Generals under Sadc fire

Sadc took what could be its firmest stance on Zimbabwe, urging the security sector to respect the new Constitution and to be apolitical.

Staff Reporter

Regional leaders on Saturday expressed concern at the utterances by senior security leaders, advising that this could plunge Zimbabwe into a crisis if not handled well.

Sources revealed that Botswana’s President Ian Khama, a retired general, was taken aback by the statements from securocrats that they would not salute anyone without liberation war credentials.

“Khama asked why people were still talking about a bush war that ended 33 years ago,” a source told our sister paper Southern Eye.
“He pointed out that when the liberation war was fought it was not against the MDCs and such rhetoric was misplaced.”

Security sector reform is one of the thorny issues in the coalition government, with senior officials implying that they will not accept a Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai victory.

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has in the past insinuated that Tsvangirai was a malcontent, while Army Commander General Constantine Chiwenga described the Premier as a “sellout” and a psychiatric patient.

In his report to the summit, South African President Jacob Zuma made recommendations for security sector reforms, which the regional leaders adopted.

“On the security sector, summit underscored the obligation of our security chiefs to respect the Constitution and issue a statement complying with Article 208 of the new Constitution, which speaks to the neutrality of our security forces, that they cannot be active members of any political party and that they will respect, salute and obey any legitimate constitutional order,” MDC-T secretary-general, Tendai Biti said after the meeting.

“I think it was a very important meeting, in which wisdom prevailed, I think at the end of the day all three Zimbabwean political parties spoke as one on this issue.”

MDC leader Welshman Ncube confirmed that they had thrashed out the issue of the security sector, saying Zuma’s report had covered it.
“That is part of the facilitator’s report recommendation that was also adopted. For the specific formatting of that recommendation you need to go and read the facilitator’s report,” he said.
Sources who attended the meeting revealed that Zanu PF had defended the security sector, but Sadc prevailed.

The two MDCs have insisted that the security sector needs to be realigned, but this has been resisted by Zanu PF which insists there is no need to reform the sector.

Zanu PF, the MDCs allege, has in the past used members of the security sector to lead its terror campaign, intimidating voters to vote for the party.

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  1. Mzilikazi ka Mashobana

    Ha ha ha, what an embarrassment to the proud for nothing Shona tribe. Exposing themselves to other Africans as the most backward people the world has ever known. They glorify Shona incompetence and mediocrity. From the economy to sport everything has been destroyed. Lizingulube ezingenangqondo lina zithutha.

    1. Enda unochera mbeva tribesman

    2. Hey wena Mzilikazi kamashobana angazi ikuthi uvele kuliphi ilizwe. Umzilikazi ubengabandlululi njengokuzwa kwethu langokubhekisisisa indlela ayebusa ngayo. Wahlanganisa abantu be ndimi zonke e zimbabwe manje wena uza Le Nketabasthaba. You dont belong to Zimbabwe siwulandini. Thina abantwana benhlabathi i Zim asikhethi muntu ngombala lango limi. Hambamba uyekufa nja yotuvi. U Tsvangirai uyalibusa lelilizwe noma Kanjani ende akala bandlululo.Viva Morgan Viva.

    3. and how did this become a shona thing???? idiot

    4. Go and hang with your tribalistic bull shit. You give Ndebeles a bad name you nincompoop

    5. Mukanya wa Svosve

      I am so sorry for you Mzilikazi ka Matshobana Indaba Yadilika!!!!!! Tribalism has no place in present-day Zimbabwe. The Shonas respect and acknowledge the electric and erudite contributions made by Welshman, a son of Zimbabwe at the SADC meeting on Saturday. We also continue to recognize Joshua Nkomo as Father Zimbabwe, since he was never cruel and did not commit any massacres. LET GO YOUR TRIBALISM AND START BEHAVING AS A ZIMBABWEAN!!

      1. @Mukanya WaSvosve

        “…Joshua Nkomo as Father Zimbabwe, since he was never cruel and did not commit any massacres…” Kindly encourage yourself to do thorough research before scribing these things. Honestly speaking you didn’t know VaDumbuguru by even one centimeter! Dumbu raVaDumbuguru raive dura rezvakawanda mukoma. Highlights: 1963 @ Zanu Formation:Who authorised the violent persecution and petrol bombing of the ‘gang of seven ‘ and their Zanu supporters; just to make sure there was political monopoly?1972: Mgagao Inter-revolutionary party fights: who was behind them? 1974: ANC wars-ZanuPf, Muzorewa, Zapu skull-bashing, who authorised those mele’s? 1975-79 Zanla fighter ambushes in Mashwest: who authorised them?1981-2 Dissident Activity? Who impregnated who’s sisters? And just who led those dissidents: Especially facilitating the red carpet welcome of Dissidents Thulani, Mdawini, Mashikishela, Brown in the 1987 unity accord? You almost want to blame everything on Masuku don’t you? But Masuku was a millitary leader obeying political instructions. And you know the politician behind the scenes.

    6. Mzilikazi ka Mashobana why do you have to bring tribal differnces into such an important discussion? Its people like you who fan the flames of hatred by having nothing constructive to add to a national debate, instead you behave like a caveman trapped in prehistoric times. Your comments expose you to be backward.

    7. Samson Nxumalo

      Mzilikazi you are such an embarassment to some of us who are Ndebeles. Zimbabwe’s problems are ZANU pf and Mugabe. It has nothing to do with either being Shona, Ndebele, Kalanga, Sotho, Xhosa, Shangaani, Nambya, Tonga, Ndau or Venda. Neither is Mugabe’s incompetence as a result of being Shona. Uyasiyangisa mfowethu thina amaNdebele (Unotinyadzisa isusu Mandebele akakwana). Did you suffer some brain damage or something? You real have an issue mfowethu if really can sit down and write such a stupid analysis. You sound like the other brain-dead Ndebele who goes by the name “Phunyu” or “Phunyukabemphethe”. Born of the same mother perhaps? You need help wena!

    8. you very stupid after 33 years you still talking about tribalism uyagula wena thats why you are still in makokoba i am a ndebele but you are a total disgrace

  2. Caiphas shamme

    The stance by SADC is a good welcome but Zanu pf will face an uphill battle to tame their wild dogs. These securocrats will not listen to anyone. Even the president knows that these bush comrades dont believe in anything else. The booming of the gun and bloodshed is all they understand. Sadc must engage the generals headon. They were supposed to be part of the deligation to Mozambique.

  3. Uku ndo kunohi kumama manje uku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. who is this khama, somebody help mi he not the grandson of chiet khama who contributed Tswanas to the capture of Lobengula and Matebeleland by the BSAC? the grudge is still on and perfectly bein passed in their generation….Khamas

  5. Caiphas shamme

    Ko mwinimwini yatakanzwa ndeye chokwadi here. Zvanzi Mukoma Tendai vakasvikopinda muhotera maifanira kupindwa naPrime Minister kuMozambique. Pakazosvika PM vaBiti zvanzi vakarambira muspecial room yaPM. Pakazofambiswa sei kkkkkkkkkkk

    1. @caiphas, unomadawo. enda kumoza unobvunza ikoko. unotaura zvemwinimwini isu tichida kugadzira nyika tedu.

      1. Kekekekeee,guhwa harivaki musha,nokunobviwa,Wapedza kuputsa misha yavanhu

    2. Aaahh zviripiko nhaiwe Caiphas, hunzi biti akati “handiende chinhu, ndatombo bata garwe mushawa umwe bharanzi ndopaangati tuturu-tuturu kuti bva,Unopenga shasha. Ona yekutamba kazi becoz ndini next president we party” Aaaah iwe ka iwe, mahwani thousand. Hanzi varidzi vehotera kudoti shefu pindai mu’Ambasadorial suite, zvikanzi kwete handitambwe iyoyo najunior uyu ini ndiri boss. Either ngaabude or inini ndotonobhuka elsewhere. Ndoyakazotambika, Biti Mupresidential sutu kusvika Maputo summit ichipera, amweni anhu ese akazoenda kobhuka’somewhere else” Mukoma Caiphas, imika imi, shame nehafu chaiyo. PaMoza apa? Kungoendapo unooma musoro, idi o-oh. Bvunzai maporitizheni, kungocrossa Mazambiki chete anhu anoita misoro damba, hapeno kuti kuneyi Mazambikiyo

  6. pamberi nokubatana,pamberi norunyararo ,pasi nevadzwinyiriri

  7. Sekuru va Chatunga

    Does SADC leaders think that these goons will zip up their beaks just like that? They will definitely go down fighting, they won’t let go of so easily. The world must know that here in Zimbabwe we have the most unprofessional security chiefs in the form of Chiwengas, Zimhondi the killer, P Shiri, Chihuri and to a lesser extent, Mr P V Sibanda, who used to be the only ‘very’ professional soldier Zimbabwe has ever had. These guys don’t even respect the Will of the people and they think they live in their own planet. It’s a pity that SADC leaders have taken so long to reign on these barbarians, the blood suckers.


  9. But when are these blood thirsty security chiefs going to be sober minded? Whose security chiefs are they? Tibvireipo hamuneti kudeura ropa revanhu sei? Poeple lets die after we have made the biggest battle in the ballot box, we will conquor together, ask Gaddaffi.


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    1. Ndabazezwe Viki

      Spot on Zim eye.This is the information we need to send Mugabe packing.

  12. Hey Mzilikazi ka Mashobana
    Mind your speech. The Dzviti raids that took place long time ago and The Gukurahundi same-same 50-50
    The shonas are the owners of Zimbabwe, go back to South Africa where you rightly belong. Do not push the shonas over the edge. Stop comments that are tribalistic. Bury the hatchets and lets move on.You need to be saved you Mzilikazi. Time is over for such ruthless utterences.If it is difficult for you to live among the shonas,just slip quietly to South Africa.
    Hell is waiting for you if you continue to live in bitterness like that.

    1. Murambahundi Gukuratsvina

      @ Mzilikazi you are a first class ashol…

    2. Mbudziyadhura your comments are just as bitter as Mzilikazi ka Mashobana you do nothing to add to this debate only add salt to the wound. Why dont you go back to the Congo since you are discussing tribes that need to return centuries whence they came from?

    3. Samson Nxumalo

      Mbudzi, do you realise that this does not take us anyway? These kind of discussion are becoming so tired. Do not reduce your self to Mzilikazi’s level unless you are a tribalist as well. The best thing is to just ignore people like Phunyu and Mzilikazi. There are very sad lonely people who lack an understanding of where they belong in the society.

    4. Khulu kaLanga/Sekuru vaLanga

      Mbudziyadhura, it will be worth your while to heed you own advice.

  13. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth.

    1. ha ha u moron your grand fathers used to run and hidee to the mountain when oonly 10 ndebeles visited your area.Amaswina coz u were swinering madora.

      1 ndebele = 5 shonaz.Swina lothuvi..

      Dont forget 2 miillion ndebeles in zim = 8 million shonaz

  14. All this excitement will come to nought, why, because most of anti zanu pf supporters you hallucinate. the reality on ground is that SADC can not give terms of reference to our security structures, and the generals may state that they are apolitical whilst deep down they will support
    statesman like cde Mugabe. More over words are not deeds, its so pathetic that some Zimboz are now blindly following a fool who said the con-court has no mandate to make a ruling on the election date, only to be told by SADC heads of state, Khama included, to go back to that court and request for a 1 or 2 week extension of the deadline. Only an idiot can blindly see that as victory and yet kuroverwa musaga se katsi. makvata chaizvo, and its good for zanu pf, moda kutomutswa nengoma. You better start thinking of someone else, coz open zip, shut mind will be history from 29 june midnight.

    1. Reason, Tsvangirai opened his zip following Susan’s death. Mugabe fathered Bona and Robert while Sally was still alive but on her death bed. Such cruelty! Who then is open zip? When will you come to terms with the fact that the reason SADC got involved and continues to get involved is due to the fact that Mugabe is a failure?

      Evidently, wisdom has not come with age. Is he not shamed by the fact that he cannot run his country in a democratic manner hence the involvement of SADC leaders some of whom are young enough to be his great grand children? The world’s oldest president being called to order by a bunch of youngsters. It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

      Hazvikunyadzisi here kuti what used to be SADC’s second largest economy in now the 3rd smallest one and be told that if you dont behave your elections will not be recognised?

      Other leaders are able to run democratic elections without being nudged by SADC. Mugabe cannot even have an accurate voter’s roll prepared. Why is he so incompetent?

  15. Justice prevailed. So he has the master key to the elections (PM). The president’s action reveals his panicking mode. If he is sure of winning a free and fair election – why then is he emlying all these uncalled for dirty tricks?. Why are these Zanu PF self-imposed strategists misleading the president?

    1. No one in ZANU wants a free and fair election. As for the so-called securocrats, they are paper tigers (as we shall soon see). There were bigger and more brutal ‘securocrats’ in history…where are they now? I am talking of the likes of Saddam, Hitler, Amin, Gaddaffi, Mussolini, Ceausescu. The military should never MESS WITH THE PEOPLE. It is just not worth it.

      1. How true, mwanangu.

  16. I am very saddened that Mugabe has failed to control his war veterans in order to build a new Zimbabwe after 90 years of white rule.I do not feel free in my own country.I can not speak freely,I can not vote freely,I cannot drive freely.Where is the freedom? Freed from whites to be imprisoned by your own black people? If Mugabe is not capable of controlling the security forces,he must admit it,and Sadc will help him.

  17. Men make their own history, but they cannot make it asTHEY choose. Watch

  18. “Ndevere ngarife” that was our slogan when we deployed to deal with them in the 80′s and I Will never regret killing these foreigners they hould be harassed until they relocate back to zululand and the Kalanga should relovcate back to Botswana They should follow their brothers who relocated back like Mthuli,nkosana, sifiso davengwa,peter moyo and all unpatriotic Shona people should also follow them on the great track of the 21st century down south. No ndebere will ever rule this country, we know that Mdc is their puppet why was it formed soon after nkomos’s death. I was part of gugurahundi and also worked in Magnet house in bulawayo I played my party guys lets deal with their fronts the mdc once and for all. do you know how I toss around with fomer zipra guys here in bulawayo If i say jump they say how high boss, I send them to kill any one, now we used them to establish CIO bases in south africa we also kill the Ndevere”s there in Jozi they are very fearful of shona guy. All the Malayitsha’s are now part of us. Pamberi na gushungo he shall rule until his final second on earth.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  19. Kedo, mai vako imbwa.

  20. munorwei zambuko

    ngatisimuke timire takabatana tirwise this oppressive government yaMugabe iyi Lets fight for our rights. Vakomana tisakanganwa nguva iya ya 2008 yatakatambura ngatizivei wokuvhotera. ngatichinje maitiro varume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @Mzilikazi, you are an idiot, you ndebeles are aliens from S.A. You are as ignorant as your fore father who contributed to the invasion of our country. Your forefather was given a chewing gum, mirror and a pack of sugar by whites as a payment for our country.

  22. Nyika Ndeyedu

    only the shallow minded think tribal, they blame everything on tribal differences. we dont need people like kedo and so called mzlikazi kamatshobana, they are just losers. they are experiment products of dog and man.

  23. Guys lets not exchange such tribule words . Truely speaking our country Zimbabwe no longer have the original Shonas neither Ndebeles . We are one guys . Through marriage we must be proud Zimbabweans . Lets focus on the elections ; whoever will win that ; for your own information a leader is choosen by God .

  24. We are in this together……………… Lets all pray for peace and prosperity in this our motherland. I urge all level headed zimbos to be courageous in the face of adversity. Lets build a future for our children. Make the right choice. Too much mumbo jumbo wont get us anyway. Love reigns

    1. wise words papa smurf.. it pains wen zimbos shred each atha to pieces by getting tribalistic and use hate speech… LOVE IS MORE THAN JUST A $ LETTER WORD..

  25. Air zimbabwe captain

    am waiting to be appointed,presidential pilot for the NEXT president,lets see how it all goes!

  26. Brian Chikwati

    One also need to tell the so called ZANU PF advisers and Commentators that if they do not understand legal language , they should not legally comment. Its very embarrassing for the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces in front of other Heads of States. Others we knowe they are there to bring down the President and ZANU PF.

  27. Mugabe izizi rawekudonha minhenga yega nekukwegura,dementia dzegadzega mavhoti ngaasvike kungosundidzira nechigunwe. Mwari komborerai Zimbabwe

  28. dhodha rekanyi


  29. Ngatigarisane kuhle Bantu . Tribal hatred will collapse at we have achieved so far

  30. Thechociceman

    Mzilikazi be$he ra amai vako,kurawo mhani


    Well said bro though my ndebele isnt good.zanu is a spirit which isnt tribalistic coz the politburo has all tribes there.The zanu evil is the mother of all evils and I wish ALL zimbos unite against this demon

  32. Mageja Siziba

    Just imagine Zuma & Khama ordering our generals to salute people who sup with the devil!!! Zuma wants a pliant & weak Zimbabwe as a neighbour. Khama wants the Americans to extend their African command to Zim in the same way he has authorized American military bases in his country. This SADC resolution was meant to please the MDCs but has no effect on our generals & the security of the country.

    MaChinja zvino manyanyofarisa kuda kuti dzimwe nyika dzipindire munyaya dze Zim. You are actually inviting NATO to intervene militarily. That much we know. But just try it & see who will have the last laugh.!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mageja you are so shallow minded besides being a disgrace to your reasoning capacity. All SADC did was reminding Zanu yaora to stick to what was agreed upon in GPA. In any case baba Chatunga and you guys should remember that you got into govenment through the benevolence of SADC and utmost understanding of MDC if not back door.So behave like wise and appreciate your last days in governance since you will never get another chance untill donkeys have hones.

    2. NATO would not waste time fighting a rabble (an army with no discipline). We will fight them ‘tega’. You do not even understand that your ‘generals’ should obey the constitution…if they don’t, they become TERRORISTS. Hatichatya.

  33. isu tasvinura hatichanyengedzwa nembwaidzi.vanyepera vanhu for 33 years saka tingaise voti kuvanhu vakadai vasina basa nevanhu vanogoda zveupenyu hwavo chete.ukataura hanzi wataurirei

  34. Tribal war can’t solve our prolems.All we need is education, all we need is togetherness, all we need is love.If we unite we will be free.Those with tribalistic minds are morons..

  35. that mzilikazi asshole eish!!!!, and kedo, wat kak

  36. at the fullness of time zanupf will go, lets mantaine peace and allow God to deal with Zanupf.Never undermine God’spower Just do whatyou are suppose to do. Go and vote for your president in peace.

  37. Please stop tribalism people of Zimbabwe and work together as one.Ndebeles,Shonas,Korekores,Karangas,Ndaus and all the tribes that i will not mention here are all Zimbabweans and we should not go back to history because the era is long gone and we were not yet born so why inherit what we never saw guys??We are now mature and learned people and we should map our way forward and do away with tribalistic tendencies which hinder progress.Remember,United we stand and divided we fall.Unity should be our GOSPEL at this platform and no room for TRIBALISM.I say NO to TRIBALISM…….NO.

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