear fellow countrymen

    I have watched this gay/lesbian debate escalate and I feel like its high time I participate in it. As a patriot who truly loves and believes in zimbabwe I sure do have a lot to say.

    Zimbabwe has been riddled with a past of tribal, racial, social hatred and most recently sexual orientation prejudice. Through out the history books, racism, tribalism, sexism, xenopphobia are themes that seem to occupy the largest space in our rich history and now to top it off, homophobia. This led me to ask myself, what’s wrong with the Zimbabwean society? What do we always hate each so much on differences we have no control over? Why can’t we learn from history that hate only causes pain and suffering?

    The questions I pose above haunt me, I can’t seem to find an answer. Does we really find solace in injustice. Political rhetoric of hate is always the crowd pleaser at campaigns. I once attended a political rally, and when the speaker said “pamberi ne empowerment”, the response was not so enthusiastic but when he said “pasi na teaboy” the room came alive, but when he said “pasi nengochani”? I’ve never seen people so excited or ecstatic. Its like a drug was shot through their veins. Sober minded patriots, reflect on this deeply? Why does hate excite us? Anthropologist might want to write a thesis on this.

    I will not wrap up this before addressing the common justification that is used for homophobia, religion and more particularly Christianity . Firstly compatriots Zimbabwe is a secular state, as stated by the Constitution. This means the state does not follow any particular religion/culture or belief system. From that premise it is rather bizzare how my christian brothers want the state to impose/enforce Christian beliefs. If that is the case let us ban alcohol, pre-marital sex, polygamy, our cultural beliefs as christians call it paganism. Should we ban all these things? If not why homosexuality alone.

    Lastly, rape/pedophilia can never be in the same category. All those 2 involve the intentional hurting on another person and collective utility of those is detrimetal to society. But 2 consenting adults in love does not hurt anyone. Please disprove this fact.

    In conclusion, Zimbabweans apart from hateful political rhetoric , let us formulate oyr own opinions. Think hard before we go off like mindless buffoons. We are a beautiful country, an innovative , progressive generation, let us reflect this in our political and social discourse to build a better inclusive society.


  31. I am Queer , I am here and I drink beer!!

    Your unrelenting hate will not change me from being a proud zimbo homosexual man. As a doctor in this country, I pay tax and do service to the country, in return this county owes me protection and respect.

    P.s while you continue being angry at queers , me and my husband will continue to be consumed by eternal love.

  32. Yes I would be one disappointed parent when bi found out my son is a liar ot thief. His action causes pain and suffering to other people. I would be delighted if my son likes other boys for he is hurting no one but living life for who he is.

  33. @ Patriot, how do you build a society by promoting a lifestyle that is against procreation? From my biology class I pretty much remember that a man’s seed is planted in a woman’s womb, not in another man’s opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste matter leaves the body. If you allow that unnatural practice to go on and if you think that it is acceptable, why then do you go against the other unnatural practice of a grown man forcing himself on an infant? That surely isn’t natural, is it?

  34. @Scott

    In an over populated world, an argument about procreation makes so much sense sir. Its strange that you make ‘natural’ synonymous with procreation, what about infertile couples, are they unnatural too as they cannot procreate? Catholic priests ? Should we vilify all these people for their lack of procreation? If not why gays?

    Gays are a minority and will forever be, they will never have a significant impact on population growth. It is empirically to false to suggest human extinction due to homosexual activities. But to counter that, homosexual couples adopt abandoned kids, homeless children and provide a loving home for them, is that so wrong? Or all we care about is just producing kids without thinking about their welfare. Homosexual couples through technological advancement can now bore kids, google it.

    Your argument about procreation creates a negative narrative. One it reduces sex to a procreation activity which it is not. 2, sex which does not lead to procreation, using that reasoning we would ban masterbation and condoms as both inhibit procreation. Kind sir explain this reasoning anomaly for me.

    Lastly another common fallacy, all gay people have anal sex. This is empirically false, again you misinterpret and misunderstand the meaning of sex. But just a random biological fact to throw at you, seems you love biology. The male g-spot (concentration of nerve ending for sexual pleasure) is located in the anus. Consult that biology text book you love or google it.

    Natural or unnatural , nature is a word used to describe material world existing independent of human interference. Now tell me how sex can be part of nature when it is a social construct which is subject to people’s evolving beliefs and cultures. The appeal to nature is just lazy reasoning invoked by natural law philosophers . Let’s leave natural to describes rocks, trees, water etc not human activities.

    In conclusion, Hate will never heal a nation. Hate will never be a proper foundation to build a society. Hate will destroy us, hate is our common enemy. You lose nothing from tolerance and inclusivity. The zimbabwe I know and love, will champion tolerance over hate.

  35. this world is not overpopulated.

    Zimbabwe is not going to accept unnatural practices just because of fancy words you use like tolerance. And you think sex is a social construct? I am crying with laughter. Goodnight, I can’t take this anymore. I am going to make love to my wife and have kids to populate this earth.

    Say hi to Zvazviri and please don’t get caught in the act, munorobwa mukati baba!

  36. Sorry, @ Patriot, one more thing. I am still laughing, by the way; you said homosexual couples through technological advancement can now bore kids? Wahahahahahahahahahaha! Natural, is it? And, and, and; when you met your gay lover sitting by the bar, did you ask if you could ‘push in his stool?’ Wahahahahaha, goodnight!

  37. Good people, good good people,it has been an incredible and unbelievable day here in this great beautiful coastal capital of Maputo.

    SADC rose to the occasion and scuttled the evil and Machiavellian machinations of the chaos faction of Zanu-PF.

    The decision of summit was clear, all the recommendations of the facilitator President Zuma were adopted with the net effect that the Proclamation of elections made on Thursday is rendered null and void.

    The key operative decisions of SADC are that

    1) Government through the ministry of Justice is ordered and directed to make an application to the constitutional court following consultations by all political parties, seeking to move the date of the election from the 30 July 2013.

    2) that the agreed amendments to the electoral act which had been purportedly been made into law by the President using the Presidential Powers (Temporal Measures) Act be brought to parliament this Tuesday for debate and adoption.

    3) that the SADC facilitation team and the troika team appointed in Livingstone sit in Jomic and not merely receive reports as demanded by Zanu-PF

    4) that an Inter Ministerial Committee be appointed to deal with implementation of agreed issues on media reform and the monitoring of hate speech in all media

    5) that the security forces publicly state or restate their commitment to the rule of law in particular their complete adherence to section 208 of the constitution.

    6) that within the time parliament has remaining the parties negotiate and make the necessary amendments to POSA, AIPPA,the Broadcasting Act, section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act etc

    7) that SADC observers be deployed immediately consistent with the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections

    8) that any other issue and the implementation of the above be overseen by the facilitation team.

    Theoretically SADC have therefore effectively ordered a return to constitutionalism and not the current situation where hiding under the cloak of compliance with a court judgment illegalities and atrocities were now being committed.

    I have been to all summits on Zimbabwe since 2007 and they have been many. I want to thank and acknowledge the electric delivery of Dr Morgan Tsvangirai our party president, what a delivery. Simple straight foward passionate and effective. I liked it when in his conclusion he asked President Mugabe why it should be about power and not the people. Save you made us proud today.

    Perhaps the most marvelous thing was the tag teaming and complimentarity between MT and Proff Welsh Ncube. I have seen Welsh in court and on countless times we have fought on opposite sides (of course he always lost). Today the man from Vungu fought like a lion.

    Whilst MT was the godfather speaking like a statesman Welsh was a bull terrier flooring Zanu with erudite legal submissions.

    As for Zanu PF, I think that the chaos faction of this party must take blame for humiliating and embarrassing President Mugabe the way they did today. He is clearly too elderly to be subjected to the barrage he forced today. Fortunately he quickly wisened to the folly of the chaos factions machinations and scelerotic schemes. He therefore quickly conceded to the need of a court application, thus saving summit of continuous further debate.

    I want to say that we Zimbabweans want an election yesterday. However it must be legitimate and credible. The election must on the people’s terms and not on the bloody hands of a cruel and horrible faction of Zanu PF.

    We are ready. Our primaries are almost done, JUICE and ART are out.

    Trust me this winter we will finish it off.

    Thank you SADC,thank you President Zuma,thank you Save, thank you Welsh.

  38. @ Scott you sound like a bitter gay man living in the closet. You are misinformed about lesbian and gay issues , next time do your stupid ass a favor find out about the subject before spewing hate. Being gay does not stop anyone from having kids silly they are so many gay and lesbians with kids and besides is being heterosexual a guarantee that you will procreate. People like you are disgusting because of your intolerance and ignorance which is legendary, i would rather be stuck on an island with a gay or lesbian person than an illiterate stupid ass like you , you are a danger to the human race..

  39. nxaaaa, zims are first class hypocrites. if yu practise adultery, or phonication, or a a drunk, or party freak, or thief, or chief, or hater you are no better than a homo, period. all these are wrong, if you are a Christian. But wait, who gives yu the right to impose your religions beliefs on anyone? What if i dont believe in the bible?? shameful people full of hate and self-righteousness. if zim’s moral standards are declining and are on a fast train out of town its because pipo like you bought the morals a first class ticket!!! so izvozvi most of yu mune ma small house and yet yu castigate homos kunge yu’r better than them. sin is sin, no one sin is better than the other. get away mese. munochipisa vhamgeri mhani

  40. @ Coltart, your comment is too long and laborious to peruse. Am sure you are the one who usually use the the ‘nom de guerre’ or sobriquet Phunyukabemphete.

  41. Lolol don’t you people ever get tired. . . it’s father’s day, my boyfriend and i am(i m male) are going to a luncheon with all my relatives and some of his combined. we are happy being a gay couple in Zimbabwe and the acceptance i have received from family and workmates is testament to the fact that not all zimbos are as bigoted and hypocritical as most of you here. you guys can go on screaming your homophobic nonsense, but our lives go on. i have no doubt you won’t get tired of spewing your hate speech, but i can assure u, it won’t stop us having our consensual anal sex-sex coz frankly we don’t care what you think.

  42. mugabe ruined the economy..not gays, so lets not get confused by the old man..i dont like gays but i also dont like what zanu pf did to this generation

  43. lets hate wat jehovah hates. homosexuality is one of detestable things b4 God. dats being un natural. y ddnt God creat varume two? he wanted the earth to be filles with vanhu.

  44. Ana ngonye kusaziva Kufa..iwe zvaunoisa chaipo unoziva Sei kuti vana ndevako..mese gay or not u all ejaculate saka wat make yu think a gay man haazvarise even makadzi wake iwewe

  45. This stupid argument ye varume two has to stop its plain stupid saka vari heterosexual vasingazvare munoti kudii navo..juss cause you have a dick it’s no guarantee that you can sire children..also 90 percent of gay people havatoite anal sex..wots your obsession with anal sex is oh heterosexuals who have it a lot actually

  46. castrate all gays and then send them to prison to get rectum raided till their ass muscles are worn out and they eventually have to ware pampers

  47. Pamberi nema gay , pasi nevasiri , kutaura kudai ndirikutoda kupisa mumwe murume nhasi . Mungandiititei !

  48. Last week ndakapisa Maziwisa mubvunzei anonzviziva , we do not corrupt , hatisi mbavvha dzenyika , mapurisa aripiko andisunge ,


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