Dutch City Council Erroneously Pronounces Nelson Mandela Dead


The city council of an Amsterdam neighborhood observed a minute of silence to mark the death of South African icon Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.

Report Huffington Post Online

Mandela, however, is not dead.

Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that members of the council of Southeast Amsterdam concluded based on Facebook messages that Mandela had passed away Tuesday evening.

“Mart van de Wiel of the D66/OZO fraction told us during the pause that his hero had died,” clerk Sjam Jokhan told Dutch newspaper Het Parool. “I tried to verify the report,” he added. “I found dozens of messages on Twitter that seemed to confirm the news, includuing messages like breaking news and it’s official.”

The council decided to hold a minute of silence honoring South Africa’s former president. However, council members quickly learned of their mistake.

Clerk Jokhan adds: “It shows again how careful you have to be with reports on the internet.”

The Dutch council members were not the only ones to jump the gun on Mandela’s death, however. Pop star Rihanna tweeted her condolences on Tuesday, saying “Nelson Mandela… one of the most incredible men to ever walk this earth!!! Sending prayers up to the Heavens for you.”

Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela was admitted to a South African hospital on June 8 with a lung infection. His condition has been described as “critical,” and members of the Mandela family and tribal leaders gathered in the former president’s hometown on Tuesday to discuss Madiba’s situation.


  1. Nelson Mandela… one of the most incredible men to ever walk this earth!!! Sending prayers up to the Heavens for you.” This dosent necessarily means he is dead, she was sending prayers to the heaven for Mandela if I get it right!

    • ADVICE: Do something for yourself. Don’t waste your time talking politics/sports/music. See how this South Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (USED dot CO) not dhot com, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that (USED dot CO) not dhot com. It is a very simple idea but a very powerful one. Wake up Africans

  2. It’s painful to see tata mandela in the current state, he is just an exemplary leader, i have a lot of nice stories of pipo who have met him outside of the political circles. A rare leader especially in the african context.

  3. Much ado about nothing. What is it that Rholihlahla Mandela aka as Nelson Mandela has done to deserve so many accolades? Getting lock up for 27 years is nothing , there are other people who have been banged up for more years. Black rule was instigated by the Americans after the fall of Communism, it was not down to Mandela. The fall of Communism precipitated the release of Mandela from prison. Those in ANC were regarded as Communists by Americans and the West and the West was happy to have Mandela and company locked up. After the fall of Communism there was no need to continue to have them locked up. The Americans were against the spread of Communism on the vital route of the Cape.

    • Same as the release of Mugabe in 1975, brokered by the CIA and M16. You can’t run away from that, what is important is how you seize the moment and shape a future from your country rather than fill yourself with self praise and invincibility. He was just not as arrogant and self centered like our Excellency that’s why we giove hime the respect!!!

    • Chin, I agree with you. I ask people what it is that Mandela did/has done, something that my father or my corrupt president or my religious neighbour never did. I ask people to tell me what Mandela did for the continent. If it is about peacefully leaving power, well, good. If it is anything yonder this, the praise baffles me too. I respect him though, but not with the hype

      • Juma for your information Mandela was locked up in jail for 27 years but when he got back he only ruled for one term if i m not mistaken and he gave power peacefully to some youngsters without saying i need to rule forever bcoz i was in jail for too long and i think if it was our case here in Zim our guys will be talking about that day in & day out like what they do about Hondo yechimurenga. So for that i think he deserves the respect that he is getting today the world over.

    • You seem blinded to reality, Mandela went to prison for 27 years. Mugabe went for 10 an so did other guys. Mugabe and Mandela both went because of the same things but Mandela being a bigger man managed to reconcile with the whites and never murdered an economy in the name of “i did it for you” so i will not leave. I think to normal people that is pure heroism being the bigger man and knowing when to let go……….unlike most of us Zimboz, there are people that know that life is always about you live behind, some prefer to call it results. Mandela is a hero he lived a humble prisoner’s life that made his country more habitable than a place we claim to have liberated and claim we own!!!!

      • It’s all about reconciliation and handing power to other leaders whilst he was still in the nation’s heart

      • Mugabe actually did the same as Mandela and at some point was loved for his reconciliatory approach to the former regime. He handled integration pretty well and there was no racial tension between whites and blacks to the levels that are in South Africa.

        You cannot take that away from him. If anything, Mandela could have taken a leaf from Mugabe.

        This is not to say the man is not evil or did not murder or did not commit other crimes (outside this reconciliation)

        If you also know Zimbabwe you will know that problems concerning the economy surfaced when there were several programs and policies started to address the economy, and then came the DRC war, then came the war veteran reparations, then came the land grab that had a direct impact on investments in the country.

        As for reconciliation, White people in Zimbabwe are more at ease than their counterparts in South Africa, some of which are even being alarmists, believing black South Africans will turn on them once Mandela dies. Absolute nonsense ofcourse.

        So learn to separate issues. There is some very bad evil that Mugabe did, but reconciliation & integration is certainly not one of them. He did that well.

        Where it hurts the whites is their farms. Those who had no farming interests have been business as usual and are happily making loads of cash in Zimbabwe. It is the white farmer who can claim having been disenfranchised

  4. Neither do I jeanre.
    1. Why would the entire clan go for an urgent meeting in Qunu Village and call the Eldest of the Mandelas who presides over traditional issues
    2. Why would his grandson be seen walking about checking the graveyard and gravesite of the Mandelas in Qunu
    3. If he is not dead but is ‘critical and stable’ as continuously reported, why would Jacob Zuma cancel his trip/visit was it to Mozambique or something
    4. I think they just want to buy time so that they announce it over the weekend

  5. Can other african leader copy from this man. South africans are proud of this leader haikona kuzofa wonzi hero hero kunge zizi.

  6. And why panicking? Mandela did his side and you what? Do not concentrate in bad thinking please! Just pray for Madiba ans leave the rest with the MOST HIGH GOD of gods!

  7. Command Centre could be right take for instance the custom with chiefs in some of our areas. It was a custom not to announce it there n then. Such news will be announced after a month at most. Although they were trying to control a panic and a civil unrest as incubents would rush to take over the throne I think this man is history!

  8. how ironic for the kith an kin of the Afrikaans to wish Mandela dead.
    It is the dutch and their sick interpretation of Christianity that gave birth to apartheid

  9. They should let madiba rest for he seriouly needs that resr after serving the many years as a leader




  11. The messed up part about people who just say things coz they can is they remain stupid for the rest of their life , don’t compare madiba and mogabe ,the fact that in SA we have democracy and democracy came via mandela with God’s help you need to just thank God for using madiba to create peace , weather u think hs dead or not he will remain the hero

    • This not about Mugabe please .dont rash into conclusion jus pray and stop getin names into this.thank u.

  12. We got demogracy because of this man, He sacrificed his life for 27 years in jail he will remain a hero.

  13. Mandela an African icon,a political demagogue during his reighn.i’m wishing u a speed recovery..hope all the useless leaders wil gain usefulness by copying u…dhara we zimbabweans we love u too

  14. The only great nationalist who complied with the policy of reconciliation and accommodated his acrimonious enemies to say let the South African economy move on.
    Today no one owns ANC a thing Democratic African s cherish for ever more.
    Tata Mandela you did the great for upbringing our African politics to a greater heights.

  15. He championed the concept of hunhu/ubuntu. He allowed for dialogue. He engaged sworn enemies. He did not resist change. He let go after just 5 years accepting there were better men for the job, though it was only Thabo Mbeki. He never claimed special powers, rights and entitlements. He had greatness thrust upon him. He represents everything good bout Bob while shunning the hated ugly side. He embraced the world as part of the universal whole rather than hide behind localised sovereignty. A decent human being. He lived up to the Free Mandela posters and photos of the 1980s we had at school even under up, close and personal scrutiny. The like of him will not be seen because his time has come and gone. A life well lived. Well rounded individual who remained African (has a rural home in Qunu) yet ventured to understand his Afrikana rivals (rugby, soccer, etc) and fellow earthings from diverse field (musicians, sportsmen, actors, etc). I hte eulogising people but this man is a rare noble, whos is only our neighbor

  16. Freemasonry, illuminatism and Jesuitism at play. Blowing whistles for their kith and kins. I wish you new!

  17. DUTCH not so fast ,hold your horses.Wait for the announcement of the death from the SOUTH AFRICAN ministry of foreign affairs.That way you will have shown respect to other nations.

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