Dynamos humbled


BUFFALOES . . . . .(2)3
DYNAMOS . . . . . . (2)2


TEN-MAN Buffaloes handed Dynamos their first defeat of the season with an impressive  win in a Castle Lager Premier Soccer League match at Sakubva Stadium yesterday.

The Harare-based side had gone for 13 matches without suffering a defeat.

In yesterday’s match, Mutare-based referee Langton Chitsa was caught at the centre of controversy as he awarded the visitors controversial decisions that threatened to spoil an otherwise balanced match.

An estimated 10 000 fans paid to watch the match, but there was disappointment as SuperSport 9  did not cover the match as scheduled.
Buffaloes caretaker coach Timothy Masachi, who was in charge for the first time, was given a standing ovation by Buffaloes fans after the match as he was tossed in the air at the grandstand that housed the army club’s supporters.

Buffaloes took the lead as early as the second minute through former Dynamos star Wonder Sithole after beating his markers on the right flank including Augustine Mbara and Gift Bello in the opposition’s box before unleashing a low shot to the right of the diving Dynamos goalkeeper George Chigova.

And sure to his word, he did not celebrate the goal.

Five minutes later, Chitsa awarded the visitors a penalty after he adjudged that army side midfielder Prosper Matizanadzo  had fouled Russel  Madamombe in the box.

Clive Kawinga took responsibility and scored from the resultant kick to send the visitors’ fans into a frenzy.

Impressive goalminder Chengetai Tandadzayi was called into action in the 16th minute after saving a pile driver from Thomas Magorimbo.

Dynamos took the lead in the 22nd minute,  Morris Kadzola did well on the left flank beating Admire Dzumbunu who was playing in unfamiliar position before unleashing a pinpoint cross to Washington Pakamisa whose point-blank header was parried back into the play by Tandadzayi, but Pakamisa was fast to react from the rebound and shot the ball into the nets.

It did not take two minutes before the army side were back in the game. The resultant goal came from a free-kick on the left flank. Sithole unleashed a cross on the blind side where Matizanadzo headed the ball back to the better-positioned Steven Sibanda  who scored to level scores.

Referee Chitsa was it again in the 28th minute after he failed to award the home side what looked like a genuine penalty after Mbara had handled inside his box a Sithole shot, but he waved play on.

In the 34th minute, Dynamos were awarded a controversial penalty that was briefly protested by the army side players and officials.

Outstanding Buffaloes defender Themba Ndovu was adjudged to had pushed Pakamisa, who seemed to had fallen on his own and Ndlovu was sent off for the incident.

Kawinga failed to score from the resultant spot kick after Tandadzayi parried the ball for a corner kick.

In the 60th minute,  Madamombe fouled Sithole in the box and referee Chitsa pointed to the spot and upstepped Sibanda to score his second goal of the match In the 84th minute.


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  1. Step by step caps united is trailing back.Hokoyo nenhamo pagomba apo-o.We are sensing the defeat of another giant which we can not name.

  2. Mareferees mareferees nyangwe pasuwa akatoonawo kti izvi zvanyanya mafavour acho awandisa akanyarawo nazvo. Maref batai mutambo zvakanaka team yadyiwa yadyiwa ingava dembare kana yadyiwa yadyiwa. Mwari ndewevanhu vose, dembare yakalumila nezuro. Kepekepe woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Gracias soldados del bufalo. Thanks buffalo soldiers for firing 3 bullets in the SHIT head of dynamos jujumos. This is really heathy for soccer.

  4. The lose for Dynamos doesn’t mean the end of the world,we shall rise again to show that we are the true Champions. Zora butter ma Dembare

  5. Supersport world of penaltymos. We have to watch more penalty shootouts awarded live on supersport to the so called zimbabwe s best team. When we complained why the supersport OB van goes dynamos way day in day out, it was said dynamos is zimbawe national team and it makes business sense for multichoice to screen dynamos matches only. Does it make any sense for africa to see how our referees stoop so low to make sure one team win by hook or crook. When I said we have got 15 more teams in our premiership which are equally good and plays competitive soccer, I was told crap. How did buffaloes beat dynamos with all odds against them if they were a mediocre team. Therefore is there anything wrong for supersport to beam live a game between Buffaloes vs Harare city, or Chicken inn vs how Mine, or Hwange vs tripple b, Caps vs Platinum, Rhinos vs Harare city, etc. I salute Pasuwa for being man enough and have guts as a proffessional coach to admit that referres favour his team. Its high time these referres are sent packing away from football. They must be banished from all football activities. They must try politics or farming.

  6. We Bosso fan accepted a defeat by chicken inn , because we know you win some and loose some. The referres handled the match well and no favours were awarded. If it was Dynamos playing Chicken inn the final score line was going to be 3-1 in favour of dynamos. The referre was never going to allow a scoreline of 1 nil in favour of chicken inn. He was going to brandish a red card and a penalty for dynamos to equalise, to spoil the rythm of the game in dynamos favour. If chicken inn persisted posing danger. He would give dynamos a second penalty to kill the opposition team spirit and morale, to win the game penaltymos.

  7. Emdlalweni we Penaltymos olandelayo kumele vele kuyiwe kuma penalty bukhoma ku supersport , zisanda kusuka nje. Akumelangwa kuchithwe isikathi kudlalwa imizuzu engamatshumi ayisishiyagalolunye ekubeni umpumela usazakala ukuthi uzovuma iqembu eliluhlaza okwesibhakabhaka. Ngoba vele labo nompempe bachena nalo leli qembu lase soziberi. Kumele I dynamos ayinikeze ama penathi amahlanu bawashaye elandelana , ngemva kwalokho uphele umdlalo. Kumele baphinde njalo ukushaya amanye ama penalty, baze ba hlohle, nxa bewageje wonke lawa awokuqala. Kumelwe bayekwe babhakuzise amanethi ngamaphenathi, angithi yiyo lento abadume ngayo, nokho abayijabulelayo. Unondweba kumele ashaye impempe yakhe uphele umdlalo uma beqeda, 5-0 yawina I penaltymos.

  8. referees plz b serious! hw can u shame our soccer by doing what you know is wrong? Whats special abt Dynamos? Bosso were unfairly treated when they playd de same team in Harare. Nx!

    • @Brigader General the premier league money or any cup competition money is meant to boost dynamos coffers only, by hook or crook. They are the only team with monetary needs in zimbabwe, the rest can go to hell.

  9. @Dynamos/penaltymos referres pliz award your team 5 penalties straight away after the first whistle, let them take one after the other, if they don’t score let your players repeat up until they score, 5-0. This will make you and your team happy. Blow the final whistle after that. You. Do not have to waste our time , we watch an entire soccer match with a pre planned result or outcome. Do not play with our minds. Do it live on supersport the world of penaltymos. The world will see what type of beautifull football dynamos is playing. We love soccer but you people spoil it. We do not have a problem when dynamos win or merit through hardwork, we congratulate them. Is this a new dynamogate , I wonder?.

  10. I can see many people are blasting referees but I do not think they deserve all the blame. I have watched matches whereby the referee seemed to be biased in favor of CAPS, HYLANDERS, etc and were against Dembare so to try and think that all Dynamos wins are aided by poor refereeing is not fair. Actually we are now influencing their decisions such that they will not do their work properly fearing that fans will say they are biased. A good example of a referee who hate Dynamos is Ruzive. Last season Bosso were being given penalties and controversial free kicks in dying minutes e.g the game at the colliery against Hwange and no one complaigned. The whole season last year Dynamos was given one penalty kick. My advice is let us do much of the talk on the field of play and stop confusing the referees, remember they are human beings hence can make errors.
    To the referees I say please we do not want favors from you, and this does not mean make decisions against us, do your job fairly. True champions do not need the help of referees but do it alone. Go Dembare go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. vaigota seiko chairman wacho arikuda kuita MP weZPF kwaseke. haana nguva nezvebhora arikungotsvaga mari chete

  12. How many referees officiated the Dynamos -Buffalos match? Tikwanirei. Wadyiwa wese anongochema na Referee shame on you.

  13. May you stop your stupid rantings in the name of God.Who can stand up here and claim that his team has,in all the 14 games played so far,won purely on merit without officials making mistakes in their favour.Which team is that?All ref’s make mistakes,even the best of them.Howard Webb makes such monumental blunders in the Barclays Premier League to the extent of being labelled a Man U supporter.These are top-level officials but they are human.Caps United got two penalties on their way to beating Rhinos 2-1 at Gwanzura a few months back,and Saruchera and his captain were complaining about both spot-kicks.Nobody wants to talk about this coz Dembare was not involved.Bossorohwa supporters,you just shut up!Your team ‘stole’ three points at Maglas after you had to thoroughly beat match officials first for you to ‘beat’ Shabanie Mine.Those three points are on your tally of 29 points right now.So what’s all this holier-than-thou attitude?Who is a saint here,when you have “blood” points on the board.Dembare got a single penalty the whole of 2012 season but some lunatic has the guts to call them Depenalty,what nerve! My mind tells me all this gibberish has nothing to do with soccer at all,but something else.Every team benefits from referees’ mistakes,don’t be angry when yours is on the receiving end.Do not be advocates of fair play ONLY when it involves Dembare,your own useless teams are benefitting from unfair practices everyday.Asvotwa enda unofa,Dembare hamuna zvamunoiita,ichakuridzai kusvika matwasuka.ZORA-A-A-A!

  14. @ Non-aligned, if i may ask, are you dynamos Public Relations Officer? If you are not, i advice you to apply to be a PRO becoz you always defend Jujumos fc. You are different from majority of dynamos fans, becoz you dont use swearing words(kutuka zvinonyadzisira).

    • mzilikazi you are a tribalist mukosho wako to hell to hell satan weroma useles man tibvirepo apo you are talking bulshit heap of rubbish to hell namubvumbi wako satan yemunhu

  15. @ Sunmakore@ndlovu@ what tribalist are you talking about here, you mean to tell me if I don’t support dynamos or its cheating ways I am a tribalist. If you I do not support Zanu pf you are a tribalist and selouts. I feel pity for you. The way you insults me with purpotedly vulgar language shows your lack of civilisation and lack of maturity. To say the least awuzalangwa wazingelwa. You behave like an animal. You are 2% water, 97% animal and a mere 1% human. Swear at me again , and if I start swearing at you ,you will regret why you started it. Guys who is a tribalist between me and you two?.

  16. @ SunMakore, the language you are using is typical ‘jujumos de mbare’. I believe this @ SunMakore is the same person using the nom de plume Ndlovu. Pliz, be man enough to reveal your real name. Do you live in Zimbabwe?

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