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Gospel singer praises Zim in 3D video


ENERGETIC gospel sensation Morline Kuwana aka “The Miriam of Our Time”, who is currently rocking the airwaves with her album Nyaya Yacho, recently released a 3D video for the track Zimbabwe. The track highly praises the country.


Zimbabwe is a song in the form of a prayer of restoration for the country, it also describes the beauty of its resorts and people.

“I did this video especially in 3D because I felt my country was of high importance to me and as a Zimbabwean I felt I could also play a role in helping the country restore its rightful place on the map,” Kuwana said.

She said her music including the latest video was her way of making people realise that even if people tried fixing situations all efforts would be in vain without God’s hand.

The Heritage Junior School teacher has certainly set the bar high by going 3D because it was everybody’s role to build the nation thus she would greatly play her part through her musical talent.

“Last year I performed at a Ministry of Environment function and also this year at the official opening of the new Margolis Resort along Chitungwiza Road and somehow the two events made me realise how valuable an idea it was of nation building and appreciating natural resources,” she said.

Kuwana said the song came in four languages including French, Ndebele, English and Shona to help market the country even in other countries.

She said changes in the economy could begin with changes in the attitudes of people and if that could happen she was certain that Zimbabwe would be a better place.

Kuwana became popular with gospel music lovers last year after her album Mwari Utatu which saw videos for the tracks Mwari Wezvishamiso, Believer and the title track and her latest will be her first ever 3D production.

Kuwana who has successfully branded herself as “The Miriam of Our Time” said she likened herself to Miriam the sister of Moses from the Bible, who was famous for playing the tambourine.

She said just like Miriam she could play the tambourine very well.

The musician, who is a member of the ZOE Life Changing Ministries, said she preferred singing gospel music because of the influence she had received from her church bishops Apostle Langton and Florence Kanyati.

“I hope people will continue to support me as they have and I’m glad God gave the strength to do a 3D video for my country and gospel lovers,” Kuwana said.

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